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XXXTENTACION stops LA show & Makes security kick a girl out for starting fights.
XXXTENTACION stops LA show and Makes security kick a girl out for starting fights in the crowd. Then tells his fans were all Family!
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City Girls Turn Up for Yung Miami's Birthday On A Yacht, Then Met Gucci Mane at Club LIV.
JT and Yung Miami Charter a Yacht To Celebrate her Birthday with her girls on Miami Beach. Then Meet Gucci Mane At Club Liv to Continue The Birthday Celebration.
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Franky Diamonds Miami Jeweler Teaches Us How To Set Diamonds, Talks Labor & GIA Certified Diamonds.
Franky shows us how his company sets Diamonds, Schools us on the Meaning of GIA Certified Diamonds and the reason why Labor has to be incorporated in the price. He Also explains why different watch Bezels alone can change the watches price Dramatically.
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Marchello The Jeweler of Queens NY Teaches Us How To Avoid Being Cheated When Buying Diamonds & Gold
Jeweler gave us some tips and steps to take so customers wont be cheated when buying Diamonds or Gold from Different jewelers across the Nation. He also explains to us why he's able to sell top quality pieces at the lowest prices around. Touches on Jewelers selling Lab made Diamond as real natural Diamonds etc. Produced By CharlieBoyTV INC [email protected]
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3 Rappers That were Murdered right after Dropping Diss Tracks that went Viral.
These Three Rappers all had beef with another Rapper from there city and dropped DISS tracks that all did 1 million plus.These rappers went all out in there Videos to show they was with the Shits. They were all murdered in the High of there career after dropping these DISS tracks. R.I.P: Da Real Gee Money, Lil JoJo & Og Man Man. THESE links are there FULL DISS Videos... YOU HAVE TO CLICK LINK TO WATCH VIDEO THE OWNERS MADE ME MUTE THE MUSIC LOL https://youtu.be/8jo4PLkHM-Y https://youtu.be/xhHiGNgBu0U https://youtu.be/-_DhTIGn7X4
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XXXTentacion Sucker punch setup! Exclusive Never b4 seen footage of LA & San Diego shows Security.
CharlieBoyTV was invited to get some footage at XXXTentacion shows while in California. I have footage of how tight the security was every where else but the city he needed the most security in. Could be a coincidence. Its just I filmed the Los Angeles show and all his people were able to stay on stage. But the San Diego Show they forced everybody off but the Security.
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Singer Jacquees gets Busted by Police & pulled out Cab for Skipping out on Restaurant Bill in Miami.
Pay your bill or go to jail the rapper was ordered in the middle of Collins Ave in Miami Beach. You can hear the Jacquees saying but y'all service was terrible like he paid for the food without paying the Gratuity which is added in the bill. EXCLUSIVE CharlieBoyTV FOOTAGE
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Franky Diamonds Miami Jeweler shows us how to Spot Fake Gold & the Difference in 10K, 14K & 24K Gold
Miami Jeweler Franky Diamonds gives us more insight about the Jewelry Industry Part 2. He Teaches us how to spot a Fake Gold Chain this time & schools us on the difference between 10k, 14K and 24k Gold Purity. @FrankyDiamonds on Instagram. Call or Text: 850-583-6707
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Alex The Jeweler Teaches us How to Properly Invest into Gold, Diamonds & Rolex Watches in Miami.
Alex Teaches us what Jewelry to buy if we want something that Holds its Value. We discuss Rolex, Gold & Diamonds. Jewelry Investing 101.
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Franky Diamonds Miami Jeweler Shows us How To Price a Diamond Chain & Makes Custom Pendant on Spot.
Franky Diamonds gives us some insight on how to determine the price of a Diamond Chain and the Difference in 30, 40 & 50 pointer Diamond Chains. Then Finishes up a Custom Diamond Pendant for Client.
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Jose Guapo shows us how easy it is picking up females when your famous.
We caught up with Jose Guapo on South Beach in Miami asked him was it easy picking up girls when your famous he not only gives us his opinion he shows when he saw a group of girls passing.
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Team Eastside Miami Beach Takeover! From Detroit to Miami…
Team Eastside gives us an exclusive look into there lives behind the scenes and gives us some insight into what made them start rapping & why. Dex Osama being killed, Respecting real rappers only and gives us some details on the way Detroit is sectioned off. (East, West, SouthWest Etc.) Follow on IG: @Eastallstar @Greenguyrizzy @IUR_Webbo @FreshWest313 Shot by: @Kingcharles88 Edited by: @Rockasa
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Franky Diamonds Miami Jeweler Teaches Us How to Spot a Fake Rolex & Schools us on Diamonds.
