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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!🎄🎁 Asian Mart Shopping 🛒💮 Starch Galore!
Hey pica squad, I found an Asian Market that has pretty much every starch you could think of! Stocked up on some new starch and brands that I have not tried yet. Did you see any that you have tried or would like to try, comment below. ⬇️⬇️🙂🙂 Video coming soon for the ones I chose, and of course a honest taste review in the description for each one. Be blessed, pica squad!
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Look What I FINALLY Found! 😍 Kuduz Root Starch (Radix Pueraria) See Description
First Impression: LOVE @ first sight & first taste! So crispy, crunchy, light, powdery, not much of an aftertaste, but if I had to say almost like an earthy rainwater taste, and very creamy! Also has a hint of sweetness. My craving was totally fulfilled! I purchased 2 14oz containers for $5.79 each at a local Asian mart. Check Out My Dramatic Story Below: You guys just don’t know how happy I was to find this at my local oriental market!! 😭😭 I searched far & wide, but most smaller asian markets in smaller towns do not carry the large containers of kudzu or arrowroot in the forms of chunks, only powder or not at all. I called so many stores and some of the workers were oblivious to what I was even asking for lol. The last time I was able to get large containers of the chunks was when I was out of town at a huge international market in Colorado, and I was not trying to pay $20 and up online for one container of starch. The cheapest I seen this brand was on Ebay for around $18, free shipping. I’m not gonna lie, I almost caved in, but something told me to wait (I’m so glad I did) because I happened to go the asian market I always go to re-up on sweet potato flour/starch & tapioca starch, and I just KNEW for a fact they didn’t have the chunks in the container. Low and behold, the universe led me to this kudzu root LBVS, because my intuition said browse down the next aisle, just for the heck of it and I just happened to look down and POW! Right there at the bottom of the shelf was a whole row of these containers of kudzu, the EXACT brand I had been looking for! I’m thinking that they must’ve just gotten these, because there’s no way they had them all this time! Then again, they weren’t with the rest of the starch & flour. It was almost like they were hidden, so I could find them in divine timing. ✨✨ Anyway, just thought I’d share that story lol, only my fellow pica squad would understand my excitement! 🤸🏽‍♂️🤸🏽‍♂️ Thanks for reading & watching! 👋🏽
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Super Crunch 😱 Large Kudzu Chunks
Saved a few large chunks from my containers of bot san day. Enjoy, thanks for watching! 😊
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Alternative for Laundry Chunks: Kudzu & Tapioca Powder (Read Below)
I enjoy blending starch textures. This is a new container of the Radix Puerrie Flour & some Powdery Tapioca Starch. *I do NOT swallow any starch* Each 14oz purchased at local asian grocery store. The taste together was very earthy & clean. I never had argo laundry starch before, but I imagine that it would have somewhat of a clean taste like this tapioca powder has. So if you are looking for that same taste with more of a natural alternative try this brand of tapioca, if you see it at your local asian mart. I only paid .79 cents for this bag. Also If you have tried argo laundry please comment your experience below. Thanks for watching!
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Kuzu Root Vs. Arrowroot Starch Quick Crunch
The kuzu is organic by Eden brand. It comes in a 3.5oz package. It runs between $7-10 online, kinda pricey for the small amount but it has a lot of health benefits benefits, great for digestion and skin. My first impression of the kuzu was more crispy than crunchy and more dense than the arrowroot. It had a very light and airy taste. The arrow root with the orange label is my favorite it has a slight sweet taste & aroma its also very crispy & powdery. The yellow & blue container had the largest chunks, very earthy & crunchy. I purchased the arrowroot at a international market while out of town. They had a large variety of starches, with way cheaper prices than online.
