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Blue Green Deployments on Amazon Web Services
This demonstration will show the standard DevOps approach where users promote a production change into a running application.
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How to Completely, Totally, Absolutely Screw Up Your Company’s Corporate Culture
How do you create a corporate culture that’s guaranteed to make everyone miserable? Dan Lyons is a veteran business journalist (Forbes, Newsweek) and a writer on HBO’s comedy series, Silicon Valley. He spent two years working at a software startup and came away with a tale of corporate culture run amok, which he recounts in his hilarious and insightful best-selling memoir, Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble, which management guru Tom Peters (“In Search of Excellence”) hailed as “a fine, important work.” The company where Lyons worked was run by MIT graduates and placed a huge emphasis on culture, with a “Culture Code,” created by one of its co-founders, and a “culture tsar,” a VP whose role was to disseminate the corporate culture throughout the organization. The company had become almost a parody of a hip, cool, new-economy organization: dogs in the office, bean bag chairs in conference rooms, free beer, foosball tables, a video game arcade, huge parties, a nap room, standing desks and walking meetings. Despite all this work around culture, the company had lots of problems, including high workforce turnover and sagging morale. Organizations are recognizing the importance of culture and its impact on every aspect of a company’s success. But many are going about it all wrong, by focusing too much on the superficial trappings of “culture” while failing to do the deeper, more difficult work of building a healthy environment and sustainable business. In this lively talk Lyons blends his personal experience with references to pop culture and academic research about corporate culture and organizational behavior.
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The Future of Hyperscale Computing: Technologies That Will Disrupt the Data Center
Jason Waxman is Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Datacenter Solutions Group at Intel Corporation. In this session, The Future of Hyperscale Computing: Technologies That Will Disrupt the Data Center, Jason will use his experience managing business, products, and technologies for cloud service providers--a rapidly growing data center business segment at Intel--to discuss where hyperscale computing is headed and how Intel can help power your next-generation data center.
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Delivering Desktops as a Service with Amazon WorkSpaces
In today's world, enterprises often face challenges with managing physical endpoints, providing seamless access to content, securing resources effectively, and overseeing a large EUC footprint. Amazon WorkSpaces--a DaaS solution--is simplifying this lifecycle paradigm by providing a reliable platform that is simple for the end user and internal IT. In this session, Nick Frank will walk us through how to enable users with the WorkSpaces platform and how to build an enterprise-ready solution that can truly transform your desktop, applications, and data services.
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Getting Started with Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure
Getting Started with Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure Brett Foy, Principal Technical Architect, AHEAD Fueled by dynamic business needs and objectives, enterprise IT organizations are constantly looking to build and deploy IT infrastructure faster. As these teams evolve their focus and capabilities to automate and accelerate application deployment and ROI for application infrastructure, leveraging converged or hyperconverged architectures has proven to be the cost-effective solution. This session will provide an introduction to the converged and hyperconverged infrastructure space, talk about use cases and scale, and provide a market overview of the manufacturers that are leading the pack in these respective solution sets.
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Security Operations and Risk Management with ServiceNow
We introduced a new set of user stories around Security Operations (SecOps) and the intersection with Governance, Risk, and Compliance. Our demonstration triggered an automated security incident, which was assigned to an individual for analysis.
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User Onboarding with Amazon WorkSpaces via ServiceNow
This demonstration will show an enhancement to our user onboarding process, which integrates both the HR aspects of new user account provisioning, but also the fully automated provisioning of a VDI instance, leveraging AWS Workspaces.
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Disrupt Your Data Center with Transformative CI & HCI Technologies
When it comes to IT in the enterprise, technologies are ever-changing; value is placed highly on increased efficiency and decreased deployment times. In order to meet these critcal demands, the infrastructure supporting your applications and services needs to steadily evolve to keep the pace. In this roundtable with industry-leading experts in the converged and hyperconverged infrastructure space, Chad Sakac, Dheeraj Pandey, and Matt Smorto will discuss this evolution and how you can leverage reference architecture when you build your next data center!
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Nutanix Webscale Computing aka "Google-ize Your Datacenter"
Nutanix Webscale Computing aka "Google-ize Your Datacenter" Paul Boyd, Business Solutions Architect, US-Central, Nutanix Why are Cloud Service Providers like Google, Amazon, and Azure so successful? Want to bring their scalability and agility to your datacenter? Stop by this session to learn how Nutanix delivers these benefits to your on-prem Cloud. There will be a brief presentation followed by a live demo.
