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Sea dragon computer game on the TRS-80 Model 1
Similar to a game called Penetrator which I've also uploaded but in this one you're underwater! There are a few more parameters to consider like oxygen supply for example. Good fun, and, like penetrator, a reward at the end. Pretty hazardous in the tunnel though! Gotta love the low-res graphics and general cheesiness but hey, this is 16 kilobytes of RAM and 1978 technology we are talking about here! From the System 80 section of my retro-computing archive website at http://www.classic-computers.org.nz . The System 80 is a TRS-80 M1 clone. The video was recorded from an emulator, called HT 1080z which is discussed here: http://www.classic-computers.org.nz/system-80/emulators.htm
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Blue Sea Dragon Summoning
Meru summons the Blue Sea Dragon.
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Breath Of Fire 4 Sea Dragon
Where is the sea dragon? HERE!! :P
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Sea Dragon
Rye Playland
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Lineage 2 - Raid boss compilation: Baium, Zaken and more
Raid Boss video of the game in fast motion From gamegate server 35x Baium, Zaken, Dark Lord Ipos, Sea Dragon, Death Lord
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Seadragon Squad Winquote
This winquote was created by lilAzNAJ13 for the Seadragon Squad. Thanks to him for making it. Also, the final line comes from the original Transformers movie. You can kinda guess what part it was from.
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dragon wars teaser (10 minutes)
modern weapons vs. dragons 10 minutes this is probably the only exciting scenes in this movie. the rest is quite stupid.
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Sea Dragons first Gruul attempt
our first time in the lair and maulgar down. Here was our first shot at gruul (unfortunately not a complete one)
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Seadragon MUGEN Cup: Semifinals #1
This is it! The Semifinal battles at Kinderdijk. Our first semifinal has Perfect Cell taking on Venom. Both have proven their superority over the competition in their respective regions, but what happens when these two strong villains square off?
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Seadragon MUGEN Cup: Quarterfinals (Battle 2)
The second Quarterfinal pits Hayato against Venom with a spot in the Semifinals on the line.
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Seadragon MUGEN Cup: Quarterfinals (Battle 1)
The Quarterfinals of the Seadragon MUGEN Cup begins as Jon Talbain takes on Perfect Cell for the right to advance to Kinderdijk and the Semifinals.
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Seadragon MUGEN Cup: Quarterfinals (Battle 4)
The final match of the Quarterfinals has crimsonblade's Kim Kaphwan taking on Zmangz's Captain America.
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Seadragon Squad Chronicles: Episode #1
The first episode of the new SS Chronicles series introduces everyone to Sagat, Kano and Orchid. These three are the top of the ladder of the Squad. Sagat is the leader is a bit gun shy when it comes to strangers coming to the base. Kano is the second in command and is rough around the edges, so to speak. His brutish ways tend to light the wrong fuse under his allies. Black Orchid is the team's spy and widely considered to be the third in command. Her charm and feminine ways have seduced plenty of men, just not here. Also appearing are the King of Street Fighter's Kyo and Athena. These two are dating are were invited to spend some time with the Squad when trouble comes down in the form of Decepticons Starscream, Soundwave and Reflector. What happens? Tune in and watch.
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Dragon Blaze - Sea boss + Technical Bonus
Full Rank + Technical Bonus
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Seadragon MUGEN Cup: Quarterfinals (Battle 3)
The next Quarterfinal matchup pits two best friends, LilAzNAJ13 and HadoukenFighter, in a friendly battle to see who moves on to Kinderdijk.
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DarknessAndLight SEA tralier (DAL)
new game similar to warcraft 2 sides battle who will win? new darkness and light special before trailer
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Seadragon MUGEN Cup: Preview Editon
The first ever Seadragon MUGEN Cup begins on Thursday, so I made a little preview of the matches for the first round and a nice little intro that are clips from vids that I've done so far.
