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Drunk Chinese Guy
shake2927's plans on making more funny videos soon but im very drunka t the moments
Views: 355 shake2927
Funny drunk chinese guy
Japanese guy at a rugby game falls asleep despite the noise and drops his beer
Views: 136 taadaaaaa
FUNNY DRUNK ASIAN FAIL at Green Day Concert!!!
Drunk Asian guy can't keep it together at a Green Day Concert. For the best seats in the house like this, at the lowest cost, register at http://www.zigabid.com/ Negotiate your ticket price! AND each purchase earns you Z Rewards that go towards discounts off your next purchase. www.zigabid.com Home of the MASSIVE MARKDOWN where you can purchase HEAVILY DISCOUNTED tickets to selected weekly live events! (Past Massive Markdowns include $75 tickets to Drake, $21 tickets to Lakers game, and $99 tickets for Usher)
Views: 650661 Zigabid
Drunk Asian Guy Goes Crazy
Asian guy has had one too many drinks and claims to be "Bruce Chan"
Views: 114 paul97146
Drunk Asian Guy
My Nigga All Drunk...So He Act Up..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
Views: 639 treyxg
Drunk Asian Guy Teaches How To Dougie
Drunk asian guy teaches me how to dougie on his birthday.
Views: 2436 Gary Oak
пьяный китаец за рулем. drunk Chinese man driving
Хабаровск. Нетрезвый гость из Поднебесной ищет друзей в ГАИ. . JOIN QUIZGROUP PARTNER PROGRAM: http://join.quizgroup.com/ .
Give me your Ticket!!
For five minutes before I started filming this video, the train crew were trying to wake the two guys up. Then this random women heard all the commotion and decided to take over by strangling them! Hilarious!
Views: 8208112 Victoria Cox
Drunk man in imperial
Drink Chinese guy called jonny in imperial
Views: 302 David Fitter
drunk asian guy
asian guy wasteddddd!!!
Views: 332 Nathan Soeum
drunk chinese in a disco
Views: 184 IsaacBig
drunk chinese bloke.mp4
found this guy on the way back from wembley after seeing the last oasis concert ever!!and YES we had already called an ambulance!
Views: 73 Ghetto Beever
The ultimate drunk Chinese at a Bulgarian party . Mega ! Su
Marcus , a Chinese fanatic, drunk !!!!!!! Andrea Costi mega hit ! Kuchek
Views: 814 kozzy922
more drunk chinese
kannai japan chillin bob veitch drunk bein a ladies man hahahahahahah
Views: 113 usnpoppi
Asian vs. Drunk Guy Fight!!
The title says it all.
Views: 3008 iBUSCHY
Pierre + Drunk Chinese.wmv
Pierre talking with a drunk guy in the Ice and Snow World
Views: 70 Ricardo S
A very drunk ukranian boy selling chinese!
The BEST Chinese in Norwich! You're a 9 out of 10.
Views: 206 heatfan89
Drunk Asian guy at Charcoal House
Views: 36 joe cabezuela
Drunk asian pillow fight
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Views: 148 Kevin M
Drunk Asian Man Loves Midget
Drunk Asian man cant help but show his affection towards a midget in a wheelchair. He loves him, he really does! LoL
Views: 1016 StrangerThanFiction5
little asian man benard gets lucky with drunk mature
my mate benard getting groped on the train by a drunk lady
Views: 100429 TheJbriody
Drunk guy falling asleep in chinese takeaway (Part 1)
When visiting a couple of mates at Kent Uni in 2004, stopped off at a chinese takeaway and was waiting for my food when I saw this guy obviously drunk and falling asleep! Hilarious!
Views: 2163 Anil Patel
Drunk Guy Tryinq To Sound Asian
Drunk Ass Guy Talkinq To A Person He Don't Know At His Boy's House.
