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Animation Brewery Productions is proud to announce the debut of GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT!, a series of animated political satires featuring the talents of the legendary comedy duo Double Exposure. These hilarious animated shorts will poke fun at current events with the celebrated wit of Double Exposures Bob Robertson and Linda Cullen. The first episode, takes aim at the Canadian federal elections Leaders Debate.
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(this is the old version with the old sound mix - see the newer one! Mucho better)****Animation Brewery Productions is proud to announce the debut of GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT!, a series of animated political satires featuring the talents of the legendary comedy duo Double Exposure. These hilarious animated shorts will poke fun at current events with the celebrated wit of Double Exposures Bob Robertson and Linda Cullen. The first episode, takes aim at the Canadian federal elections Leaders Debate.
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Joseph Stiglitz - Problems with GDP as an Economic Barometer
Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2008/02/05/Joseph_Stiglitz_Economics_of_Information Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz proposes alternatives to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a measurement of national economic success. ----- Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz ("Globalization and Its Discontents") talks about his new concept of economics, "The Economics of Information," and his latest book, "Making Globalization Work" - Asia Society Joseph Stiglitz was chief economist at the World Bank until January 2000. Before that he was the chairman of President Clinton's Council of Economic Advisers. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in economics in 2001. He is currently a finance and economics professor at Columbia University. He is the author of Globalization and Its Discontents and The Roaring Nineties.
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Forex European Wrap Up, Canadian GDP
Economists see 0.3% fall in GDP
http://www.interest.co.nz March qtr GDP Friday Economists see 0.3% fall GDP up 2.1% from yr ago Panel 2 with chart Retail sales slump Housing slump Drought hits output Interest rates up Panel 3 with chart Manufacturing struggling Spot power prices up Tui oil helps But key is Q2 GDP Panel 4 Recession possible Helps RBNZ cut OCR September or December But little wiggle room Only small cuts Inflation a problem
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CHart: Overseas debt as percentage of GDP
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The American's  Images
http://theworld-youtube.blogspot.com/ America is a constitutional federal republic comprising fifty states and a federal district. The country is situated mostly in central North America, where its forty-eight contiguous states and Washington, D.C., the capital district, lie between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, bordered by Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. The state of Alaska is in the northwest of the continent, with Canada to its east and Russia to the west across the Bering Strait, and the state of Hawaii is an archipelago in the mid-Pacific. The country also possesses several territories, or insular areas, scattered around the Caribbean and Pacific. At 3.79 million square miles (9.83 million km²) and with more than 300 million people, the United States is the third or fourth largest country by total area and third largest by land area and by population. The United States is one of the world's most ethnically diverse nations, the product of large-scale immigration from many countries. The U.S. economy is the largest national economy in the world; with a nominal 2006 gross domestic product (GDP) of more than US$13 trillion (over 25% of the world total based on nominal GDP and almost 20% by purchasing power parity).The nation was founded by thirteen colonies of Great Britain located along the Atlantic seaboard. On July 4, 1776, they jointly issued the Declaration of Independence, which officially declared their independence from Great Britain and their formation of a cooperative union as a new nation. The rebellion was organized by the Continental Congress and succeeded in defeating Great Britain in the American Revolutionary War, the first successful colonial war of independence. After briefly being governed by the Articles of Confederation it became clear that a more powerful central government was needed. It was formed after a constitutional convention and the current United States Constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787. The Bill of Rights, comprising ten constitutional amendments that guaranteed many fundamental civil rights and freedoms under the new government, was ratified in 1791. In the nineteenth century, the United States acquired land from France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Russia, and annexed the Republic of Texas and the Republic of Hawaii. Disputes between the agrarian South and industrial North over states' rights and the expansion of the institution of slavery provoked the American Civil War of the 1860s. The North's victory prevented a permanent split of the country and led to the end of legal slavery in the United States. However, the Jim Crow laws passed after reconstruction allowed racism and inequality to persist. The Spanish-American War and World War I confirmed the nation's status as a military power. In 1945, the United States emerged from World War II as the first country with nuclear weapons, a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, and a founding member of NATO. In the post--Cold War era, the United States is the only remaining superpower—accounting for approximately 50% of global military spending—and a dominant economic, political, and cultural force in the world.
