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Join Prophet T.B. Joshua in this time of mass prayer at The SCOAN and expose every spirit operating in your body that is not of God. Get ready for your deliverance, in Jesus’ name! "All spirits operating in your head, nose, tongue, eyes - command them out right now!" - TB Joshua
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Emma Otieno (15 days ago)
All evil spirits operating in my life Out in Jesus Mighty Name
Queen Lekaba (22 days ago)
Love ❤️ you Jesus ❤️❤️
Salee Won (2 months ago)
Thank you lord jeses I love to listen n praying I believe Amen
jane nabirye (2 months ago)
Hima Samm (3 months ago)
Take more of me lord Give me more of you
Yerosen Dadi (4 months ago)
Thank you Lord in the name of Jesus.Amen.Power Glory.Iam free in The Name of Jesus.Amen.
teVREDEN (5 months ago)
all praise to THE LORD !
"All spirits operating in our head, nose, tongue, eyes - We command them out right now!", in Jesus’ name!
Christine Muthoki (6 months ago)
O lord take more of me give me more of you. JESUS must be honoured in my life everyday.
Lord Jesus is over all (6 months ago)
Amen,I comand every evil sprit operates in my body in the name of Jesus christ.Thank you lord Jesus for rescuing me.
Udmma Sunday (7 months ago)
I release my nation Nigeria and nation PK and the White World in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
Udmma Sunday (7 months ago)
All spirit operating in my life my soul my body my blood my kidney my tendon my liver my bone my organ my eyes my mouth my tongue I command you out in the name of Jesus Christ Amen
Julius Mose (7 months ago)
Lord Jesus Christ, you are all that i need in my life. Take more of me Jesus and give me more of you LORD JESUS. Pls help me Lord
Prince solomon (7 months ago)
i m rescue in the Name of Jesus, thankyou pastor, i agree with you and i want to claim healing in Jesus Christ name... Amen
Basanda Nhlanhla (7 months ago)
Thank you Lord Jesus for everything you have done for us ,forgive our sins,let us dwell in your presence without any doubt .Amen
harry duram (8 months ago)
Nalathaporn Pitts (8 months ago)
I agree with you right now In Jesus mighty powerful miracle name Amen God bless
sonia Khan (8 months ago)
Good evening pastor I want to meet you at your place?
Amelia Cardona (9 months ago)
Jehova Sama mi Sanador declaró Sanó a Hijo Mario Hernan.
Amelia Cardona (9 months ago)
Amén Pastor Bendecido por Dios seremos libres en el Nombre Jesús. Y declaró que mi Hijo Allan es libre de toda brujería.
Faith Yohanna (9 months ago)
May the good God u served bless and keep u our Dady t b JosherAmen
Faith Yohanna (9 months ago)
Thank u Jesus
Faith Yohanna (9 months ago)
Thank u Jesus
Juliet Stephenson (9 months ago)
Emanuel God is with us any thing that's not of God that making me and my children unhappy out of our body and our life in Jesus mighty name amen children kemar shamara Johnson Courtney and aiesha windett Jesus is my healer
Juliet Stephenson (9 months ago)
I command any evil sprit in my children body In the name of Jesus Christ out in Jesus name amen
salvatore fancello (9 months ago)
Esi dio e infinito e più di cuelo che pensate voi
Jonathan Mendoza (9 months ago)
help me
Jonathan Mendoza (9 months ago)
i love you Jesus. please delivered me in all evil spirit that controls me. your all I need your all I want to be with me forever my Jesus Christ my saviour. I love you with all of my heart. ~jonathan Mendoza [email protected]
Marwa Chacha (9 months ago)
Marwa Chacha (9 months ago)
spirit of lust come out in Jesus name
quel Rufino (9 months ago)
Thank You Lord Thank You Jesus I am Rescue in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Amen
quel Rufino (9 months ago)
quel Rufino (9 months ago)
All spirit that operating in my head,my nose,my eyes,my tongue, in my mouth i command them out in the Mighty Name of Jesus.Amen
Carherine Molongoti (10 months ago)
Amen Amen
Oakley Anderson (10 months ago)
Hi man of God I ask for a prayer for my life and my kids life I need deliverance from God in my life my spiritual life my financial life and my physical life and my kids life I prayer amen
oyella paula sandra (10 months ago)
Amen thank you Jesus
Rachel Nyirenda (10 months ago)
Amen in the name of Jesus!
Thank you JESUS
D BREEZE WIND (10 months ago)
Hallelujah glory be to GOD am free my joy is free
james sangma (11 months ago)
nwaoyibo Stanley (11 months ago)
Ghana Thank you lord Jesus
nwaoyibo Stanley (11 months ago)
All spirits operating in my tongue mouth out in The name of Jesus Amen
nwaoyibo Stanley (11 months ago)
Thank you lord Jesus. I have rescued my eyes Amen
nwaoyibo Stanley (11 months ago)
Ashaba Viera (11 months ago)
Thank u Jesus
Javier yunass anu (11 months ago)
Uzma Gill (1 year ago)
Theresa Curry (1 year ago)
Wow Awesome I believed agree and received in the name of Jesus Amen Melbourne Australia
Ikechukwu Sunday (1 year ago)
Ikechukwu Sunday (1 year ago)
Ikechukwu Sunday (1 year ago)
out in the name of Jesus
Marion Nabiraalo (1 year ago)
Thanks you Jesus
Marion Nabiraalo (1 year ago)
Thanks you Jesus
Pat Burrell (1 year ago)
So good to see so many nations Worshipers in one place
Cristaline Dizon (1 year ago)
i love you too Jesus Christ!heal me Lord❤❤❤
Asangla Tzudir (1 year ago)
Man ofGod,pliz pray for me coz I am suffering from chronic uti for many years.i ve gone to many doctors but there is no cure.By the power of God,pliz let man of God see my prayer request.
