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POWERFUL Thunderstorm & Ocean Sounds for Sleep or Study | Heavy Rain & Stormy Sea | 4K HD Video

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Powerful thunderstorm & ocean sounds for sleep, study, or relaxation. Heavy rain sounds & stormy sea 4K Ultra HD Nature Video. Enjoy the stormy weather sounds of heavy thunder, pouring rain, strong wind, and ocean waves crashing. This was filmed overlooking a cliff on the wild atlantic coast. These relaxing sounds for sleep or study will create a calm and peaceful ambience for relaxation in your home. This HD ocean storm nature video featuring loud thunder and relaxing rain sounds provides a beautiful atmosphere for mindfulness and deep relaxation. The natural white noise of nature provides relaxing sounds for sleeping, studying, healing, meditation, and massage. Stardust Vibes create guided meditations, affirmations, relaxing sounds, and meditation music. 🌀 MP3 DOWNLOADS: https://www.stardustvibes.com 🌀 FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/stardustvibes/ 🌀 INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/stardust_vibes/ 🌀 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/StardustVibes 🌀 GOOGLE+: https://youtu.be/Q68t3RPUwgI 🌀 YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/I8guP5 🌀 THIS VIDEO: https://youtu.be/-i8IMw5WeXc #thunderstorm #storm #rain #relaxingsounds #sleepsounds © Stardust Vibes, 2017. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited.
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Text Comments (1742)
Kansas Mcelroy (17 hours ago)
Western North Carolina. United States
Aziz Hadim (2 days ago)
if you are reading this i give you my salutation from Agadir city a place called Anza on country calls morrocco whit big view to the Pacific ocean
Clifford Cartagena (3 days ago)
Hi. From Conroe/Houston Texas
Clifford Cartagena (3 days ago)
+Stardust Vibes - Relaxing Sounds really thanking you for this amazing video
Hello Clifford! Awesome! Nice to meet you! 😊
Nene Will (5 days ago)
Wow I actually fell asleep! Thank you
Hello Nene! haha you're very welcome! 😊Sean
Tarek Beghdadi (5 days ago)
hello from Algérie Ⅻ♥
Hello Tarek! Nice to meet you! 😀
Ahmad Azzam (5 days ago)
hello from Earth 😎💝
haha hello Ahmad! Nice to meet you! 😊
River (7 days ago)
Listening & watching from Nebraska, but I was raised in the South Pacific. This helps my anxiety when it causes insomnia, thank you!!
Hello! Great to meet you! Glad to hear this helps you! 😊Sean
Viktor Schubernel (13 days ago)
☺☺☺☺☺ ich liebe das ☺😃🙄🙄
Rupert Wallace (13 days ago)
Am I the only one that sleeps to this
You’re not the only one Rupert 😉😴
Damien Kuhndt (15 days ago)
G'day from Australia helps with relaxing and sleep especially coming off strong medication and ended up not being able to sleep at night 👍😀
Hello Damien! Oh bummer... glad this helped my friend! 😊Sean
Mario Vidal Hernandez (15 days ago)
Sin duda alguna la naturaleza es lo mejor que hay...
Hola Mario! Sí! 😊
Carol Gray (16 days ago)
Hello..from Oak Island N>C>
Hello Carol! Nice to meet you! 😊Sean
ReelGirl 8 (16 days ago)
Thank you so much for this... Sleepy in South Florida 😘
You’re welcome, hope it helped 😊😴 Charlotte Glastonbury UK💫
Elsa Begkli (17 days ago)
super 👍👍💟💖😌😌😌
Hello Elsa! Thank you! 😊
Char Brady (21 days ago)
Hello Char Brady! Awesome! Nice to meet you! Sean from Glastonbury UK 😊
Maria Aguleh (22 days ago)
Sydney 😀😐😙
G'day Maria! Nice to meet you! 😊Sean
asa zafar (8 days ago)
SubhaanAllaah..From Pakistan..really need this white sounds for my depression and anxiety relief..Want to be there with keanu Reeves..
Hello! Nice to meet you! Glad to hear this helps you. 😊Sean
Looks like Co. Donegal Ireland...Glencolmcille to be presice. Making me homesick! The west coast of Ireland is the most beautiful coastlines in the entire 🌎
Suzannevoneck (17 days ago)
I thought it looked like the west coast of Ireland also!
Victor Inox (25 days ago)
Hello from Nantes, France - Thank you for that.