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Forex News Trade Alert - CAD Jan 14, 2008
Download my MT4 chart templates, profiles, indicators and pivot points for FREE: http://charts.fxbootcamp.com Fundamental Analysis about today's Bank of Canada Business Climate Survey. A summary of interviews conducted by the Bank's regional offices with the senior management of about 100 firms, selected in accordance with the composition of Canada's gross domestic product. Learn how to trade this report live at http://www.fxbootcamp.com
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Meet the Super Cow | National Geographic
These gigantic cows resemble bovine body-builders. See how breeders have achieved such amazing results. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe #NationalGeographic #Cows #Breeding About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/?source=4003 Meet the Super Cow | National Geographic https://youtu.be/Nmkj5gq1cQU National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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Canada deserves a better kind of opposition leader
A friend of mine made this on the condition that s/he remained anonymous. Here it is - basically just reusing footage from recent newscasts.
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Double Exposure Comedy Achives
From the comedy archives Double Exposure takes on Bill and Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy and more. For more Double Exposure madness http://www.doublexposureradio.com/
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Clear Cutting on  Indigenous Land May 2008
"Canada must abide by the international law principle that there can be no development on Indigenous land without consulting and getting the consent of the Title Holders." We the people are the TITLE HOLDERS! Clear cutting can certainly be bad for the environment, for ecosystems, for animal populations. A giant swatch of ecosystems are literally taken away from clear cutting on disputed Indigenous Land. At the same time government officials present a deal for land claims. INAC officials were alerted along with the chief and council also. "What is happening in this region is a monumental crime against the natural world, the tribes, the fauna and is further testimony to the complete irrationality with which we, the 'civilized' ones, treat the world," Jose Carlos Meirelles was quoted as saying in a statement by the Survival International group. According to the (CBD) Convention on Biological Diversity, the world is losing plants and species at 100 to 1,000 times the natural rate of extinction, leading to a smaller pool of genetic resources. The Wolastoq (St. John river)or Nekuwutkok (Tobique First Nation) community has suffered many traumas over the years, including forced attendance in Canada's notorious and now-defunct boarding [residential] schools, forced relocation away from their traditional living areas, flooding of sacred grounds and burial sites by hydroelectric dam projects, and clear-cut logging of their forests. Mercury waste from a paper mill contaminated local rivers and created devastating long-term health problems. Compared to other racial and cultural groups in Canada, indigenous people have the lowest life expectancies, highest infant mortality rates, most substandard and overcrowded housing, lower education and employment levels, and the highest incarceration rates. Native people lead in the statistics of suicide, alcoholism, and family abuse. And that's not all! According to Sukhdev's report, deforestation, should it continue at current levels, would mean the world's gross domestic product would be some 6 percent -- or €2 trillion ($3.1 trillion) -- lower by 2050 than it would be were forests preserved. Not only does deforestation mean a forest can no longer produce economic goods, he explained, but it also increases the pace of climate change and puts areas at greater risk of flooding, all of which mean additional costs. The poor would bear a disproportional share of the costs, he said. A global system to protect all ecosystems would cost around $45 billion annually to build up and maintain, Sukhdev explained. But the returns from such a scheme would be in the range of $4.4 trillion to $5.2 trillion -- meaning that every dollar invested would be repaid 100-fold.
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Direct Sales Home Party Plan Success  How To Sell To Anyone!
