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Ponytail: How to put 3 different types of high ponytail | Hair Style | Say Swag

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Find and save ideas about easy high ponytail hairstyles. See 3 ways high ponytails with simple styles, do Hair styles easy and Simple hair Ponytail. How to Do a High Ponytail? Here is the Tips ! 3 Ways To Make A High Ponytail Hair & Makeup Expert : Jenifer Nisha | Thanks to : camera :- A.Saran kumar | Editing& CG : Sundar Mathi | Producer : Aishwarya Subscribe Say Swag : https://goo.gl/421QDS Like And Follow ! Face Book Page : https://goo.gl/EMssTx For More Say Swag Videos : Latest Releases : https://goo.gl/9gCNQY Wedding Ceremony/Reception - Makeup Makeover : https://goo.gl/NgnxbK Natural Homemade Beauty Tips : https://goo.gl/Tf3Xir Men's Beauty Corner : https://goo.gl/CAQ46X
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Brinda Mavadiyan (1 month ago)
mam Tamil la hairstyle video pakave happy ah eruku. I'm looking for every day hairstyle and that's for fully South Indians because we usually oiled our hair.so please make such a practical life video mam please....how to style oiled hair and how to put centre clips.
mahes waran (11 months ago)
not clear
sasi karunanithi (1 year ago)
that was cool..
sasi karunanithi (1 year ago)
that was cool..

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