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KSP: Kerbal Space Program  - Free Return Trajectory Tutorial
This is a tutorial explaining how to do a free return trajectory in Kerbal Space Program.Free Returns are trajectories that allow for a return back to your home planet, even if your engines fail, by looping you around the moon. I hope you find it useful, and enjoy the video! I apologize for the microphone "puffs". I had the microphone a little close. For images and diagrams, like those used in the video, just Google for "free return trajectory" and "apollo 13 trajectory". It is also possible to do a Free Return that loops pro-grade around the moon, with a larger escape burn (the loop around the moon begins on the opposite side). This requires more fuel, but has the advantage of having the periapsis for both the moon and the planet on the same side (daylight, for instance). Example :http://i.imgur.com/xqFkVPh.png Feel free to visit my KSP links and screenshots here: http://ksp.necrobones.com/
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Longpoint 2014 dinner, Armored Demo, Jessica Finley & Sean Hayes
Armored demo at the Longpoint 2014 Saturday-night dinner.
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KSP: Asparagus/Onion Rotation - Stop that Spin! (tutorial)
A very quick demonstration, and recommended fix, for the spinning problem with Asparagus/Onion staging in rockets in KSP. There are many solutions to this, such as balanced strutting, and strutting to the center of the craft. The main thrust (so to speak) of the video is to demonstrate why the rotation occurs, and show that it is possible to mitigate it with design choices.
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KSP: Orbital Maneuvers & The Oberth Effect (2)
A short demo/tutorial on how the Oberth Effect influences the fuel efficiency of your maneuvers, when doing transfer orbits or escape burns. Really more of a visualization to demonstrate that it's a thing, and you can use it to your advantage.
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Star Trek Online - Borg Command Ship - Red Alert
I recorded one of the "Red Alert" encounters with the gigantic Borg Command Ships. They're meant to be reminiscent of V'Ger from the first Star Trek movie, implying that an early form of the Borg were the "race of machines" that rebuilt Voyager 6. This isn't the best encounter I've had with these, as it took a while, but we still completed it in the allotted time. I think we only had maybe 3 ships on our team at most, instead of the standard 5.We did pretty well if that's the case. I certainly didn't see more than 1 or 2 others while we were taking out the squadrons before the big boss fight that this video shows. Those gigantic electrical plasma torpedoes will deconstruct you if they land a killing blow, which they usually do. I managed to avoid them most of the time, and instead died to more mundane things.
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KSP: Kerbal Space Program - Free Return Trajectory Nutshell Tutorial
This is a very brief, "nutshell" version of the Free Return tutorial. For the full-length, more detailed version, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTB27qWSIt4 It is also possible to do a Free Return that loops pro-grade around the moon, with a larger escape burn (the loop around the moon begins on the opposite side). This requires more fuel, but has the advantage of having the periapsis for both the moon and the planet on the same side (daylight, for instance). Example :http://i.imgur.com/xqFkVPh.png
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SWTOR Jedi Consular Story Ending ***SPOILER***
This isn't completely comprehensive, but it shows the climactic cinematic moments at the end of the Jedi Consular with the conversation choices I made. I had the background music turned off for the first half, but had it back on in the second. I skipped over the combat, travel, etc. Please note that all those characters showing up in their underwear is a current bug in the game, as of January 2012. The companion character that walks into these scenes with you has their clothes, but the rest do not.
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Elite Dangerous: Rescuing refugees from a damaged station, 2017-12-14
Recorded in VR. I used a Beluga to rescue refugees from a station that was damaged by Thargoids. This is my first time actually using the Beluga for anything, so I was pleasantly surprised by its maneuverability, and thought I managed to steer and land it adequately, without getting stuck in the airlock. :) Actually overall, you can tell how much I've played this game by how quickly I don't wait for the UI to keep up with me. :)
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KSP Blender Fuel-Tank Example Demo
An example demonstration of making simple parts for KSP with Blender. Be sure to watch in HD, as it was uploaded as 1920x1080.
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KSP: Kerbal Space Program - 1100 Ton Payload Lifter Demo (and semi-tutorial)
Proof of concept, test launch, and semi-tutorial. A lifter capable of lifting a dead-weight of 1100 tons to Low Kerbin Orbit, with some fuel to spare. Weight on the pad, is about 7500 tons.