http://www.partyplanpat.com skype ID:patkagmak http://www.twitter.com/partyplanpat Direct Sales Home Party Plan Success How To Sell To Anyone! Ok folks, home party consultants and direct sales reps, the numbers are in (drum roll please) The direct selling businesess such as Mary Kay work best when times are bad, says Mad Money host Jim Cramer. Direct Sales reps enjoy high gross margins, low capital intensity and lots of free cash flow. Looks like the time to cash in is now! Looking to increase home party sales? I highly recommend that you get this video on the situation of things! Use this at your next home party presentation and lets see what happens! Direct Selling is the sale of a consumer product or service, person-to-person, away from a fixed retail location. These products and services are marketed to customers by independent direct sales consultants. Depending on the company, the salespeople may be called distributors, representatives, consultants or various other titles. Products are sold primarily through in-home party product demonstrations, home parties and one-on-one selling. direct sales direct sales companies direct sales software direct sales consultant colorado direct sales consultant denver direct sales jobs new direct sales companies direct cabinet sales direct sales book appointments and get them to hold direct sales distributor direct sales training colorado direct sales training denver direct sales accounting software direct sales and home parties direct sales leads gun ammo manufacturer direct sales candles direct sales direct from farm internet beef sales nsw direct sales nutritional drink direct sales opportunities direct sales tutorial powerpoint presentation home based direct sales independent direct sales distributors consumer direct sales dealer direct car sales direct sales company list direct sales fruit drink direct sales jewelry consultant direct sales planner direct sales success stories direct sales supplies direct sales vinyl windows direct wine sales dsi direct sales dsi direct sales inc find a direct sales company new direct sales company for home accessories pet products direct sales opportunities texas direct sales vfd direct sales vinyl window direct sales california direct email sales letter templates direct sales jewelry direct sales association direct sales associations reviews direct sales breads direct sales company reviews direct sales company sexual items direct sales comparison approach direct sales consultant etiquette direct sales forums direct sales home parties direct sales home party direct sales marketing direct sales near games direct sales reps direct sales tutorial direct surplus sales expected commission rates on direct sales free business direct sales downloads free direct email sales letter templates impressions and vinyl lettering and direct sales mileage tracker for direct sales free organization purse for direct sales the importance of direct sales as asales tool. what can i write off for direct sales business abc direct sales advice to starting a direct sales company best direct sales companies opportunities best direct sales company best direct sales opportunities book party email direct sales direct home sales direct home sales better home and garden direct liquidation sales direct marketing sales plan direct sales canada direct sales candles direct sales directory direct sales from home in georgia direct sales kits direct sales knowledge direct sales levels direct sales marketing companies direct sales stuff direct sales success tips ppt direct sales tutorial presentation direct sales versus retail sales direct sales welcome packets direct to door sales direct vent propane stove sales door hangers direct sales gas scooter direct sales its just jewelry direct sales ladies clothing largest direct sales companies organization products for direct sales reader's direct magazine sales role of national sales director for a direct selling company send motivational direct mail to sales force
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Stephen Harper by Torch Light
mean sneaky deceivin' Stephen/ Harping on about democracy/ barn burner
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A Trader's Introduction to the Euro, Part II
http://www.informedtrades.com/42612-traders-introduction-euro-part-ii.html As we discussed in our last lesson, the Euro was launched as an electronic currency on January 1st 1999. As you can see from this chart, the markets initial confidence in the Euro, and really the European Union as a whole, was initially not very high. Over the next year the currency sold off from just above 1.1600 dollars to 1 Euro at its inception, to a low point of around .8200 cents to 1 Euro towards the end of 2000. While the tables have turned now in the Euro's favor, it actually took the European Central Bank intervening in the markets and buying Euros, to keep the currency from sliding further in 2000. The launch of the Euro was the largest monetary changeover ever, and as you can see, was not guaranteed success. As we touched on in our last lesson, getting a dozen countries, which varied widely in their economic and political clout, to give up control over their own monetary policy and switch to a more centralized monetary system, was no easy task. As we learned about in module 8 of our basics of trading course, one of the most powerful tools that countries have to try and manage their business cycle is monetary policy, a tool which those adopting the Euro were essentially giving up. Although we have not seen a real test of this yet, you can imagine a situation where the economy of one of the major countries in the EMU such as Germany, goes into recession, but overall growth in the rest of the EMU is steady. If Germany were not part of the EMU, they could cut interest rates to try and bring their economy out of recession. Since they are however, their hands would be tied in this situation from a monetary policy standpoint, which may drive their economy deeper into recession than would otherwise be the case. As we also learned about in module 8 of our free basics of trading course, countries have a second tool to manage the business cycle, which is Fiscal policy. As the EMU nations are still primarily independent from a fiscal policy standpoint, they do still have this in their toolbox. The issue here however, is that one of the ongoing requirements established in the Massstricht treaty for countries which join the EMU, is that member country's budget deficits must be less than 3% of GDP. So here again member nations are someone limited in what they can do to help their own economies, should it falter. Of all the things to understand about the Euro from a fundamentals standpoint, it is this that is the most important, as it is here that a true test of the Euro, will eventually come. So far I think most would agree that the Euro has been a resounding success, and since the original 12 countries replaced their currencies with the Euro as their paper currency in January of 2002, 3 more EU member nations have joined the EMU, and 5 other countries outside the EU have adopted the Euro as their official currency. As a result of its success and the large combined economies that the currency represent, many feel that the Euro will one day replace the US Dollar as the premiere currency of the world. If you have thoughts on this I would love for you to share them in the comments section below. Thats our lesson for today. In our next lesson we will look at the major economies of Europe which traders watch closely for fundamental direction in the currency so we hope to see you in that lesson.
