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Man On Ground (2011) Movie Trailer HD - TIFF
A bold and exacting portrayal of rising xenophobia in South Africa, Omotoso casts the story of a young Nigerian man living in the African refugee tenements of Johannesburg who disappears against the background of animosity against immigrants flaring into violent rioting. In the span of a single night, his brother, on a short visit from London, tries to elucidate the mystery.
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Five men at atomic ground zero
On July 19, 1957, five men stood at Ground Zero of an atomic test that was being conducted at the Nevada Test Site. This was the test of a 2KT (kiloton) MB-1 nuclear air-to-air rocket launched from an F-89 Scorpion interceptor. The nuclear missile detonated 10,000 ft above their heads. A reel-to-reel tape recorder was present to record their experience. You can see and hear the men react to the shock wave moments after the detonation. The sound you hear on this clip is from the original reel to reel tape which is not available anywhere else. The placard reading "Ground Zero; Population Five" was made by Colonel Arthur B. "Barney" Oldfield, the Public Information Officer for the Continental Air Defense Command in Colorado Spring who arranged for the volunteers to participate. The five volunteers were: Colonel Sidney Bruce Lt. Colonel Frank P. Ball (technical advisor to the Steve Canyon tv show) Major Norman "Bodie" Bodinger Major John Hughes Don Lutrel and George Yoshitake, the cameraman (who wasn't a volunteer) see George discuss his work photographing atomic and nuclear explosions in "Atomic Filmmakers."
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Threw It On The Ground
Download on iTunes: http://goo.gl/gcVR7 THREE T-Shirt designs!: http://goo.gl/jr4sY So many things to throw on the ground! Featuring Ryan Reynolds and Elijah Wood. Directed By Akiva. First aired: October 3, 2009 Now available on Turtleneck & Chain http://www.turtleneckandchain.com
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Eminem - Space Bound
Eminem performing Space Bound. buy now http://bit.ly/lVFDxd © 2010 Aftermath Records
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PTSD: What is the common ground between men and women and PTSD?
PTSD is the common ground between the traumatized man and woman. Therapists ought to recognize that there are times that women and men have important differences in how they understand certain situations.
Get down on the ground, man
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Cold Cold Ground - Tom Waits cover
played by Mister X and the X Men - uploaded via http://www.mp32u.net/
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Men's - Ground Balls
Men's - Ground Balls
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9/11 'They had 2 choices, burn or leap and end it all'
Perhaps the most upsetting images of this Islamist attack were those of the desperate men and women who were forced to jump from the top of the WTC. At over 1,000 feet above ground level and on broken window ledges, for how long did these poor souls contemplate that unimaginable fall? The human desire to live and hold on was slowly extinguished by soaring heat, smoke and hopelessness. Eyewitnesses from adjacent towers describe seeing some victims making the sign of the cross before jumping, others victims were seen jumping one after the other, in small groups a few seconds apart perhaps choosing to die together. All of these innocent victims of terrorism should never be forgotten and their families deserve our eternal sympathy and understanding. God bless them and God bless The United States of America. http://www.usatoday.com/news/sept11/2002-09-02-jumper_x.htm http://www.theatlantic.com/past/docs/issues/2002/09/langewiesche-excerpts.htm ______________________________________________________ From a Sept. 8, 2009 Esquire article by Tom Junod titled "The Falling Man" They began jumping not long after the first plane hit the North Tower, not long after the fire started. They kept jumping until the tower fell. They jumped through windows already broken and then, later, through windows they broke themselves. They jumped to escape the smoke and the fire; they jumped when the ceilings fell and the floors collapsed; they jumped just to breathe once more before they died. They jumped continually, from all four sides of the building, and from all floors above and around the building's fatal wound. They jumped from the offices of Marsh & McLennan, the insurance company; from the offices of Cantor Fitzgerald, the bond-trading company; from Windows on the World, the restaurant on the 106th and 107th floors -- the top. For more than an hour and a half, they streamed from the building, one after another, consecutively rather than en masse, as if each individual required the sight of another individual jumping before mustering the courage to jump him or her self. One photograph, taken at a distance, shows people jumping in perfect sequence, like parachutists, forming an arc composed of three plummeting people, evenly spaced. Indeed, there were reports that some tried parachuting, before the force generated by their fall ripped