Views: 97 RikkiBryonTV
Montreal Drunk Asian Douchebag Screaming 1
Montreal Drunk Douchebag Screaming
Views: 1251 verbalshark
Drunk Guy Begs For Alcohol
Views: 441 j Deem
Asian Girl Hugs Drunk Guy (Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics)
This is exactly why AfroToe carries around his Flip camera with him everywhere he goes. This took place during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics when this drunk dude decided to take up a group of Asians on their offer of "Free Hugs". For more check out http://www.afrotoe.com
Views: 4590 afrotoeblog
Titan the Robot punches drunk guy. Butlins Bognor 2010.
Titan the Robot hands out a tasty right hook to drunk stag who tried his luck! To find out more about Titan the Robot please visit www.titantherobot.com
Views: 12140005 whiteyboy1966
Random Drunk guy passed out right on my doorstep
He could have at least delivered a pizza or chinese food
Views: 4636 chasingfate808
Chinese Security K.O. a Drunk
I filmed this midday on a saturday in LongHu, Henan, coming back from a wedding reception. Fairly typical scene with the entire village watching the action. The full video's much longer and the police gets punched in the head a few times before he decides he's had enough.
Views: 17770 momfalos
Crazy drunk bum vs china man in riverside part 2
Crazy drunk bum vs china man in riverside part 1 2 Lamb boy tennis girl
Views: 1070 lambboyaz
Drunk Asian Dance.3GP
Nice moves for a 60 yr old
Views: 654 bkhuff2000
Asian Man Drunk on the NYC N Train pt 2
On the N train
Views: 385 str8jay
Chinese Drinking Etiquette - Qidong Adventure
So I end up in Qidong in the Jiangsu province (about 3 hours drive out of Shanghai) and I have a very big meeting / dinner / drinking session with the local government bigwigs, so I drunkenly explain the Chinese rules of drinking
Views: 38511 serpentza
dad drunk trying speak chinese XD
my dad is very drunk at tries to be chinese
Views: 127 KuribohSloth
drunk asian people
Views: 43 ella montoya
Drunk Korean Asian passed out
Drunk Korean guy in an apartment complex passed out. In Korea Town Los Angeles.
Views: 8495 Alana Beck
Drunk asian boys singing haru haru
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Views: 184 asianboi2468
Drunk Spanish Guy
This Drunk Guy came up to me talking crazy while i was at the ATM
Views: 860 HighwayStarS2000
What three drinks can do to a lonely asian guy. Starring Henry Produced by Michael and Henry Filmed with an iPhone 4 Edited with iMovie Music by: SdialsFinest
Views: 336 sDiaLsfinEst
Chinese dancing drunk
south west of china, on the the border with tibet. sitting in a hot spring and watching the show of my life!!!
Views: 181 mtnsrv
"Drunk People" - Gabriel Iglesias- (From Hot & Fluffy comedy special)
Check this out. Here is a clip from my Comedy Central Special "Hot and Fluffy" about drunk people that I encounter on the road. Watch it and let me know what you think. Want to see me live? Check out http://fluffyguy.com/tour-dates to see when I'm in your area!
Views: 10449315 Gabriel Iglesias
Black guy vs. Drunk white guy
Black guy fights drunk white guy
Views: 79 zwest00
Elevator Eats Suicidal Korean Wheelchair Man
Elevator Eats Suicidal Korean Wheelchair Man
Views: 570453 mochichan
Drunk American Guy
american guy had to much absinte
Views: 243 sprinkhaansoep
Drunk Spanish Guy Part 2
More of the Drunk Spanish Guy
Views: 255 HighwayStarS2000
Really Drunk Guy
After a serious drinking competition, Paul is beaten very badly by a small Chinese girl. Damn she can drink vodka
Views: 18262 trialsmaster
2 Chinese/Asian Girls Fighting Over The Same Guy - Subtitles
The previous version didn't have subtitles and I think the subtitles the other user provided may be a little inaccurate.
Views: 1867908 The Left Ajar Andy Show

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