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ServiceNow HR Module Deep Dive
Part of Aptris' AccellerateNOW Webinar Series, Eros Canabrava led a deep dive into robust ServiceNow HR Service Management Module
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ServiceNow User Webinar: Creating Custom Applications That Meet Your Business Needs
Come join us to learn how CreateNow can help you harness the power of the ServiceNow platform. Whether you are looking to move existing applications from a legacy platforms or trying to leverage new efficiencies through mobility, CreateNow can help get you there. Join us as we create a custom application together and learn how to accelerate the creation of custom applications through codeless development. During this FREE Best Practice webinar, we will include: - Promote citizen developers - Build apps without coding - Create efficiency through mobile access - Launch apps in days, not months
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ServiceNow Express Webinar: Enterprise ITSM, Non-Enterprise Price
If your IT needs exceed your current IT budget, ServiceNow Express with a 3-year financing option from Aptris is the solution. In this informative webinar, you’ll get a first-hand look at Express and its power-packed set of integrated IT service management applications that feature: • Incident, problem and change • Asset tracking and configuration • Visual task boards • Reports and dashboards …all built on the same enterprise infrastructure that Fortune 500 customers have come to count on, but without the enterprise price tag. We’ll also show you a flexible, 3-year financing option available from Aptris, which means your organization can acquire Express for as little as $492 per month (includes expert implementation services from Aptris). Webinar Presenters: Wally Marx (Solution Consultant, ServiceNow) and Eros Canabrava (Sr. Engineer, Aptris).
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AccelerateNow™ by Aptris - Moving Beyond Reporting with ServiceNow Performance Analytics
Improve productivity and business performance by moving beyond static reporting and towards true Business Intelligence. Performance Analytics, from ServiceNow, provides the tools for critical analysis to help ensure that performance objectives are met. Utilizing the single-system-of-record approach within the ServiceNow platform, it provides predictive views and actionable insights, allowing you to measure and drive performance within and across all service request management processes. Join as we share ideas, discuss best practices and demonstrate actual use cases with ServiceNow. During this FREE Best Practice webinar, we will include: - A quick overview of KPI-driven dashboards and scorecards - How to create a single version of truth across teams and organizations - How to pinpoint areas for performance improvement - Key ways to leverage ServiceNow to accelerate the benefits of performance analytics
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ServiceNow HR Onboarding - AccelerateNow by Aptris
As part of Aptris' AccelerateNow program, listen to VP John Manna and Senior Consultant Eros Canabrava discuss Onboarding with ServiceNow and the Service Catalog.
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Aptris ITSM Maturity Roadmap
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Aptris ITSM Simulation
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AccelerateNow™ by Aptris - Unleash the Power of Knowledge with ServiceNow
If you've put off implementing Knowledge Management, you may be missing one of the biggest ROI's that ServiceNow offers. Join us for a quick tour of ServiceNow Knowledge tools, including a review of Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) concepts and recommended knowledge processes including authoring workflows. Join as we share ideas, discuss best practices and demonstrate actual use cases with ServiceNow. During this FREE Best Practices webinar, we will discuss: - A quick overview of Knowledge Centered Support - Best practices in Knowledge Management with a focus on the knowledge authoring process - Recommendations on how and when to share knowledge with customers - Key ways to leverage ServiceNow to accelerate the benefits of leveraging knowledge
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ServiceNow Healthcare - Patient Data Compliance
Webinar Overview: It's time for a better solution to handle patient data at the service desk. Aptris' Patient Data Compliance Module (PDCM) for ServiceNow is the answer you have been waiting for. Dynamically identify patient data based on terms that you configure. Lock records so that only the people that need access have access. Easily audit records to find out if data is slipping through the cracks. Have peace of mind with executive dashboards built around data compliance. Join us for this special ServiceNow Event for an important webinar on Healthcare and Patient Data Compliance delivered by Aptris. Topics will include: • Securing patient data dynamically, without service analyst input • A process driven method for reviewing and releasing records • Creating and approving timed security exceptions Let Aptris help you build your own solution roadmap. Whether you are looking to expand your current system, or learn more about future options, this special ServiceNow webinar will help you plan for Healthcare ITSM solutions.
