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drunk chinese guy
chip off the ol mason... B. Mo daddy to be gettin in his last drinkin days before the child support! :) he likes the bottle as much as his future baby
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Drunk chinese man
Dis chinese man called me talking to his self funny ass shit
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drunk chinese man
a chinese man who is drunk dat is calling.
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Drunk Chinese man 2
Drunk guy
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drunk chinese guy
we got sum fella to do the speak dublinese ting haha
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Arnold Schwarzenegger pranks calls chinese guy
funny chinese and arnold
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Drunk Chinese Boy PT.1
Views: 321 MrPerfect2008
Drunk chinese boy Pt2
Crazy drunk bot
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lol this guy was drunk at like 4 pm on a sunday singin
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Drunk Chinese guy dancing on ski holiday.
Drunk chinese guy dancing to Salt and Pepper on ski hol in Sauze Italy.
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Drunk chinese Backstreet
wow..he is going cold
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Angry Chinese Man
Colin wanted a cup of noodles but got got a cup of disrepect.
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funny ass asian drunk guy
this is some funny ass shit lol. he is deeply parched
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Shanghai, China "A Drunk Chinese No1"
20:30 in Shanghai, Drunk after KTV Party.....!!!
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Asian guy drunk at Sydney!
beer , MJ ou Rash? =0
Views: 82 feliputs
The Drunk Chinese VERY FUNNY Part 3
Drunk Chinese in Milton Keynes doing Karate
Views: 3597 eatandenjoy
The Drunk Chinese VERY FUNNY Part 1
Chinese Chef very drunk in Conniburrow Milton Keynes
Views: 642 eatandenjoy
Funny Drunk Asian Hmong Guys
Fresno Drunk Hmong Asians become "Power Rangers" at UFC Event Party!
Views: 4014 iJillionaire
Drunk White Guy In Jamaica
this is wat happens when white people hear jamaican music after gettin a lil 2 tipsy..
Views: 31863 Michael Reed
Wild Boyz and Drunk chinese Lucky lucky man, Tenerife
Drunk chinese lucky lucky man had a few to many while he was waiting for people to buy off him and he thought he would join in with the Wild Boyz on stage.
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Drunk Guy Crossing The Street
Some random drunk guy tries to cross the street not only nearly getting hit by cars but also stumbling into a chinese store.
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drunk chinese dance
1 too many
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Spot the drunk guy...
a vid recording of me n my friends playing a drinking game. This part was the ending of the drinking session cuz 1 of my friend vomitted. We played, zhong ji mi ma (english - guess the number). The vid shows the explaination of the rules and a bit of game play and my friend vomitting. Most funny parts: 1.50 - "What's the limit? 1 - 1000. 3 sig. fig. 10.994" - WTF? 5.49 - Vomitting (my super high friend said "U're the first 1. I'm not the weakest link! then i'm the champion~!" Haha...
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Shane harrassing drunk old man
its aprox. 1.30am, in a nearby chinese located in roscommon, shane comes out to do what he does best...
Views: 1061 lauranaughton21
American Boy Parody-"First Asian Boy"
FREE DOWNLOAD http://www.zshare.net/download/5015518238eab5d5/ this is my remix of estelle and kanye's "american boy." starring my lovely EX-girlfriend iliana. lol and for everyone who's asking, if you can't figure it out already... i'm THAI. get it? in the song.. she said she loves "My Thais" but not what she's drinking... http://myspace.com/traphik LYRICS Ahem, let me introduce Myself cuz I know that you aint used To an asian dude stepping to you like me But hey give it a chance I just might be Just the refreshin squeeze of lemon Ya need in ya life when it gets depressin Come wit me and decrease the stressing A new type of dude lemme teach ya a lesson Babygirl dont trip, come on just take my hand Ill introduce you to my world, stop in Thailand I really want to show you how we do I can be your first asian boy She said, its really nice to meet ya- likewise I never had a boy like you wit tight eyes Step to me quite wit a game like yours I said pack ya bags and come on my tour let down ya hair while I cook some rice And I swear that we dont all look alike And no, Im not no math expert But you plus me I know It just works So pause ya life and start to rewind And leave all them other lame dudes behind show you how I do in my continent Where the ladies get respect and compliments Confident, not gon be starin all night Cuz Im not yo average stereotype