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Seadragon MUGEN Cup: 1st Round (Battle 2)
The second battle of the Seadragon MUGEN Cup is a battle of big name forces as Nvrnsqr Chaos, the leader of Team Helldragon, takes on Perfect Cell, the leader for Team HyperAndroid. Nvrnqr Chaos: He comes from Melty Blood, which has become a massive cult hit. His body is made of a black substance that can make all sorts of creatures (birds, deer, etc.) and works similar to what Dizzy had in the Gulity Gear games. Perfect Cell: Even though he's a team member, I'll do this anyway: This is Cell's final form after he absorbs both Androids 17 and 18 to gain his Perfect form. He has all the skills from every fighter in the world and he's not afraid to use them.
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031 - Dragon of Voice Sea
The summoning and attack of card number 031 - Dragon of Voice Sea from the game The Eye of Judgment (PS3). -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- www.eoj.co.nz - New Zealand's Eye of Judgment Website - Cheap Boosters/Decks, Card List, Forums, Downloads and More!
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Seadragon MUGEN Cup: 1st Round (Battle 1)
A day early, but it is underway. The first ever Seadragon MUGEN Cup begins as Mustkillroy's Jon Talbain takes on Draug's own Oume Goketsuji. Talbain: The werewolf rep from Darkstalkers, he is one of the lesser known characters from the series. Don't knock him.. He has nunchucks. Oume: This old lady hails from Power Instinct Matrimelee, which has more then the lion's share of off beat fighters. As a word of warning: Don't get near her as she throws her dentures at you.
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Seadragon Squad Origins Ep. 7: To Settle an Old Score
A battle as old as the original Street Fighter game gets done Seadragon Style as Sagat and Ryu meet once again. Also, they have to team up to fight the psycho doctor Faust.. on a plane! No snake were used, BTW. Battle 1 (Sagat vs. Ryu) Battle Site: Suzuka Castle (SFIII: Third Strike) Battle Trax: Rising Dragoon (SF EX+ Alpha) Battle 2 (Sagat and Ryu vs. Faust) Battle Site: Stands on a Plane (Jojo's Bizzare Adventure) Battle Trax: Thermosphere (Einhander)
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Seadragon MUGEN Cup: Championship Battle
The final match of the Seadragon MUGEN Cup pits two powerhouses against each as Perfect Cell takes on Ken Masters. Who wins? Watch and find out.
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Seadragon Squad All Stars #2: Dance of the Darkstalkers
The second All Stars shows four Darkstalkers at their best.. and worst. One team has Jon Talbain and Rikuo, and they are strong as they are Splode's creations. The other side is made of P.o.t.S creations Lei-Lei and Morrigan. This ought to be fun... Battle Zone: Midnight Zone Battle Trax: Red Dragon Chamber of Artifacts (Mortal Kombat: Deception)
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Mustkillroy MUGEN-Mania 36: Rematch with Seadragon Squad
The Seadragon Squad's first battle as a team was against Team Crowbar, in which they narrowly lost. Since this initial battle, the Seadragon Squad has expanded to nearly three times its original size. Sagat, president of the Seadragon Squad, has demanded a rematch. Since he was defeated by Jon Talbain twice, he holds a grudge against him, and plans on turning him into a fur coat once he's done with him. Team Crowbar agreed to two separate matches. In the first match, representing Team Crowbar are lead security guard Lord Raptor and chef Diablo. Representing the Seadragon Squad are the team's hand-to-hand combat expert Q and expert swordswoman Shiki. Diablo, who is also a member of the Seadragon Squad, decided to side with Team Crowbar this time, due to the fact that it was the first team he joined. Shiki and Q will show no mercy to this supposed "traitor". I play as Lord Raptor. The AI controls Diablo. I've been using Jill Valentine and/or Perfect Cell for way too many team battles lately, so I went in a different direction for this video. Diablo is a great AI partner, as always. My skills with Lord Raptor are improving. His range makes him deadly in the right hands. Q is made by Wild Ali. He doesn't seem to have any AI, so he wasn't that big of a deal. However, Shiki is a different story. Her author is Tin. She has the ability to teleport, and