Miami Jewler Franky Diamonds gives us some insight in the Jewlery industy. Teaches us the difference in diamond qualitys and how to spot a real Rolex. Follow his Instagram: @FrankyDiamond
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Team Eastside was in Miami recently and a Magician broke Big Lou's All White Buffs on Ocean Drive.
While filming the Team Eastside Miami Beach Takeover pt 2 we ran into a magician who made water disappear and reappear in front of our eyes. Things took a turn when his magic trick snapped Big Lou's Cartier glasses in half. Watch The Video!
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Team Eastside Lou - Miami (Official Video)
Big Lou just dropped the Official Video 2 Miami off the "May cause drowsiness" Album available on DatPiff right now!!
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Sneak Peak: Of Kodak Black, Cardi B, Rich The Kid, YoungBoy & YFN Lucci AT Trap Fest IN Miami.
Trap Circus Festival 2017. We got up close with 5 of the main acts durning the concert & caught some Exclusive Everyday Behind The Scenes Action.
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Rapper Jose Guapo busted for drugs in Miami Beach!
Police approached the parked vehicle to issue a traffic ciatation but smelled marijuana so they pulled him and his affiliates out the car searched it searched them found drugs and took everybody to jail but let Jose Guapo go.
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Man born with no arms hustles painting with his feet on South Beach!
There no excuses in life if you need it you will earn it. For more Content checkout: www.CharlieBoyTV.com Home to All Entertainment, Hiphop & Reality TV.
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KYYNGG Talks Beef & Rappers Dying in there own City. Youngboy NBA & Gee Money not from New Orleans.
Explains why He will Go to jail for 100 years before he let a person play with him. Talks 6IX9INE running with police. Says Gee Money, T.E.C, Youngboy NBA IS NOT FROM New Orleans & Explains why. Speaks XXXTENTACION untimely Death etc.
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How to pick up girls on South Beach during Spring Break? (Part 1)
Random women give guys tips on how to pickup girls on South Beach durning Spring Break in Miami. In part 1 we ask diffrent groups of girls the same 3 questions and came up with our own conclusion after each question. Part 1: #1. Whats the Best approach you've experienced when a guy hit on you? #2. What was the worst approach you've experience when a guy hit on you? #3. What do you like to hear when a guys trying to pick you up? Part 2: #4. Whens the best time to be approached (Gym, Shopping or club)? #5.Whats a sign you'd give a guy when you actually interested too? #6.Can you give my viewers 3 do's & 3 dont's when it comes to approaching a women? S/O Hall Of Fame Barber Shop @ 1665 Washington Ave, Miami Beach Fl 33139! Barber: Steve (IG: @STEVEBSTEVE_HOF) Executive Producer: Charles Ferguson (IG: @Kingcharles88) Associate Producer: Rahsaan Bennett (IG: @Rockasa) Shot & Chopped: Charles Ferguson (IG: @Kingcharles88) Interviewer: Charles Ferguson (IG: @Kingcharles88) Like & Subscribe. Like & Subscribe. Like & Subscribe.
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How To Pick Up Girls On Miami Beach During Spring Break!! (Part 2)
Random women give guys tips on how to pickup girls on South Beach during Spring Break in Miami. In part 2 we ask diffrent groups of girls the same 3 questions, its up to you to come up with your own conclusion and use this information to best fit your situation. Part 1: #1. Whats the Best approach you've experienced when a guy hit on you? #2. What was the worst approach you've experience when a guy hit on you? #3. What do you like to hear when a guys trying to pick you up? Part 2: #4. Whens the best time to be approached (Gym, Shopping or club)? #5.Whats a sign you'd give a guy when you actually interested too? #6.Can you give my viewers 3 do's & 3 dont's when it comes to approaching a women? Executive Producer: Charles Ferguson (IG: @Kingcharles88) Shot & Chopped: Charles Ferguson (IG: @Kingcharles88) Interviewer: Charles Ferguson (IG: @Kingcharles88)
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Relationship Problems: Over Head Expenses. Why do some women think they should live rent free?
We ask dozens of Miami Beach goers if they thought in a Relationship should the girlfriend help pay rent? I was surprised with the answers I got. Most girls actually said they would go half although there were some who thought that was ridiculous. This Episode girls explain to us the reason woman think they should live free.