Bonjour Victor! You're very welcome! I'm glad you enjoy! 😊
William Mccrone (25 days ago)
Tryna pass out in Florida
lol 😂stay cool! 😊
小島信一 (26 days ago)
I am impressed so as to feel dizzy . Is any more natural performance possible ? The best natural scenery and music which quiver the soul of the person . My heart wavered with emotion .
Trish B (27 days ago)
Hi from Cornwall
Johan Haggle (28 days ago)
Where is it filmed?
Grand Admiral Thrawn (1 month ago)
Cheers from Tatooine
Hello! You’re very welcome! Glad you enjoy! 😊
KEN BROWNSON (1 month ago)
Very good love this one sleep
Hello Ken! Thank you! Glad you enjoy! 😊Sean
regletteable (1 month ago)
salut! 😊
regletteable (1 month ago)
Kendall ogden (1 month ago)
New Zealand!
Awesome! Great to meet you! 😊Sean
Graham Soar (1 month ago)
South Africa
Hello Graham! 😊
Jane Stout (1 month ago)
Doing some relaxing art in tennessee
Hi Jane! Awesome! Have fun! 😊
Jon Swift (1 month ago)
God's music box
Jon Swift (1 month ago)
Beautiful music to my ears
Glad you enjoy Jon 😊💫
Nathan Wright (1 month ago)
A big hello from New South Wales Australia
Nathan Wright (20 days ago)
I live in Wyong mate lol small world
G'day Nathan! Fantastic! Great to meet you! I am from the Central Coast but I live in the UK now 😊Sean
jde28 (1 month ago)
I am in south Georgia, USA!
Hi there! Fantastic! Great to meet you! 😊
Necro Vulpes (1 month ago)
First time I tried this I fell right asleep. Thanks so much from Southern Arizona ~❤🦊
Hello! Fantastic! So happy you enjoy! 😀Sean
Juan Valenzuela (1 month ago)
Best relaxing sound!!! Saludos desde San Pedro Sula Honduras
Juan Valenzuela (1 month ago)
Stardust Vibes - Relaxing Sounds  Thank you for uploading, I listen to it almost every night. Cheers
Hello! Thank you so much! So glad you enjoy! 😊Sean
Kathy Schmitt (1 month ago)
Goodnight from canada! 😌😴
Amama's World (1 month ago)
Hello! 😊👋
Amama's World (1 month ago)
Yesterday there was a tornado 🌪 near my house
Oh no! Sorry to hear... hope everything’s ok 😊Sean
Tishena Dixon (1 month ago)
The sound of rain and wind over the ocean is just relaxing I love it
Sure is! Thank you! 😊
alvaro triana (1 month ago)
Hi i'm listening from Cúcuta (Colombia)
Hello Alvaro! Fantastic! Great to meet you! 😊
Jordão Mota (1 month ago)
Hello from Brasil!
Hello 🙂 Nice to meet you! Charlotte from Glastonbury UK💫
bodeswell35 (1 month ago)
Hello! Thank you! 😎
olgabella _krauya (1 month ago)
Hello everyone, I'm from Novosibirsk..
Hello 👋 Nice to meet you 😊 Charlotte Glastonbury UK💫
Gulisosan (1 month ago)
Hello from Poland
Witaj! Nice to meet you! 😊Sean
David Mandziuk (1 month ago)
Perfect kayaking weather, ha ha. Looks like Normandy coast, mezmerized in Michigan
lol 😂
Hikari -Chan (1 month ago)
Hi I am from Malaysia.. Thanks for posting Its so relaxing but i couldnt hear beach wave... Its is just me?
Hello! Thank you! Great to meet you! Try listening with head phones 😊
John Harsanyi (1 month ago)
Listening from Oklahoma send it to us
Nice to meet you John 🙂 Sending it you’re way 🌧 Charlotte from Glastonbury UK💫
devriestown (2 months ago)
Hi from new Zealand and good night. Love you all.