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How to Clean a Toilet
Watch more How to Clean Your Kitchen & Bathroom videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/340-How-to-Clean-a-Toilet The gross-out factor of cleaning a toilet cannot be underestimated—but the gross-out factor of not cleaning a toilet is even worse. Better clean the toilet. Step 1: Ventilate room Ventilate the room by turning on any fans and opening any doors or windows. Remove any items sitting on top of your toilet tank. Step 2: Put on gloves Put on the gloves. Tip If you're especially grossed out, or if you just want to look especially nutty, wear goggles or glasses to protect your eyes from being splashed with water or chemicals. Step 3: Flush toilet Flush the toilet. Step 4: Lift seat Lift the toilet seat. Step 5: Apply cleaner According to product instructions, apply toilet cleaner to the inside of your toilet bowl, making sure to reach under the rim. Allow the cleaner to stand, as directed, while you clean the rest of your toilet. Step 6: Spray outside Spray the outside surfaces of the toilet with the all-purpose cleaner, making sure to cover the entire commode, tank, handle, rim, both sides of the seat and lid, and the hinges. Tip To avoid creating toxic fumes, be careful not to mix your cleaning products. Step 7: Wipe down toilet Using paper towels, wipe down all of the areas of the toilet that you just sprayed. Tip You can use an old toothbrush to clean any cracks and crevices that are hard to reach. Step 8: Scrub toilet The bowl should be ready to clean by now. Scrub it thoroughly with the toilet brush, especially under the rim. Tip Scrub vigorously along the waterline, but if a ring remains, rub it with a wet pumice stone. Step 9: Flush toilet Flush the toilet and use the clean water to rinse the brush before you put it away. Just think: If you did this again soon, your toilet would never have the chance to get dirty... Did You Know? The first flushable toilet dates to more than 2,800 years ago, and it was a throne fit for a king -- King Minos of Crete, to be exact.
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109. How Interest Rates Move the Forex Market Part 2
http://www.informedtrades.com/25497-how-interest-rates-move-forex-market-part-2-a.html In our last lesson we continued our free forex trading course with a look at interest rates and how the capital flows associated with movements in the interest rates of a country affect the value of its currency. Now that we have a basic understanding of how interest rates move the forex market, lets help drive this point home with a specific example from today's market environment. For our example we are going to say that I am a savvy investor located in the United States who is seeking a good place to park some savings where I can earn a decent return on my money. For this particular slice of my portfolio I am looking for an interest paying instrument that will pay me a steady stream of cash on my money. As many of you already know a government or corporate bond will do just this paying me whatever the interest rate is as set by the country's central bank that I am investing in, plus an additional interest rate depending on the length of the bond that I am investing in (for example a 1 year bond is generally going to pay me a lower rate of interest than a 10 year bond) and for the extra risk that I take on for different type of bonds (for example a government bond is normally going to pay me less than a corporate bond because there is less chance that the government is going to default on the loan). So, knowing this, I decide that I would like to invest in a bond that pays me a good rate of interest, and I am not looking to get too speculative about this investment, so I prefer a government bond over a corporate bond. For our example we are going to say for simplicity's sake, that the bonds of the countries that we have available to invest in pay an interest rate equal to the interest rate in the country as set by the central bank. Now with this in mind the next thing that I do is list out all the different interest rates for the major countries of the world and I come up with: [B]United States: 2.00% Euro Zone: 4.00% Japan: .50% United Kingdom: 5.00% Australia: 7.25% Canada: 3.00% New Zealand: 8.25% Switzerland: 2.75%[/B] After reviewing my options its seems pretty clear that if I am just going on interest rates, then New Zealand is the place to put my money as this will earn me an extra 6.25% in interest each year over investing that same money in the United States. Now I am not going to drag the lesson out by including all the history of the interest rates in New Zealand here, but I will tell you they have been in a high interest rate environment relative to the United States for quite some time. With this in mind if I would have have followed this logic in the past then it would have played out very well for me not only from an interest rate standpoint but also from a currency appreciation standpoint. Now obviously hindsight is 20/20 and I have simplified things here for our understanding, but this is not too far off from how international investors including large market moving hedge funds and other players think. It is also a great example of the forces we have spoken about in our lessons on capital flows and in our last lesson on interest rates at play in today's market.
