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Robber drops to his knees to pray after getting locked in Houston store
In Latino Cellular, a Latino-owned cell phone store in Houston, Texas, John Bell, 22, demanded that an employee open the cash register. The employee refused and told other employees and customers to get out. Once outside, the employee locked the doors of the store, trapping Bell inside. Basit Mian, the cell phone store owner, says his wife and one employee locked Bell inside. Mian said he and his wife were fed up because Bell had robbed them two weeks earlier, stealing $2,000, along with seven high-end cell phones. Bell tried to use a gun to shoot the lock, throwing his shoulder into the barred glass of the door and trying to use something he found in the store to jimmy the lock. Bell eventually realized his efforts to escape were futile and began knocking on the glass, apologizing and begging to be released. Bell was charged with and pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. He was sentenced to five years in prison. more details can be found here: https://hygo.com/news/promises-trump-2017/ some user comments can be found here: https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/578187485867757/
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Are you also a Nazi?
Is the practice of incarceration inseparable from white supremacy? Black Nazi? Racist horses? Chad Prather talked about racism. https://hygo.com/news/are-you-a-nazi/ https://youtu.be/JnMBtvk_9wg
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Egypt Army crushes suicide bombers' car before it explodes
When confronted by suicide bombers armed with machine guns at a crowded checkpoint, an Egyptian army tank crew took decisive action. The tank quickly moved toward the vehicle and rolled over it, crushing the car and immobilizing the suspected attackers. A minute later, the car exploded. https://hygo.com/news/egypt-army-crushes-suicide-bombers-car-before-it-explodes/ https://business.facebook.com/HygoNews/videos/1472375846178266/
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Hidden camera: nurses laughing as WWII veteran dies
Feb 21, 2018 update: A grand jury indicted the women (three nursing home employees), four years after James Dempsey was found dead in his room at the Northeast Atlanta Rehabilitation Center. Loyce Pickquet Agyeman’s top charge is felony murder; Wanda Nuckles, a nursing supervisor, is charged with depriving an elder of essential services and Mable Turman is charged with neglect to an elder. Following the indictments, warrants were issued for their arrests. Original post: A decorated World War II veteran, James Dempsey, 89, of Woodstock, Ga., gasped for air, called for help and hit the call light in Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center. A video shows that it took 8 minutes for a nurse to come in, adjust his bed, turn off the light, and leave without checking vital signs. An hour-and-a-half later three nurses come in. The nurse laughed so hard that she had to bend over and press both hands onto Dempsey’s mattress in a fit of giggles. Despite one nurse testifying that she did CPR until medics arrived, a video shows she did not perform CPR; she did six chest compressions then stopped. Initially, Dempsey's family thought he had died of natural causes. But they had installed a hidden camera they feared mistreatment. The video sparked a three-year legal battle. In some state the law may not allow camera installation due to privacy. It is clear that his family would not have known what happened without their own surveillance. The nurses seen in the video surrendered their licenses about three years after Dempsey's death. The nursing home is Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation. Its Medicare rating is one star, the lowest from the federal agency. It remains open today. for more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/nurses-laugh-veteran-dies/ for user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/553559918330514/
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Florida man dragged, kicked and punched deputy before he was shot by police.
In an effort to prevent unrest and provide transparency, the police released the videos of an unarmed black man being shot dead before the investigation even ended. The suspect dragged, kicked and punched a deputy before he was shot by police. Police believed the shooting was justified, but the suspect's family disagreed. The deputy was “overwhelmed by the superior size and strength” of the suspect, who slapped him several times. The suspect easily knocked the smaller deputy down and kicked him as he tried to use a baton to defend himself. “Let go of my leg, sir,” the deputy said repeatedly. The deputy was rendered helpless. The suspect was a former night club owner from Haiti. He once ran for political office in Haiti, his place of birth. for more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/man-kicked-deputy/ for user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/566033093749863/
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'Make America Great Again' hat thief could face jail time
Update 7/3/2018 Now-graduated University of California, Riverside student Edith Macias faced a misdemeanor grand theft charge for the September 2017 incident in which she stole fellow student Matthew Vitale’s MAGA hat, reported The College Fix. She will not, however, go to jail for the crime, so long as she finishes a court-determined program. “The defendant pled guilty to one count of petty theft and was referred to our standard deferred entry of judgment (DEJ) program, which requires the completion of a class in exchange for a dismissal,” Riverside County District Attorney’s Office spokesman John Hall told The Fix. Vitale told The College Fix he is satisfied with the outcome of the case. “I’m happy with the agreement that Ms. Macias and her attorney reached with the DA’s office,” he said. “I think it’s fair. I never set out to ruin her life. I simply wanted justice for the theft that happened to me.” However, Vitale said he did not find her apology letter sincere. “It read like a fifth-grader wrote it, and when I saw her in court she didn’t look changed at all. She looked exactly the same as the day she stole my property,” said Vitale. Original post: The Riverside County District Attorney’s Office has filed a misdemeanor count of grand theft against Edith Marcias, a UC Riverside student who declared “f—k your freedom” after stealing student Matthew Vitale’s “Make America Great Again” hat. “I f—ing hate this country. I hate it, and I’m not leaving,” Ms. Marcias said to school staffers and Mr. Vitale. “I’m staying here because there’s sh—t that needs to be fixed here. … We need to get rid of all y’all. … You’re so lucky we’re in a university.” “You do not get to take other people’s property that is legally theirs in this country,” he said. “man, f*** your laws,” she replied. Macias’s supporters started a “Statement of Solidarity with Edith Macias.” they want to see Macias supported and rewarded. Specific demands include that the university supply and fund alternative housing for both Macias and her family, amnesty from both campus and legal charges, mental health accommodations for late school work and free counseling, and public statements by the university against white supremacists and in support of sanctuary campuses. “Do you have any f***ing conscience? F***ing freedom of speech is genocide, homeboy.” “I swear to God I could burn this sh*t. I swear to God I could burn this sh*t.” “F*** your f***ing freedom of speech, boy. F***it. F*** it because your freedom of speech is literally killing a lot of people out there. That’s what it is, because you’re out there wearing hats like these that promote laws and legislation that literally kill and murder in the masses people of color.” for more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/hat-thief-jail/ for user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/554750631544776/
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3 Black people slammed Black Lives Matter
