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Hand crank cardboard ratchet machine walk through
A quick walk through of a cardboard contraption I made as an About Me. It's mostly mechanical but one piece is controlled by an Arduino.
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DIY Rolltop Backpack Kit
Make your own rolltop backpack! http://market.diy.org/collections/kits/products/pauls-backpack-kit?variant=11048432004
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Hand crank kinetic cardboard machine with Arduino controlled information device
This is a cardboard machine I made that break down into two parts. The first bit is completely mechanical and is powered by a hand crank hooked up to a worm drive. That is attached to a ratchet that rotates a wheel with ten panels attached to the bottom. At every rotation, a panel pops down, revealing a picture or a message. The second part is hidden in the false bottom of the box. Pulling on a string reveals a hand-held Arduino controlled information device. The device has an LCD that plays through some words, and a conveyor belt display that's controlled by a photoresistor.
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USB and solar powered marble machine made from cardboard
A mini marble machine mostly made from cardboard and other stuff I had. It can be powered by USB or the attached solar panels.
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Mini wooden marble machine
This machine uses an Archimedes screw and wooden marbles. The marbles fill a cavity, and once the fifth marble goes into the cavity, it creates a level surface for the sixth marble to roll down. The sixth marble bumps a straw, which releases a scissor lift mechanism.
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Cordura Rolltop Pannier
Super simple pannier I made for an Instructables contest. Body is made of Cordura fabric Side pockets are made of a stretchy mesh *Large zippered pocket in the front for things you need quick access to Reflective strips on the side for high visibility HPDE plastic sheet for rigidity in the back panel Jandd hooks Raw edges on the inside (no binding) Approximately 12x5x15" (when top is rolled down) https://www.etsy.com/listing/530064482/simple-cordura-rolltop-bike-pannier?ref=pr_shop
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Clamshell Backpack With Leather Pockets
I made this bag for a trip back home. It's made from Cordura with a hearty helping of leather. The entire front panel can be accessed by unzipping the beefy #8 molded zippers on either side. There's a large, leather pocket with a flip down panel in the front, plus a larger open pocket right behind it. Above that is a zippered pocket. On either side are leather pockets with stretch on top to accommodate water bottles. The shoulder straps are made of leather, and sewn to them are two layers of wool for extra pad. Rolltop backpack can also be accessed from the font via two zippers Made of Cordura and leather 12x5.5x20" Inside edges aren't finished (no binding) *Note* There's a small smudge on the large, yellow pocket. It's visible in the pictures. You could probably get it out with a leather cleaner, but I don't have any. https://www.etsy.com/listing/530400740/travel-backpack-with-full-front-access?ref=pr_shop
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Zippered Rolltop Backpack
This is a zippered roll-top bag with removable lining. In the front there's a small zippered pocket, another pocket with a flap closure, and a long pocket that fully unzips. The shoulder straps are made from seatbelt webbing, and are sewn so they conform to your body. The straps can be unbuckled and tucked away inside a zippered pouch. There are built-in straps so you can carry this bag around on your shoulders. Roll-top bag with a zippered closure Multiple pockets on the front of the bag Made from Cordura fabric Lining is attached via Velcro and can be removed for washing Bag is 7x11x20" (can be extended to 22") https://www.etsy.com/listing/530365954/zippered-rolltop-backpack?ref=pr_shop
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Balloon Popping Machine
Balloon Popping Mini Rube Goldberg Machine
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Carry-on Rolltop Backpack
I made this bag for a trip that required me to max out my carry-on capacity. The goal was to pack for a trip that consisted of six days in Austin, TX (fairly warm) and five days in NYC (fairly cold). This bag works well when fully packed, but loses it's shape if it's mostly empty. It's a roll-top, but you can access everything via a front U-shaped zipper. There's also a large pocket on the front, and two stretch pockets on the sides. Red and gray Cordura roll-top bag Large front pockets Stretch pockets on both sides Pocket for laptop sleeve (not padded) Measures 8x13x22" (can expand to be taller) Inside edges are raw (no binding) https://www.etsy.com/listing/544169383/carry-on-rolltop-backpack?ref=pr_shop
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DIY Kinetic Logo
Kinetic machine I made of the diy.org logo.
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Hand crank butterfly automaton made from cardboard
This is a hand crank butterful toy made mostly from cardboard. I made a worm drive using scrap copper and a corrugated cardboard gear.
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Bright Backpack With Liner
I made this bag with all of the bright colors that I had sitting around. The teal material is thick and stretchy, and makes up the side pockets as well as a front pocket with a drawstring closure. Behind that are four pockets, one that has a zipper. Lots o' storage for you. The bag is accessed via a rolltop that closes with a G hook. There's also a built-in laptop sleeve that's fully padded. Inside is a white, removable lining. It's attached via Velcro so you can pop it in the wash whenever it gets too dirty. Rolltop bag made from Cordura Built in, fully padded laptop sleeve 12x5.5x18" Veg tan leather shoulder straps with purple wool for padding Removable liner *Note* This proto bag has an ink line on one of the pockets. It's not super visible, but it is there. The edges inside of the laptop sleeve aren't finished (no binding). https://www.etsy.com/listing/530403150/backpack-in-bright-colors?ref=pr_shop
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Travel Backpack With Removable Lid
I made this bag for a trip to China. It was my only luggage for a two weeks trip. The zippered lid is removable, and I ended up keeping things I needed on hand like my passport, Kindle, notebook, etc. The rest of the bag went into the overhead bin. I ended up overstuffing it a bit on my return flight, but it still fit in the overhead bin with no issue. *Rolltop bag with G-hook buckle *12x6x22" when moderately full (can extend a bit taller) *Grey Cordura fabric (I believe it's 600 denier) *Removable zippered lid with plastic buckles *One large, open pocket in the front *Two medium zippered pockets in the front *Water bottle pockets with drawstring on both sides, with deeper pockets behind *Built-in pocket for laptop (outer layer is padded; layer between computer and inside of bag is not) *Inside edges are raw (no binding) I'll ship Medium flat rate if you're in the USA, which means shipping will be $13.60. If you're charged more I can refund the difference. https://www.etsy.com/listing/544156665/travel-backpack-with-removable-lid?ref=pr_shop
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Clock Mechanism Front
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Pneumatic Box Opener
Step on the box, it opens. Air bladder is in the foot part.
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Clock Mechanism Inside
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