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Digby Jones - Under the Sea - Ocean Wildlife Video HD
A relaxing song with ocean wildlife clips in HD.
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Angry sea - The Perfect storm in reality
A collection of clips demonstrating the power of the sea, furious winds and gigantic waves that are not for the faint-hearted.
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North Central Atlantic Ocean in January/Feb.
Rough seas in the north central atlantic ocean in January 2010. Ship was the MV Leeds Castle. Crackalackin.
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Helsinki - Sea Life - 5 - Ocean tunnel (HD)
Sharks, rays and tropical fish Canon PowerShot A590 IS
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Guillaume Nery base jumping at Dean's Blue Hole, filmed on breath hold by Julie Gautier
OUR NEW FILM NARCOSE IS ONLINE: http://vimeo.com/95182734
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Sea drifters (jellyfish / медуза /  medusa / meduze underwater in Ireland). Watch in HD!
Dear Friends, thank you for visiting my channel and for watching this video. All my underwater films and videos were recorded entirely on location in Ireland while free-diving and snorkelling. I'm working entirely alone investing my own money and time which as you can understand limits me very much. Last year I practically had to stop filming and developing my 'Underwater Ireland' project because I had financial difficulties and couldn't afford to spend money or time anymore. To raise some funds for my project development I inserted a PayPal 'Donate' button on my website -- http://www.underwater-ireland.com/sponsors.htm You do not need to be rich and you do not need to have a PayPal account -- all that you need is a desire to help this very unique project to survive and to develop and you need to have a debit or credit card (all transactions are absolutely secure because they go through PayPal). I appreciate ANY! help and even one euro/dollar/pound/etc. can make a real difference. If you provide your name and postal address to contact [at] underwater-ireland.com after the donation I will be happy to send you a small present (my postcards, my DVD or a large photo-print, size up to 30x40cm depending on the amount of the donation). If you can't donate anything -- you can still help by sharing this information and the link to my video channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/underwaterireland and to my website - http://www.underwater-ireland.com Don't forget to come back later -- I hope I'll find an opportunity to show you even more exciting episodes about the underwater world of Ireland. Faithfully yours Victor Kutischev Think Green --Think Ireland! www.underwater-ireland.com The set of different episodes I recorded around Irish coast in 2010. The colors haven't been changed. Tags: jellyfish, underwater, ireland, drifter, diving, snorkeling, sea, fishing, scubapro, медуза, kandil deti, قنديل البحر, medusa, 海蜇, vandmand, kwal, millimallikas, dikya, meduusa, méduse, Qualle, μέδουσα, מדוזה, Marglytta, ubur-ubur, クラゲ, 해파리, mīkstčaulis, bram, manet, água-viva, maneter, แมงกะพรุน, denizanası, con sứa
Global warming & overfishing: SEA THE TRUTH – the big danger for ocean life (HiQ)
http://www.GlobeTransformer.org or http://www.SeaTheTruth.nl/en/ Got some overweight over the holidays? http://gordr.com/redteadetox (NOTE for the YouTube-Team: we have uploaded this movie with the permission of the Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation) BACKGROUND Sea the Truth is based on numerous scientific publications that examine the problems of seas and oceans. Below follows an overview of the themes addressed in the film and a brief explanation. DEEP TROUBLE: WHALE MORTALITY CAUSED BY OVERFISHING According to a report of the New Zealand news channel 3News sea mammals, among which whales, are dying of malnutrition. The makers claim that this is caused by overfishing. Watch the report here: http://www.3news.co.nz/Deep-Trouble-/tabid/371/articleID/169002/Default.aspx FISHING POLICY AND QUOTA Fishing policy around the world is destructive. Recommendations from scientists on quotas are ignored by policy makers, wealthy countries plunder the fishing territories of poor countries and bottom trawlers sow destruction all over the seafloor with their dragnets. In Europe, 88% of fish stocks have been overharvested, such as the blue fin tuna which sadly is threatened with extinction. EFFECTS OF FISHING ON MARINE ECOSYSTEMS In addition to the effect on the fish stocks, fishing also affects all other organisms in the same habitat or ecosystem. Whether the fish being harvested are predatory or prey, the balance of the ecosystem is disrupted and this can have serious consequences. The degree of disruption strongly depends on the fishing method employed. BYCATCH