You will hear 3 black people slamming the alt left and Black Lives Matter: "They want people to be angry so that they will vote for democrats."; "When Freddie Gray was killed, the city council was 100% democrat. The top cop was black; the number 2 cop was black; the mayor was black; the AG was black."; "93% of black murder victims are killed by other blacks, BLM may consider the slogan: 'don't shoot, we are already covered'"; "Black Lies matter"; "the black lives matter people became famous, powerful, they got a lot of money doing it." https://hygo.com/news/3-black-people-slammed-black-lives-matter/ https://facebook.com/HygoNews/videos/1485434904872360/
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GDP 4.1%, Trump delivers 'tremendous' speech on MASSIVE US economy boost since election
“Real gross domestic product increased at an annual rate of 4.1 percent in the second quarter of 2018,” the U.S. Department of Commerce reported. Experts in the mainstream media claimed such growth would most likely be impossible. But now the GDP is at its best pace since 2014, boosting hopes that the economy is ready to break out of its decade-long slumber. "We're on track to hit the highest annual growth rate in over 13 years," President Donald Trump said in remarks an hour after the report hit. "And I will say this right now and I will say it strongly, as the deals come in one by one, we're going to go a lot higher than these numbers, and these are great numbers." Trump and European Union officials stepped back from a trade war as they struck a deal to work towards “zero” tariffs, barriers and subsidies. The EU also agreed to buy billions of dollars worth of American exports, including soybeans and natural gas, and work to reform international trade rules. “So we had a big day, very big,” the US president said in the White House Rose Garden. For more details check out: https://hygo.com/news/gdp-trump-tremendous/ For comments check out: https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/717133005306537/
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‘It is sickening:’ George Webb worker punched & another quit
A man walked into the kitchen and punched a worker in the face at George Webb restaurant in Milwaukee, WI. Another worker pulled out a gun in self-defense, prompting the suspect to leave. The worker with the gun has since quit her job at George Webb. She has a concealed carry permit and her boss allows workers to conceal and carry guns for their protection if they have a license to do so. The victim, a young mother of three, told media that she was taken to the hospital and treated for a concussion. She said the man had been in the restaurant before. This time, he was angry about the service he was given. Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan shared the video and said: “It’s so frustrating to me as an elected official that the other waitress felt it so important that she arm herself to come and work in my aldermanic district,” Donovan said. “Yet, I thank God she was armed. Otherwise, I shudder to think what may have happened to those two women.” People in the neighborhood say the suspect is a known drug-dealer who has been abusive toward others. Milwaukee Police say they know who they’re looking for, but the suspect has not been arrested. For more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/george-webb-punched/ For user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/694124584274046/
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Don't mess with Texas business owners
Father and son fend off two armed robbers with their bare hands at Texas business. Surveillance footage shows two men pointing guns at owner Khurrum Monga and his son, Haris Monga at their cell phone store. Next... https://hygo.com/news/dont-mess-with-texas-business-owners/ https://www.facebook.com/HygoNews/videos/1471175116298339/
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Two Democrats Who Became Republicans
"I used to beat up Trump supporters." "The white people don't like you" Two democrats became republicans. https://hygo.com/news/dem-2-gop/ https://facebook.com/HygoNews/videos/525765201109986/
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Man assaults teen wearing 'MAGA' hat at San Antonio Whataburger restaurant
A man took a teenager's "Make America Great Again" hat and threw a drink at a Whataburger in San Antonio, TX. "You ain't supportin' sh-t, nig--," the suspect said to Hunter Richard, 16. Richard's friend, twitter/brxpug, said the man was arrested and lost his job. The teens have also decided not to press charges, but a police report was filed. This is not the first time that supporters of President Donald Trump have said they were harassed for wearing the "MAGA" hats and other Trump gear: https://youtu.be/rfPuQNvFwa4 For more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/man-assaults-teen-maga/ For user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/692363194450185/
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Armed robber climbs through McDonald's drive thru window
In DEKALB, Georgia, An armed robber runs past a line of cars before pulling a gun on a female McDonald's employee through the window. “open the register,” said the thief. When she didn’t comply, he proceeded to rip the register from her station before escaping back through the drive-thru window. There is little chance of catching him because the suspect had his face covered, and was wearing gloves but Police hope his voice, which was captured in the video, stands out to someone and that he is caught before he has a chance to victimize anyone else. for more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/armed-robber-cash_register/ for user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/584017665284739/
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Anti-fascist video from 1947 goes viral
After Charlottesville violence, World War II anti-fascist propaganda video is relevant again in 2017 https://hygo.com/news/anti-fascist-video-from-1947-goes-viral/ https://facebook.com/HygoNews/videos/1477316405684210/
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Las Vegas Police: Video Undercuts NFL Star’s Racism Claims
Police said that they found "no evidence" that officers used excessive force in detaining Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett during an August incident in Las Vegas and that they had reasonable suspicion to make the stop. Bennett claimed that he was detained by officers because he is black. The head of Las Vegas police union reiterated his demand for an apology from the NFL player. But Bennett’s attorney repeated that the clips shown verified Bennett's accounts.Bennett announced in early August that he would sit during the national anthem & was one the 1st to protest this year. https://hygo.com/news/bennett-racism/ https://facebook.com/HygoNews/videos/529078374112002/
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Judge released video of fatal federal courtroom shooting
Inside a Utah federal courthouse, defendant Siale Angilau, 25, a member of the Tongan Crip gang, tried to stab the witness. In two seconds, he was shot and killed. FBI praised the female U.S. Marshal's fast actions, cleared her of any wrongdoing. A review board found the use of force was within agency policy. But the suspect's family sued, arguing Angilau only had a pen. Judge John Dowdell dismissed the Angilau family's wrongful death suit, citing the video as proof. Siale's sister, Tolina Katoa said she believes race was a factor in how everything played out. "They wouldn't have shot him if he was a white man. If he was white, they would have tackled him, tased, or used that special training that I know they are trained with," said Katoa. Angilau's mother said, he was down after one shot, 3 more shots were not necessary and caused his death. Angilau was one of 17 people named in an indictment accusing Tongan Crip members of assault, conspiracy, robbery and weapons offenses. Other defendants have been sentenced to 10 to 30 years in prison. He was also accused of assaulting two federal officers and brandishing a firearm. After the judge ruled against Siale Angilau's family, the family said they plan on appealing the decision. For more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/fatal-courtroom-shooting/ For user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/617008801985625/
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Sarah Sanders used a tax analogy involving reporters and beer to defend Trump's tax plan.