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Rising costs threaten India's auto growth
New Delhi, 8 Jan (ANI): According to the findings of a survey released on January 8th, by a consultancy firm, KMPG, rising production costs and dilapidated infrastructure is threatening the fast growth of Indian auto industry. Rising labour costs seem to be a cause of worry among the firms as a talent shortage drives up pay and staff turnover in an economy. India's automotive industry, which produces 1.5 million vehicles annually, is worth 34 billion dollars a year and contributes five percent of India's gross domestic product.
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130. A Trader's Introduction to the Australian Dollar
http://www.informedtrades.com/ A look at what forex traders need to know about the currency of Australia, the Australian Dollar.
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The market rallied today like the bulls were on cocaine! The revised GDP Leaped stocks into areas not seen over the last 3 or 4 months. Dollar rallies mightily against major currencies. Japan has a good slew of economic news as well. http://manoftruth.org/gold-forex-trading/
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Madame Sarkozy Carla Bruni-L´Amoureuse-Octo ber -2008
http://es.video.yahoo.com/watch/2393413/7155876 Madame Sarkozy United States President George W Bush says the G7 countries agree that they have to tackle the credit crisis with co-ordinated policies. He was speaking after an emergency meeting of the world's seven richest countries in Washington on Saturday. The G7 comprises the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Japan and their finance ministers were in the US for the meeting Mr Bush said that all the leaders recognise "that this is a serious global crisis and therefore requires a serious global response". He went on to say that the US would have to lead efforts to deal with the situation In Europe, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has called government leaders of the euro-zone for crisis talks in Paris aimed at joint action. So far, most European countries have concentrated on trying to protect their own financial institutions French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced 360 billion euros in financing ($491 billion) to shore up the country's banking system as European countries stepped up efforts to stem the global credit crisisThe French measures include 320 billion euros of loan guarantees and 40 billion euros to buy stakes in French banks in need of capital. The guarantee on loans of up to five years will be given until the end of 2009 The greatest risk is in inertia,'' Sarkozy told a press conference at the Elysee Palace in Paris ``The bank loan guarantee will represent 320 billion euros,'' he said. ``This massive commitment is up to the challenge France joined governments in Germany and Spain today in committing 960 billion euros to guarantee loans and takes stake in banks. The measures follow yesterday's announcement by European leaders of new efforts to strengthen lenders that have been battered by a freezing of credit markets and concerns about their capital levels As long as no bank fails, there is no need for the 320 billion euros,'' BNP-Paribas SA said in a e-mail today after Sarkozy's speech. ``This compares to total loans from financial institutions to the households and the corporate sector of 1,680 billion euros Finance Minister Christine Lagarde said that even with the bailout, the government was maintaining its 2008 deficit target for a shortfall of 2.7 percent of GDP The French rescue package comes after Germany announced earlier a 500 billion-euro plan, worth about 20 percent of its GDP. The U.K. government and the Bank of England included emergency loans and lending guarantees totaling 500 billion pounds ($870 billion), about 30 percent of GDP. Prime Minister Gordon Brown's government today provided an unprecedented 37 billion-pound bailout for Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc, HBOS Plc and Lloyds TSB Group Plc The 360 billion euros in the French plan represents more than 18 percent of gross domestic product. Sarkozy said the state is setting up two companies to make the funds available. One will provide loans to banks at market rates. The second will have 40 billion euros available to offer capital to financial companies in return for equity stakes The company offering capital to the banks will raise funds in the open market and will only lend to financial companies that have ``good quality'' collateral, Lagarde said. French banks are solid and typically have Tier I capital, a key