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Breath of Fire IV - Finding Sea Dragon
Finding Sea Dragon 神 Knx - Ryuukai http://dragon-tear.net/forum
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funny stuff
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Chrono Cross - Boss Fight #35 - The Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon time! I seriously couldn't be bothered to get that Red Plate from him. I already tried 5 times before this video and every time he dodged the steal.
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Shenmue Online - Phoenix and the Dragon
Minutos finais do vídeo apresentado na China Game Show, em 2006. "From a distant land in the East, from across the sea, he shall appear. He does not know of the strangth hidden within him. The strength that would destroy him. The strangth that would fulfill his wishes. When he is ready he shall seek me out. And we shall brave together the rocky path. I shall wait... This encounter has been my destiny since ancient times. A Dragon shall emerge from the Earth, and dark clouds shall obscure the heavens. A Phoenix shall descend from above, with its wings will create a purple wind. In the midst of the pitch-black night, a morning star shall glisten, alone...."
Dragon  apreaction
to celebrate the dragons of the world
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Battleon = War with the Sea Fiend =
As promise, once the boss come out there will be a video of it I Decided Not To Put "Us Against The World" Song, But I Put Another Different Song Guess What Is It :P
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Big Dragon
Its a big dragon
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French Megabloks Review: Dragons Fyren Sea Warship 01
Video review of Fyren sea phoenix Warship.
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op de dragon ball z (game)
aque les dejo el op de gragon ball z budokai tenkaichi espero sea de su agrado :D
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Uhu vs Dragon (Breath of Fire IV)
Fight between Fou-Lu and a big Uhu in BoF4
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Dungeons & Dragons FOR REAL!
2 Guys are tired of the board game, and decide to play Dungeons & Dragons FOR REAL! A clever epic that begins as a one-on-one battle in a colluseum battlefield, until a new enemy with incredible magic powers and summoning abilities arrive. Only by working together can the former enemies overcome this powerful adversary! CAST Human Fighter: ZASH Half-orc Barbarian: Loren Shoop Sorcerer: Scot Afong Axe-wielder: Raymond Brasher Village Idiot: Alvin Franco
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Breath of Fire 3 - Ammonites
Time for Ammonites. http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=A5D98D3C56DD8EC0
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Maple sea Bootes
The ss i take isn't the best quaility ,and my first video.
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Blue dragon (X360) trailer
Xbox 360 videogame trailer
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King Black Dragon: Part 1: Evon's Tale
We Owned the King Of all dragons!
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French Megabloks Review: Dragons Promo Pack Iron Raiders 01
Video Review of a promo pack from Toys R Us which contains Tree iron Raiders set: Raiders Sea Assault, Raiders Ballista and Raiders Catapult.
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Breath of Fire IV - Finding Sand Dragon
Finding Sand Dragon 神 Knx - Ryuukai http://dragon-tear.net/forum
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Chrono Cross - Sky Dragon Island
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Mintrified - Polearm DK Lv100 Movie
It's my first time making a video, so I hope you guys will enjoy it. I started OMS June 2005 and I finally got to 100 on May 5th 2006. Anywho this movie is dedicated to all the pure polearm users out there, especially those who get made fun of by other spearman, DKs, and everyone else because they think polearms are weaker. Going through 100 levels is not easy but if you put your mind to it and not let anyone get to you, of course it's possible.
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Squid Dragon Legend
My anime comedy pilot. Part homage part parody, all homagody. Winner! 2006 NYTVF Best Animation Pilot Winner! 2006 NYTVF MSN Award
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Dragon Mating Dance
You have to turn it up really loud to hear it.
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Windy Dragon Fight 2-3
UnderTheSakuraTree LS, fights Windy mission 2-3 dragon. enjoy!
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Chrono Cross - Dead Sea
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Dragon Knight Using 1 Hand Sword VS Crimson Balrog
Dragon Knight using Fraute fighting Crimson Balrog
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Dragon invasion - Stormwind
Simple enough, Dragon invaded Stormwind. Managed to capture some of it on fraps. Just peiced together real fast, not shooting for an award.