Sarah Sanders used a tax analogy involving reporters and beer to defend Trump's tax plan. "Why should he get $10 back, when I got only $2? The wealthy get all the breaks." "we didn't get anything at all. This new tax system exploits the poor!" So the next night the tenth man didn't show up for drinks, and the nine sat down and had their beers without him. But when it came time to pay the bill, they discovered something important. They no longer had enough money between them all to even cover half of the bill. for more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/analogy-tax-cut/ for user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/542837706069402/
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"He will never ever be the president!!!".
"He will never ever be the president!!!". Let us know if you feel it is hilarious, inspirational, shocking or sad. Never say never!!! https://hygo.com/news/he-will-never-ever-be-the-president/ https://facebook.com/HygoNews/videos/1487128428036341/
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Major Campaign Promises President Trump Kept in 2017
Part of the cynicism of voters has to do with politicians saying one thing in the heat of a campaign and then forgetting it the moment they are elected. Trump said he would and he did. for more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/promises-trump-2017/ for user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/576546002698572/
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Good Samaritan uses CPR to rescue squirrel in Minnesota
Police officers on patrol in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Park thought the man might be performing life-saving CPR on a squirrel at the side of the road. Officer: what happened? Man: I ran it over a little. Trying to help it out. Officer: Is he squished anywhere? Man: No, I kind of swerved a little bit. Officer: Maybe you just scared him? The tire didn't hit him? Man: I don't think so The young man, a Good Samaritan performed CPR wearing a glove. After a while, it worked Officer: He's coming around. Man: he's good. Officer: Put in for a life-saving award. There he goes! The squirrel eventually darts away and an officer declares: "There he goes! You saved his life, dude! For more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/cpr-rescue-squirrel/ For user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/753042681704060/
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Mother-daughter duo thwart armed robbery in Oklahoma liquor store shootout
Ashley Lee, 30, and her mother Tina Ring, 53, were working at the family’s liquor store, Forest Acres Liquor, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A masked man, Tyrone Lee, 36, entered the store holding a shotgun. Ashley opened the register and put her hands up as he rifled through the register. The armed robber appeared to be leaving the store. Then the mother and daughter crouched behind the counter and the daughter handed a pistol from under the register to her mother. Suddenly, the suspect is seen running back behind the counter. The mother fired her first shot, then more shots. Multiple shots chased him out of the store. However the robber came back to the store and Tina Ring fired again. Tina Ring did not continue to shoot and let the suspect pass her and leave. But the robber tried to wrestle the gun from her hands. While he and Ring were fighting, Ashley fired her own gun at him. He eventually was able to seize Ring's gun and pistol whipped her. However he didn't realize the mom's gun was out of ammo and her daughter squeezed off a shot at point blank range. The robber drove himself to a local hospital. He is expected to survive. He is responsible for a string of armed robberies in the area. Tina suffered a gash to the head, which required staples. Store owner Justin Christian, 33, was out of town at the time of the attack. for more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/mother-daughter-shootout/
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Nikki Haley negotiated $285M cut in ‘bloated’ UN budget
UN Ambassador Nikki Haley announced that the United States negotiated a $285 million cut in the United Nations’ “bloated” budget for next year. “We will no longer let the generosity of the American people be taken advantage of or remain unchecked,” Haley said. “In addition to these significant cost savings, we reduced the UN’s bloated management and support functions, bolstered support for key US priorities throughout the world and instilled more discipline and accountability throughout the UN system,” the statement said. Haley’s announcement came just days after she slammed the UN for “singling out” the United States and voting on a resolution to oppose President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. “The United States will remember this day in which it was singled out in this assembly for the very act of exercising our right as a sovereign nation,” Haley said ahead of last week’s vote. “We will remember it when, once again, we are called up to make the world’s largest contribution to the UN, and we will remember it when many countries come calling on us to pay even more and to use our influence for their benefit.” In the past, waste of previous foreign aids were debated. Watch Senator Rand Paul 's speech In this clip. Rand Paul: Politicians are more COMPASSIONATE when they give out SOMEONE ELSE's money! We Spent $45 million for a natural gas station in Afghanistan; we spend money on home mortgages in Nigeria, on tourism in Albania, on lower Cambodia's insurance, on teaching people in Kenya how to use Facebook. "What about building our country?" "Why is the U.S. tax payer asked to pay for a cricket league in Afghanistan?" for more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/haley-285m-cut-un/ ‎ for user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/573414039678435/
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California teacher refuses to answer question at checkpoint, detained
Shane Parmely, a San Diego middle school teacher, was detained for more than an hour at a checkpoint in New Mexico because she refused to tell Border Patrol agents if she was a US citizen. A Border Patrol agent asks, "Citizens?" as Parmely drives up to the stop with her window down. She answers: "Are we crossing a border? I've never been asked if I'm a citizen before when I"m traveling down the road." After some back and forth between Parmely and the agent, who told her she had to answer his questions, she responded: "You can ask, but I don't have to answer." "You are required to answer an immigration question," he said. "You are not required to answer any other questions." She eventually asks if she can go or if she is being detained. He responds: "You are being detained, ma'am." He pulled a card out of his wallet with information about immigration law and the Supreme Court case United States v. Martinez-Fuerte. The 1976 decision allowed US Border Patrol to set up checkpoints within 100 miles of the border, which are not a violation of the Fourth Amendment. Over the course of her being detained, Parmely had interactions with several Border Patrol agents and even took a nap. At one point when her son asked to use the bathroom, an agent said he could not use the bathroom until Parmely said if she was a citizen or not. A different agent later escorted him to the bathroom. Parmely was eventually let go without having to answer the agents' questions. Border Patrol may stop vehicles at certain checkpoints to: (1) ask a few, limited questions to verify citizenship of the vehicles’ occupants and (2) visually inspect the exterior of a vehicle. Agents may send any vehicle to a secondary inspection area for the same purpose: brief questioning and visual inspection. Agents should not ask questions unrelated to verifying citizenship, nor can they hold you for an extended time without cause. Even though you always have the right to remain silent, if you don’t answer questions to establish your citizenship, officials may detain you longer in order to verify your immigration status. for more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/california-teacher-refuses-to-answer-question-at-checkpoint-detained/ for user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNews/videos/1458929980856186/
