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BLACK AS PILOT - Episode One - The Mission
The boys spark up the ol Suzy and head off to get a feed of Mangrove worms. Part one of three pilots for our Black AS Web Series you can watch here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbeLp0Uw4lY&list=PLspk3OkkaL9o076sGnlyo1bXOMbgY3gfI
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BLACK AS PILOT - Episode Two - Build A Bridge
The Black AS boys build a bridge and drive the Suzuki across a croc infested creek!
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Ted invents a new kind of steam engine
As a young man Ted Pritchard invented a new type of steam engine. He used it to power a 1973 Ford Falcon, but he couldn’t get any interest from a car manufacturer. 30 years later the engine has gained a new lease of life.
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Tin Canoes
Faced with a wide billabong full of crocs the boys decide to make canoes out of tin and paddle across. The only hitch is Jerome is terrified of leaches.
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Trailer trouble
The Black AS boys come up with an ingenious way for the Hyundi bush car to pull the boat and trailer. The solution is hair raising!
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Worm Hunt - Black As pilot - Part three
Now they have crossed the croc infested creek, the boys make a beeline for the Mangroves to search for a good feed of worms. But theres big trouble when they return to the Suzi. Third and final Episode in our Pilot series which helped us get Blacvk AS Web Series up and running.
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First Contact - Seeing white man for the first time
Stumpy Brown is a Wangkujanka woman who lives at Christmas Creek in the Kimberley. Stumpy has seen many changes throughout her lifetime but nothing so dramatic, when as a teenager, she saw a white man for the first time.
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Journey back to Artists Homeland
Daniel Walbidi is a young Aboriginal man from Bidyadanga south of Broome. His paintings are highly sought after but he is yet to visit the country he paints. His family takes him back to their desert homeland, the first time in 40 years.
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Lightning Ridge Opal Miner
Bob Hewlett came to lightning ridge 47 years ago, stayed and became an opal miner. He has pegged a new claim and is optimistic he may have found his fortune …at last. But meanwhile Bob visits his old opal dealer mate Gerry.
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Pimp my Hyundai
Desperate to get home the boys come across a bunch of cars that were abondoned after a devestating cyclone. The trashed Hyundai holds the most promise and their ride home!
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Tiger snake pit in his back yard!
Ian Norton is Tasmania’s very own Snake expert. He has put years of near death experiences into running workshops to teach people to manage and relocate problem snakes.
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Bull Buggies - Mad Max Machines of the Kimberley
Some mustering jobs need a little more horsepower than others. Deep in Kimberley cattle country we meet Station manager Louie Dolby and his unique work vehicle – the Bull Buggy.
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Rodeo Riders - wild men of the Kimberley
Colin Fuller and Maxie Holt are genuine cowboys of the Kimberley and live for that 8 seconds of fame on the back of a bull and have the scares to prove it.
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Truck Hunters Pilot Ep 1 Rat Rods on steroids!
From the makers of hit Australian series Bush Mechanics comes another turbo charged series showing you the best of Australia's vintage trucks and rusty gold! Truck Hunters follows legendary truck and motorbike fanatic Lance Isedale and his traveling buddy Pete as they scour outback towns and farm sheds looking for rusty treasure. Stay tuned for more updates as the series goes into production in 2019. Directed by David Batty, Produced by Rebel Films www.truckhunters.tv
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Aryonga Desert Tigers - Wama Wanti (dont drink grog)
Band from Aryonga in Central Australia. This clip was created to help encourage people to stop drinking grog.
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Black As - behind the scenes -Buffalo Hunt
Watch joe creep up on a buffalo with only a spear to protect himself. This just happened along the way. Not part of our story but stuff like this happens all the time while we are shooting Black As.
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Suzi goes down - how not to launch a dinghy
While trying to launch their dinghy Joe get pulled into a big muddy hole...engine still running
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Then The Wind Changed - Trailer
When the Black Saturday Bushfires swept through Victoria Australia, the community of Strathewen was decimated. Local resident and filmmaker Celeste Geer recorded what happened as the surviving residents attempted to rebuild their lives and their shattered community. Then the Wind Changed is a intimate portrait of a community razed to its very foundations. "Closer to an inferno than you'll ever want to be, so close to a community's heart and soul that you'll forget you aren't a local." Adrian Hyland (Author of Kinglake 350)
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Ilkari Maru - Tjamu Tjamu
Legendary Pitjantjatjarra band from Amata in South Australia. Featurning the Brady brothers they travelled all over singing and performing their original songs in Pitjantjarra language.
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Doug moves on from his Coober Pedy Dougout
In Cobber Pedy, four men share an underground dugout. But things have been getting a little tense so its time for Doug to move out. So he takes his tunneling machine and an old mate and start carving out his new home.
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Ringers of the Kimberley
In the Kimberley young men leave home to become ringers out on the backblocks of stations like Mulla Bulla. It’s a tough life. Getting up at 3am and in bed on dusk. They spend all day in the saddle and get a feed of beef before going to bed under the stars.
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The iconic Mountain Men clip that went viral! Now in a high res version. Watch these two self confessed hillbillies talk about their life as mountain men.
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Can the Black As boys pull their Suzuki out of the mud?
After a week underwater the Black As boys decide to retrieve their favourite little Suzuki. But will it ever go again.....Hmmmm
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kimberley muster
Louisa Downs station in the East Kimberleys is an Aboriginal owned and run cattle station. The stockmen are crack horsemen and do things the old way. This video was shot in 1992.
