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Dark knight shows soft disclosure for NSA
The NSA told us in this movie what they're capable of and have been doing.
Closer look at OJ Simpson chase, what's in backseat?!
Was watching the 1st ep of 1st season of the 90s on Netflix when i spotted this flash in the back seat of the oj Simpson chase. But the tech was NOT any where close to today's we didn't have laptops or cell phones or anything with a bright light up screen like the object seen in the rear of the truck wtf is that?! Certainly doesn't look like he's the ONLY person in the vehicle this raises some serious questions about the past. Others may already know or had seen it long ago I was too young back then now when I go back I find things were never as they seem. If anyone knows what that is please do share! I'm sure MANY of us would like to KNOW! Lol crazy world man im out
During the very start of irma
It might be too dark& i just rant about everything. But we got very lucky and were very fortunate thank God that we made it out ok only a week of aftermath issues. Finally back online. Time to make some space for more cotent so may as well get these all put up n posted. 1 thing i forget to mention or only touch on briefly is the need to stay prepared for these situations. Rather have n not need than need n not have. Sorry for the lack of light but this was after sun had started setting. I'll get more uploaded soon as possible & i need make more space. Learn from this time how to react next time. Ps during the power outage we got 2 positive things 1 was the lack of light pollution its a shame the camera didnt pick up the stars as they were gorgeous could see the entire milky way. The 2nd thing was the lack of ringing in my ears which occurs for about over 75% of my day every day. I never had tinnitus! Always take great care of my ears and never listen to anything at such high decibels to damage hearing as id like to keep it intact as long as possible. I believe it to be frequency related and its only present when the power is on! When we ran the generator there was no ringing in the ears like there is now and has been every day since they got the power back on and the cell towers especially was when it got to be very intense again. Another cause is the smart meters which is a hole othet can of worms. Just wanted to note that. I do not claim to be nor believe that i would be targeted as they've much bigger fish than i! Not that self important to think of all ppl. I'd be targeted for what?! Sharing whats already been known by many.many others. It doesnt add up. I believe others maybe yes but not i. Though i do suffer a symptom or 2 but as i already stated thats most likely due to the smart meters cell phones towers and wifi etc. All RF any irradiating can cause ringing in the ears and we've gone up several times the safe levels of consumption for humans by some 1ks of parts per million. So there's that.
Irma after math in central FL near Orlando
I have a few more during the storm I've yet to get around to posting but i need to free up some space on the sd card in order to continue up loading the rest so I'll need delete this after. Geoengineering the storms and chem trails oops i mean "high stratospheric aerosols & cloud seeding" cuz that's what chemtrails scientific Actually recognized terms are. They're spraying us with heavy metals and poisons yet cuz ppl are told on a show or article they may or may not have had the chance to see and cuz its being done right over their heads&most havw their faces buried in the cell phones as they walk into traffic! Smh but cuz not enough protested they take our consent in the form of "informed consent" cuz not enough protested! Well i for one do not consent to being a labrat! Ppl are dying as a result of the side effects of just not havin power for those on life support! Let alone what the heavy metals ans other God only knows what toxins were beinf hit with. Anyway that's all. I'm out like share sub or dont. As RFB says lol. I cant promise i will.be able to regularly upload but will try my best.
Partial eclipse ending
End of the partial eclipse we got here. This was pretty cool & a nice break from doom n gloom of hurricanes. Got a few more but not sure if I'll upload
More of irma cringy had other ppl around
This is before the power went out& we were really flooded but no where near as bad as TX or the islands. It was the worst one we have seen this far north near orlando. We were very fortunate that's all we really got compare this with the after math. Things could have been so much worse. Cringe warning we had some company over that never been through a storm before & they were going crazy over it. But once the rain stopped &the power went out within 24hrs we were alone again lol. Full house to empty over night. I just gotta get these all off my phone to make space for other apps and updates. And so i can make newer video of current events. Geoengineered storm irma the difference betweena man made storm as the"solution to climate change/global warming" is actually the cause of these disasters! Look into it for your self n make up your own mind
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"All the way yahwey" Diane Yahweh making fun of the biblical name of paleo-Hebrew (correct me if I'm wrong & it's not phonecian Hebrew aka paleo & is true Hebrew, thanks in advance if so&provide proof as well please). Anyway this is an old one back when they updated I was unable to upload videos so this one is more of a test. Now this isn't for everyone there aren't many who will get the main plot here go look into OCS101 & LETSGETFREE those channels if they still exist another is realmz88 who's into much of the same stuff it's a lot of Saturnian type occult science 101 and I've been researching it for 5-7yrs now and learned enough to spot things on my own & make my own videos when I spot things on my own. Now if this test is successful and I can upload again & they don't honor fair use and decide to flag it anyway! Which has happened in the past so just a heads up over half my videos were taken down unjustly I just can't be bothered to fight YT over it! Which I'll be doing a video on soon mayb if all goes well about WTFU=where's the fair use?!? But in the meantime if ya don't get it and want to then search the suggested channels and if u don't get it n don't care well it's not for you then and just move on there's most likely not going to be much here for you in that case otherwise enjoy & give feedback. I can't edit as I've only got a 2yr old iPod touch to do this with so quality is that of a potato sorry in advance. But content and or other ways I can actually control and make better then I'm all ears (unless it's anti truth seeker, truth hating or just any trolls paid or otherwise.) so that's it. For now but there are good things to come if this works. Warning: this content is being used under the Fair Use purposes and falls within the category for fair use. To learn comment and everything listed under the fair use clause which from here on out will be copy pasted in the description of every single video that may contain copyright material but in this case it falls under fair use for commenting and learning purposes.