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2 arrested after bowling employee beaten with stool and bowling ball
In Roseville, MI, disgruntled patrons of a bowling alley attacked an employee. Apollo Lanes bowling is one block from the police station. The brawl erupted when a group of unruly bowlers was asked to leave the bowling alley. Several of the bowlers surrounded the counter where the employee was standing. The worker shouted at the people at the counter and throwing what appears to be money at patrons standing in front of the counter. While the suspect Branden Moore, 31, reached over the bowling counter and punched the employee in the face, suspect #2, who had stepped behind the counter, began violently assaulting the employee with punches and kicks to the face and body. Moore then walked behind the counter and picked up a bar stool and struck the employee on the head. As the assault continued Moore picked up a bowling ball and smashed the ball on the back of the employee's head. The employee fell to the ground and both suspects continued to kick the employee in the head prior to fleeing the location. The employee was transported to the hospital for treatment. After police released surveillance video, both suspects were arrested. Moore was found in the custody of another police department on unrelated charges. The second suspect, a 30-year-old man, was arrested by Roseville detectives. Moore was arraigned before 39th District Court Judge Joseph Boedeker on charges of assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder, and interfering with a crime report. Both are 10-year felonies. Bond was set at $250,000. For more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/employee-beaten-bowling-ball/ ‎ For user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/499854233701083/posts/777764979243339/
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Grandfather Kicked Back His Leg to Trip Armed Robber
Bill, an Ohio man who used a cane, was waiting outside a library with his granddaughter when he saw officers chasing Shawn Briggs, 18, an armed suspect. Bill kicked back his right leg to trip up the 18-year-old suspect who was running with a gun in his hand. Police thanked Bill whose "fancy footwork" helped catch the suspect. Police recovered a Glock 9mm pistol from the suspect, who had a criminal record. For more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/grandfather-trip-robber/ For user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/646649795688192/
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Brazen criminals ran over woman holding bag with $75K
8/17/2018. A woman in Houston, TX, took out $75K cash, and arrived at her business. Davis Mitchell, 31, attacked her and took her purse containing the money. "She was followed from the bank to the business by these two robbers who drove in separate cars," said Constable Mark Hermann. The female victim "fought hard and refused to give up her purse containing the money," authorities stated. Her husband, who was inside the business at the time, runs outside to help. As the victims continued to fight Mitchell, another car — a black Chrysler 300 — pulled up. An unidentified suspect jumped out and began to also assault the victims. One suspect got back in his car, reversed over the victims and then fled the scene. While the victim was able to hold on to her purse, she was injured by the car attack and is now in critical condition. The victim is expected to live but is in surgery after injuring her shoulder and back. As the attack was happening, a Precinct 4 deputy drove by. The deputy "saw people on the ground and didn't know what it was at first," Herman said. The deputy arrested Mitchell, who will face charges of Aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. Mitchell has not been cooperating with the investigation, Herman said. Authorities are now looking for at least two other suspects: The driver of the car who ran over the victim, and the driver whose car Mitchell was initially riding in. For more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/criminals-ran-over-woman/ For user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/229357847731023/
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Wrong: Disrespecting The National Anthem And The American Flag
5/23/2018 update: The NFL just handed Trump a huge win: NFL owners have approved a national anthem policy that requires players to stand if they are on the field during the performance but gives them the option to remain in the locker room if they prefer. Reactions from New York Jets CEO Christopher Johnson: "If somebody [on the Jets] takes a knee, that fine will be borne by the organization, by me, not the players. I never want to put restrictions on the speech of our players." Original: 'It's Disgusting': NFL Fans React to National Anthem Protests Millions upon millions of Americans were completely disgusted by the disrespect shown to our national symbols. Five people talk about the american flag and national anthem. https://hygo.com/news/disgusting-anthem-protests/ https://facebook.com/HygoNews/videos/525976977755475/
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Woman Ejected After Her SUV Rolls Over During Intense Police Chase
In Florence County, SC, Brittany Nicole Jeffords, 25, attempted to flee from deputies during a traffic stop. She was pulled over into a parking lot where a man exited the car and was arrested by deputies before she sped off. She led the police on a wild chase because she knew there was an outstanding warrant for her arrest for armed robbery and she didn't want to go back to jail. The dramatic car chase ended when the car rolled over several times and Jeffords was thrown from her vehicle. She miraculously survived, but was taken to the hospital in serious condition. In the video, you can see deputies pull Jeffords over, a man get out of the vehicle and then Jeffords driving away. That's when deputies start following her. At one point, Jeffords drives through a fence. Deputies try to stop her with their cars and then you can see the woman's car going into a field. That's when one of the deputies hits her car. Her car goes into a ditch, but she drives out and her car spins around. Three other deputies surround her but she still gets away. As she continues to drive, pieces of her car start to fall off. She's seen going through people's back yards before getting away again. One of the deputies tries to ram her car and, a few seconds later, her car begins to flip and finally comes to rest on the side of the road. Jeffords was thrown from the vehicle before it came to a stop. Several deputies' cars were damaged during the chase. Jeffords is charged with failure to stop for blue light and driving with a license suspended for DUI. For more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/woman-ejected-chase/ For user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/719493535070484/
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Female Houdini: slips out of handcuffs, hijacks cop car and high-speed chase
Female Houdini: Video shows the moment a Texas woman slips out of handcuffs and hijacks cop car, leading officers on 100mph chase for 23 minutes. Oh, she also tried to get a locked gun and even managed to avoid a spike strip.