the drapes, the tablecloths, the desperately gathered fabric, from their hands. They were all, obviously, very much alive on their way down, and their way down lasted an approximate count of ten seconds. They were all, obviously, not just killed when they landed but destroyed, in body though not, one prays, in soul. From a Sept 11 2001 Truthquake. com article 9/11 Victims Forgotten The only research that comes close to being an official account conducted by the National Institute for Standards and Technology. NIST analyzed camera footage and still photographs, and counted 104 jumpers, often recording the floor and exact window from which they left. All but three leapt from the first building to be hit -- the North Tower. The second plane struck the South Tower 16 minutes later but it collapsed first, giving people less time to react. The first jumper is recorded plunging from the North Tower's 149th window of the 93rd floor on the north face of the building at 8.51 am, just over four minutes after it was hit by the first hijacked Boeing 757 between the 93rd and 99th floors.Sometimes the people falling were separated by an interval of just a second. At one point nine people fell in six seconds from five adjacent windows; at another, 13 people fell in two minutes. Twenty minutes after the building was struck, two people fell simultaneously from the same window on the 95th floor. At least four jumpers tried to climb to other windows for safety, but then lost their grips. One person climbed from the 93rd floor to the 92nd, clinging to the window's edge before falling just one second after someone else fell from the same window -- number 215 on the east face of the tower. The early jumpers came from the crash zone where the plane entered the building -- the offices of the insurance brokers Marsh & McLennan.The last jumper fell just as the North Tower collapsed 102 minutes after the building had been hit. ______________________________________________ to answer all the enquiries about the soundtrack it's Child of the Troubles by Roy Todd http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tomorrow-begins-today/id348572523 ______________________________________________ 9-11 did they escape from the impact zone 9/11
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Witness: man on ground, cops used Taser
A witness has a differing view of what police say happened the day Nicholas Koscielniak was shocked by a Taser by police, and later died.
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Man Levitates.  MUST SEE!!!!
Magician Dan White meets up with a Buddhist monk, in Nepal, who has the power of levitation. What do you think?
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MAN ON GROUND Trailer | Festival 2011
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get down on the ground
made men ent
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Fire men test water canons from ground and fire truck at marina
Fire men test water canons from ground and fire truck at marina
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Man Arrested at Ground Zero for Demanding Truth
A brave member of the 9/11 Truth Movement faced a crowd by himself and was immediately sacked by police officers. Clearly, the crowd's reaction to the simple statement "When will we be allowed to know the truth about 9/11" indicates the deep state of denial and cognitive dissonance still present within the brainwashed masses. Clearly, the propaganda campaign has had great success in channeling all of our pain, fear and dawning perception of the true terror of 9/11 as a false flag operation, into blind hatred for muslims. This is how 9/11 continues to damage America and deepen the wound that has been inflicted. Clearly, many will NEVER be mentally or emotionally capable of grasping the dark truth about 9/11. We have dark days ahead, but only by shining light into the darkness can we overcome it. Remember that, while darkness cannot drive out the light, only light can drive away the darkness.
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Parade Ground - Retired
Man in a trance 1984
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Radical Men - Higher Ground
Radical Men - Higher Ground Label:Groove On Catalog#:GO-5 Format:Vinyl, 12" Country:US Released:1994 Genre:Electronic Style:House, Trance Tracklist --------------- A Higher Ground B Tempertandrum
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Funniest 911 Call Ever
Get the full album on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/nincompoop/id829499698 The funniest 911 call ever emerges from the archives of the Toronto Police Department's 19th Division. Follow us on Twitter: @hunter_collins & @FThatNoise_com Note: now that we've cracked 1 million views, we want to firstly thank everyone who's watched, liked, shared and subscribed! It's also time to acknowledge all you little Sherlock Holmes Juniors out there who've deduced that the video is "fake". Congratulations. I guess it's fake if you consider sketches fake. This is something we wrote. And for the record, the two voices are played by two different people: Hunter Collins & Vince Mannella. We have plenty of other killer vids on our channel. Thanks and enjoy!