uses it wisely. She also has powerful supers, one of which she demonstrates in the second round. In the second match, Team Crowbar is represented by president Jon Talbain and security guard Rikuo. Representing the Seadragon Squad are two of its strongest members, president Sagat and street fighter Ryu. Will Sagat get his wish of a werewolf fur coat, or will the Darkstalkers knock out the Street Fighters? I play as Jon Talbain, of course. Rikuo is controlled by the AI. The two of them make an excellent team, and getting combo'd from both sides by them is nearly unescapable. You already know how deadly the AIs of Sagat by Kamekaze and Ryu by P.o.t.S. are. Sagat loves to hit you with high-damaging combos. Ryu can be a bit of a grapple whore at close range. Where to get the stuff: Match One: Lord Raptor by Zelgadis296: http://randomselect.i-xcell.com/ Diablo by Lord_Sinistro: http://www.veteranos.xpg.com.br/cyberbit/cyberbit_main.htm Q by Wild AIi: http://www.mugenhistory.com/ Shiki by Tin: http://tinshiva.hp.infoseek.co.jp/ Stage: Temple Gardens by NeoGouki: http://ngmc.retrogames.com/ BGM: Sonic and Knuckles: Mushroom Hill Zone Act 1 Match Two: Jon Talbain and Rikuo by Splode: http://randomselect.i-xcell.com/ Sagat by Kamekaze: http://kamekaze.free-web-hosting.biz/index.htm Ryu by P.o.t.S.: http://www.mugenguild.net/~pots/ Stage: LB Yuki Stage: http://www4.pf-x.net/~ryo2005/lbstage.html BGM: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Thanks, JudgeSpear!)
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Dragon Blaze - Sand Boss + Technical Bonus
Full Rank + Technical Bonus
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Seadragon Squad Origins Ep. 3: The Newly Forged Rivals
This episode guest stars three members of Mustkillroy's Team Crowbar: The team's leader Jon Talbain, their attorney Homer Simpson and their superintendent Peter Griffin. This episode is the introduction to the friendly rivalry between the Seadragon Squad and Team Crowbar. It's a friendly rivalry and hey, I respect a guy who can beat me in any video game (even though it's not me really playing...) Battle Zone: Raging Fury (Real Bout Fatal Fury 2) Battle Trax: Stronger (Street Fighter EX+ Alpha)
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Seadragon MUGEN Cup: 1st Round (Battle 7)
The final two 1st round battles are held at Livonia Skystation. It is a very nice original stage. Anyhow, the first battle pits Kim Kaphwan against Violent Ken. Kim Kaphwan: He's become famous in the King of Fighters series, but he debuted in Fatal Fury 2. The outfit.. Well, I didn't know he had a purple and gold outfit. But, hey, anyway for me to give a shout out to my old alma mater, Denison-Schleswig High School, is cool for me. Violent Ken: He is a special creation for SvC Chaos. This being what happened to Ken in the SF2 movie after he was brainwashed by Bison.
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Seadragon MUGEN Cup: 3rd Place Battle
We have reached the Third Place Battle between Venom and Kim Kaphwan, both losers in the Semifinals. But, they both have one last shot at glory. Who takes it?
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Spyro: Year of the Dragon - Shell Beach in the Key of Sea
I told you I'd be able to return to the Spyro arrangement requests :D I'm actually almost done with them - got two more tracks to go to complete the album. I will put up all requests that I've done so far on my Googlepages page as soon as I can. bomb411 asked for Seashell Shore from Spyro: Year of the Dragon, and I actually got a fair few requests from that game. I thought to myself that I shouldn't approach any Spyro 3 recordings until I fulfil the earliest one (which was this one). And once done, I started a new save file and recorded myself playing the stage for the first time in the playthrough - just the main route, no Sheila sub-level, no pressure-tube run, and no Bluto submarine fight. For my birthday on Tuesday I received a new MIDI keyboard (though I technically didn't get it until Wednesday), and after being able to set it up and play around with it I then used this stage as my first demo with this new keyboard. Odds are Gnasty Gnorc and Magma Cone will both be remastered for the album with it as well, so I think I'm on a roll. Thanks for all comments in advance. And I promise you, the album will be ready at least in the next week or two.