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This man was killed after failing to obey order & shooting at police
The video showed what began as a routine call about stolen property quickly escalating to loud bangs and tense moments. “Why, why, come on dude, I’m not doing anything wrong,” “Why do you guys want me to get out?” the suspect said. “Do you want to get Tased?” an officer asked. Police asked the suspect multiple times to get out, but he refused, twice starting the truck in an attempt to drive away. Three video clips are included: 2 bodycam clips from 2 officers, one from a bystander. https://hygo.com/news/this-man-was-killed-after-failing-to-obey-order-shooting-at-police-officers/ https://www.facebook.com/HygoNews/videos/1470288829720301/
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Doctors and cops among 277 arrested in sex sting
“That’s the most we have ever arrested in the history of the sheriff’s office,” Judd said during the conference. “...Sex sells. It’s the most powerful thing in the world and it brings down kingdoms.” The suspects, ranging in age from 16 to 74, now face charges of human trafficking, traveling to meet a child for sexual conduct, battery, violation of probation and drug possession. Those arrested came from a wide variety of professions and backgrounds, including doctors, teachers, active and retired military members and active and retired law enforcement officers. for more details check out here: https://hygo.com/news/277arrested-sex-sting/ for user comments,check out here: https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/537225109963995/
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Hurricane Harvey: Two Human Chains, Good Samaritans
Two human chain stories, a true testament to human will and compassion. https://hygo.com/news/hurricane-harvey-two-human-chains-good-samaritans/ https://facebook.com/HygoNews/videos/513368705682969/
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"Don't come at me!" U of Chicago police officer shot student holding wielding pipe
Three U. of Chicago police officers responded to a call of a burglary. They encountered Charles Thomas, 21, a student breaking car and apartment windows with a long metal pipe. The officers ordered Thomas to drop the pipe, but he refused and charged at the officer in an alley. “Sir, I’m going to need you to drop that weapon. Drop that weapon,” the officer yelled as he walked backward for nearly 50 seconds. “Don’t come at me! Don’t come at me!” One officer fired his weapon, hitting Thomas in the shoulder. An officer can be heard saying, “21, mental. He’s a mental.” The university was not commenting on the mental state of the student. Thomas was taken to Hospital in serious condition. He has been charged with one felony count of aggravated assault along with two felony and two misdemeanor counts of criminal damage to property. The officer involved was placed on mandatory administrative leave. There have been no protests, no riots so far. For more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/shot-student-pipe/ For user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/630263497326822/
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Florida deputy and K9 chase down stolen vehicle suspects
Florida Pasco County Deputy Nick Carmack and Shep, his K9 partner, began pursuing a stolen Ford Expedition. The vehicle crashed into a telephone pole, and Jacob Montgomery, the driver, fled on foot. Shep, the dog, took off into the woods to catch him. Daniel Burton,The passenger also exited the vehicle. Carmack handcuffed him. After cuffing Burton, Carmack ran to find Shep and the driver, making Burton run with him. Eventually the unusual pair came across the driver, whose arm was firmly held in Shep’s mouth. “In all reality, Shep is Nick’s partner. They go to work together every day. They live in the same house together. Those two are very tight,” the Sheriff said. For more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/k9-chase-suspects/ For user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/608357226184116/
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Arkansas teen firing at cops before being shot
Update: 5/9/2018 The Pulaski County prosecuting attorney's office found that the officers' use of deadly force was justified, said John Johnson, chief deputy prosecuting attorney. "It certainly corroborated the statements of the police officers," Johnson said of the dashcam video. Police said officers Cody Stroud, Samantha Thompson and John Blankenship all fired their weapons at Smith. A police spokeswoman said the officers have returned to work. Original post: Following the spread of misinformation on social media, and after officers received threats over the shooting, the North Little Rock police released video showing an armed teen killed by officers after he discharged a weapon. Charles Smith Jr.,17, and two others were stopped for speeding. The footage shows Smith falling into view with officers on top of him. He landed in front of the two men seated on the curb who had already been searched. As the officers and Smith wrestled, an officer attempted to use a yellow Taser on Smith's leg as the officers try to pull his hand from under him. When Smith's hand emerged, he held a semi-automatic pistol. A shot went off. He then reached for the gun with his other hand as if attempting to load another round. "I can't go to jail," Smith says. Officers then shot Smith multiple times. He died at the scene. Why did smith say he "couldn't go to jail?" It may be because of his prior record. According to media reports, there were 7 armed robberies across 4 counties between Dec. 3, 2016 and Jan. 4, 2017. Smith was one of three men implicated in those robberies. He was out on bond, and facing 10-40 years on multiple counts.He was under a court-ordered, 5PM curfew when he died. Smith's mother, Cyrstal Irvin, 37, pleaded guilty to furnishing prohibited articles, a felony. She was caught smuggling drugs into a Malvern prison unit for her former boyfriend. for more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/teen-firing-cops-dead/  for user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/588730811480091/
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Four amusing burglary stories
They are not the brightest thieves. for more details check out here: https://hygo.com/news/four-burglary/ for user comments,check out here: https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/552673318419174/
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Dumbest Shoplifters Literally Ran Into The Police At Costco
A pair of thieves (a 30-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman) in Seattle bolted through a Costco fire exit to what they had thought was a waiting getaway car. The car was there with a thief (a 18-year-old woman), but so was the police. South Precinct officers responded to a call of a shoplift in progress at the Costco. Loss Prevention officers inside the store recognized one of the suspects inside and said he had previously stolen items in the past and run out the fire exit. The suspect had carried a large knife in past incidents. The same group was suspected of stealing a similar amount of merchandise from another Costco earlier that day. The total value of items was $2,200. For more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/dumbest-shoplifters-ran/ For user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/620324051654100/