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Grown men rolling on the ground
middlefield and willimantic skateboarding
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To you "pants on the ground" men..
HOW do you WALK?
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Tribe Men Jump 80 Feet Into the Ground
Blog: http://deathisover.blogspot.com
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The Common Men Lights Above Ground 032711
Recording of new song "Lights Above Ground." Many thanks to Chris Fabbri for recording this! www.thecommonmen.tk www.chrisfabbri.com
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We only had 10 men City Ground fly past - We only had ten men
"We only had 10 men" flypast at the city ground arranged by Derby County fans to celebrate the great victory over their rivals earlier in the season. For more information go to: www.weonlyhad10men.moonfruit.com
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Ground Rules.
I will not tolerate any racist slurs from black men and black women ABOUT black men and women. I will not tolerate black men, or black women, calling each other MONKEY, GORILLA, and all of that mess. Anybody who does that mess will be BLOCKED!!!
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Guys on the ground "wrestling"
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Raw Elements Battle "GSK (Ground Syndrome Krew) vs The 4 Horse Men"
http://www.ChuckDiesal.com/ 4 on 4 B boying battle at The Raw Elements Event held at Alternatives!! The 4 Horse Men vs GSK.
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SOCCER: Bulldogs men ground Eagles
The Holmes Community College Bulldogs went to 9-2-1 overall and 3-2-1 in the North Division with a 3-2 win against Hinds Community College.
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The Sower and the Seed (Creative Poetry Recitation) - Fisher of Men
MUSIC BY RUTH FAZAL "A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path; it was trampled on, and the birds ate it up. Some fell on rocky ground, and when it came up, the plants withered because they had no moisture. Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up with it and choked the plants. Still other seed fell on good soil. It came up and yielded a crop, a hundred times more than was sown." When he said this, he called out, "Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear." His disciples asked him what this parable meant. He said, "The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of God has been given to you, but to others I speak in parables, so that, "'though seeing, they may not see; though hearing, they may not understand.' "This is the meaning of the parable: The seed is the word of God. Those along the path are the ones who hear, and then the devil comes and takes away the word from their hearts, so that they may not believe and be saved. Those on the rocky ground are the ones who receive the word with joy when they hear it, but they have no root. They believe for a while, but in the time of testing they fall away. The seed that fell among thorns stands for those who hear, but as they go on their way they are choked by life's worries, riches and pleasures, and they do not mature. But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop. Do you need someone to pray with you? Send me an e-mail here on Youtube or come join my online family on Facebook in the group, "Behind the Curtain" where you can receive all the prayer and support you could ever need.
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"No Lotions & Potions"- MEN'S Perspective Rodan + Fields GROUND FLOOR Opportunity
Join my top producing Rodan + Fields Dermatologists' team for an unprecedented business opportunity to partner with Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, the billion dollar brand entrepreneurs who created the world renowned ProActiv acne treatment. DSA (Direct Sales Association) Rising Star Award recipient for 2010 Rodan + Field's Dermatoligist also received the DSA Sales force development award for 2010 AND 2011- Dont let this opportunity pass you by! Where would YOU be today if you had partnered with these Doctors when the created ProActiv? Well the offer is on the table! MESSAGE ME TODAY! My top producing team is creating sales channels for Rodan + Fields through word of mouth and social media marketing. Our company will grow exponentially over the next few months as we open a new region. I am looking for dynamic men and women who are entrepreneurial, positive, great net-workers and who care about developing others to help them achieve their personal best. This is why Rodan + Fields offers one of the most exciting opportunities today: • Our company is creating transformational product systems for aging skin • The $2.5 Billion anti-aging skincare projected to double in next five years The rise of social economy shifts power from corporations to individuals • Our business model and compensation plan provides substantial income potential with minimal upstart costs, with low cost of entry under $1,000. Qualifications: Must be 18 years old or older, coachable, have a strong desire to control your financial future, a minimum of 10 hours a week, and must have skin! I offer personal coaching and ongoing training from anywhere in the US, via phone, internet, local meetings, and more. **Professionals with experience in pharmaceutical and medical sales, beauty and cosmetic industries, salon & spa owners, aesthetics, real estate, public relations, social media and B to B and B to C marketing highly desirable. We are establishing sales leaders in all 50 states and preparing for future global expansion. Training and support to fully launch your business. You will have flexibility of schedule and no travel required. You may work from home and recruit your own team anywhere in the U.S. Unlimited six figure plus income potential in part-time to full-time hours. Lucrative 1099 commissions plus bonuses, including trips and a Lexus car incentive. For more complete information, please email a short cover letter and resume ASAP to arrange for an interview. If you would like to know more about working with Rodan and Fields please contact me today. Shawna Haskew Whitsett Level V Executive Leader Independent Consultant, Rodan + Fields [email protected] www.skincaresuccess.com
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Men's room sink in Ground Kontrol.
