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Sea Dragon game for TRS-80 Model 1
http://hirudov.com presents test of the classic Scramble clone for TRS-80 Model 1 series of computers called "Sea Dragon". The game, developed back in 1981 is excellent port of the classic arcade game with high resolution graphics, music, sound effects, scrolling and explosion animations.
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Dragon Nest SEA, Sea Dragon Nest (Hardcore), 20min Full Video
Video Brought to you by NyxLight (Tempest) World: Springwood Time taken: 20min 35sec Best viewed in HIGH DEFINITION!!! :D Edited out some of the boring cutscenes ^^ Party Information: 1. TankOfHope, Guardian 2. Ashward, Saint 3. DearSakura, Gear Master 4. x3LostLove, Destroyer 5. NyxLight, Tempest 6. MissLoli, Physician 7. LoveMePls, Saleana 8. Kiwi, Moon Lord Main difference between HC and Norm: 1. 40 minutes timer 2. Boss has Thicker HP Bar 3. Boss has Higher P-attk/M-attk For my stats and equipments, I recorded it somewhere inside the video. ^^ If you are wondering why my damage is uber 1337, you can see why at the start of the video. I do not own the music, if interested please visit: https://www.youtube.com/user/FlamingJune2012 Please subscribe! :D If you like my videos, please gives me the thumbs up/comment! ^^ I will greatly appreciate it! :D No copyright infringement intended, for entertainment purposes only. ^^
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Dragon Nest SEA 40 Cap Sea Dragon Nest cleared 26:39
Sea Dragon Nest at level 40. Server: Westwood Guild: Ikebukuro Line up: JP (MeatBallz - Priest/Raid leader) Ian (GanPhuaFIT - Tank) Mun (LaoZharBor - Merc) Bin (Crezeance - SM) Arubutto (Michelle - EL) Nan (RivE - EL) Ken[Wizzie] (Seraphimu - FU) Myself (Gaultier - Engineer) Special thanks to everyone who made this possible, including those that aren't included in the final line up: Kuma, Liang, Jess, Fei, JH, Anh and everyone else who cheered us on... I would like to express my gratitude for the sacrifices everyone made over the past month... Considerable amount of time and effort was spent for this, and even though we never got our perfect run before the event deadline, it's an accomplishment that I hope everybody is proud of. I know I am. Team Ikebukuro, I love you guys!!!
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ELECTRIC BEAST! - Shadow Of The Colossus 7th Colossus - Sea Dragon "Hydrus"
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Dragon Nest SEA - Stage 6 Golem Mountan Level 40 Sea Dragon Nest Guide
General Information, Stat Requirements Party Composition : http://www.dneternity.com/sea-dragon-nest-walkthrough/introduction-requirements-and-party-composition/ Written Guide: http://www.dneternity.com/sea-dragon-nest-walkthrough/stage-6-golem-mountan-or-monta/ Ventrilo Voice Communication Included as well for laughters Special Thanks to: BlockBuDao (Paladin - Main Tank) Lyzbeth (EL) Lawyered (Priest) SleepyNow (Force User) Arthas9 (Priest) 1jun2 (SM) Aliandren (Merc) Cheers, AikawaKazu
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Sea Dragon Nest Hardcore Live Stream Run at 10AM~! Full Clear;All stages :D
This week's early Live Stream of our usual Wednesday SDN Runs. Had to bring it earlier as one of our members have on our usual time slot! Hope you guys enjoy it! I Was eating a cheese cake and didn't sleep at all the previous day _ Cheers, AikawaKazu -- www.twitch.tv/tegaming/b/336173962&utm_campaign=archive_export&utm_source=tegaming&utm_medium=youtube
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Sea Dragon Nest
It Is Coming... Sea Dragon Nest!!! Are You Ready???
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Dragon Nest SEA - Sea Dragon Nest Mini-Guide Stage  7 Phase 1 Till Death by TEGaming
Line up: VanLienH(Paladin) played by AikawaKazu - Main Tank Lawyered (Priest) Arthas9 (Priest) Aliandren (Mercenary) 1jun2(SM) SleepyNow(Force User) Lyzbeth (Elemental Lord) Hetaga (Bowmaster) Inspiration for all in DNSEA to clear SDN before 50 cap released. We did use Revival Apple Juice which is now tradeable and can be craft via farm. Refer to : http://www.dneternity.com/2012/08/15/dnseadidyouknow/ for more details. Sorry I couldn't Live Stream it due to latency issues. Also from 4x HP onwards it skips to 0.5x HP till death due to increased lag after I recorded for more than 30mins, but it's pig head mode (meaning black eyes, front breath and dragon dive 3 hit-combo until Dragon is dead). We managed to clear it with 4 man left (both priest down), with 2x HP bar left :) Last priest died after he tried to save me from ice cage, but we both got frozen which also caused my only death in the run after last rotating breath. Official Website: http://www.dneternity.com/ Official Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/kazudragonhaven Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/TEGaming Cheers, AikawaKazu
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Let's Play: Breath of Fire 4 - 68 "Sea Dragon"
Come sail away!