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Deputy Injured By Black Man Resisting Arrest
Deputy Philip Conway responded to a scene after reports of a violation of injunction for stalking. The suspect, Leslie Pitter, 42, has a history of resisting arrest, assaulting police and injunctions resulting from domestic violence. The deputy had been on the force less than a year. Pitter refused to get on the ground. Conway had to pull his Taser at one point to get Pitter on the ground in a position where he could be handcuffed. Pitter kept yelling out, refusing to put both his hands behind his back so he could be handcuffed. Deputies moved in to cuff him but a struggle ensued. Pitter claimed he wasn't resisting and yelled out, “look at what you’re doing to me,” then, Pitter, who weighs 230 pounds, tossed Deputy Conway over his shoulder. Deputy Conway's shoulder dislocated and he sustained a laceration to the chin. Pitter said to the body cameras, “I can’t breathe” many times, words made famous in the arrest and choke-hold of Eric Garner, the New Yorker who died in a 2014 encounter with police. “I had a problem with you and now I know you can’t beat me he was just protecting you,” said Pitter. “I know you are weak as hell I just tried you, I’m not threatening you I’m just telling you, you’re weak as hell.” “If he didn’t come and save you I would have had your ass.” The deputies–with Conway’s shoulder out of joint and Conway likely in more pain than Pitter, who, calmer now, spoke to the deputies–further reason with Pitter, explaining to him why he was being arrested. Conway had to be taken to Florida Hospital Flagler and be sedated to have his shoulder relocated. At the jail, Pitter continued the taunting, bragging that he’d put a deputy in the hospital. Pitter was held at the Flagler County Detention Facility without bond.
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Bikini-clad drunk driver sentenced to prison in fatal crash that killed man, unborn baby
Shana Elliott, 22, struggled to stand and walk after being involved in a car crash that claimed the life of a Texas father and his unborn child. Elliott repeatedly walked the line while telling the cop: "Kill me now, please...I just want them to be OK," said Elliott. Newlywed Fabian Guerrero Moreno, 23, was driving with his five-months pregnant wife, Kristian Nicole. Moreno and the the unborn child died in the crash. The jury sentenced Shana Elliott to 10 yearsprobation for one count of intoxication assault, 7 years in prison for one count of intoxication manslaughter, and another 7 years in prison for a second count of intoxication manslaughter. The judge will decide whether the two prison sentences will be served concurrently or consecutively. During the trial, Elliott said she got out of her car at the scene of the crash and ran to the other car. “I just remember fighting, I wanted to go to make sure they were OK,” she said. She tried to help. She wished it was she who had died, not them. “I’m sorry. I accept responsibility and I know what I did was wrong.” Elliott pleaded guilty. After the sentencing, Kristian Guerrero, 26, gave a victim impact statement with harsh words. "when you were completely sober on the phone with your boyfriend just months after you murdered my family discussing our fictitious involvement in the cartel. You have shown you are incapable of remorse." "You murdered my family," said Guerrero. Guerrero was very calm throughout the intense speech, deliberately making eye contact with Elliot who began to sob. “I don’t care about your troubled childhood. I had one, too. It’s no coincidence you haven’t seen my mother and my biological father in this courtroom since this trial has started. I grew up messed up, too. I didn’t have anyone coming to my rescue to bail me out of anything. I had to grow up fast. My husband, his family came over here with nothing. They worked day in and day out for their family,” Guerrero said, adding, “Did you see us out there doing anything illegal? Did you see us out there selling drugs? Did you see us out there murdering people? No. And that’s the difference between you and me.” "I’m sorry. I’m sorry your family didn’t take the time to correct you. I’m sorry the justice system failed you and never taught you a proper lesson. I’m sorry we even know you exist, because I wish I never did," Guerrero said. "I’m sure you and I have both wished it was you that day instead of him, you’re a murderer and a thief. You stole my life. And you handed me a life sentence that day," she said. "The least you can do is to sit in jail – not just so you can learn from what you’ve done – but so no other family has to know you like I know you," she added. She closed her harangue with "You're sorry because you got caught". For more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/bikini-clad-sentenced/ For user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/616243222062183/
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Illegal immigrant charged with killing 2 cops gives shocking courtroom rant
Update 3/27/2018: Luis Bracamontes smiled again Tuesday as a California jury handed him a death sentence. He smiled and clapped as the verdict was being read. The convicted cop killer will return to court in late April for a formal sentencing by the judge. Despite the sentence, however, it remains to be seen whether Bracamontes will actually be put to death. The last time California executed an inmate was in 2006. An average waiting time for the execution is nearly 18 years due to legal challenges to the state’s methods of execution. Bracamontes' wife, Janelle Monroy, was sentenced to nearly 50 years in prison for helping her husband in the murders. Update 2/9/2018: After about five hours of deliberation, the jury declared him guilty of murdering Sacramento sheriff's Deputy Danny Oliver, then Placer sheriff's Detective Michael Davis Jr. The verdict came on what would have been Oliver’s 51st birthday. Bracamontes softly said, “Yay,” after the first verdict was read, smiling toward the deputy’s widow sitting in the front row. Later, as he was being taken out of the courtroom, he said, “I’m going to kill more cops soon.” Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Bracamontes, who has repeatedly blurted out in court that he killed the deputies and wished he had killed more. The penalty phase of his trial starts March 5. Defense attorneys argued that Bracamontes is mentally ill and was high on methamphetamine during the shootings and should be spared. A judge found Bracamontes competent to stand trial and he refused to plea not guilty by reason of insanity. Public defenders Jeffrey Barbour and Norm Dawson argued unsuccessfully that anti-immigrant sentiment prompted by Trump made it unlikely that Bracamontes could get a fair trial. A separate jury is considering whether Bracamontes' wife, Janelle Monroy, an American citizen, should be convicted of murder. She has contended that she was a victim of her abusive and paranoid husband who frequently used meth, marijuana and alcohol during a meandering journey across several western states, from their home in Utah to Sacramento. Original Description: In the murder trial of the killings of two California sheriff's deputies, an illegal immigrant Luis Bracamontes,37, interrupted the court when he grinned and said "I wish I had killed more of the mother-------s." "I will break out soon and I will kill more, kill whoever gets in front of me...There's no need for a f---ing trial," said Bracamontes. Bracamontes is from Mexico, and repeatedly entered the United States illegally. His lawyer said “We believe Mr. Bracamontes’ outbursts, his laughter, are a function of his mental illness,” and attempted to enter a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. His lawyer also argued that it is unlikely his client will receive a fair trial due to the anti-immigrant sentiment encouraged by President Trump’s hard line on immigration. But the judge was having none of it. The trial is happening this week. for more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/illegal-immigrant-rant/ for user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/585169835169522/