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Asian Market Starch
Spot any of your favorites, ones you’ve tried or want to try? Comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️
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Trying Out a New Sweet Potato Starch/Flour Brand & More Crispy Kuzu Starch (Read Below)
Honest First Impression of the Sweet Potato Flour (starch) 🍠👍🏽 The package did not say starch just sweet potato flour, so I was skeptical about getting it, but I’m glad I did. As I have learned some starches are labeled as just flour and are actually considered starches as well, then there are some that are simply just flour and taste only like flour, no starch like taste. This brand in particular was actually starch. The sweet potato flavor was also more present than the brand I had before, but has that same grainy, sand like texture. Its very dry, but slightly crunchy. Purchased @ a local oriental market 8 oz, $1.49. Pairs great w/ Kuzu root starch, which is crispy, light & airy. It can be purchased on Amazon and other online sources. Thanks for watching! ✌🏽
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Short & Sweet: New Brands, Sweet Potato Starch & Bot Bap.  🍠🌽
Hey pica squad! 👋🏽👋🏽 Hope all is well! I’m back with a really brief video, no crunching, just wanted to show a couple of new brands I tried out, that you might you be interested in if you happen to come across them. The Queen Sweet Potato tastes identical to my favorite Golden Buffalo brand, light sweet and silky. The thick sweet potato in the yellow bag has that gritty sand texture, also slightly sweet and crunchy. Lastly, the bop was super fresh, very fluffy, I went thru this bag quickly, as it was only 5 oz, purchased them all at a asian grocery store. My cravings have been on 10,000 lately! 🤦🏽‍♀️😩😩😩 With all the pressure of moving and starting a new job, I tend to fall back on starch for comfort, not the best move AT ALL, but I’m just being honest. 💯 Lords know I want to quit FOREVER. & I do not swallow I spit out even for root starch because it causes digestive problems, even with spitting it out it still manages to get in my system, and it does have an affect on me. Lords know I want to quit FOREVER. I know I can find the strength to transmute this energy into something for my higher good, I pray you gain strength do the same, if that’s truly what you hope for. 🙏🏽
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What Does Kaolin Clay Taste Like? Honest Opinion (See Description)
This was my first time trying kaolin clay. Or any type of clay for the matter. This can be purchased on Amazon. I was curious to know if it would taste anything like dried kuzu root or arrowroot starch and it absolutely DOES NOT. The only thing similar was the crunch, which was the only thing I enjoyed. It is very dry initially when you bite into it, then it breaks apart everywhere, so I made a mess and struggled making this video to keep from spitting it out. 😩😩😩 It sticks to the roof of your mouth, teeth and gums. I did not swallow this and the chunks were huge so I tried my best to get as much crunch in as possible, but that was all I could take, being that it has a soap/ lotion after taste. I’m not knocking the clay but it was not for me. So, if you’re like me and you prefer natural starch, you’ll probably have a similar experience, hope this helps anyone who is curious. ✌🏽
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Tapioca Starch “Snow Ball” ☃️ & Crumbles (Crunchy Water Chunks)
Took about 5 days to completely dry. (Im working on a shorter process) I started by putting the tapioca starch into an air sealed container and pouring a few drops of water until it’s clumpy. Then I put the lid on and shook it up really good. I let it sit overnight, then the next day sat it in the freezer for about an hr, with the lid semi opened to let in cool air and keep it fresh. The next day day I took it out of the container so it could dry quicker, wrapped it in aluminum foil. Threw it in the oven for like 5 mins on 480, took it out to let cool and sit under stove fan for a couple of hours. It was like biting into a crispy snowball! Its worth the process once it FINALLY dries. P.S. most of the larger chunks broke during the process 😩😩 hence, I was left with mostly crumbles, which I didn’t mind because they were crispy & earthy like kuzu starch.
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Crunching on a Fresh Jar of Arrowroot Starch/Bot San Day
Arrowroot is more dense than kudzu. The chunks were also a little softer and this batch was particularly more powdery than the one I had before. It has a slight sweet taste and earthy like soil, not too bad though. Thanks for watching!
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Bot Nang (Tapioca Starch) & Bulk Size Bot San Day (Arrowroot)
So I tried a new tapioca brand. I actually really liked, it was kinda thick like most tapioca starches, but still very silky and fine. The gold seal was really pretty, kept the starch super fresh and jt came with a cute spoon. I paid $1 and some change for this tapioca, already have purchased another one since I recorded this video, gonna save it for potential cooking or baby powder. The bulk size arrow root was also very fresh. I paid $5.99 for the container, which is a great bargain, because I’m getting twice the amount of a regular size container, for the same price. The arrowroot root in this brand is usually between $5-7 at the asian markets. Online its way more expensive, I’ve seen it priced up to $30. I actually did research to see if they had this size online and I have not found it. I only have seen 14,16 or 20 OZ sizes. This bulk size amount was 2 lbs, which would be two 16 OZ containers combined. For those that have been asking, I do not sell starch, but it’s something I’ve considered...Thanks for watching!