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9Dragons Trailer: Heavenly Demon
Video game trailer for the martial arts MMORPG 9Dragons from Acclaim, featuring the Heavenly Demon clan. Visit www.acclaim.com for more info. http://www.myspace.com/9dragonsgame
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Sea monster Fight!
Us fighting against our newly created sea monster
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dragon fable glitch
ash is literaly on me
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bwbt's maple warrior
My warrior in maple sea
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Kingdom Hearts - In The Dragons Den
Video: kh-vids.net, kh.co.uk and ign.com Music: Symphony X
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USSVoyager explores SEA Zipangu
MapleSEA got Zipangu (Jipang) so I made a char and decided to check it out. Showa is awesome... Gunboss hurts, and I can't find Anego. (alive, atleast)
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2005 SEA Games Fireworks
2005 SEA Games Fireworks at Manila Bay
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16x hermit igfusion maple sea
weeeee.... erm stop messagin me for the name of the songs cuz the only 1 i know was the last one and thats "Number 1" by Boa or something like that. ty and good bye btw this isnt my video or acc, it belongs to igfusion (whoever it might be) so stop askin me bout stuff i dont know, im just a former gms player
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D-War trailer
D-War (2006) Cast, Crew, Reviews, Plot Summary, Comments, Discussion, Taglines, Trailers, Posters, Photos, Showtimes, Link to Official Site, Fan Sites. www.imdb.com/title/tt0372873/
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STOP ASKING ME OR OTHER USERS WHERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS GAME, GO TO FIVE BELOW TO BUY THE DAMN GAME! Warnig viewers, game plot spoiler! I uploaded these videos from the PC game LEGOLAND, one of our first LEGO games. I hope you enjoy these videos;-)!
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St.George Illawarra Dragons
A St.George Illawarra movie brought to you by Dr4gon! Productions
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Symphony X - In the dragon's den - Antonio Ceci
- http://www.antonioceci.com - http://www.myspace.com/antonioceci Hi men! This is "In the dragon's den" by Symphony X, from the album "Twilight in Olimpus". Hope you enjoy! The song was recorded in July-2006 The speed is 154bpm. The tuning is the standard "E" (E A D G B E). If you want the TAB, you can go to http://www.symphonyx.com/tablature.html The tab was written by MICHAEL ROMEO himself!!! I live in Bari(Italy) and teaching electric guitar at home. For comments, contact etc. please mail to: [email protected]
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Breath Of Fire 4 GigaFlame
Adapted From IGN.Com, One of the Dragonly Finishers.
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Sonic Riders: Wave - Green Cave (2006)
This is how I was playing Sonic Rider back in 2006 ; ) Recorded with a DVD Recorder which I don't have anymore. Sorry for those 2 restarts.
5% UF Izuna Drop on Fiend Ryu
I'm pretty sure he just got told.
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Dizzy Dolphins Game
This commercial aired in late 1980 in time for Christmas. Dizzy Dolphins Disco Game actually had nothing to do with disco at all. The name tried to capture the fading disco era. The actual toy did not last too much longer although I thought it was fun. It is similar to Gribbit (also Milton Bradley) but there are dolphins instead of frogs and the players control the marbles instead of the dolphins. Gribbit had a bee that went around and each player would have and would try to catch it in their frog's mouth.