More than makin shoes and makin toys I could make you smile, yo asian boy Wanna get away? Watcha got to lose? Come on in girl, take off ya shoes Show me ya soul and Ill show you mine If you toes aint did well boo thats just fine My aunt does nails, nah im just playin But dont get too comfy, cuz we aint stayin Take you to Beijing while were dating Ill show you the great wall, its amazing Show me ya soul in seoul, Korea I been lookin for a girl like you my whole career In the phillipines scene well ride in slowmo Sit in the lo-lo eat chicken adobo If you got skills then you could show me Cuz all of our houses got kareoke Chinese Japanese thai pnoy Go head and take yo pick girl, asian boys kareoke Who killin them on youtube She gon respond like You, dude A shock to me I didnt think she be watchin me. She said can we go get some pho now I said get some what? O wow Actually Its pronounced pha, oh Well Can we go get some, fasho He chinky, I know what ya thinkin. He look like he always blinkin Take my hand, come to thailand she love my Thais but NOT what she drinkin tell me whats your mental about this oriental gentle man but I break you off like the tip of a pencil. Dress fly like the freshest prince. Before they out got the freshest kix And you thought he was just a hypebeast. But look at these nikes is anybody like me? And I know you aint in to my kind. I seen yo exs they not impressive. But I still make that CAAASH. Always on my grind im a good investment. And if you liked jin when he flows. or Dante Basco on old black shows then maybe you should daaate me cuz wed make some pretty baaabiees
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Shanghai, China "A Drunk Chinese No2"
Shangrila Hotel, Pudond
Views: 924 Skordilas
Drunken Chinese Man
Kieth, Red Robin, JR's Birthday, Alcohol, nuff said....
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Crazy chinese guy
funny randomish a bit nasty
Views: 1464 Ben McConnell
Dutch drunk/drugged guy who tries to talk english, (rare nederlander aan de drank en drugs)
This guy has just used too much drugs and alcohol, if you understand dutch and english than it should be funny
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a drunk chinese mafia look-alike
Views: 248 cedrick22
drunk guy
Views: 24 ewoud88
Drunk Odering chinese first attempt
title explains it all
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PJs drunk chinese
Un chinoix trop soual qui donne des 20 $
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Destroyed in Seconds - Bulldozer Rampage
An angry man bent on revenge builds a customized armored bulldozer to tear apart a small town. http://go.discovery.com/?mkcpgn=ytdsc1&url=http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/destroyed-in-seconds-bulldozer-rampage.html Subscribe to Discovery: http://bit.ly/SubscribeDiscovery Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Discovery Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Discovery
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drunk guy in Elephant Thong
can a chinese dick fit a Elephant Thong
Views: 5510 tekr015
The Drunk Chinese VERY FUNNY Part 2
Drunken Chinese Chef in Conniburrow doing Kung Fu
Views: 376 eatandenjoy
Drunk in China.. oops
Bad things happen.
Views: 657 racharooenator
drunk asian
yah bitch!
Views: 178 ballinrob51
The Drunk Chinese VERY FUNNY Part 4
Chinese Chef Drunk in Conniburrow,Milton Keynes doing Kung Fu
Views: 421 eatandenjoy
when Japanese guys are drunk 1
yes, they will be so stupid....but cute!
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Chinese guy kicks guy down stairs
Chinese guy gets kicked down stairs LOL Flip flop got f*** up LOL
Views: 81902 cidcash
Chinese Singing Taxi Man
Beijing, drunk singing Taxi Driver. Me, Chris and Jeannine are the passengers holding in our laugh!
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drunk in san diego summer 2005
here you go angie ;-) drunk chinese guy started dancing with amy. taylors a little pissed off. angelas freaked out at first. believe me this is pretty funny when your wasted.
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Drunk Asian MAD Dancing
crazu asian dancing
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Stupid Drunk Guy
This guy is rockin' out to the house band playing before the Moody Blues Concert at Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach, SC.
Views: 1620 Chris Drennen
2 asian bitches singing while drunk
hahahhahahahaha -- Sent from my Helio Ocean
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Drunk Roomate eats chinese food
Friend drank too much and got hungry. If I get great responses to this video, I'll post more. Trust me...I got more of this guy's drunken adventures.
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Vietnamese Is Koreans On Weed
DR. KEN JEONG - The Kims of Comedy this shit is so effin' funny, i almost DIED laughing.
Views: 1678391 Sabrina Graham
Drunk Trini guy winin
Drunk Trini guy winin
Views: 11003 dariussabana