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Nano Satellite
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Metis Identity
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Farmer Fight
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WTO Seals
In Geneva, the world trade organization (WTO) is hearing challenges from Canada and Norway to EU ban on products made from seals killed during the Canadian commercial seal hunt. Many other countries including the U.S. and Russia, ban seal hunt products from Canada. Al-Jazeera Daniel Lak reports. Cameraman-Editor: Andre A. Khalil
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Canada tour decodes Free Mason secrets
An unusual tour has become popular in the Canadian city of Winnipeg. Since 2010, thousands of visitors have been learning about an infamous secret society and coded messages from the distant past. Al Jazeera's Daniel Lak reports from Winnipeg. Cameraman/Editor: Andre A. Khalil
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Quebec fears immigrant influence on French
Quebec's cultural nationalists have been struggling to keep French the dominant language in the province. The defenders of the language have helped lobby for government legislation that has been put into place requiring French to be used on signs, in education and even restaurants. Opponents call the laws overzealous - as in the case of a restaurant owner who received a legal notice to change the word "pasta" on his menu to "pates". Now a growing immigrant population that is learning French, but choosing to live and work in English, is causing concern. Al Jazeera's Daniel Lak reports from Montreal. Cameraman-Editor: Andre A. Khalil
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Canada GDP
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HockeyTown USA
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Canada Space Program
The man whose fame is practically out of this world has landed back on Earth. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has spent the last 5 months on the International Space Station. His popularity surged as he made videos on topics ranging from what to eat in outerspace to songs and philosophical musings. Hadfield landed in a Soyuz capsule together with his Russian and US crew just under an hour ago in Kazakhastan. He may be the last Canadian astronaut in space for some time. As Daniel Lak reports, budget cuts mean that his country's space programme faces an uncertain future. Cameraman/Editor: Andre A. Khalil "HSP"
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The Spirit Of Christmas Part-1
The students of the arabic school of "Our Lady Of Lebanon Parish" Toronto, Canada present to you: "The Spirit Of Christmas" Through music, dance and drama concert, SATURDAY, DEC. 7TH AT 6:00 PM.
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Army and al-Qaeda face off in Yemen's south
In Yemen, troops say they have taken back more of Zinjibar which has been under the control of al-Qaeda fighters for more than a year now. Government forces and al-Qaeda linked fighters have been caught in battles in Yemen's Southern Province. Al Jazeera's Hashem Ahelbarra sent this exclusive report from the frontline in Zinjibar. Cameraman-Editor: Andre A. Khalil
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