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Seadragon MUGEN Cup: 1st Round (Battle 3)
The next two battles take place on the MK Pit Remixed stage. Nice stage that combines the spiked towers of the MK1 Pit and the bridge from the MK3 Pit. Anyways, the opening battle here pits Dishamonpow's Head Chef, Hayato Kanzaki, against Mojo2000 and his team's leader, Blockhead. Hayato Kanzaki: Now, most of you know Hayato from Marvel vs. Capcom 2, but he was introduced in Star Gladiator. That sword... it's made of plasma energy. Blockhead: This little fellow is an original creation for MUGEN. He acts like a robot and fights with all sorts of different moves, like a jumping knee attack, a Hurricane Kick-esque move, and some nice super moves.
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Seadragon MUGEN Cup: 1st Round (Battle 5)
The next part of this tourny is on the stage used for the battle against Onslaught in Marvel vs. Capcom. Nice stage, isn't it? The next match pits the leader of the King of Street Fighters, Kyo Kusanagi, against Team Univer's Bonne Jenet. Kyo Kusanagi: This Kyo is based on his appearance in KOF99 (Most people have called him Kyo 99 because of this). The flames cannot be stopped. Bonne Jenet: This is her look in the latest King of Fighters game even though she got her start in Garou: Mark of the Wolves. She's supposedly a pirate, but she's definately 100% female (Don't take it as a sexist comment, people)
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Team King of Street Fighters Vs. Seadragon Squad Week #5
Team King of Street Fighters (3-1) Vs. Team Seadragon Squad (2-3) Next Location is... School Song: Hare Hare Yukai - Ryoko Asakura
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Seadragon MUGEN Cup: Semifinals #2
This is the other semifinal matchup. We have HadoukenFighter's Ken Masters, a one man army who has destroyed both Strider Hiryu and Kyo Kusanagi to get here. We also have crimsonblade's Kim Kaphwan, who has beaten Violent Ken and Captain America to reach the semis. Who will win? Watch and find out.
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Dragon Quest VIII Cutscene - Seer's House
Another cutscene, at the Seer's House and he tells the party of the need to restore the Sun Mirror using a Sea Dragon spell.
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Seadragon MUGEN Cup: 1st Round (Battle 8)
The final first round match pits two heroes against each other as Robocop takes on Captain America... Robocop: DP's best known fighter, this guy is based off of his own self named arcade game. The only bad news here: No Protect the Innocent (It's a Super Combo). :( Captain America: This is Cap from Marvel Super Heroes, which explains the gems on the bottom of your screen.
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Sea Monsters Wii Trailer
Trailer for Sea Monster game for the Wii. Just noticed the 100K views, yeah! =D
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Seadragon Squad Origins Ep. 1: Intro to the Madness
Step into the madness that is the Seadragon Squad... This is Seadragon Squad Origins, where I try to at least tell a halfway decent story about how the team is formed. The opening edition of this introduces you to the top two members of the team: The team leader and overall good guy, Sagat, and the second in command, the rough and tumble Kano. Battle Zone: Terminal Harbor Battle Trax: Mr. X's Stage [Remix] (Megaman 6)
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Seadragon Squad Origins Ep. 6: The Scheme of Team Solaris
Our heroic trio runs into trouble in the form of Jill Valentine and Yoma Komatsu, the leaders of Team Solaris and their hired gun, King Shishi-Oh. Can our heroes survive this ambush? (BTW: This episode is NOT meant to be a slam to Team Solaris, I just want them to have a decent role that doesn't portray them as bad guys).
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Chrono Cross (PS1) AW - Sea of Eden - Vita Unus (59)
THE STORY SO FAR.... With most loose ends tied up, Serge and his group now head to the Dead Sea ruins where they gain access to the Sea of Eden...
