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Monster jam intro (Nashville)
Sorry if I don’t put this video on YouTube after the event (Because I had trouble uploading this video because my phone was getting messed up, so I got a new phone instead) that I went to and that event is monster jam in Nashville Tennessee, in this video is the stadium that I went to for my trip to Nashville Tennessee for monster jam at Nissan stadium And this is apparently my favorite trip ever because, This is Brodozer’s (which is monster jam’s diesel powered monster truck) first appearance and the show was spectacular as well Here are the winners for each event during the show America’s best contacts and eyeglasses monster jam racing winner is Ryan Anderson And Son-UVA Digger Great Clips 2 wheels-Skills challenge winner is Adam Anderson and Grave Digger And monster jam freestyle winner is Ryan Anderson and Son-UVA digger Overall event winner is Adam Anderson And Grave Digger
Grave Digger Two-Wheel Skills Challenge
That was Pretty Wicked, even stinger Unleashed was still radical
Jeff Dunham Passively Aggressive
I couldn’t record the puppets and Jeff Dunham himself during the show because The audience wasn’t allowed to record during the show with any devices. So SORRY About That Here we’re the puppets that were there in Jeff Dunham Passively Aggressive ay the Ohio state fair Walter Larry the President Bubba J Peanut Jose Jalapeño.... ON A STEEK Achmed the Dead Terrorist It was funny and I bet you would have found it hilarious if you were there. Make sure to Subscribe To Jeff Dunham on YouTube and have a fantastic day
Monster Truck Throw down pit party Lancaster (part 1)
Axe was going to be here but unfortunately it was switched To Rage for tonight... Hopefully I will see Axe next year
Monster Truck Racing League intro
Here are the trucks that we’re there at the monster truck racing league in the franklin county fair Lucas Oil Equalizer Hot Tamale Buckshot Illuminator Mini monster truck was Big Crunch
My Very First Video
Enjoy My First ever Made on my YouTube Channel
Lucas Oil Equalizer vs Buckshot
Winner is Lucas Oil Equalizer
Groveport Madison Cruisers vs Hamilton Township Rangers football game
So far... this may be my last YouTube video until this December For my monster jam video in Dayton. The reason I’m telling you this is because next Tuesday I start school Subscribe for more videos as always.
Monster jam Part 5 (Cincinnati, Ohio)
This was my final recording from yesterday in Cincinnati for monster jam because my phone was almost dead and sorry if I did not get the rest of it recorded
Monster jam Dayton intro (2017)
I couldn't record everything to put on YouTube because my phone almost was dead but still subscribe for more new videos and now finally you fans can request new videos for me to put on YouTube just tell me in the comments that you like the video turn the notifications on and bring new ideas from you guys to still put on YouTube and I also wanted to thank you for 24 subscribers and if I can get to 30 to 35 subscribers I will do maybe a special video okay have a nice day guys peace out
Team Ohio vs team Michigan racing final
Winner is....... Team OHIO Yyyyeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh go Ohio State!!!!!!!!!

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