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ICC Ammo Frangible 100gr HP Test and Review: The best yet?

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A brand I hadn't heard of ended up providing the most consistent velocity and some of the most impressive gel performance we've seen to date. ICC Ammo makes lead-free projectiles and hand inspects every round. Firearms used: Walther PPS, Walther P99AS, and Glock 19.
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jason200912 (1 month ago)
Dangerous stuff but only useful in manual actions and revolvers because it can't feed or cycle
Jay Mrgun94 (1 year ago)
Hey was wondering could you test out some sig ammunition in .233 77gr
Jay Mrgun94 (1 year ago)
Graham Baates thanks a lot love the channel keep up the good work
Graham Baates (1 year ago)
I'm sure I've used some in my rifle reviews. I don't do much ammo-only testing.
TWIZTED GAM3R (1 year ago)
Is this ammo really 100% all around lead free? Trying to get rid of dealing with lead.
Fernando Perez (1 year ago)
primer too? Are you sure?
notimegamer (1 year ago)
Yes, it is. Lead free bullet and primer.
whoobibi (2 years ago)
Looks absolutely devastating.
Markiss Stevens (3 years ago)
i need some of that ASAP
Graham Baates (3 years ago)
+Markiss “Steel City Arms” Stevens we were impressed
Gamenofun (3 years ago)
I think it's time that Walther PPS gets replaced on these ammo tests with a new single stack striker 9mm. I cringe every time it malfunctions and needs to be cleared. It distracts from the purpose of the review too often. The ammo looks good though! Far improvement over the Liberty Civil Defense stuff.
Graham Baates (3 years ago)
+Gamenofun We stick with it because it's been the same gun in every test, otherwise we lose a standard. It's accepted that the PPS likely won't function on 100gr or lower regardless of velocity and few short barrels do well on light rounds. That's part of the demonstration. We do have a product in for review that might change this for the PPS, but we'll still test with the same standards.
n300zx931 (3 years ago)
nice. try some RBCD 60gr. @2000fps
Graham Baates (3 years ago)
+n300zx931 who is RBCD?
ZA_Survivalist (3 years ago)
Are you able to do .223 frangible testing?
Graham Baates (3 years ago)
+ZA_Survivalist yes, we have a rifle series in the works, but have a lot of other fun things to test before we get there.
Kasakee2 (3 years ago)
Love your tests!

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