celestine kh (1 year ago)
Fredrick Faustine (1 year ago)
Thank you Jesus and you man of God for praying for us..God bless you
obynwa oma (1 year ago)
Oh... Lord give me more of u and take more of me.pls Lord Jesus Christ
Lontiya Namwinga (1 year ago)
I Love you Jesus
The Best Videos (1 year ago)
comand dem out
Egwuelu Christian (1 year ago)
Thank you father for ur mercy save us amen
Nikeishia Weekes (1 year ago)
God bless you profit tb Joshua
Innocent Sbusiso (1 year ago)
Amen, my health has been captured for the glory of God, Thank you Jesus Christ.
Mercy Kinyanjui (1 year ago)
Such a nice sermon
Joy bishen (1 year ago)
Capture everything about me lord Jesus, take more of me & give me more of u Amen
Patricia Hale (1 year ago)
Mando Rensa (7 months ago)
Hii taku sowtu geest mie ta maktii fii ko kumutu amie sienkienie a die neng u Jezus .AMEN
Ambe elvis mbe (1 year ago)
Kitoka Jakhalu (1 year ago)
I love you Jesus, Amen
I love the Holy spirit inJesus name
Carla Castro (1 year ago)
For the Glory of God and power for salvation of my soul.thank you Jesus
Carla Castro (1 year ago)
Im resceu in the name of Jesus,Thank you Jesus.
Carla Castro (1 year ago)
Im rescued in the name of JESUS.
Carla Castro (1 year ago)
Thank you Jesus when im weak im strong...
Carla Castro (1 year ago)
Thank you Jesus for rescue my tongue and my mouth
Carla Castro (1 year ago)
I have rescued my eyes.
Carla Castro (1 year ago)
What ever spirit operating in my mind,in my eyes,in my nose and my mouth come out in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
Stephen Cash (1 year ago)
My family is delivered Indeed My business is delivered Indeed My career is delivered Indeed My future is delivered Indeed My life is delivered Indeed My way is delivered Indeed My Destiny is delivered Indeed My marriage is delivered Indeed In Jesus Christ name amen I received my breakthrough tonight in Jesus Christ name amen I received my breakthrough tonight
Mamta Khanuja (3 months ago)
In the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen we are healed blessed delivered our life we surrender to Lord Jesus Christ Amen
ingabire flavia (1 year ago)
Relationship for the groly of God , business partner by the groly of God, financial break through for the groly of God bless you're Holy name,I give thanks for rescuing my nation,I'm deriverd,I'm healed Jesus is my healer I'm redeemed Jesus is my Redeemer, I'm blessed because I'm a blessing of the Lord,I'm set free, take More of me Jesus and give me more of you to live, take More of my kid's and give them More of you Jesus, Jesus must be honourned I my life.give me more of your kindness, you're faithfulness, you're forgiveness,give me more of you're wisdom, you're mercy, Lord give More of you're humbleness to my daughters and take more of them, nature them in the right direction Jesus I surrender their lives and future I put them in you're hands father, change their bad characters renew their hearts and make them a new creature in Jesus name I pray, I command the un clean spirit of anger, gossiping, lazyness, lack of wisdom immorality out of there lives in Jesus name I pray..
Geeta Chettri (1 year ago)
I love you jesus
mbaalice Mbaalice (1 year ago)
all demon spirit operated in my nose mouth eye tongue I command than out out in Jesus name what even spirit operated my eyes I command than out all demon spirit operated my mouth my tongue out out thank God for release me a men a men thank you Lord what even position in my life my career be rescue in Jesus name a men a men a men a men I m heals l m free l m blessed Lord thank you I has be captured a men a men
mbaalice Mbaalice (1 year ago)
Emmanuel God is with as who can't be against as please man of God I m in Egypt can't I get the new morning water a men oh oh Lord take more of me and give me more of you oh God let will be down in my life
mbaalice Mbaalice (1 year ago)
thank you Lord when I week than I m strong a men holy spirit take more of me and give me more of you oh God glory power A men
lady 30 (1 year ago)
Jesus is my lord,my savior,my gudhealth my protection,my wealth..thank u lord amen...
Celon Eclesias (1 year ago)
Amen Sentespri
I have rescued my eyes all spirit operating in my mouth and my head all over my life out in thy name of Jesus Christ name amen
Olive Fornz (1 year ago)
God open this man of God to seen me n reshe me
Olive Fornz (1 year ago)
A my God when I going to meet this man of God to save me
Antonio Mazive (1 year ago)
The Holy Spirit is the Best Friend of mine. Thank you Jesus for your Servant Prophet TB.Joshua in His Ministry
Antonio Mazive (1 year ago)
May God the Father of My Lord Jesus Christ bless Prophet TB . Joshua
Nandaula Prossy (1 year ago)
I receive my miracle money in the name of juses
Phina Mickey (1 year ago)
Sonofgod Jesuschrist (1 year ago)
Please pray that t b Joshua heals me immediately AND permanently through THE screen THANK YOU.
iliya balami (1 year ago)
I Thank You LORD JESUS CHRIST for rescuing my total faculties in Jesus name
johnny motube (1 year ago)
i love you jesus
Uihg Hggg (1 year ago)
AMEN AMEN thanks JESUS for setting me free
Kemisa Ibra (1 year ago)
Kemisa Ibra (1 year ago)
Thank you Lord for give TB J this power

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