This is the level of thinking I think To myself
FAIR USE warming. This is the level I'm basically on all the time wat out there no wonder it's so lonely cuz genius is border line insanity all genius have been insane or considered to be by society at least. Anyway are you afraid to ask the scary questions? What do you choose, truth? Or fear? Some out there shit deep questions crazy movie titled "John Dies At The End" wtf saturnian as anything but what's not I challenge anyone to find something that isn't at all.
Irma is real this was during we just got power back5days later
Hurricane Irma the worst of it hit us This was before the power &cable&net all went out& still had enough day light to see i have a few more +1 of the aftermath. For those who claim it was a hoax or false flag they were wrong! And I'm usually on that bandwagon until i can either find evidence for myself or if i experienced it 1st hand. This was not the most intense parts of the storm all happened after we lost cable, net, power & cell service. Were 90% restored now only have cable & net yet to be restored. It was the 1st to go and last to come back when will it is yet to be determined. Hope everyone's stayed safe and is doing ok. Irma was the worst thing hurricane wise id been through since 1992 hurricane Andrew was much worse! Now there's no doubt in my mind that this was a geoengineering disaster! As was Harvey! Yeah we might have jad a tropical storm or 2 but not q monstet like this what acted unlike anything we had ever experienced in FL. Were used to getting these at least 1 bad storm per year. But nothing has come close to this especially as far inland as i am being only an hour south of tampa and orlando which didnt get it as bad as we did here Polk county got the eye of the storm we got the north eastern quadrant which is the most destructive and intense portion of the storm. Usually they nevet stay a hurricane this far in they become tropical sysyems. Were also 200ft above sea level. Another interesting note is that hurricane Andrew was a cat5 when it made landfall and no bodies of water had been drained as was the case with irma! And they're lying to us about how that was caused by the so called wind pushing the water out to the gulf! Then why hasnt any other storm ever at least in my 30+yrs never seen or heard of that unless it was a tsunami which just dont happen here it took days for the water to come back to the Bahamas. I'm still unsure wearher tampa bays still dry & the bayside in the FL. Keys was also dry. So idk why or how exactly that happened but have heard many theories on Yt that made more sense than the official MSM story as usual is nothing but a bunch of BS! My best giess is that its due to the nature of it being an geoengineered event! Man can not and should not mess with things we can't possibly control such as weather! It would seem they're using it as a weapon among many many other agendas. All i can speak to are my own experiences and what i have leaened via research. I always say for everyone to consider all things look into it for them selves and make up their own mind. Always be prepared so you're not that family that gets stuck with no gas or any food supplies water etc etc. Also keep a fire arm on your property at all times! Ya never know when ya might need it and as the saying goes better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Good luck&God bless pray for the victims of all these storms and the wild fires out west. I'm out.
Proof that I created this meme today lol
Just a joke having some fun at the expense of the disaster that is fallout76 lol. But I can't say I can sympathize with those who got ripped off hard by this game as they had the beta aka the demo lol all 2hrs of it and then ALL of the YT videos and awful reviews it's 1.7 stars on the xb1 at the time of upload lol. But the punt was to have fun and prove I made this meme on a free meme creator buggy site lol that won't let me tag proper so I figured I may as well document it in case it does get popular I can CLAIM my credit lol. But I'm sure someone will find a way to improve it or word it better ETC. I searched before I made it and found ZERO published memes so. Eh it's really just w/e lol. Just having fun lol. Got to laugh sometimes ya know. Enjoy lol
During Irma pt2 from central FL. Just miles from the eye wall
2nd part of my experience during Irma &after of maybe a 5 part series of videos of this geoengineered nightmare monster of a storm! See pt1 for full description & search geoengineering + Irma or Harvey. Try searching weather war 101 consider all things as always and make up your own minds. I don't expect to become a more active channel at this time i don't plan on uploading regularly again just yet. But we will see.
Slim shady gay?
Eminem admits he's gay or his clone does I should say. The vrill societies all about the cloak n dagger stuff & they do stuff like this all the time if ha know what you're lookin at its obvious and hidden in plane sight all day. Oh vrill society is better known as either nazi or more recently the illuminati. But they put so much actual truths in fiction movies or comedies so that they won't be taken seriously or believed. If you would like to know or learn more about the vrill and what a drone is (not a UAV) but a clone or the way the same word describes insects. See even such things as calling a military weapon a "drone" is to throw people off. But I digress search YouTube for this name: Donald marshall. And there's about all the info that exist on the subject. Notice how different slim looks from the shady from 20yrs ago whys this one younger??? And also bug eyed his eyes somethin is off about them. I think em is dead and this is a demon that's living vicariously via a parasite lizard called vrill. Curtain call says it all. There's so much info in the world if you just pay a lil attention they leave hints all over the place constantly.

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