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Crunchy Root Starch in a Box 📦 (See description)
Hey Pica Squad, I’ve been peeping the comments in regards to me swallowing the starch. I don’t swallow starch guys, it’s a personal choice, if you check out my about section, I state clearly why I choose not to. Hopefully that’ll clear things up.👌🏽🙂 This is the same brand as the starch from my previous videos. They were $2.19 each for 7oz. I purchased them at a local asian mart. This form of starch has so many different names used in various languages. It could be arrow root, kudzu root or tapioca, for certain it is a product of Vietnam derived from cassava. I can say the starch in the container was fresher and cleaner tasting. It was a bit earthy but this starch in the box had a very strong earthy taste and the chunks were a little smaller. Overall had a decent crunch. After I did this video, I put both packages into a container with a fabric softener and shook it with the lid closed. This is not the most healthy recommendation, but I did not keep the sheet in the container. It did help balance that really earthy root taste. I also added a little Green Max powdered tapioca. This helped as well. *** I definitely would suggest letting the starch air out when you first open it from a box. The containers keep the chunks more fresh vs just the air sealed plastic baggies. I’m sure it depends on the brand and manufacturer too. Thanks for watching 🌷
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Kingsford Cornstarch 🌽 Crunchy Can Chunks & Tapioca Baked!
Hey pica squad! Thanks for 100+ subs, thumbs up 👍🏽 and all the positive comments! ❤️ So... this was my first time making can chunks! 😬😬 I was pretty impressed with the results! Got some pretty good chunks and they were not only squeaky but had a lil’ crunchiness to them. To be clear, the Kingsford cornstarch is in the can. The tapioca was in the kingsford box. 🔄 For some reason cornstarch chunks up better than the root starches, Im assuming because its thicker than the more finely grounded starch like tapioca. Also because it goes thru more processing, idk. The only reason I baked the tapioca was because I had so much of it and I had the kingsford box left over, so I figured why not? 🤷🏽‍♀️ But let me tell you, can chunks is the way to go for me! Whenever I try to make chunks in the box, it has that cardboard after taste, which I do not like at all! With the can, there is no cardboard aftertaste, you taste the pure taste of the starch. Actually the kingsford taste better after it was baked, it was in powder form of course but much thicker than the root starch. I purchased this box at a asian market, 1.89. Hope you enjoy this video! Thanks for reading & watching! 🙂 Can chunks: Oven Temp 425 for 1hr Tapioca: Oven Temp 475 for 1hr
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Sweet Potato Starch: Thick Vs. Thin ☯️ The Best Yet! (See Description)
Golden Buffalo Sweet Potato Starch This is the best brand I have tasted so far! I purchased both 16oz (1 lb) bags at an asian grocery store for 1.59. *Disclaimer: As you can see the at the bottom of both bags the ingredients are labled tapioca starch. However, in my opinion they did not taste like tapioca starch at all. Maybe its a combination. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Thick: It has a earthy taste and you taste a hint of sweet potato. The texture is gritty, crunchy and yet still powdery. Thin: It’s like biting into a cloud ☁️! The texture is so fluffy and silky. It also has a hint of sweetness like the taste of a marshmallow. They are both the perfect balance. I enjoy mixing them together, to get the blend of both textures. Thanks for watching, until next time...