The term bycatch has come to be used to refer to fish caught unintentionally when fishermen fish for commercial fish. These kinds of fish are not interesting to sell and as a consequence they are thrown back into the ocean either death or mutilated. The average bycatch worldwide is about 40.4% of the total amount of fish being caught. This means that 3 kilos of consumed fish brings about 2 kilos of bycatch. In total, 37 billion kilos of fish per year is wasted bycatch. FISH SUFFERING People once thought that fish could not feel anything when they are caught. This idea was probably motivated because fish are cold blooded; this is in contrast with humans who are warm blooded. However, the ability to feel pain does not have anything to do with body temperature. From research studying the behavior of fish, as well as the study of anatomy and physiology, it turns out that fish have feelings and are in fact able to feel pain. This means that the current methods to catch and kill fish are in truth a torture for fish, moreover captured fish die of suffocation: a process that can take up to several minutes or hours. THE PLASTIC SOUP Between Hawaii and San Francisco floats an enormous amount of rubbish -- a plastic soup with a surface area of 8.6 million square kilometres. To compare: This is 33 times greater than the surface area of the Netherlands (41,528 km2). This plastic soup was 'discovered' by Charles Moore when he sailed through this area with his boat and found himself surrounded day in day out by plastic waste. He later returned with scientific equipment to determine the soup's total size. The plastic soup is a huge threat to a number of marine animals and mammals. TOXINS IN FISH We're told we should eat fish twice a week as it is packed with nutrition. These healthy nutrients are however easily obtained from other food sources, whereas fish may also contain large amounts of toxins. Mercury and dioxins 'enjoy' the status of most researched toxins in fish.
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Exotic Jellyfish
Filmed by Daniel Regner. Shot at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD. See "Jellies Invasion:Oceans Out of Balance" at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.
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Atlantic Ocean NYC Filmed With New Samsung HD HMXH100 Camcorder
New Samsung HD HMXH100 Camcorder filming NYC and atlantic ocean shore in high definition. Please subscribe. Thank you.
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A day at sea, goPro hd
Normal day at sea ;)
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The evaporating Mediterranean Sea | BBC
Six million years ago the continents of Africa and Europe collided to close the Strait of Gibralter. Starved of water, the Mediterranean Sea evaporated to form a vast desert. The legacy of this vanished ocean? A million years' worth of salt deposited in mines half a kilimetre beneath the island of Sicily. Extraordinary footage taken from the ground-breaking BBC series Earth: The Power of the Planet. Visit http://www.bbcearth.com for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos and watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Earth YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/bbcearth
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Sea Swimming and Adventuring in First Person - GoPro HD
Trying to show a first person view of swiiming and climbing the coastline. Come along for the ride and see what it is like, as if you are there sort of, lol. Music from: www.freeplaymusic.com Great resource!
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Sand, Sea and Sky HD
A perfect day in Samoa. South Coast, Upolu, Samoa 11:46am Season: Autumn Temperature: 36ºC, 97ºF Elevation: 1m, 3ft Heading: SE Barometric Pressure: 1012 hPa GPS: S14º 00' 33.4", W171º 47' 49.0" Directions: From 'Coconuts Beach Club Resort & Spa', stroll along the row of Beach Fales facing the ocean. When you get to the end of the Beach Fales, cross over the stone fence at the steps and walk along the beach towards the mangrove estuary. This uninterrupted view of the pristine lagoon and reef will be laid out before you.
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Deep Sea 9 - Lost In The Ocean [Original Mix]
Apologies, this is not the JPO & Beam Remix as the video shows. It is the Original Mix. I take no credit for the tune. You can buy this on Discogs and support the artist if you like it. MP3 is not available sorry. http://www.discogs.com/Deep-Sea-9-Lost-In-The-Ocean/release/910487
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Helsinki - Sea Life - 4 - Ocean tunnel (HD)
Sharks, rays and tropical fish Canon PowerShot A590 IS
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The Living In The Sea Full HD 1080p
The Living In The Sea Full HD 1080p Voice Meryl Streep.