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Sea Dragon Nest Funny Moments [ Dragon Nest SEA ]
Epic funny shizz right there. Its so hard to focus when one is laughing so much. I couldn't talk because my roommate was sleeping ): Best highlights = 2:25 and 6:00
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The Legend Of Dragoon: Meru - Blue Sea Dragon - All Attacks
Attacks: Freezing Ring Rainbow Breath Diamond Dust Blue Sea Dragon
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Dragon Nest SEA 40 cap Sea Dragon Nest cleared 37:59
First kill last month with 8 man alive (Dragon Expedition) Line up: MeatBallz (Squad leader; Priest) GanPhuaFIT (Main Tank) iCANOTtank (Sub Tank) LaoZharBor (Merc) Crezeance (SM) Eriaya (Alchemist) RivE (EL) Seraphimu (FU) Must apologise for double clips error at lizards and monta. Blame fraps.
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Sneak Peek of the Sea Dragon
This is a sneak peak of the Sea Dragon, a really neat set from Fat Dragon Games.
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Sea Dragon - Dragon Nest Update Trailer
Dragon Nest boss the Sea Dragon is spotlighted in this video and it doesn't look very happy.
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Sea Dragon Rotating Dodge
Solo Tank Practice
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Fat Dragon Games Sea Dragon Review
This is a review of the Sea Dragon set/model by Fat Dragon Games.
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Ys Seven - Boss: Sea Dragon: O-Balon (Nightmare Mode)
*PLEASE READ THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION* *SPOILERS WARNING* *JTV LIVE STREAM: http://www.justin.tv/omegaevolution *Twitter: http://twitter.com/omegaevolution Boss 15: Sea Dragon: O-Balon. This was an endurance test, there is so much stuff you gotta kill and the dragon throws so much at you, its kinda crazy xD Also put up the next cutscenes leading up to the next dragon, but thats not what we will fight next :v (yet) Enjoy! Like and Comment please. ---------------------------------- System: PSP Nightmare Mode First Playthrough
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Dragon Nest SEA Ikebukuro's Sea Dragon Nest Hardcore run cleared 14:06
I've been owing you guys this video for a while now. Due to audio issues I decided to replace the audio completely with tracks from one of my favourite music artists. [Westwood] Ikebukuro's SDN Hardcore run, no drugs whatsoever. Cleared 14:06. Ian - GanPhuaFIT (Guardian) JP - MeatBallz (Inquisitor) Mun - LaoZharBor (Destroyer) Bin - Crezeance (Moonlord) Gene - xRavey (Artillery) Jess - Acelerator (Windwalker) Nan - RivE (Saleana) Tim - Seraphimu (Smasher) Thank you for watching! 0:42 Stage 1 2:09 Stage 2 (Colored Pillars) 4:35 Stage 3 (Magma Golem) 5:16 Stage 4 (Mutant Cerberus) 5:50 Stage 5 (Lizard brothers) 6:25 Stage 6 (Rock Golem Mountan) 7:19 Dragon first phase (1) 7:50 Dragon cannon phase (2) 13:03 Sea Dragon Serpentra phase (3)
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Raid: Sea Dragon Nest (Hardcore) Part 1
TheLoosers, hungry for some nest here is Stage 1 to Phase 1 =) Enjoy! I know you can't see anyrthing really cuz of the graphics D: still enjoy =)
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Sea dragon nest - seleana tank
job:seleana ign:Chilly def:5k phy def + 65%/9k m.def + 65% ...+15% EL def
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[Video Guide] How to tank at Sea Dragon Nest (SDN) by xDazzWP
This run was done in a public run by using my friend's character. This video guide mainly touch on dragon's phase, giving tips on what to do under various circumstances throughout the game. Sorry for the bad quality, don't have a good computer for recording. =S *This video is not to show how pro am I, just providing an in-depth video guide for those who need it. Hope this guide helps. Discussion thread: http://forum.cherrycredits.com/topic/169277-video-guide-how-to-tank-at-sea-dragon-nest/
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Dragon Nest SEA - Stage 3 Lava Golem Level 40 Sea Dragon Nest Guide