Water 1 : Electronics 0. Round 2, Fight! Repaired the illuminated sink in Ground Kontrol today. Made some design changes, so hopefully it'll keep working this time!
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episode three: odegaard undergraduate library, ground floor men's bathroom, 'electric feel'
my apologies for the abrupt ending, i thought the cops were outside
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We only had 10 men plane over Sh*tty Ground
Plane over the Sh*tty ground
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EMAIL ME HERE AT - [email protected] BLOG - www.jewelsdiva.com.au FACEBOOK - www.facebook.com/jewelsdiva TWITTER - www.twitter.com/jewelsdiva MYSPACE - www.myspace.com/thebitchfestblogger TUMBLR - www.jewelsdiva.tumblr.com LINKEDIN: www.linkedin.com/in/jewelsdiva
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tug of war... man vs. woman on ground
she will never let go
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Battle field 3 beta | glitch | 5 men under ground
Hey everybody this is a quick glitch that happened while I was playing the battlefield 3 beta so I got stuck underground with 5 other ppl . Sorry about my voice it was 1 am when I was recorded this .
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TIFF 2011 Man On Ground Intro and Q&A
Man On Ground Directed By: Akin Omotoso Q&A Discussion with: Akin Omotoso, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, and Fabian Adeoye Lojede
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episode one: uw school of music, ground floor men's bathroom, 'creep'
and such is the start of my latest adventure-- a series of temporary installations, brief performances, and momentary exhibits by which i mean, i will perform and record brief concerts in bathroom stalls i started with the men's bathroom on the ground floor of the uw school of music. it was ridiculously clean for a school bathroom, i was very confused.
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"And I Hit The Ground In My Stocking Feet"
The Liberty Foundation Honors our Veterans. Lt. William Massey of the 401st bombgroup came out to see the Liberty Belle on our stop in Birmingham Alabama. I asked Lt. Massey to tell me about the last time he flew a B-17 in combat and like most veterans his story is nothing short of amazing. It is in hearing his story that we can get perhaps a small idea of what our our men and women sacrificed for our freedom in WWII. This is dedicated to all of our men and women of service. It is because of you that we are free. The B-17 "Liberty Belle" provides passengers an opportunity to take a step back-in-time and gain respect for the men and women who gave so much to protect our freedoms. Flight participants receive a historical briefing about the significance of the B-17 then take to the air for a scenic tour around the local area. Please see the schedule for more details.
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Men and Women
Open Satsang with Mooji in Tiruvannamalai, 5.2.2011 - "The Power of Yes" In response to one man's question about the significance of relationships for his spiritual path, Mooji speaks about the importance of communication in relationships. He clearly points out that self-recognition can be the main focus with or without a partner -- because a relationship can never bring completeness.
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Whiskey for my men Scraps for my ground squirrel www.sewport
Arizona ground squirrel "Ratso" stuffs his mouth with fabric scraps from pillowcases made for United States troops. Recycling by nature and Sewport Our Troops.
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Pants on The Ground the Lizzy Remix ; )
So tired of seeing men with their pants on the ground! This is to all you who think yo swag is to sag! Lol = ]
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