Views: 63109 Artificialraven
Carrier Fortress at Sea (3DO) - Game Play
A short video showing the various parts of this educational title. If you would like to find out more about this game, visit http://www.3domuseum.com
Views: 3393 Swizzley
Breath of Fire IV - Dragonne
Showing how to fight a single and powerful(hahaha) enemy. 神 Knx - Ryuukai http://dragon-tear.net/forum
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Best VGM 37 - Xenogears - Bonds of Sea and Fire
See also: Best VGM 103 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlY88rlNnEE Best VGM 251 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qH8MFPIvFpU&fmt=18 Best VGM 311 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzhWuriX9Ws&fmt=18 Best VGM 714 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loh0SQ_SF2s Best VGM 880 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhjEEbyuJME Best VGM 1477 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X80YQj6UHG8 Best VGM 1877 - https://youtu.be/gF4pOYxzplw A collection of my favorite videogame music. Note that most of them are from games I played so I might miss some great ones from games I never played. Playstation Xenogears Bonds of Sea and Fire
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Team Seadragon Squad Vs. Team Orochi Flames Week #3
We are half-way done of the 2007 fall Mugen Season! With Teams fighting to qualify to the next round! But only four teams in a division will make it! Ken: Were in the ally were We well I Convinced Kyo and the rest to take a shortcut... Iori: I'm soooo going to get you back Ken, Anyways were live and all the SOS Matches will have to face the same record team as them! Ken: Who will win? Iori: I don't know! -------------------------------- The Line Up The Seadragon Squad (SeadDragon77) Fighters: 1. Ryu (Phantom.Of.The.Server) 2. B. Orchid (Ahrimanes) 3. Faust (Muteki) 4. Sagat (Kamekaze) On the Right: Team Orochi Flames (Firelink10) Fighters: 1. Mario (ShinRyoga and Neo Ankh) 2. Kyo 99 (Beppu) 3. Kusanagi (CCIronmugen) 4. Iori Yagami (HiroHiro+Ihoo1836) Next Location is... Infinity Moon Song: Infinity Moon
Views: 1424 lilAzNAJ13
MAFIA Freeride Extreme Subquest - Black Dragon + Tommy gun
Alley gun game. Another easy one though clumsily played. The Black Dragon is extremely important for all other subquests with the need for speed before having the HotRod. The tommy guns are good to have, too.
Views: 65150 pantomime0is0shit
Breath of Fire IV - Flood Tide
Sea Dragon 神 Knx - Ryuukai http://dragon-tear.net/forum
Views: 3659 buruno
Battlefield 2 Dragon Valley Movie
This movie doesn't have any spectacular kills in it but it shows one of my favorite BF2 maps, Dragon Valley. It's a good air map so a lot of the footage is from the air and it was take with only a few rounds. By the way, the song is Lost At Sea by Diamond Head.
Views: 7529 NightmareofSolomon79
Beowulf Vs Dragon
O_0 , beowulf fighting the golden dragon....
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Team Seadragon Squad Vs. Team Blaze Fighters Week #2
Week 2 of the SOS Brigade Division, With three teams 1-0 and three teams 0-1... Let the madness begin for week 2! of the SOS Brigade Division! Ken: Were live in the sky... Well the fighters are in the sky were just broadcasting from Kyo's Helicopter! Evil Ryu: I wonder who's going to win this game? Ken: I really don't know Evil Ryu! Let's just watch! -------------------------------- On The Left: The Seadragon Squad (SeadDragon77) Fighters: 1. Ryu (Phantom.Of.The.Server) 2. B. Orchid (Ahrimanes) 3. Faust (Muteki) 4. Sagat (Kamekaze) On the Right: Team Of Blaze Fighters (ragingdemon45) Fighters: 1.Karin 2.Terry 3.Vanessa 4.Rock XI Next Location is... Skybattle (Day) Song: 232_hall_of_fate_~resurrection~ --------------------------------
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Seadragon MUGEN Cup: 1st Round (Battle 4)
The second battle on this stage has Venom, the leader for SkieTheKitsune's Kitsune Force, against Neco-Arc, Gun6's little leader. Venom: Everyone knows about Venom, so I'll spare you the details. Now, this is the same Venom that appeared in the first Seadragon Squad Team Battle, the main exception is the new AI. Neco-Arc: Another Melty Blood character, but this small fighter looks like a cat. It's an odd one, alright.
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KOTOR: Part 70 "Krayt Dragon & Star Map"
Having secured a peace with the Sand People, you head towards the Eastern Dune Sea where you hope to find the Star Map. There you meet Komad Fortuna, a hunter with his eye on taking down the Krayt Dragon in the cave. He just needs a little bit of your help in doing so. In the end, you find the Holocron Bastila's mother asked you about, as well as the reason for being on this planet: the Star Map!
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