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Camp cook - Feeding the the ringers
Harley is camp cook on Mount Amherst Station in the Kimberley. He not only needs to get up at three in the morning to feed the cowboys but he needs to keep up plenty of food cooked the old way.
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BLACK AS - Pozible campaign video
Our Pozible crowd funding pitch video.
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Making diesel from old chip oil.
A small band of thrifty men take to the streets of Melbourne and sniff out fish and chip shops and take aways in search of their discarded old cooking fat. They take it to their shed and turn it into perfectly good fuel for their diesel vehicles.
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Cane Toad Trap...backyard invention .
Owen Malby is a backyard inventor with a unique way of catching cane toads. His device is simple but effective.
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Disappearing Tribe
High Cliffy Island off the Kimberley coast was once home to the Yawijibaya people. Who lived here for about 7 thousand years. But soon after a French film crew visited in 1929 the Yawijibaya people vanished sparking one of the North West’s greatest mysteries.
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BLACK AS PILOT - Original Promo
This promo and three Pilot eps went wild and helped us big time getting the BLACK AS 24 Part web series up.
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Life underground for a Coober Pedy opal miner
In the Australian opal mining town of Coober Pedy, three unlikely housemates share an underground dugout and pursue their dream of finding their fortune. This segment originally appeared in the Australian television series Inventions from the Shed by Rebel Films
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Who made the Maree Man? - the largest ground drawing on Earth
15 years ago the worlds largest ground drawing appeared on the ground near Marree in outback South Australia. It depicted an aboriginal man throwing a spear. To this day the locals are still in a quandary as to who did it and how.
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Warumpi Band - First time filmed - Live at Gap Youth Centre Alice Springs -1982
The legendary Warumpi band filmed here on 16mm film for the first time playing live at the Alice Springs Gap Youth Centre in aprox 1982. The film was shot mute but has been edited to their first hit single Jailanguru Pakarnu released in 1983. This is the first time this rare footage has been released. The Gap youth centre was a venue through the Eighties for touring and local Aboriginal bands. With permission from Neil Murray. WARNING! Clip contains deceased people.
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Warumpi Band -  Waru
An early live performance of the Warumpi band performing 'WARU" (fire) at old Bazos Farm in Alice Springs. Rare footage. Circa 1985. Please SHARE!
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Building a new Sikh Temple in Shepparton
Manny is a fruit picker in Shepparton the fruit bowl of Victoria. He’s also a member of a growing community of Sikhs. After a decade long building program they are now ready to move into their brand new temple along with all the colour and ceremony.
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Searching for gold in Tarnagulla
Tarnagulla is the capital of Victoria’s “Golden Triangle” and during the cool months locals and visitors spend their days combing the bush with their hi-tech metal detectors for gold. If your lucky you might get a little nugget if not you might just turn up a "dickhead"
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The Delicate task of a Funeral Director
Being an undertaker is a special but essential job. Lou Gionfriddo feels he was called to do his job of seeing out loved ones.
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The 114 year old Marion is the oldest operating wood fired paddle steamer in Australia and is lovingly cared for by a dedicated team of enthusiastics.
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Bush Mechanics Series - EP 4 - The Rainmakers
The desert is in the midst of a shocking drought so Jangala sends the Bush Mechanics to Broome to get a pearl shell so he can make rain. Rebel Films/Warlpiri Media co-Production
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Indigenous art from the desert - The Bidyadanga Art movement
Daniel Walbidi is a young Aboriginal man from Bidyadanga south of Broome. His paintings are highly sought after but he is yet to visit the country he paints. His family take him back to their desert homeland, the first time in 40 years.
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Isaac Yama -  Puli Wiru -  (Ayers Rock)
Live performance from the legendary Isaac Yamma. He is the father of the now internationally famous Frankie Yamma. If you look closely you will see Frank on stage. This is a live recording of Isaacs band in Alice Springs. Isaac was a true legend and and great entertainer and DJ on
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Exploding Buffalo Poo - Black As
A classic clip from our hit Web series Black As. After sparking up a Hyundai the boys head off to rescue the Suzuki and Oppy's trailer...but Dino decides to drive through piles of Buffalo poo on the way...Hilarious!
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Mountain Men
Two self confessed hillbillies talk about their life as mountain men. They live in the hills behind of Murwillumbah, make home brew and work on trucks.
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Ikari Maru - Midnight flight
Legendary Pitjantjatjarra band from Amata ...live at the Alice Springs Gap Youth Centre
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Oodnadatta Track Makers
The 660km unsealed Oodnadatta track is one of Australia’s most famous outback roads. For Checky it’s a levelling experience spending day after day moving and shaping gravel into a road with a smooth finish.
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Script Meeting - Black As - Behind the scenes
Just trying to get the boys to concentrate!
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Cooking crocodile on toothbrush fire
Ever been stuck out bush with no matches and need to cook your freshly speared crocodile...always make sure you have an electric toothbrush in your pocket to start a fire. Another Black As survival tip. Go here to watch the whole series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbeLp0Uw4lY&list=PLspk3OkkaL9o076sGnlyo1bXOMbgY3gfI
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Suzi goes to car heaven
As the Suzi goes up in smoke, the boys remember her finer moments and pay their final respects.
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Pulling a trailer out of mud - Black As style
The Black As boys come back to get their trailer which has been underwater for a week. The mighty Hyunai just manages to pull it out but Dino wasn't expecting a passeger!
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How we lived before the white man came along.
Nganyinytja is a Pitjantjatjarra woman from South Australia. As a young woman she did not know of the white man. She talks about the food she ate and meeting white man for the first time.
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