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Breath of Fire IV - Finding Njomo
Finding Njomo 神 Knx - Ryuukai http://dragon-tear.net/forum
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Top Gun - NES - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 10
Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=JamesNintendoNerd The Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 10) Top Gun Watch this episode in higher quality! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktRwIqdWdtE Watch all Angry Video Game Nerd episodes https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2B009153AC977F90 Visit our website! http://cinemassacre.com/ James Twitter! https://twitter.com/cinemassacre Mike's Twitter! https://twitter.com/Mike_Matei Our Google+ https://plus.google.com/+JamesNintendoNerd Our Tumblr! http://cinemassacreproductions.tumblr.com Our Facebook Fanpage! https://www.facebook.com/Cinemassacre Our Instagram! http://instagram.com/cinemassacre Our Reddit! http://www.reddit.com/r/TheCinemassacre/ Our Flattr! https://flattr.com/profile/cinemassacre Support us on Patreon http://www.patreon.com/Cinemassacre In this episode, The angry video game nerd is taking on the NES game, "Top gun". Based off of the hit movie from 1986 starring Tom Cruise. The game is one of the first flight simulation games ever released, how does it hold up in the eyes of the nerd? Well upon starting the game, He realizes how empty and boring the game is. The developers were trying to make the game as realistic as possible, therefore, there are hardly any enemies to shoot at, you're blindly flying around an empty and visually unappealing sky, and worst of all, there is no music to accompany you during this unfortunate adventure, there is just the sound of the plane's irritating engine. Once the nerd manages to beat the level, it is now time to land the plane, sound easy? Unfortunately, it's far from it, there are way too many numbers, words, and gauges flashing on the screen at once. For example, right in the middle of the planes screen, it will say "UP!! UP!!." Does this mean press up on the controller? Or does it mean press down to fly your plane up? Long story short, the nerd doesn't prevail in this plane landing scenario, regardless of whether you actually land the plane, the level will be completed. Now it's time for the second level, and you are now a little bit above sea level, so the screen now has 2 different shades of blue, one for the sky and one for the ocean...how exciting. Halfway through this level though, your plane starts running low on fuel, so another plane flies by that will help refuel you, but, uh-oh, The nerd has to control the nozzle with same confusing directions as landing the plane. As you can assume, it doesn't turn out too well, the refueling plane eventually flies off and leaves him for dead. The nerd has never beaten this level simply because of that re fueling plane segment, the game is only 4 levels long, so the nerd shows off his idea of the last two levels. This includes level 3 "Blow sh*t up," where he is shooting the top gun movie and video game covers, and level 4 "Vent your anger and destroy the T.V" where he punches the TV and throws "Sonic Booms," street fighter style. Before the episode ends, the nerd mentions that there is a sequel that was also released on the NES, called "Top Gun: Second Mission." The game is much faster paced with not as much boring moments, their always seems to be something happening but was noticeably much harder than it's predecessor. There were also a few vs modes, one where you went against the CPU, and another, that was multiplayer based, where you would go against a friend. The nerd mentions that when playing the multiplayer versus game, when the match is finished, it shows a cutscene of the winner landing the plane, and the loser safely making it out alive, via his parachute. The nerd doesn't approve of the loser safely making it out of his plane. The episode comes to an end with the nerd saying "I've had enough of this garbage....f*** balls!" Episode notes by Mike Matei: - Towards the end of this episode the Nerd also reviews Top Gun: The Second Mission. This was a game James borrowed from my NES collection. I remember laughing with him over how small the font is on the label spine. You need a microscope to read it. Check out these other classic AVGN episodes! AVGN: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjUz8IT0CYg AVGN: Friday the 13th https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1raUvGNbZFg AVGN: The Power Glove https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYDuy7wM8Gk AVGN: Bible Games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkNvQYiM6bw AVGN: Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1tU61Nyv1w AVGN: Nintendo Power https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eegQI9WM6mk AVGN: NES Accessories https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kBMscW_dVg AVGN Batman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFvtk5toGJg AVGN: Ghosts N' Goblins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94Y6y1MOoEo AVGN: Star Wars Games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2bKVEVUOPg AVGN: ROB the Robot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvCCgPDcnvQ AVGN: Tiger Electronic Games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_u5dtBtG9yU AVGN: Schwarzenegger Games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ta-4H92CkA
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LaTale closed beta test
Knife Skills
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Grand Chase Kamiki part2
Grand Chase Kamiki part 2 notice the attack mode of kamiki who won't hurt you.
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Dragon solo by Shytt.
This video tells us to always check hotkeyes before fighting with drags :]
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Dancing Demon
Written in 1979 by Leo Christopherson for the Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I computer. This is the best game ever for at that time. http://www.dnull.com/demon/
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Viking Catapult vs. Ofnir Dragon
Viking Catapult vs. Ofnir Dragon. My first trial, Taken with the video mode of the Sony DSC F-828.
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