General Information, Stat Requirements Party Composition : http://www.dneternity.com/sea-dragon-nest-walkthrough/introduction-requirements-and-party-composition/ Written Guide Stage 3: http://www.dneternity.com/sea-dragon-nest-walkthrough/stage-3-lava-golem-molten-confusion/ Video Footage of Stage 3 if you can't visualize what is mentioned in the guide. Ventrilo Voice Communication Included as well for laughters Cheers, AikawaKazu Special Thanks to: BlockBuDao (Paladin - Main Tank) Lyzbeth (EL) Lawyered (Priest) SleepyNow (Force User) Arthas9 (Priest) 1jun2 (SM) Aliandren (Merc) Cheers, AikawaKazu
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Sea Dragon Duo (Salestra tank + Supportive Saint)
I wanted to challenge myself with Chryses (an amazing Saint) to duo Sea Dragon Nest Abyss. I tanked and Chryses was support. -The other 3 players were just to spectate (we need minimum of 5 to enter the nest) -I did die at one point, my partner was unable to break me free from freeze / heal my in time. We got the hang of it after i revived with an apple. - Note this was our first time duo'ing. Build: http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/217/20111224/TL_xKamis_Saleana_1300_Final_Damage_build-4ef6a94b76a8a6213-1.html
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Dragon Nest SEA: Sea Dragon Nest
Face your greatest fear. Rise of the Sea Dragon! Official Website: http://dn.cherrycredits.com/ Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/dragonnestsea Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dragonnestsea
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Dragon Nest SEA - Dragon Breath pew pew pew
Server: Westwood Victims: AcceLX37, ChibiRunet, Culinary, LoLYaU, Moonlily, MrBk (block!!! booo~), Relni.
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Dragon Nest SEA - Stage 5 V1 Dancing Minotaur Level 40 Sea Dragon Nest Guide
General Information, Stat Requirements Party Composition : http://www.dneternity.com/sea-dragon-nest-walkthrough/introduction-requirements-and-party-composition/ Written Guide Stage 5: http://www.dneternity.com/sea-dragon-nest-walkthrough/stage-5-dancing-minotaur/ Ventrilo Voice Communication Included as well for laughters Special Thanks to: BlockBuDao (Paladin - Main Tank) Lyzbeth (EL) Lawyered (Priest) SleepyNow (Force User) Arthas9 (Priest) 1jun2 (SM) Aliandren (Merc) Cheers, AikawaKazu
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Dragon Nest SEA - Dragon Follower's Base - Tag Team w/ RieChan08
So hey xD I'm making a new series in my videos section and it is one of the most played game currently I'm doing. Here's the first of many videos I'll be doing on Dragon Nest SEA. Mine: In Game Name: asceeEX Current Job: Destroyer Server: Greenwood Friend's: In Game Name: RieChan08 Current Job: Engineer (soon to be GearMaster)
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Dragon Nest: FewGoodMen Sea dragon
Dragon Nest: FewGoodMen Sea dragon FewGoodMen invited myself and Unpolite to tag along in their raid. It was fun :)
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Dragon Nest - Sea Dragon Attempt 2 - Still Failed
We survived a bit better than the first one, we almost finished it, and then everything went wrong xD
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Dragon Nest Indonesia - Avoid Rotating Breath Sea Dragon Serpentra
Dragon nest indonesia -Althea server- Epic Guild Stats: http://i50.tinypic.com/1icsgp.jpg
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Dragon Nest SEA - Dragon Flap Skill
This is the Dragon Flap skill where you get from the Geraint's special skill plate at Hatred Pirandello.
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[Dragon Nest Indonesia]The first conqueror Sea Dragon Nest
Hi Guys my team from Guild NoBunny the First conqueror Sea Dragon Nest in DN INA.
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Dragon Nest - How To Cancel Sea Dragon's Rotating Breath ( Test confirmation 2)
Some Confirmation that bind relic indeed does cancel rotating :)
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Seadragon football 4th game
we blew them out 26-0
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Sea Dragon Nest - Stage 7 - Tanking Rotating Dragon Breath
Make sure you have the aggro, when the dragon is starting its animation for RDB (Rotating Dragon Breath), get close to his bellly ASAP. Stay there until Serpentra is done with RDB and get out of there as fast as possible.