measures of solvency, of more than the minimum required 6 percent, she said We want French banks to be in a position to reach the 9 percent,'' Lagarde said She also said that no company that trade's on France's benchmark CAC 40 Index was on the ``edge of bankruptcy The French government has already shown that it will spend money to protect banks with liquidity shortages. France, in a common action with the administrations of Belgium and Luxembourg, last week agreed to guarantee the borrowings of Dexia SA, and the three government extended 6.4 billion-euros in financing to the world's largest lender to local Still, French banks are resisting better than many European and U.S. rivals. BNP Paribas SA, France's largest bank, last week agreed to take control of Fortis in Belgium and Luxembourg for 14.5 billion euros, completing a breakup of Belgium's former largest financial-services company Sarkozy will meet with Bank of France Governor Christian Noyer and the heads of France's largest banks tomorrow at 11 to discuss the plan To contact the reporter on this story: To contact the reporter on this story Stock index futures soared to session highs on Tuesday as the U.S. Treasury Department announced that it will inject $250 billion of capital in major U.S. banks to stabilize the financial system and unfreeze lending S&P 500 futures jumped 43.10 points and were above fair value, a formula that evaluates pricing by taking into account interest rates, dividends and time to expiration on the contract. Dow Jones industrial average futures climbed 337 points and Nasdaq 100 futures gained 35.50 points
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Mouse Baked in Bun - Rat in bread yuk
Not sure if this is real but worth the watch of a rat in a bun! Great weight loss product reviews...http://tinyurl.com/jzn52qo https://tinyurl.com/jzjfmqx
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6. Workshop and Factory
France Since 1871 (HIST 276) The Industrial Revolution in France is often said to have been entirely overshadowed by British industrial development. This analysis is inaccurate because it ignores the significance of domestic and other non-factory occupations. Indeed, it was the class of artisan workers, rather than industrial factory workers, who were first responsible for the organization of labor movements. One of the great innovations of the factory was the imposition of industrial discipline, against which many workers rebelled, often in the form of strikes. 00:00 - Chapter 1. The Specific Nature of French Industrialization: Against the British Example 06:14 - Chapter 2. The Long Depression and Population Migration: The Slow and Steady March of Small-Scale Urbanization 14:11 - Chapter 3. The Development of Local Industrial Centers 20:34 - Chapter 4. Lives of Industrial Women: Domestic and Factory Production 30:13 - Chapter 5. From Craftsman to Worker: The Roots of French Socialism 40:42 - Chapter 6. The Development of Industrial Discipline Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website: http://open.yale.edu/courses This course was recorded in Fall 2007.
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Worst Hypnotic Song
WARNING: The song can be HYPNOTIC if played repetitively. Music: The Diva Dance by Inva Mulla from the movie Fifth Element. The movie's Special Edition documentary states that her voice was not digitally altered. In other words that was all natural. Introduction of the background Video: The Philippines is an archipelagic country located in Southeast Asia with CEBU ( First Philippine Island Conquered By Spain) as its original capital city. It was in the later years of conquest that the capital was move to MANILA. The Philippine archipelago comprises of 7,107 islands in the western Pacific Ocean, sharing maritime borders with Indonesia, Malaysia, Palau, the Republic of China (Taiwan), and Vietnam. Its national economy is the 46th largest in the world with an estimated 2008 gross domestic product (GDP) of over US$154.073 billion.[6] There are more than 11 million overseas Filipinos worldwide, about 11% of the total population of the Philippines. It is a multi-ethnic country. Ecologically, The Philippines is considered to be among 17 of the most megadiverse countries in the world. This video shows less than a hundred things one can see and do out of 7,107 islands. The rest is up for you to discover...
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Santa Gets Political (Part 5)
Santa and his helpers breed chaos. He joins in a portest carol and while attenting the Kyoto Now protest he gets interviewed by now magazine and has a nice chat with Jack Layton of the NDP.