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Crunchy Sweet Rice Flour, Radix Puerariae Flour, Arrowroot & Bot Bap
Hi pica squad! Here’s some different brands I picked up from the Asian Market. The sweet rice flour is ok, dry, crunchy and powdery. It almost taste a little like clay, with a hint a sweetness. I wouldn’t purchase again tho. The Radix Flour or Kudzu root was pretty good, no taste just fresh and crunchy with some pretty nice sized chunks. Also the arrowroot is pretty good, I had this brand before with a blue top in previous videos. The bot bap was Powdery but kinda thick and really earthy. I liked the bot bap in the smaller bag, in my last video. Overall as far as root starches Sweet Potato Powder is still my favorite, and kudzu is my favorite crunchy starch. I just wanted to try these out, and share for anyone else curious. My cravings have actually calmed down, I crave it occasionally but not as much, I think just having starch in my possession puts me at ease. I also like shopping at all the the different asian markets, because you never know what goodies you may find! Anywho, thanks for watching, take care! 👋🏽👋🏽✌🏽✌🏽
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Starch Galore// New Asian Market
A quick look at a new oriental market I came across. I thought they had a pretty good variety of of starch, from chunk powder and crumble form, they prices were also pretty decent. This asian market is located in the Dallas area. Comment below if you have tried any, and tell me what you thought. Thanks for watching!
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Sweet Potato Starch mixed w/ ArrowRoot & Kuzu Crumbles
This sweet potato starch by Imperial Taste came in a 14oz it was the last bag purchased at a international market. I paid no more than $2 for it. They also have this up for purchase for about $8 on Amazon. First impression of the sweet potato starch: It was not sweet at all. It was powdery but had a grainy crunchy texture at the same time. Almost like eating cornmeal, then when I begin to chew it, I got that thick starch taste. Not too bad, but I thought it would be more interesting if I added a few arrow root & kuzu root crumbles, and I did like it better that way, much crunchier.
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Emergency Stash: Wheat Starch, Tapioca, Sweet Potato & More!
In this video: Tapioca Starch, Bot San Day or Arrowroot Starch, Wheat Starch, Bot Bap and Sweet Potato Starch. When the cravings kick in, this is my emergency stash. As you can see, I like to use a straw with the fine starches, it’s more convenient. Bot San day, same brand as the sweet rice flour in my last video. However I like the bot san day more than the sweet rice flour. The bot san day was crispy like the sweet rice flour almost like water chunks texture, but it did not stick to my teeth as much as the sweet rice or have that clay like after taste. It was kinda earthy and slightly sweet. The bop bap in the small bag, also in my last video, earthy, fresh and the powder is silky and light. The tapioca was not bad at all, but I noticed in the ingredients, that it had sulfites I wasn’t too fond of that, makes me wonder what’s really in these starches. 🤔🤔 You can taste the earthy tapioca flavor, and it has a hint of sweetness. First time trying wheat starch in this brand. It was actually kinda sweet, like the suddle sweetness of whip cream. The texture was similar to tapioca kinda floury, thick but still very fine powder. The brand I had in a previous video was slightly salty. The only con was is kinda sticked to my gums, more than most starches. Last but not least, my ultimate favorite sweet potato starch I’ve tried the thick form in this brand in an older video but I have become really fond of the thin, especially the golden buffalo brand. You can taste and smell the sweetness of the sweet potato. The texture is so freaking fluffy. I keep getting varieties, so I can stay stocked, just in case. Take care pica squad, be good to yourself! ❤️ Until next time! ✌🏽
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The Re-Up: Asian Market Shopping: Kudzu, Thick Sweet Potato & Green Max Tapioca Powder & Starch
Hey pica squad! I went to the Asian Mart a few days ago to re-up on my favorite starches. I got 2 containers of the kudzu. Both batches were crispy, crunchy, very dry and earthy. The Green Max brand is so fresh. I got it in powder form and in the thick form. The powder is really soft, thick texture like flour but still taste starchy. It also has a earthy flavor. The green pack taste exactly like the thick sweet potato starch. I think it may be a mixture of both because it looks like sweet potatoes on the package, and when I purchased it before at another store it came up as sweet potato. Even with the the Golden Buffalo brand, its sweet potato but the ingredients say tapioca, so who knows? Either way, its good and crunchy. I’ve done a video about the sweet potato flour/starch in the green bag in a previous video. All the bags were no more than $2. The kudzu was $5.79. This will be my last Starch supply. After this I will be good on starch. I have to improve my health and focus on relocating & starting a new career. Thanks for watching! Take care. 🙂👋🏽
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Arrowroot Crumbles w/ Silky, Luscious Sweet Potato Powder
This sweet potato starch is obviously my fave! It tastes good when you mix it with any starch. The texture is so soft, silky and fluffy! I like mixing it with crunchy starches. It has a hint of sweetness like the taste of marshmallows. I purchased it at a local asian mart. Thanks for watching!