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Dragon Nest SEA - Stage 2 Devouring Isle Level 40 Sea Dragon Nest Guide
General Information, Stat Requirements Party Composition : http://www.dneternity.com/sea-dragon-nest-walkthrough/introduction-requirements-and-party-composition/ Written Guide Stage 2: http://www.dneternity.com/sea-dragon-nest-walkthrough/stage-2-devouring-isle-or-4-colour-madness/ Video Footage of Stage 2 if you can't visualize what is mentioned in the guide. Ventrilo Voice Communication Included as well for laughters Cheers, AikawaKazu Special Thanks to: BlockBuDao (Paladin - Main Tank) Lyzbeth (EL) Lawyered (Priest) SleepyNow (Force User) Arthas9 (Priest) 1jun2 (SM) Aliandren (Merc)
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Sea dragon Nest( Moonlord perspective)
Just a random recording I decided to do Stats: http://i40.tinypic.com/4revs6.jpg UPDATED as of 15/05/13 http://i49.tinypic.com/rlbbpe.jpg(old) Server:Westwood Ign:Tsuyoshi
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Dragon Nest SEA - Priest - PVE - Sea Dragon Nest Stage 2a - Devouring Isle
Stage 2a for SDN! Key is, clear the monsters without getting sucked in.
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Dragon Nest: Sea Dragon
dragonnest.nexon.net/seadragon - The Sea Dragon has returned to wreak havoc on our precious Saint's Haven, and it's up to you to gather a party of 5 to 8 adventurers and brave the Sea Dragon Nest to rid the world of this dangerous foe!
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Dragon Nest Sea - Dragon Fap
Just testing out Gerraint's Dragon Flap. :P Some info: Dragon Flap is physical attack based. Not for magic users.
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Dragon Nest SEA Level 40 Force User in Cerberus Nest Abyss
Heya, so I was away for about 2months. I was into Ladder for a bit, but I'm back to PvE now. This is how I've always expected level 40s to clear Cerberus. Could be faster, but it's a decent benchmark. Gear status: 95% Current level cap: 40 Game status: Pets released, SDN unreleased. Duo ulti unavailable. I'll update my skill build and stats on video soon. Ciao!
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Sea dragon - Dragon nest - Main tank view point
*** Not finish *** died all at 1x bar Our merc died at first so we need to use emergency plan (never use before -_- 1st time) we manage to clear next day with normal plan but i forgot to record it :)
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Dragon Nest SEA - Sea Dragon Nest Hardcore Mode Feat. AikawaKazu (Moonlord) Perspective ~!
I know this is extremely late since many players have been asking for a Sea Dragon Nest DPS point of view video for a long time. Finally could get this up with our Second SDN Team forming up. We cleared Normal Mode a day before this and felt that Hardcore should not be too far within our grasp! Watch how coordinate your team even using all 5 cannons with me being cannon number 4 which will show you how you will need to move if black-eyes animation is on you. Other useful tips within the video itself :D Official Website: http://www.dneternity.com/ Official PVP site: http://www.dnseapvp.com/ Official DN Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/kazudragonhaven Official Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/TillEternityGaming Enjoy :) Cheers, AikawaKazu TEGaming
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Dragon nest : Sea dragon nest Final
Sea dragon nest Final normal mode LOLL Tanker view
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New Super Mario Bros. U - Walkthrough - Part 8 - Creepy Sea Dragon
"CREEPY SEA DRAGON" New Super Mario Bros. U Walkthrough - Part 8 With Commentary Wii U Gameplay Channel: http://youtube.com/DanQ8000 Facebook: http://facebook.com/DanQ8000 Twitter: http://twitter.com/DanQ8000 Merch: http://cafepress.com/DanQ8000
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Ys - Ys Seven - Part 53 Boss: Sea Dragon: O-Balon
The Party finally meets with the Sea Dragon! It starts to explain the role of the Dragon warrior somewhat ... and why the Wind of Destruction is there.... According to it.. it's all necessary.. .. which is bad. The boss fight isn't hard... the first phase is easy... Just follow it into the cave and destroy it's shell. Beware of the Electric discharges it throws and everything should be fine. After that phase is done, O-Balon will face you Directly. It will use the holes at his advantage to hide and strike quickly, It can also Freeze either your characters or the water... Ironically he didn't do the stuff he did to me here on my normal playthrough Afterwards we get the Sea Dragon Power and go back to Altago to talk to Clarius. Obviously I check other things first for more Story!
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