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Daddy's Cash Pawn Shop Shows us How They Spot Fakes & Gives us some Rolex Facts in Miami.
This Pawn and Jewelry shop Located In Miami shows us what they do to check and see if the Rolex Watches people bring is are real or fake. They also give is a few simple tips and facts.
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Future and Freeband Gang race around Miami Beach on scooters crashes one then returns it.
Future and the whole Freeband Gang is having a ball racing around Miami Beach Florida on scooters picking up chicks and just enjoying life. Once one of the Free Band members crash there scooter Future and the gang decide it was time to turn the scooters in and get chauffeured in a Rolls Royce! Check out this Exclusive Footage only on www.CharlieBoyTV.com
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KYYNGG Tells us About Female That Robbed him 4 his Chain in Miami & BIRDMAN Finally Paying LIL WAYNE
We bumped into KYYNGG at the Airport and did our first Airport interview of our career. He tells us about the incident in Miami when female fan steals his Chain & how he finally got it back. We also asked him his thoughts on Lil Wayne finally getting paid from Birdman.
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SouthBeach Fight night girls brawl 4 vs 4 outside of Dream Nightclub
For more video content go to www.CharlieBoyTV.com Home to ALL Entertainment, Hiphop and Reality TV.
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Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz video shoot at King Of Diamonds (Behind The Scenes Footage).
CharlieBoyTV was invited to a video shoot for 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne at King Of Diamonds for there upcoming joint album Col-leGrove. The 13-track LP which is avalible on iTunes right now!
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Danny Garcia gives back to the kids in Florida. Talks about fighting Adrian Bronner 1 Day.
Danny Garcia came out to give The kids of Hialeah, Florida some motivation and Boxing tips at K.O Fitness in Miami. Talks about fighting Adrian Bronner 1 Day. Touches on Floyds Mayweathers Legacy. Says March, 04, 2017 Keith Thurmans is not ready for his power.
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We Traveled to Cuba to Find Tupac in October 2018 And THIS Happened! Proof in HAVANA!!!
We flew to Cuba to see if we could find any Leads on Tupac being alive just asking random People in the Streets in Havana. After Hearing from Suge Knights son That He Was ALIVE. WE went and did our own INVESTIGATION and some of the information we found out was normal, But some of the OTHER iNFORMATION we couldn't Believe. Watch Full Video!!! S/O to the translator. Check out his channel here: www.youtube.com/bilingueblogs
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Miami South Beach Spring Break Party! If you've never been here this is what to expect….
We show you footage of fun filled beach parties of our beautiful women, amazing views and free activities here on South Beach the only place to be this year for spring break.
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Surviving A Walk Through Our Nations Most Dangerous City Baltimore Maryland.
We walked around asking people questions about the city from an inside point of view. Learned how to revive a dying drug addict first hand and learned some thing about the City from its everyday people. Drugs, Murder and Money has this city in a headlock but if you can look past those issues Baltimore, Md is a Beautiful City.
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Regular Girls Dance for CASH Prize on Miami Beach Spring Break 2018
We got together five groups of 2 girls that wanted to win the prize of $150 for Best Dance n Twerk Moves. After the first round the girl who won Advanced to the Final Round where all the winners come together to see who gets the cash in FINAL Round. While filming some of the girls started fighting and left so we went on without them lol.
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Future performing Live at Rolling Loud Festival in Miami 2016.
Future performing Live at Rolling Loud Festival in Miami 2016. CharlieBoyTV as invited with All Access passes thanks to Corinthian who also shot the clip of this great performance. check it out!
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SEAN DOLLAZ- THE ONE (Official Video)
Unreleased video from @SeanDollazMusic @Rockasa @Charlieboytv Exec.Producer S.Dot Smith
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South Beach Pirate gives tourist two options "Surrender the booty" or "Give up the cash".
We follow the infamous South Beach Pirate around Miami Beach to watch him demand booty and cash from tourist in the area. Some seem to already know him and cheer him on as he shouted his demands. Some were angry and wanted nothing to do with him while many others thought he was hilarious. You never know who you'll come across on Miami Beach he's just on of the many characters you could run into at any given time. Checkout More Content At: www.CharlieBoyTV.com
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Havana Cuba Most Beautiful Women in 4K 2018
We went around Havana Cuba looking for beautiful women. If you've never been to Cuba watch this Video we'll take you there from home in 4K.