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Michael Parenti - Terrorism, Globalization and Conspiracy 1(7)
Dr. Michael Parenti 2002 Canada lecture part 1 of 7 Subtitled in English, Swedish
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INACRAFT 2008 Jakarta (Part 13 of 17)
www.suiteholiday.com- INACRAFT to be held on April 23-27, 2008, attain the age of ten years. In spite of annual event, it has many experiences and improvement for the future to be full of challenges. From the first INACRAFT in April 1999 through the ninth, INACRAFT has indicated its own acteristics a right showcase for promoting handicraft products for entrepreneur/ exporter/ craft men from Indonesia and handicraft producing countries within Asia. Moreover, INACRAFT has been well known by domestic and overseas buyers as an exhibition to be necessarily visited to find high quality and favorite handicraft product. The 10th Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair (INACRAFT 200) will be held on: 
• Date : April 23 - 27, 2008 Opening Hours : 10.00 am - 09.00 pm 
• Exhibition Hall : Hall A & B, Lobby A & B, Cendrawasih Hall, Plenary Hall, Assembly Hall & Main Lobby Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta - Indonesia 
• Hall Area : ± 24.080 M2 (gross) 
• Focused Products : Indonesian Handicraft (Gifts, House wares & Fashion Product) Exhibited Products
• Gift Item 
Ballpoint & Wooden box, Candy jar, Woven blanket throw, Key accessories, Lighter box, Jewelry box, Small photo frame, Cigarette box, Aromatherapy, Stationery item, etc. 
• House wares, Home & Garden Decorative
Artificial flower, dried flowers, ceramic flowers vase, candle holder, lighting lamp, wood carving, ornament, craft silver, table cover embroidery, cushion cover, place mate, embroidery bed cover, Wooden furniture, rattan furniture, fiber furniture, coconut furniture, bamboo furniture, garden furniture, A kitchen wares, basket wares, table wares, bathroom wares, carpet, painting, candle, glass item, natural stone, pottery, bird house & accessories, umbrella, wind chime, doormat, garden ornament, plan terrace set, self watering hanging planter, garden bridge, garden statue, etc 
• Toys & Game
Wooden toys, soft toys, game board, inflatable toys, toys box, footballs, jigsaw puzzles, education games, etc 
• Jewelry
Gold jewelry, silver jewelry, pearl jewelry, shell jewelry, precious stones, etc 
• Batik
Painting batik, Printing batik, Stamped batik, Silk, etc 
• Fashion Garment & Embroidery
Fashion embroidery garment, Moslem dress, Indonesian ikats, Indonesian songket, Indonesian ulos, Hand oven fabric, etc Product Zoning
• Main Lobby & Plenary Hall : Gifts & House wares, Toys & Games, Miscellaneous Crafts 
• Hall A : Fashion, Embroidery, Batik, Jewelry & Accessories 
• Assembly Hall 3 : International Hall/ Export Hall 
• Hall B & Lobby B : Dinas, Pemkab & Pemda, Dekranas and Dekranasda 
• Lobby A : Sponsorship 
• National Agency for Export Development, Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia 
• Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia 
• Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia 
• State Ministry for Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises of the Republic of Indonesia 
• State Ministry for State Owned Company of the Republic of Indonesia 
• Asean handicraft Promotion and Development Association (AHPADA) 
• Indonesia Exhibition Companies Association (IECA)
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Wolfster Part 2: The Wrath of the Egyptian Mummy from Egypt
DVD available at www.darkmulletcinema.net The second half of the Wolfster Double Feature I made back in 2006. It was shot on a one-chip camera and had crappy lights, so it doesn't LOOK good. But it's still funny and is critically acclaimed for the most part. Named "One of the Best Indie Horror Movies of 2007" by Tim Gross (Bastards of Horror)!!! "The Wolf. The Vamp. The Egyptian Mummy...from Egypt." PLOT Well I guess the first movie did well, here we are again. Sequel time. But this tim I'm not fighting same lame, weak, Emo. This time I'm going up against an Egyptian Mummy (guess where he's from). I'll be teaming up with the Vampire King, Dracula, to protect this fictional world from evil. Who am I? Look at the title! Release - December 2006 Genre - Comedy/Spoof Buy the DVD at www.darkmulletcinema.net Feature Commentary with Steve Rudzinski, Shawn Shelpman, and Keegan Teel Bloopers Gunpowder Effect Moment with Ashai Trailers
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A Bicicleta
Ciclo Cairu - Pimenta Bueno Rondonia Musica de Toquinho, voz: Simone Criaçao e roteiro: Andreia Tavares Edição e arte: Jony Wagner, Cacoal Rondônia
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