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Kingsford Rocks 🥴 (Box Method 📦)
Here’s my attempt at Kingsford Chunks, using the box method. 400 degrees for about an hr in the oven, then freezer overnight.Thanks for watching! 👋🏽
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Wheat Starch Rocks 🥴 (Can Method)
This wheat starch is the same brand I used in the pink bag in my previous video, also baked in a can and frozen overnight. I was pretty impressed with the results of this batch. Wheat starch seems to chunk up the best out of all the starches I have tried. The can was baking for well over an hr at about 420 degrees. I’ll have another wheat starch video coming soon, using a different brand for the first time and I’ll possibly do a collab of Kingsford. Until next time gang, take care!
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Haul Alert🚨 Water Chestnut Nut, Banana Starch and more! (Read Below)
In this video: Water chestnut powder/ Starch 👍🏽 Wheat Starch (2 different brands) 😕 Potato Starch (2 different brands) 🔵👎🏽💗👍🏽 Sweet potato Starch (Thick👎🏽 & Thin👍🏽) Banana cake flour/ Starch (Steamed👍🏽 & Fried👎🏽) Rice Flour 👎🏽 👍🏽= Like 👎🏽=dislike 😕=neither like or dislike (neutral) Honest Review: Starting with the water chestnut, if you ever tried water chestnut in a stir fry it’s quite similar, earthy taste and the powder/ starch is really fine. Water chestnut the plant is very alkalizing, so I may use it for a holistic beauty treatment, for cooking and in my tea. The steamed banana flour/starch was yummy. I could taste a hint of banana and it is slightly sweet. The texture was also really fine and silky powder, does not taste like flour at all or have a flour texture. The fried banana starch was not good AT ALL! Really salty almost tasted like baking soda. The sweet potato starch thin was not bad very bland taste, texture of the powder was real fluffy, didn’t like it as much as the Golden Buffalo or imperial taste brand. The thick I did not care for at all, kinda had a funky salty taste. The wheat starches were both kinda salty they tasted slightly like crackers. The potato starch in the pink bag was actually pretty good, I purchased this one from a different asian market. The only difference from the sweet potato in this same brand i the slight sweetness also the potato is a tad bit earthier. The potato starch in the blue bag was a no go, weird texture a cross between flour & baking soda. The rice flour was my absolute least favorite out of this bunch, the smell was real pungent even after it aired out had a earthy burnt taste. Safe to say my favorite had to be the steamed banana and the potato starch in the pink bag. Thanks for watching! 💕
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HUGE Kudzu CHUNK 🏔 New Sweet Potato 🍠 Starch/ Powder
———————————————————— Comment your favorite sweet potato brand below ⬇️⬇️⬇️ ———————————————————— Hey pica squad, hope all is well! So I was craving kudzu, so I went and picked up a jar, the brand I usually get. I opened it to air it out and to my very surprise this huge chunk was sitting right on top! 😮😮😮😮 This is the biggest chunk I ever got in a jar, I’ve had some pretty nice sized chunks, but this one might be the one that leads me to my kudzu retirement lol. I’m always hoping to land a good jar with nice sized chunks, but this one definitely superseded my expectations. It was like finding a rare pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 🌈🌈🍀🍀 So of course I had to save it for you guys! Also trying out new sweet potato brands, wanted to try something different for my favorite kind of powder starch. Next to the steamed banana cake flour right now, which is a combo of rice & tapioca starch. Anyway tho, back to this sweet potato starch 🍠🍠🍠 ♥️💎The red diamond brand was kinda bland, not much taste, very fine and powdery of course, but still very fresh. 🧡🧡 The sweet potato powder in the orange bag, tasted like the wheat starch in the pink bag. It was kinda thick with a hint of sweetness, would be good for frying, in my case I would make cauliflower wings with it, since I don’t eat chicken. 