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Miami Rappers: 62 MLK FAMILY "In the Stu" PART 1
Miami-Dade's own '62 MLK Fam' shows us how they bring their project swagger into the recording studio. Running the streets from the ghettos of liberty city to ritzy south beach , watch them make catchy hit songs, that will one day take them out the streets.
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Post Malone Bus Breaks Down with All his Equipment on it b4 The Show #TourLife #BehindTheScenes
Watch how the professionals deal with everyday #TourLife problems because at the end of the Day the Show Must Go On. In this episode Post Malone's Tour Bus breaks down 6 hours away from the Venue with all his equipment and even when they repurchased everything there still was issues. Watch how his team handles the pressure of #TourLife.
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Medellín Colombia Most Beautiful Women in 4K 2018
If you have never been to Medellín Columbia Before we'll take you there from your living room in High Quality. I didn't know what to expect from a Country that has been highly criticized by news outlets for Drugs and danger but overall we felt pretty safe and the food, Culture and People were Amazing.
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Havana Cuba Most Beautiful Women in 4K 2018 - Part 2
We went around Havana Cuba looking for beautiful women. If you've never been to Cuba watch this Video we'll take you there from home in 4K. Part 2 All New Places & People. Majority Of this video I was wheeled around on a bike, But honestly some of us like this video better.
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Detroit Rapper "Matashia" Talks Her Love Life, New Music & What Inspires Her On Miami Beach.
We finally got a chance to sit down with Matashia to touch on a few topics her fans were all interested in. Follow her on IG @Matashia & @_Italianprincess_ for more updates on Music etc...
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GO TO WWW.CHARLIEBOYTV.COM FOR ALL ENTERTAINMENT, HIPHOP & REALITY TV NOW! FILMED BY @RockasaFilmClub Miami artist Legend takes us on a tour of King Of Diamonds strip club in Miami, Fl. Where he debuted his new single "Real N*gga State of Mind"for the first time to a public crowd. Here is the first of many Vlogs yet to come. FOLLOW LEGEND ON TWITTER @CUE_MONEYWRIGHT ! FOLLOW LEGEND ON INSTAGRAM @62LEGEND
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Jose Guapo gets sized up by two goons on miami beach for having all his jewelry on & $30,000 CASH
After Jose Guapo and our cameraman finished the segment does fame bring you women they continued down collins. Jose who was solo after his boys was locked up gets sized up by 2 goons who clearly wanted to hit a lick! We believe nothing happen because the camera was rolling. We slowed it down so you can see exactly what we saw. Jose right pocket was buldging because he had just stuffed $30,000 in it. Look at the first guy look at Jose then look at his pocket while the second goy gave him the " you lucky all these people around head nod". Jose looked at them right in the eyes, didn't have no fear unlike some of your favorite rappers lmao! Being a rapper isn't all about girls and money its also about being on point and never slacking ever.
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Post Malone starts his show with a RIP 2 Bank Roll Fresh & Asap Yams then Performs "Too Young" Live.
CharlieBoyTV were invited to see Post Malone performs in Ft.Lauderdale. While on stage before performing he paid respects to Asap Yams, Bankrolls Fresh and all the people who died in LasVegas.
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Miami Beach Spring Break Compilation Uncut 2017
A bunch of different clips of situations that occured spring break on South Beach in Miami Florida this year. A bunch of laughs, some fights and angry girlfriends.
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Miami Police Body Slams Guy At Kodak Black & Cardi B's Concert while the Crowd begins to Fight.
Guy got into a wrestling match with the police and eventually lost as the on looking crowd begins to push each other that lead to two guys about to fight.
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Rapper "Sean Dollaz" does a dope free style off the top of the dome!
Checkout more videos from "Sean Dollaz" in the future on www.CharlieBoyTV.com! Instagram: S_DOLLAZ317 Email: [email protected]
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We Asked random H&M Customers what'd they Think About Racist Ad Recently Posted
We got good responses from different people with different backgrounds about there opinion on the AD that caused controversy around the retail giant. Real News From the People by the People!
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Fight Outside of Cameo Nightclub Miami Beach Spring Break
Club security tried to defuse a situation before it was started but after one of the guys sucker punched a bouncer things got real! its spring break a lot of drunk people making bad decisions. Security held it together in the back but once the drunk guys came to the front disrespecting… just watch the video!
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