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Man fired shots at Washington County deputy during traffic stop
On Nov 11, 2018, Washington County Corporal Brett Thompson initiated a traffic stop. The driver, Luis Cobos-Cenobio, 29, refused to stop. Thompson could see there was a passenger with him as well. The driver eventually stopped. Cobos-Cenobio opened his door and unleashed a barrage of gunfire at Thompson. Thompson fired back, but missed, and Cobos-Cenobio got back in the car and drove off. He traveled a short distance, stopped and let a female passenger out of the vehicle, then took off again. Later police were able to stop his vehicle again, and more shots were fired before police eventually managed to arrest Cobos-Cenobio. Cobos-Cenobio is charged with attempted murder & has been placed in a ‘Hold’ by ICE, on suspicion of being in the country illegally. For more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/shots-deputy-traffic-stop/ For user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/499854233701083/posts/796608630692307/
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Brazen 7-Eleven ATM theft in DC caught on camera
D.C. police have released surveillance video showing two separate, brazen attempts to steal ATMs from businesses. A blue Ford pickup truck backed into the store’s window, smashing the glass and destroying part of the building. Two suspects ran into the store and attempted to lift an ATM into the bed of the truck, but could not lift it. A third suspect had to help and all three suspects, who were wearing black clothing and masks, were able to put the ATM into the truck bed and take off after struggling with the ATM for about five minutes. Investigators said the pickup truck, which was stolen, and parts of the ATM were found later. These ATM machines are easier to steal because they are not connected to the wall like a traditional bank. They are not that heavy. So as you can see, a few people can actually pick it up and take it. For more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/brazen-atm-theft/ ‎ For user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/613305015689337/
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NYPD Killed a Black Man Because He Was Wielding a Pipe Like It Was a Gun
NYC police shot Saheed Vassell, 34, who had bipolar disorder. Vassell had reportedly been arrested 28 times since 1999. His record: a first-degree gang assault charge, possession of a firearm and a few assault charges. He was also arrested for armed robbery, grand larceny, criminal mischief, driving without a license and disorderly conduct. The last time he was arrested was in 2013 for assault. Vassell was not sentenced to time in prison for any of the charges. The shooting has sparked anger aimed at the NYPD, protests from Black Lives Matter and activist Linda Sarsour. NYPD claimed that Vassell was repeatedly thrusting a metal object that looked like a gun into the faces of several people – including a woman holding the hand of her child. The weapon turned out to be an L-shaped section of pipe. None of the officers involved - two white, one Hispanic, one black and one Asian - were wearing body cameras. His mother asked why he was not shot in the foot, and claimed he was killed because he was black. Police said that the verbal command “drop it” was given three different times. "He is not stupid, he would never have done that," his mother said. Others also disputed the police's story. For more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/nypd-killed-black-man/ ‎ For user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/631375077215664/
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Highlights of Kavanaugh Hearings
During Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing, Senator Lindsey Graham said that Democrats were part of an “unethical sham” in an effort to keep the Supreme Court seat vacant. “What you want to do is destroy this guy’s life, hold this seat open and hope you win in 2020,” Mr. Graham yelled at his Democratic colleagues. “This is the most unethical sham since I’ve been in politics.” “If you vote no, you’re legitimizing the most despicable thing I have seen in my time in politics,” Mr. Graham said, his voice rising in a way that is rarely seen in Senate hearings. Turning again to the Democrats to his left, he fumed: “You want this seat. I hope you never get it.” Graham ended his brief tirade with an announcement to Kavanaugh: “I intend to vote for you. And I hope everybody who is fair-minded will.” Kavanaugh, occasionally in tears, emphasized that the barrage of threats and uncorroborated accusations against him had taken a permanent toll on his family and reputation. "I am innocent of this charge. I intend no ill will to Dr. Ford and her family. The other night Ashley and my daughter, Eliza, said their prayers and little Eliza, all of 10 years old,” Kavanaugh said, pausing to regain his composure, “said to Ashley, we should pray for the woman.” “That's a lot of wisdom from a 10-year-old,” Kavanaugh said after another pause. “We mean no ill will.” Christine Blasey Ford's testimony was challenging to hear: “I believed he was going to rape me,” Ford said. “I tried to yell for help. When I did, Brett put his hand over my mouth to stop me from yelling. This is what terrified me the most and has had the most lasting impact on my life.” “It was hard for me to breathe and I thought that Brett was accidentally going to kill me,” she said. Were Democrats trying to delay the process? It was a steady demand of Democrats: that an FBI background investigation into Kavanaugh should be reopened. Republicans say reopening the FBI investigation is unnecessary because committee members have had the opportunity to question both Kavanaugh and Ford and other potential witnesses have submitted sworn statements. But if the FBI reopened the background investigation, agents could interview the accusers and witnesses and gather additional evidence or details. That could possibly corroborate or disprove the allegations, though the FBI would not reach a conclusion about Kavanaugh's guilt or innocence. It would provide its findings to the Senate Judiciary Committee. There has been no suggestion that Kavanaugh may have committed a federal crime, so the FBI would not conduct a criminal investigation.