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Swimming with Sharks HD
swimming with whales and sharks HD In this week's marine podcast, cameraman Graeme Duane shares two of his most memorable experiences while filming underwater.
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Shark Vs. Sea Snake
http://www.morningstarr.co.uk/forum/natter/29035-shark-vs-snake.html#post293947 This is a great video taken by a camera on the Great Barrier Reef.
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Lilo & Stitch - Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (lyrics) [HD]
"Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride" Aloha e aloha e 'Ano 'ai ke aloha e Aloha ae aloha e A nu ay ki aloha e There's no place I'd rather be Then on my surfboard out at sea Lingering in the ocean blue And If I had one wish come true I'd surf till the sun sets Beyond the horizon A wiki wiki mai lohi lohi Lawe mai i ko papa he'e nalu Flyin by on the Hawaiian roller coaster ride A wiki wiki mai lohi lohi La we mai iko papa he na lu Pi'i na nalu la lahalaha O ka moana hanupanupa Lalala i kala hanahana Me ke kai hoene i ka pu'e one Helehele mai kakou e Hawaiian roller coaster ride There's no place I'd rather be Than on the seashore dry, wet free On golden sand is where I lay And if I only had my way I'd play til the sun sets Beyond the horizon Lalala i kala hanahana Me ke kai hoene i ka pu'e one It's time to try the Hawaiian Roller coaster ride Hang loose, hang ten, howzit, shake a shaka No worry, no fear, ain't no biggie braddah Cuttin' in, cuttin' up, cuttin' back, cuttin' out Frontside, backside, goofy footed, wipe out Looking for the wipeout Let's get jumpin', surf's up and pumpin' Coastin' with the motion of the ocean Whirlpools swirling, cascading, twirling Hawaiian roller coaster ride There's no place I'd rather be Then on my surfboard out at sea Lingering in the ocean blue And if I had one wish come true I'd surf till the sun sets Beyond the horizon A wiki wiki mai lohi lohi Lawe mai i ko papa he'e nalu Flyin by on the Hawaiian roller coaster ride A wiki wiki mai lohi lohi La we mai iko papa he na lu Pi'i na nalu la lahalaha O ka moana hanupanupa Lalala i kala hanahana Me ke kai hoene i ka pu'e one Helehele mai kakou e Hawaiian roller coaster ride My Twitter account https://twitter.com/RodrigoSMJ :)
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Thousands of sharks visit a sea mount | Blue Planet: A Natural History of the Oceans | BBC
In the Pacific, a tiny island 300 miles away from the shore hides a giant mountain beneath the waves that forms a home for thousands of planton feeding fish. These fish attract tuna, and the tuna attract thousands of sharks. Watch this video to learn more about this fascinating food chain, and hear some weird but true facts about the visiting Hamerhead sharks. Brilliant short from BBC wildlife show Blue Planet. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough. Visit http://www.bbcearth.com for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos and watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Earth YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/bbcearth
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"Dark Ocean, Dark Sea"
Ocean Video on Cow Skull by Artist Timothy Williams
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Sea side at Lorne on the  Great Ocean Road [HD]
Aug. 2010, I visited Lorne with my friend family
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PERFECT SUNSET 30min (Full HD 1080p)
more relaxing videos ›› http://world-cruise2010.com/
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Saint Etienne - The Sea (PFM Mix) [HD]
Saint Etienne - The Sea (PFM Mix) Label: Heavenly Catalog#: HVNLP 16P2 Country: UK Released: 1996 Genre: Electronic Style: Drum n Bass
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Great Lakes Sailing - Welland Canal HD time-lapse
The Welland Canal is a ship canal in Canada that runs 42 km (27.0 miles) from Port Colborne, Ontario on Lake Erie to Port Weller, Ontario on Lake Ontario. As part of the St. Lawrence Seaway, the canal allows ships to traverse the Niagara Escarpment and avoid Niagara Falls.
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ArkticPlanet - Ocean Life ( Original Mix ) [HD]
This is my new Track ! Feel free to comment and rate ! Enjoy !
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The weird world of the sea urchin
http://www.earth-touch.com/ From scary-looking spines to bizarre tube feet, sea urchins are some of the ocean's strangest animals. The Earth-Touch crew dives down to explore their world in this HD video.
