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Action Men | Can't Touch The Ground | Jono and Ben

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We stir up a little trouble in Lake Taupo while racing each other in a classic battle of 'Can't Touch The Ground'. How does it work? You've gotta get to each checkpoint without touching the ground and by using any means possible. The first one to the finish line wins! Subscribe to Jono and Ben’s YouTube channel http://bit.ly/1Jr20Jz Follow Jono and Ben https://www.facebook.com/JonoAndBen https://instagram.com/jonoandben/ https://twitter.com/jonoandben Stream full episodes of Jono and Ben http://www.tv3.co.nz/Shows/JonoandBen.aspx
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Text Comments (16)
Tommy Howcroft (2 years ago)
Mono won
Hamish C (2 years ago)
Huia728 (2 years ago)
BABY SLOTH DUCK don't you mean Bono ?
Jodie Flintoff (3 years ago)
My cousin was in this video on the floor
Kate S-H (3 years ago)
heenakshiparshuram (3 years ago)
omg hahahaha that was hilarious
Flos dubsmashes (3 years ago)
If you like funny dubsmashes check out mine on my channel it's called Flos dubsmashes subscribe if you like fellow kiwis 👍🏻
Flos dubsmashes (3 years ago)
They did this in Auckland the day after lady Gagas concert I was walking along and I ended up giving Ben a piggy back to a rubbish bin lol there was a strong smell of weed lingering round them all too lol👍🏻
Natalia Dopson (2 years ago)
Flos dubsmashes tbh I think ur full of shit
Bean Yoda (2 years ago)
Flos dubsmashes lol haha lol lol lol laugh lol out lol loud lol
orange42 (3 years ago)
So many girls in Taupo
Flos dubsmashes (3 years ago)
Ben looks like he doing Beyoncé single ladies dance with the bags on his feet lol
Nakeisha Burgess (3 years ago)
Tom Howard (3 years ago)
so funny
MrLogiebogie12 (3 years ago)
Thank god for this
Underscore_ (3 years ago)
'well thats it for another year of cant touch the ground, see ya next time!" xD

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