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Controversial Beach Arrest: Woman Spits, Punched by Police
Update 9/24/2018: Emily Weinman has been indicted on two counts of aggravated assault of a police officer. Weinman also faces single counts of resisting arrest, throwing bodily fluids, and obstruction in the indictment by a Cape May County grand jury. Update 6/5/2018: It was determined by the Cape May County Prosecutor’s office that the actions of the arresting officer(s) did not meet the evidentiary standards to warrant criminal charges under NJS 2C:3-7 or any other related criminal statutes. As a result of this finding, the Wildwood Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit is conducting an Administrative Investigation, with monitoring by the Cape May County Prosecutor’s PSU. This was not Weinman’s first run-in with the law. According to court documents, Weinman was arrested in 2016 on $10,000 bail. She was charged with burglary, simple assault, criminal mischief, criminal trespass, and reckless endangerment. Weinman plead guilty to simple assault and reckless endangerment. She received four years of probation for the crime. Original post: Emily Weinman, 20, was given a breathalyser test on a beach in Wildwood, NJ. She argued with the officers about the alcohol containers and then walked away from them after refusing to provide her last name. As Weinman shouted for her boyfriend, she turned around and slammed an officer in the chest, which police say caused his camera to turn off. After the camera was turned back on, Weinman was heard screaming as officers try to handcuff her. Weinman shouted that she was being choked. After being handcuffed, she turned around and spit toward the officers. Weinman also shouted obscenities at the officers the entire time while also expressing concern about her daughter. She appeared to pass the breathalyzer test and the police said "During the initial encounter, the officer can be heard stating that he was just going to have Ms. Weinman pour the alcohol out, without issuing any violations." She was charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, aggravated assault by spitting bodily fluids at/on a police officer, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, obstruction and being a minor in possession of alcohol. Weinman's attorney said that there was no reason for police to have punched Weinman. A bystander's video showed the officer punched Weinman at least twice. Mayor Ernie Troiano Jr. already has come out in support of the officers. The two officers were placed on administrative duty pending an investigation. For more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/woman-spits-punched/ For user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/660392720980566/
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Suspect sets train on fire during dramatic arrest
On a Chicago subway train, David Ferguson, 28, splashed paint thinner on a passenger, himself & several car seats. A man in a dark Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) uniform was holding the door open and speaking with him. The CTA employee kicked the can of flammable liquid out of Ferguson’s hands and the two get into a scuffle, prompting police officers behind him to push past and corner Ferguson in the back of the car. The train’s floor suddenly erupted into flames as the police grabbed Ferguson by the jacket and rushed him off the train. Ferguson was charged with aggravated arson and aggravated battery, and was held without bail. Authorities told the media the blaze caused about $10,000 in damage to the subway car. Ferguson was hospitalized with third-degree burns and the train's conductor suffered smoke inhalation. for more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/sisters-carjacker-beating/ for user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/599817353704770/
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Brave Sisters Gave Carjacker A Beating During Nail Salon Attack
In Los Angeles, Gustavo Aranda, 25, began a robbery carjacking, chased the victim and hit him repeatedly. The suspect then entered an nail salon and hit three women for no reason. A salon worker ran out to ask for help. Virginia and Imelda Bojorquez were at the nail salon to get birthday manicures and pedicures together. The sisters grabbed chairs and other furniture to batter the man. They fought for their lives and did everything possible to protect each other. The suspect left and came back swinging one of the tables, hitting one of the sisters. The sisters fought back again. The attacker wasn’t in good shape and was badly injured. When employees from a neighboring business joined the fight, the suspect just stopped. Aranda has been booked on two counts of robbery, two counts of aggravated assault, battery and felony vandalism. for more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/sisters-carjacker-beating/ for user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/596469154039590/
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Restaurant workers take down knife-wielding robber
At Mi Nidito Restaurant in South Tucson, AZ, Jerry Evans Madril, 20, came in armed with a knife and demanded money. Workers in the store were not intimidated and fought back. The employees subdued Madril and held him until police arrived. Two people were stabbed. One employee had minor knife wounds on his leg while another employee was slashed in the torso. Both are expected to make a full recovery. Madril suffered minor injures. Madril is facing charges of armed robbery, aggravated assault and burglary. He is being held on a $50,000 bond. According to records from the Arizona Department of Corrections, this isn't Madril's first run-in with law enforcement. In 2012, he served time for attempted arson and attempted assault. Four years later, Madril was sentenced for criminal damage and attempted robbery. While in prison, Madril was disciplined for drug possession, disruption and disobeying orders. For more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/workers-take-down-robber/ For user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/HygoNewsUSA/videos/702714983415006/
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3 Women slammed NFL Players
In this video 3 women slammed NFL players: "713 NFL players have run-ins with the law. NFL=National Felon League" "Team owners have every right to enforce rules and standing for the anthem should be one of them" "Let me ask you as you sit there on your knee, who are you willing to die for? What country are you disrespecting?"
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A Washington judge chased escaping inmates
In a Washington state courtroom, two inmates Tanner D. Jacobson, 22, and Kodey L. Howard, 28, attempted to escape. Howard and Jacobson were last in line leaving the courtroom, and both, rather than walk through the exit to the right of the judge’s seat where inmates are brought in and out, pivoted and ran for the public door at the back of the courtroom. Judge R.W. Buzzard removed his robe and ran after them. Jacobson took the lead, rapidly descending down the four flights of stairs to the bottom floor — sometimes taking several steps at a time. The distance between Jacobson and Howard widened with each flight, and Buzzard closed in on Howard, grabbing him just as Howard was about to go through an open emergency exit door on the ground floor. Both prisoners have been charged with second-degree escape. The only deputy in the room did not give chase because he had two other inmates in his care. For more details check out here https://hygo.com/news/judge-chased-inmates/ For user comments,check out here https://facebook.com/499854233701083/posts/784793748540462/
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