👑 👑The tapioca starch, Queen brand was my favorite out of the bunch. It was my first time trying it as well, I’ve had sweet potato starch in this brand and I really liked it, so I wasn’t surprised that I liked this one as well. It tasted similar to the sweet potato, just slightly less sweeter and a tad bit thicker texture since it’s tapioca, but still fluffy and fine powder. The Golden Buffalo is still undefeated and the Queen brand! I also grabbed a bag of arrowroot since it was only like $2 and some change for 16 oz. It tasted pretty similar to the other arrowroot in the bag with pink flower on it, from my previous haul; earthy and crunchy. Taste good with the Queen tapioca starch. Lastly, I grabbed a thick sweet potato starch and some potato starch in the imperial brand. This brand is pretty good too, did reviews for both kinds in previous videos. ______________________________________________ Don’t forget to comment your favorite sweet potato starch brand below ⬇️⬇️⬇️ I’m tryna see something real quick.... _______________________________________________ P.S. for any root starches that are not my faves, but still all natural and good for other uses I save, so I won’t waste them. I made a really good batch of vegan baby powder with water chestnut powder, which was pretty good but I used a small amount because it has great benefits. I also used arrowroot in the bag with the flower on it, bot bap, and kaolin clay. I add baby powder scented oil and grind it up in a blender until it’s really fine and silky. The best! Something I wanted to do for a long time now, because I always loved baby products especially baby powder, use to eat it before I discovered pure cornstarch, but that another story, thank God I’m deliverT, lbvs! This is a much cheaper and more healthy than baby powder in stores, you can make large batches and save it for later! Just a tip, and it smells heavenly! 😇 ☁️🍼👼🏽 Thanks for watching, reading and all the comments, take care!
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Wheat Starch 🌾💜 (Can Method)
Let me just say, although the chunks didn’t get as hard I as wanted and there was still quite a lot of powder, I actually was pleased with the results. Something about making this video was super fun, mainly biting into that huge chunk! So satisfying! 🤯🤯 I only wish it was even more just like it, but I was grateful for that one. As usual I packed the starch into the can, popped it in the oven with aluminum foil covering the top @ about 400 degrees for a little over an hr. Then I took it out to let it cool off, once I seen it didn’t really harden I put it back in the oven for a few more mins, let it cool off then sat it in the freezer over night. After this video I put the rest back in the can to repeat the process for bigger chunks. Overall, there was a decent crunch, very crumbly & dry, but not too squeaky. The starch itself was super fresh no burnt cardboard taste like I get when I bake it in a box. This was my first time trying this brand of wheat starch, I actually liked it not as sweet like the pink bag, and no thick flour texture, just bland and very clean tasting. I’ve also had a brand that was really salty, didn’t like that one at all, but this one wasn’t bad. Comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Your experience w/ wheat starch, ways to make it harder or starches that chunk the best. Side Note: I know cornstarch chunks up pretty well, but I’ve outgrown it and only like the root starches. Thanks for your feedback and for watching!
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More Asian Market Starch 👀
It seems like you guys enjoy the shopping videos at the asian markets. I know it’s really short but sweet 🥰 I try to get as much content as I can before someone comes in the isle lol, then of course I don’t talk in none of my videos. I just rather have you observe so you can get an idea of what each market I may shop at has to offer, from the brands, to the variety and prices. Most of them are pretty similar, but sometimes some offer different options that some may not. I’ve also noticed that just because there is a designated starch isle, sometimes they have it scattered throughout the store in other isles, like the arrowroot or kudzu. Did you see any that you have tried, that you did or did not like? Comment your favorite brands and starch types below ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Thanks for your feedback, and for watching!
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Up Close & Personal: Oven Chunks w/ Gluten Free Tapioca Starch, Very Squeaky!
Bob’s Red Mill Tapioca Flour/ Starch (gluten free) Finely Ground 20oz found @ most grocery stores Brown paper bag method same as box method, but the bag allows you to pack it tighter, producing more chunks. I wrapped the bag in aluminum foil, put it in oven for about 2 hrs @ 480, let cool over night. Super squeaky texture & toasty taste. I’m still working on a method for crunchier chunks 👩🏽‍🔬stay tuned... & Thanks for watching!