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ServiceNow Webinar: Streamlining the Delivery of Facilities Services
Stop the madness of manual processes in your facilities department. Enterprises rely on facilities management to help address corporate goals for sustainability, business continuity, operational efficiency, productivity, and cost control. But limited ability to see, track and report on work requests makes it difficult to deliver strategic impact. Free your facilities teams from email, spreadsheets and homegrown software tools that result in reactive and inefficient service. Provide them with one system to define, manage, and report on facilities services, thereby increasing productivity, optimizing resource utilization, reducing costs, and aligning services with company priorities. The end of inefficiency—attend this webinar to learn about: • Increasing productivity by replacing disparate tools and workflows with structured, automated processes • Improving insight and decision making by leveraging a single system of record to define, manage, and report on facilities services • Reducing operational costs while accelerating responsiveness using online self-service for facilities requests
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Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions are gaining momentum for organizations looking to consolidate legacy software systems and develop solutions unique to their needs. Leveraging ServiceNow, Aptris provides application development services to give its customers the tailored solution that they need on a platform that is always current. Visit Aptris.com for more information.
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What's New in ServiceNow Jakarta
Take your organization to the next level with Jakarta. Join us and Senior Solution Consultant Diego Jimenez to learn how upgrading to Jakarta can accelerate your ROI.
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Aptris, the Internet of Things and ServiceNow
Learn more about how Aptris and ServiceNow can help your organization usher in the Internet of Things
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Transforming Problem Management at Deutsche Bank
With Guest Presenter Thomas Shartrand (VP Problem Management) Learn how Deutche Bank achieved... - 39% improvement in overall productivity of problem managers - 35% reduction in problem backlogs - 55% reduction in the average length of a problem record - 59% reduction in backlog tasks Discover how implementing the right processes can be simplified by utilizing the right tools featuring ServiceNow (used by Deutsche Bank).
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AccelerateNow™ by Aptris - 6 Critical Components of a Successful Service Catalog Deployment
AccelerateNow by Aptris- helping you take ServiceNow to the next level!
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HigherEd Webinar Series, Session 1: Service Catalog & The User Experience
When we think of Service Catalog design, we often think first of design, colors, icons, and layout. Important considerations, for sure—but it is the taxonomy that provides a solid foundation for everything else. How we organize and classify our services may be the single most important component in the Request and Service Catalog Management Process, yet it is typically a rushed effort, not aligned with our end users’ expectations, and can grow out of control when not managed. Attendees of this webinar will leave with a clear picture of how a properly designed—and actionable—Service Catalog can help their HigherEd organization overcome key challenges and meet its most important goals. During this session, we cover the importance of: • Comprehensive Listing of Services • User-friendly Categories • Consistency in Attributes • Requesting Services Systematically • Automation and role-based provisioning Attend this webinar to learn how to improve Service Management through an enhanced Service Catalog designed for HigherEd and built on industry best-practices.
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Aptris ITSM Process Improvement
How can Aptris help your organization adopt IT Service Managment best practices? Check out this video to find out!
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CX Virtual MP4 6.6
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Post K17 Wrap Up Webinar Recording
During this session, Eros shared what's new in ServiceNow for: IT Service Management Customer Service Management Security Operations Human Resouces Service Management IT Operations Management
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5 Ways to Modernize your Service Desk
Learn how can 3CLogic and Aptris can help modernize your Service Desk
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Private Data Compliance Application from Aptris
Eros Canabrava introduces the Private Data Compliance Application, developed by Aptris, for the ServiceNow platform.
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ServiceNow Webinar: Changing the Perception of IT - What Your Customers Won't Tell You
Don’t let your IT organization be known as the Department of “No” Most internal IT organizations are focused on protecting and growing the business. The people who work in IT service management are usually passionate, intelligent, skilled, rational, and driven by the desire to do a great job. So why do business colleagues see the IT organization as unhelpful, out of touch and (most damning of all) as overhead? To get closer to the customers of IT services, long-entrenched and rational models of IT thinking and doing must be replaced with customer-centric constructs that focus on three core concepts: value, experience, and context. From “No” to NOW—attend this webinar to learn about: • How to face the common issues internal customers have with IT. • Where the changing IT and business landscapes demand an evolution if not a revolution in IT thinking. • How to start the journey that transforms IT into the Department of “Now.”
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