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KSP Zero-Point Inline Fairings (stock-alike fairing mod)
A quick overview of the Zero-Point Inline Fairings mod for KSP. This is a stock-alike mod, not using any mod code, but rather just adding parts that use the stock engine-fairing ejection module. To use, download and install into your GameData folder. Start with building your internal payload, and then choose a fairing base to install at the bottom of it. Then, attach more parts, or a nose-cone, at the "floating node" above the fairing, and your panels will appear automatically. For more information, or to download, visit the 0P Inline Fairings page at Kerbal Stuff: https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/196/Zero%20Point%20Inline%20Fairings
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The Everyday Dark Lord - Slicing Bread, Version 2
Lightsabers are very handy in the kitchen, especially if you want to toast your bread as you cut it. http://lightsabers.necrobones.com/
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(2010-03-13) STO gameplay - Luna Recon Science - Borg Deep Space Encounter
Blowing up borg ships in a Gamma Orionis deep space encounter, in Star Trek Online, using my Admiral-level Luna-class Recon Science Vessel. Not my best battles with the borg, just pretty average. (Star Trek Online recon science ship combat and gameplay recorded by NecroBones) I think it's crazy that we can blow through borg ships this fast. They aren't complete weaklings though. If you manage to get caught between several of them, they will destroy you pretty quickly! Note- I was having an annoying glitch with the borg debris appearing and disappearing. I haven't seen it do that often, so it figures that it would happen while I'm recording. I need to play with my detail settings, probably.
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Astroneer: Ramp to the Space Station Tour
Astroneer, 2018-03-24. Tour of the ramp and base at the space station. Sorry for the quiet microphone recording, I didn't have the levels set quite right.
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Elite Dangerous: Sagittarius-A*
My first visit to the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way, "Sagittarius-A*". Recorded in VR.
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Lightsaber Malfunction
This video represents one weekend's worth of effort. One day building the "stunt lightsaber" prop from scratch, and the second day was used for recording the video, rotoscoping, recording the theremin sounds, and editing the audio. My first lightsaber "movie" that is something more than just a rotoscoping test on other objects. Be sure to look at my "Everyday Dark Lord" videos for more lightsaber antics.
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EVE Online early trailer - CCP Games
EVE Online trailer/preview
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NecroBones Talking Skulls Test
In 2006 I put these guys together and recorded the custom audio. This was the first test putting them together.
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Order of the Marshal - Longsword Demo, VARF 2013 (stabilized by youtube)
Longsword combat demonstration at the Virginia Renaissance Faire, on June 8, 2013. Conducted by The Order of the Marshal. We're more enthusiasts than performers, and there are still some minor rough spots in our presentation. Unfortunately we don't get to practice this often enough to be old-hands at it. We still sometimes have to improvise when there are unexpected equipment difficulties and the like, and we usually forget something or make at least one or two other mistakes per show. The audio dropout at the 10:05 mark was apparently recorded that way. No way to fix it. A friend was kind enough to record this so that we can watch ourselves primarily, but also share it with the world.
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Knyghthode - Medieval Chivalry - Tribute to Knights in Epic Film
A short music video dedicated to Knighthood and Chivalry. Music is by Christopher Franke, with video clips from: Kingdom of Heaven, Knightriders, A Knight's Tale, The Knights of the Round Table, Excalibur, and Dragonheart. Music: Confrontation, by Christopher Franke Album: The Celestine Prophecy, A Musical Voyage. The musical selection is a piece that has always made me want to see it accompanied by video imagery, every time it has come up in my itunes playlist. In case anyone asks, the relatively long scene later in the video with Orlando Bloom hitting the kid is a very meaningful scene in Kingdom of Heaven. He decides to knight all of the able-bodied men in the city, in preparation to fight a hopeless battle. The slap is the "colée" (or buffet), which was historically done before it evolved into the more familiar tapping of the shoulders with a sword blade. This is the moment that the kid, and all of the other men have become knights. The old man asks if he really believes that making them knights will make them fight better. He simply responds, "yes." Thanks for watching, and enjoy! ----------------------- Lyrics: Cantate Domino canticum novum: quia mirabilia fecit. Gloria Patri, et Filio: et Spiritui sancto. Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper: et in saecula saeculorum, Amen. Translation (via google): Sing to the Lord a new canticle: because He hath done wonderful. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son: and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end, Amen.