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Jumpstart 1st Grade Song - Sea Song HD
A song from Jumpstart 1st grade Mp3 can be downloaded free from: http://cid-03ac14efdc7ef56d.office.live.com/browse.aspx/Jumpstart%20Songs
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[HD] Tip of INDIA where Bay of Bengal,Arabian sea and Indian Ocean meet !
This is the world's most favorite picnic and tourism spot so much that nearly 3-3.5 crores of people visit this place.If you want to pay a visit to the tip of INDIA then come here and watch.
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Eilat Sea World HD Footage
Eilat Sea World for details please contact Yuval Dax [email protected]
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3d sea-ocean waves animation
This is an 3d sea-ocean waves animation, done in 3d max and dreamscape. This is just a part of a bigger animation witch will show an semi submersible oil rig in this kind of waves. http://www.labicko.com
Relax Music Legend of the Sea Video Song HD
Suggestive photographic images of the Sea, elaborate again in a fascinating movie, meticulously reconstructed and syncronized with one of the thematic song of my musical repertoire. Good listening and good vision, thanks!
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Sonata Arctica - White Pearl, Black Oceans lyrics
A beautiful song with beautiful lyrics. Hope you enjoy the video. GO BUY SONATA ARCTICA's CD's! really do, they're awesome LYRICS: (also displayed in the video) I was born and raised by the sea; shy yet proud, learned to stay away from the crowd, in my home, my lighthouse. 101 steps, round and down, New Years Eve, one night on the town can change one life into eternity. All I could see - her eyes. We got caught in the moment all of the night. Taken beyond all lines, in silence, leaving them all behind. She had found the sails for the following night. The town, for her, was getting way too small. She promised to be mine forever, for that one night ... Moments, passion, small defeats. Concealed emotions found in me. "You gave life to a brand new me ..." Crossing the wintry fields the first hour of morning light. Warmed by the flame inside - the lasting memory of the ending night. I never had a chance to stop what hit me, what broke my bones and mauled me. After hours of deep unwilling sleep in a cold shelter, fell back in the dark, and the hours of the day passed ... A nightmare awakes me, blinking light, there's no guide - blind ships in the night! Oh, blood red moon, eat away the night ... Darkness covers my lonely soul, no one to feed the dying light ... Good morn', oh dreadful day. I prayed the moon had lit the sea instead of me, for the sails of night. "Please tell me everything is alright ..." My voice in the room broke the silence, everybody killed me with their eyes ... what I was to hear made the people cry - impossible for me to keep the tears inside. "All on the board the White Pearl have died! Coastal reef has tolled their lives, and you are the light of the night!" One thing I remember, before I fell on the ground, although I never saw the face, a name was inked in his arm ... Love can be like poetry of demons, or maybe God loves complex irony? The family name stated I had seen before ... written on her front door! "Silence in the courthouse!" A presence in the room we both could feel - the father of her unborn child and me. All on the board the White Pearl have died, coastal reef has tolled their lives, while I was the guide light! Back in my tower, run, run, run - light is out. I hope to see black oceans beneath rise and swallow me! One step will take me back inside, another sees my end. No one can love a man who guarded the light one fateful night ... Flaming eyes I must confront before I am stated free. Defining innocence is hell after all that has passed. Building new walls inside my eternal night. Although they took my heart and dried me up, sometimes I still bleed ... Show me the way ... The light will show me a way on the grisly reefs, too many dead ends I see. No soul can save me - the respect I lost, the measure of a man. 10,000 steps down, round and round, one night on the town and I'm hell bound. Black oceans beneath, come and swallow me! All on board the White Pearl have died, coastal reef come claim my life! Black oceans beneath, come and swallow me! My little tower, seal my fate, help me pay back - end their hate. Black oceans beneath, come and swallow me! One direction; down, down, down ... pitch black night for my old town, black oceans beneath shall now swallow me. "I hereby commit my body to the deep, to be turned into corruption, looking for the resurrection of the body, when the Sea shall give up Her dead, and the life of the world to come, through our Lord. Amen." I DON'T OWN THE MUSIC OR THE LYRICS OR THE IMAGES IN THIS VIDEO, ALL RIGHTS GO TO THEIR OWNERS!!! yes my real name is Filomena, I didn't steal the video or anything-_-
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Axel Rudi Pell - Dark Waves of the Sea (Oceans оf Time Part II - The Dark Side).wmv
Disclaimer - I am not the owner neither the music nor the images. They belong to their original owners. This video is not commercial.