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Multi-Endpoint Cloud Provisioning with ServiceNow
This demonstration will show the requesting and fully automated provisioning of cloud-compute resources.
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Ahead H1O8 Lab Launch
A look into Ahead's H1O8 Hybrid Cloud Lab Launch Party. See the technology in action and hear what our clients had to say about the unveiling!
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Getting AHEAD in the Cloud - A Practical Journey to Public Cloud
Getting AHEAD in the Cloud - A Practical Journey to Public Cloud Eric Terrell, Public Cloud Practice Manager, AHEAD Moving to the public cloud is a complex journey that requires enterprise IT leaders to look beyond traditional data center operations and evaluate the broader impact to people, processes, and technology. If you’re thinking about making the move, you should be asking these questions: How should our IT organization be structured? What training do we need to provide to both executives and engineers? What are the pre-requisites? How can we monitor performance and use analytics effectively? How can we target and manage production workloads in the cloud? Drawing from his experience managing the Public Cloud Practice at AHEAD (where he advises clients on all aspects of migrating on-premises workloads to the cloud, managing efficient cloud operations, and transforming organizations to align with cloud strategies), Eric Terrell will use this session to discuss examples of successes, pitfalls, and opportunities dealing with this complexity and layout a practical methodology for enterprises moving to the cloud.
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Learn How AHEAD Transforms with EMC
Breaking down the barriers of the data center with virtualization: This video showcases AHEAD's transformation journey with EMC.
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Achieve 90 percent server utilization with AHEAD Converged Infrastructure solution
The Vollrath Company achieves 90 percent server utilization with AHEAD Converged Infrastructure solution.
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Case Study: Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center transforms IT infrastructure.
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center needed a solution that could seamlessly replace their networking gear, storage, and servers, all at the same time. They also needed an IT partner that could lead the effort from start to finish. The solution was a Strategy Engagement with AHEAD and Vblock from VCE.
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How to Build Your Enterprise Service Management Strategy
How to Build Your Enterprise Service Management Strategy Joe Jogmen, Enterprise Service Management Practice Manager, AHEAD To effectively provide service-centric support, IT organizations must first clearly define the services that business users consume and then build an understanding as to how individual IT components across all technology domains work together to comprise these business services. In this session, Joe will discuss a best practice approach to service modeling, illustrate how models can be rapidly created, and examine how those models can be used to achieve operational excellence through service assurance.
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Putting Your Cloud on Autopilot
Now that you’ve deployed your cloud, it’s time to put it to work with orchestration and process automation. Using examples from AHEAD clients, Nick Colyer, AHEAD’s Practice Manager of Cloud Management and Automation, will discuss emerging automation techniques to improve the end-user's cloud experience. He’ll show you how to put your cloud on “autopilot” and expand team skillsets so you can focus on building out your cloud platform and delivering better services to the business.
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Desktop Migration to Amazon Workspaces
This demonstration will show you how to migrate existing settings from a user’s physical PC or virtual desktop into Amazon WorkSpaces using third-party solutions. Leveraging re-direction and a globally-replicated file system allows user settings like IE favorites, desktops shortcuts, application configurations, and mapped drives and printers to follow the user into their new Amazon WorkSpace which increases user adoption and satisfaction.
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Building a Highly Automated Hybrid Cloud
Building a Highly Automated Hybrid Cloud - Looking AHEAD Tech Summit 2015 Nick Colyer, Senior Technical Architect, AHEAD Cloud is happening in every part of IT today. Every business operates differently and has significant investments which it needs to carry over to the cloud. In this session we will be discussing the Hybrid Cloud Journey and what it takes to make sure your cloud is successful and meaningful to your business. We will be discussing all of the toolsets involved, including cloud management platforms, automation and orchestration tools, as well as the new skills your teams require to deliver IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). As we move up the stack, we will be giving a demo on how the cloud can be leveraged to make your business more agile, and improve the quality of IT services deployed in your data center today.