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Ed's R2 droid's First Steps! 2009-02-17
My droid finally took its first steps this week. We got it up on wheels and with RC control, and started filming moments later. Be sure to visit R2-T0's facebook page! -- https://www.facebook.com/r2.droid
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KSP: Kerbal Space Program - Daytime Rendezvous Docking Tutorial
A tutorial for establishing a docking rendezvous on the day side of a planet, giving you the best amount of sunlight to dock in, rather than accidentally doing it in the dark. I didn't plan for it to be 24 minutes long, but I thought it was worth explaining everything that I was doing, so that relatively new players can get the most out of it. Once you have done this a few times, the rendezvous and docking can be done much faster. Feel free to visit my KSP links and screenshots here: http://ksp.necrobones.com/
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Elite Dangerous: Neutron Highway Boosting
Playing in VR, boosting across the Neutron Highway. * Music: Startup - Sequence, by Sundial Aeon (Vulcanosis album) * Ship build: https://eddp.co/u/RDDj3qiy
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R2 at Udvar Hazy Museum Air & Scare 2009
Every Halloween, the Udvar-Hazy Air & Space Museum near Dulles in VA holds a Halloween event called the "Air and Scare". The local droid builders attend and set up a table. This was the first year my droid was up on his feet for this event. I only caught a small amount of shaky video, while I could get some line of sight. The droids tend to get swarmed by kids even more than the video shows. Be sure to visit R2-T0's facebook page! -- https://www.facebook.com/r2.droid
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(2010-03-31) STO gameplay - Luna Recon Science - Borg B'Tran Encounter
Some more borg combat in the B'Tran cluster missions, with no shield rings. Showcasing the cannon + turrets using rapid fire. (Star Trek Online recon science ship combat and gameplay recorded by NecroBones)
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Tribes 2 - Flying on Thin Ice! (shrike video)
Tribes2 movie demonstrating shrike flying from one hour's worth of gameplay, when I had finally gotten into to the point of being an ace pilot, so to speak. The first 30-minute mission (during the first song) was the first one that I felt I had reached the point of being a good pilot, was my personal high score to date, and I came in with the high score for the mission by a landslide. The second one was months later, after this had become routine. I would frequently keep my shrikes alive for 20-30 minutes if I didn't intentionally sacrifice it to get a kill. By then I rarely found any pilots that could best me more than 50% of the time (and only then if they were also very good pilots, otherwise I had probably at least 5:1 on average, but too bad I don't have recordings of some of the cool dogfights I used to get into), and after that only found one pilot I could not shoot down (though I only went up against him a few times). JetSolo, wherever you are, you sure gave me a needed challenge on Houston Vehicles! My skill is completely gone. I haven't kept in practice, and the Reaver controls in Planetside re-programmed my brain. I can't fight in a shrike anymore. So this movie is my way to remember my golden days of flying. NOTE-- Before you ridicule me for not having a video of uber-leet mad skillz like most of the other videos out there, let me point out this is the way I _usually_ flew, not the extremely good moments. And you'll also notice that I'm rarely being shot at while hunting my targets. Strategic awareness and carefully choosing targets is what lets you keep flying. Also, for everyone else, it's important to realize just how difficult it was to fly one of these things, with a steep learning curve. Between the physics of the vertical thruster, the auto-leveling, inertia, leading the shots, lack of precision in the controls, sluggish overcorrection in the steering, energy management between shooting & afterburner & shield, and so on... the shrike fought you in every possible way, and had many variables that had to be managed. Quickly acquiring a target, killing it, and escaping an incoming missile simultaneously was what it was all about, and was difficult to master. :) Also note: The BONES mod was primarily an admin mod. It also tweaked things like allowing more turrets and vehicles to be deployed. But the actual vehicles were not modded, with the exception of putting a tank's chaingun on the belly turret of the bomber.
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Elite Dangerous is *awesome* in VR. 2018-02-05
Flying around over a ring system in Elite: Dangerous, in VR, using Oculus Rift. This is just one of many reasons why Elite: Dangerous and VR seem like they were made for each other. Music: Prelude to War (This Means War) - Volkor X. (I frequently listen to electronic music while playing, and this happened to be on when I was recording)
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Elite Dangerous: Alien Hyperdiction in VR, 2017-05-09
Finally got hyperdicted by aliens... and then it happened 5 more times in a row. I recorded one of them. This was recorded while playing with the Oculus Rift VR headset.