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Warning: Very Squeaky, Sweet Potato 🍠  Starch Oven Baked
Oven baked sweet potato starch. This is the Golden Buffalo brand thin. I this used in a previous video. It comes in a very fine powder form. I wanted to try some oven chunks and this was my result. More squeaky than crunchy, they did make small chunks though, and had a very toasty taste. I had this in the oven on 475 for about an hr and 1/2, then the freezer overnight. Purchased 3 16 oz, 1lb bags. This is my favorite sweet potato brand I have tried so far. It also comes in thick. See previous video, if interested. Thanks for watching!
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Squeaky Tapioca & Wheat Starch Oven Chunks (check out description below)
Majority is tapioca starch I wouldn’t recommend the wheat starch because it lacks of nutritional value, but I just wanted to try it. I got a 10oz pack for 99 cents, it was ok but I wouldn’t get it again. It has the same texture as tapioca just a little saltier. I’ll stick to my less processed starches. The tapioca starch I used were both 14oz 99 cent packages as well, from a local asian market. They are both earthy tasting and pretty fine & powdery. It didn’t come out as crunchy as I hoped for, as this is my first time making it, but they were squeaky little chunks. I taped down the top of one of the tapioca packages that come in a paper bag, then wrapped it in aluminum foil and did the same for the box. I popped them in the oven for a little over an hr on like 480, then I let it cool overnight. I used the box of sweet rice flour just for the box. I did not add any to this batch. I did taste it however and it is not starch at all, tastes like regular flour, unlike tapioca starch flour. Again, I do not swallow any starch I only like to crunch & chew. 😊😊
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Mouthwatering Sexy ArrowRoot Starch Crunch
This is Arrow Root or Bot San Day by the Coconut Tree brand. I purchased this 20oz for 6.49 at a international market in Colorado. (Went through it too quickly 😩) However it is available for purchase on Amazon for $25, which is a lil’ steep for one container of starch. Although, it’s a nice amount and the pieces are the perfect size to crunch on. There is no taste whatsoever but that’s what makes it so good, if that makes any sense. 🤷🏽‍♀️
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Part 2: Texture Details and ASMR Squeaky Crunch on Tapioca & Wheat Starch
I wanted to do more squeaky crunching on this batch. Also show the other box I packed it in. Again, I did not use sweet rice flour just the box. I tasted the sweet rice flour and it tasted simply like flour not starchy at all. BTW this batch kinda had that burnt oven taste which is surprisingly not too bad once the starch cools off. As you can tell I enjoyed playing in it. 🤗
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PICA & ASMR: Crushed Iced Challenge No Talking, All Crunching (calm anxiety)🧘🏽‍♀️🍚🥄
Every blue moon I have cravings for ice, but it HAS to be that good crushed iced! Its crunchy but still soft enough that it doesn’t hurt your teeth and you don’t have to bite down on it so hard. So, I went and got a bag of ice from Chick-fil-a because their ice is the bomb! Its a great alternative when you want that anxiety calming crunch, but you’re fresh out of starch, or waiting for a batch to dry or cool off. Only thing is I caught several brain freezes 🤯😱 in the making of this video eating spoonfuls, so I think I’ll stick to one cube at a time off camera lol. Thanks for watching. Enjoy. 🙂
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Potato//Wheat Starch in Mini Cans
Hi pica gang! I wanted to try potato starch & do wheat starch again with a different brand since my chunks are improving more and more. As you can see the potato chunks up a little but it’s nowhere near as crunchy as the wheat. This particular potato brand is by imperial, which is one of my faves. The powder is actually pretty fine, so I knew it wouldn’t be as crunchy as the wheat, but I thought I’d give it a try. 🤷🏽‍♀️ The potato starch itself I can eat just in powder form, it taste similar to the sweet potato, just a tad bit more earthy, almost has like a nutty taste. The wheat starch is not bad, has a slight sweet taste and just a little thicker than the potato, which makes crunchier chunks. This brand also has a more flour, kinda gummy like texture. Both cans were baked well over an hr on about 420 degrees. Thanks for watching!
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