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19' Sea Kayak build - Stitch and Glue - HD
P L A Y I N " H D " Building a Se Kayak, a first time project, learning stitch and method of boat construction. I have posted this video to help other building this Glen-L designed boat. I Built from Glen-L Plans www.aaronpufal.com
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Explorer of the Seas - Watching the Open Sea HD - 2010
Onboard Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas - September 14, 2010 - Sailing back to Cape Liberty, Bayonne, NJ
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Oceans - Trailer #2
Click here to buy: http://bit.ly/d2mtgX OCEANS on Disney Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray + DVD) and 1-Disc DVD, October 19, 2010 Become a fan of Disneynature on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/disneynature. Follow Disneynature on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/disneynature. OCEANS on Blu-ray Hi-Def will take viewers on a breathtaking and unprecedented high-definition journey to discover nature's mysteries, showcasing creatures captured on film for the first time and state-of-the-art imagery of the colorful symphony that lives under the sea. With crystal clear picture, and theater-quality sound, OCEANS puts audiences in the very heart of the action, racing along amid a school of traveling tuna, leaping with dolphins and swimming shoulder-to-fin with whales that will entertain kids and parents alike.
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ocean lab sirens of the sea
this took me forever to finish strangely enough so hopefully somebody will watch this but if not. wth =) So if anybody watches this enjoy!=p Disclaimer:i do not own pics or vids
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Gramatik - Chillaxin' by the Sea
from "Street Bangerz Vol. 2" (2010) Video will be removed if requested by the copyright owner.
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Bałtyk - Zachód słońca ( Full HD ) - sunset over the Baltic sea
Bałtyk - zachód słońca widziany z plaży w Grzybowie k. Kołobrzegu.
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NASA The Ocean in Bloom (HD 720p)
The Earth Observing System (EOS) is a coordinated series of polar-orbiting and low inclination satellites for long-term global observations of the land surface, biosphere, solid Earth, atmosphere, and oceans. EOS is a major component of the Earth Science Division of NASA's Science Mission Directorate. EOS enables an improved understanding of the Earth as an integrated system. The EOS Project Science Office (EOSPSO) is committed to bringing program information and resources to program scientists and the general public alike. Please visit my norwegian aircraft list website: www.aircraftregister.net.
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The weedy sea dragon | Oceans | BBC
Environmentalist Philippe Cousteau Jnr and marine biologist Tooni Mahto go in search of the weedy sea dragon, one of the planet's most curious and enigmatic creatures found only in the Southern Ocean. Fantastic clip taken from the BBC's Ocean series. Visit http://www.bbcearth.com for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos and watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Earth YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/bbcearth
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Sea Turtles HD
We swam with sea turtles in Akumal Bay, just a short boat ride from Barcelo Maya Beach Tropical resort. In about 45 minutes of snorkeling we encountered around 5 turtles and had the amazing privilege of swimming with them. The video is shot with a Sony HDR XR550 HD handycam in a Sony Sport Pack underwater housing. Music: Hawaii by Sentinel http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ Music: Past Radio by Sentinel http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ Music: Relax by Sentinel http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/
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Sea Rex 3D Official 1080p HD Trailer
Through the power of IMAX 3D, experience a wondrous adventure from the dinosaur age. Join Julie, an imaginative young woman, in a unique voyage through time and space. Explore an amazing underwater universe inhabited by larger-than-life creatures which were ruling the seas before dinosaurs conquered the earth. See science come alive in an entertaining manner and get ready for a face-to-face encounter with the T-Rex of the seas!
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Wind Waker Soundtrack - The Great Sea is Cursed HD
Wind Waker Soundtrack - The Great Sea is Cursed HD
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Sea Life London Aquarium Jellyfish (HD)
Amazingly graceful & luminescent jellyfish swimming in the London Aquarium.
Views: 3929 Ted Mault