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Looking AHEAD Tech Summit 2015 - AHEAD Update
Eric Kaplan opens Looking AHEAD Tech Summit 2015
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Amazon WorkSpaces with Nick Frank
Amazon WorkSpaces allows organizations to quickly provision cloud-based desktops to end users in a pay-as-you-go-model. Nick Frank, AHEAD's Practice Manager for Mobility and End-User Computing, discusses how to get started with Amazon WorkSpaces and how AHEAD helps organizations accelerate delivery of enterprise DaaS solutions using Amazon WorkSpaces. https://www.thinkahead.com/aws-workspaces/
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The New Way to Operate IT: Building a Cloud Delivery Platform with AHEAD
In today's world, the role of IT and how it's operated is rapidly evolving to adapt to ever-changing business requirements and technical needs. To help aid in this progression, we're introducing a new way to navigate transition and accelerate the delivery of applications and services. Join us for the Looking AHEAD opening session where AHEADians Eric Kaplan and Jason Nash will be showcasing the AHEAD Cloud Delivery Platform: your newest operating model for mastering success in the IT enterprise. - See more at: https://www.thinkahead.com/looking-ahead-2016/#sthash.dSDYNI8O.dpuf
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The Journey to a Hybrid Cloud: A Real World Example Featuring Consumers Energy
Beginning in mid-2014, Consumers Energy, Michigan’s largest utility, decided they needed a better solution to delivering applications and services with increased efficiency, cost transparency, and time to value. To carry out this mission, the Consumers Energy team employed AHEAD’s services for strategizing, road-mapping, designing, and deploying a cloud solution, following a comprehensive roadmap to enable success in the enterprise. In this session, Eric Engel, Application Hosting Manager at Consumers Energy, walks us through the story of adopting a cloud solution and how Consumers Energy continues to leverage its partnership with AHEAD as they further their journey in the cloud.
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AHEAD Services Testimonial - Johnson Controls Inc.
Justin Ploegert, a Cloud Architect at Johnson Controls, talks about the benefits of AHEAD services.
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AHEAD Services Testimonial - The Vollrath Company
John Sharp, Manager of IT with The Vollrath Company, speaks to the value of AHEAD's services.
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Re-Architecting Your App for the Cloud
We show the different deployment models on AWS from a lift and shift of an application to straight EC2 instances, to incorporation of AWS services, to the eventual full PaaS or container model. We can help customers with the infrastructure architecture to support this evolution.
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Why Attend Looking AHEAD
Looking AHEAD is the annual technology summit we created to provide you with the knowledge, resources, and relationships needed to drive innovation in your enterprise. See more at: https://www.thinkahead.com/looking-ahead-2016-recap/#sthash.jNjIgtD0.dpuf
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AHEAD Testimonial - The University of Chicago Medical Center
Amy Manley, Systems Engineer Specialist at University of Chicago Medicine, discusses how University of Chicago Medicine values AHEAD as more than just a partner and how AHEAD can create custom solutions unique to every company.
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The AHEAD Lab and Briefing Center
Seeing is believing. We’ve invested millions of dollars bringing innovative and disruptive (and often competing) technologies and testing them to see how much value they’ll bring to our clients both today and in the future. We don’t just demonstrate products in isolation, we build and integrate solutions throughout the entire infrastructure stack. You can use this space to receive educational briefings on the technologies or to test solutions before you implement them in your own environment. During our in-depth executive briefings, our leadership team will walk your team through major industry changes and innovative solutions, then help guide you to an understanding of how these solutions can transform and/or optimize your IT environment.
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Case Study: BGD Innovates with Converged Infrastructure and Vblock
Bingham, Greenebaum, Doll was looking to expand its business and needed a cutting edge IT platform that would help its lawyers provide world class services to their clients. BGD needed a strategic partner that could help them innovate, and chose AHEAD to work with them to craft strategic direction of IT. They focused on converged infrastructure and chose to implement two Vblocks from VCE.
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Application Time Travel with Tintri
Application Time Travel with Tintri Justin Lauer, Principal Technology Evangelist, Tintri Come explore the possibilities of Application time travel powered by Tintri VMstore. We will explore Application troubleshooting using Tintri's ability to pinpoint performance issues from an exact date and time as well as roll back the clock to explore historical Application analytics and metric. We will also demonstrate the Tintri's powerful capabilities around moving the state of the Application's data through time, both backwards and forward, as well as in place or by injecting historical data states into other Applications.
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Tech Summit 2015 Testimonials
Hear what our attendees have to say about the value of Looking AHEAD Tech Summit 2015.
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