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The Grand Canyon Skywalk, Aerofly FS2, Oculus Rift, 2017-12-07
When we visited in-person a couple of years ago, I wanted REALLY BADLY to be able to fly out across the small piece of canyon in front of us, to get up close to Eagle Point. I watched helicopters fly beneath us, from Guano Point. The sense of scale is both wonderous, and also lost on us, because of our fixed vantage points. I think taking to the air can really help you appreciate it better. So after playing around with an aerobatic biplane in Aerofly FS2, using VR (Oculus Rift), I was looking for interesting places on the map to fly around, and it suddenly ocurred to me that the Grand Canyon was probably modeled in full scale 3D. That also made me wonder if the Skywalk and some of the other interesting places were modeled along the canyon rim. I was not disappointed. The detail level is pretty low for the surrounding buildings and structures, but the canyon itself is beautiful. During our vacation, we arrived at the Grand Canyon West facility, stayed at the ranch, walked on the Skywalk, and then took a hike through Guano Point. For this video, I flew around these locations in a similar order, but started at the Ranch and headed north. I'll undoubtedly spend more time flying through the canyon itself. But for now, I wanted to visit the tourist spots that we saw, and record some of the location. I tried to keep the maneuvers somewhat sane, but I couldn't resist doing a few dives into the canyon, and whip around the buildings a few times. I was already growing to like Aerofly FS2 quite a bit, but this alone started to make me feel like it was $60 well spent!
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Elite Dangerous: Probing a Thargoid
I tried out the new Research Limpets, and tried to get a sample. It's tricky, in that the Thargoids get angry after the limpet has started extracting a sample, and they keep chasing you until you jump out, or are dead. But the limpet takes time to complete, so you have to survive long enough. I made this attempt with my "Exploraconda" (Exploration configured Anaconda). Recorded in VR with Oculus Rift. If you want to successfully take a sample, here are some considerations you'll need to pay attention to: * You will need a Research Limpet Controller AND a corrosion-resistant cargo rack. * Limpets are dumb. You need to slow down and let it dock, without accidentally ramming it. Plus, open the cargo hatch. * The Thargoid ship will get angry shortly after the limpet goes to work. You need to evade and survive long enough for it to complete, and fly back to you. * The Thargoids will mass-lock you. It's easier to jump out of system than to try to charge up a supercruise.
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KSP FuelTanksPlus 1.0 Overhaul
This is just a quick overview of the 1.0 Overhaul for Fuel Tanks Plus, a mod for Kerbal Space Program. The main upshot is that instead of each color choice being separate parts in the menus, all tanks of the same sizes have been consolidated into single parts, with tweakables to choose the color. Flexibility in the fuel types has also been turned on by default, also using the tweakables. And thirdly, new color choices have been added to many of the tanks, particularly to fill in the gaps with "missing" colors at various tank lengths.
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(2010-04-04) STO gameplay - Luna Recon Science - Gorn B'Tran Encounter
Fighting the Gorn in an exploration mission, using my Luna class Recon Science Ship. In this configuration, I have 3 turrets on the rear of the ship, though only 2 are on auto-fire (yes you can multi-select for auto-fire, if you click them quickly enough). (Star Trek Online recon science ship combat and gameplay recorded by NecroBones)
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KSP Rocketdyne F-1
Trying out the F-1 engine (unfinished) with only a small command pod and FL-T200 fuel tank.
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NecroBones Demo - Fire & Earth
NOTE: Watch this in "high quality" if it gives you the option! You can actually watch the pixel effects that way. One of my graphics + Music demos from back in the early half of the 90's during the reign of DOS. Highlighted some of the graphics and sound capabilities I had designed from scratch using Turbo Pascal and x86 assembly language. I wrote the entire music synthesis code that mixed the music in real time in the background while running the graphics, as well as the entire editor and format for the music data itself. Wrote the music, designed the graphics, built the whole program from the ground up. This doesn't translate well to a video format such as this since there was a lot of reliance on palette rotation animation as well as pixel-vector graphics such as the starfield/tunnel effects at the beginning and the rotating 3D relief map towards the end. Still, it's a lot easier to show people this video than to hack a vintage DOS box together just to show off the program. Some of the effects were inspired by the demos from Future Crew and a couple others. Obviously I didn't do them as masterfully, but I think I did OK as just one person. :) This demo, and a couple others from back then, are available at the bottom of the page at http://necrobones.com/games/games.shtml
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Grand Canyon in a Baron-58, Aerofly FS2 (Oculus Rift) 2017-12-08
A nice relaxed flight through part of the Grand Canyon. I was trying out the Beechcraft Baron 58 twin-engine aircraft, and figured I would record it as proof that I'm capable of flying without resorting to loops, stalls, and steep dives. :)
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The Everyday Dark Lord - Brushing Teeth
Didn't you know that a searing hot blade is great for removing plaque?
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