Good night! Sweet dreams 😴💤
Connie Mullins (2 months ago)
Thank you for posting, California
Hello Connie! You're very welcome! Glad you enjoy! 😊Sean
Cowboy Red (2 months ago)
Hello! Thank you! 😊
JohnJohn Tube (2 months ago)
Michigan USA
Hello John! Fantastic! Great to meet you! 😊Sean from Glastonbury UK
Selena sue (2 months ago)
Tacoma Washington north west
Hello! Fantastic! Great to meet you! 😊
Jackie Bayliss (2 months ago)
London England sleeping soundly thanks to the sounds of Mother Nature 💯🇬🇧
Hello Jackie! Fantastic! Sweet dreams 😴💤
Nabil Bahi (2 months ago)
Hello 👋😊
Kaiser Almamuri (2 months ago)
Gratitude from Iraq and the funny thing is that such scenery down here can only be seen either here on YouTube or TV owing to the landscape topography as there isn't any seashore nor cliffs 😧😧
Kaiser Almamuri (1 month ago)
Nice to hear from you too dear ☺☺ and you bet it lived up to the real thing at least ☺☺ Chip'o hoi 😆😆
Thank you Kaiser 🙂 Hope it’s as good as the real thing. Nice to meet you! Charlotte from Glastonbury UK 💫
Chelsea Williams (2 months ago)
Magnificent, makes me feel like I'm home
Hello Chelsea! Awesome! Glad you enjoy! 😊
Tracey Holcomb (2 months ago)
Detroit Michigan
Hi Tracey! 😀
Barbara Edwards (2 months ago)
Wonderful!!!! Thank you!!
Hello Barbara! Thank you so much! 😊Sean
robert plaza (2 months ago)
fantastic going to sleep ,,,, from Miami
Thank you Robert! 😊
Thorlax Attax (2 months ago)
Amazing. I do all my work with this in the background. I love the video too.
Hello! Thank you! Fantastic! Glad this helps you! 😊Sean
Gloria Ram (2 months ago)
Sleepy already from Singapore
Sweet dreams Gloria 😴💤
Ricky Murray (2 months ago)
Hello im shouting from New Orleans,La. I love this track that someone put together. Good work!! Ricky
Hello Ricky! Lol awesome! So glad you enjoy! 😊Sean
GoldCoastGypsy (2 months ago)
I'm from California, USA!! About an hour south of Sacramento ☺
Hello! 👋 fantastic! Great to meet you! Sean from Glastonbury UK 😊
Hildah Kanyi (2 months ago)
Hello, from Nairobi,Kenya. Glad to find this my mind is finally quiet. Thanks!
Hello Hildah! Great news! Glad this helped 😊✌️💫
Holly Hutton (2 months ago)
Hello listening from Scotland
Hello Holly! Awesome! Great to meet you! Sean from Glastonbury UK 😊
Emma P (2 months ago)
Ne pouvez vous pas mettre les commentaire en français? tout le monde ne lit pas l'anglais...
salut Emma! Ravi de vous rencontrer. Désolé, je ne sais pas comment. 😊
LeylandArtists (2 months ago)
This looks very much like the Kitchener monument overlooking Marwick Bay in the Orkneys!
허쌤의SSP 영어 (2 months ago)
너무 좋네요 in korea
여보세요! 고맙습니다! 만나서 반갑습니다! 😊
Danielle with love (2 months ago)
This is nice, thanks for sharing. Greetings from The Netherlands!
Hello Danielle! Thank you! Glad you enjoy! 😊
Jennifer Tarin (2 months ago)
Enjoying this while at work and having a not so great day. I'm in NYC and we don't get weather like this
Sorry to hear that Jennifer, hope this helped 😊 Charlotte, Glastonbury UK💫
Mark Estes (2 months ago)
Wazzup from cocoa beach. Napping on couch
Hey Mark! Awesome! 😎
Robert Crummel (2 months ago)
E.Lansing Michigan. Thanks, calms the mind
Joseph Scott (2 months ago)
hello from a transplanted rural north Carolina boy living in Queens NYC. thanks for giving me my buffer zone back.
Welcome Joseph 😊💫
Art Scott (2 months ago)
I love this. Listening from Orange County, CA. Thanks for such a great post. This helps me sleep deeply. All the best, Art Scott
Laure Murkuns (2 months ago)
Bingo, I think I just found the video I've been searching for. This is so awesome. It has the perfect combo of everything. I feel like I'm actually there. THANK you so much for posting this. What an amazing job. NOW I can go to sleep😪😪
Awesome Laure! So welcome! Glad to have you on board 😊 Sean
Lara O'neal (2 months ago)
Hi from So California. Love ❤️ this. Beautiful work and beautiful vid.
Thank you Lara, much appreciated! Glad you enjoy 😊 Sean Glastonbury UK
nicolemessiernm (3 months ago)
Weymouth, MA. This is great! Best of both worlds
Hello! Thank you! So happy you enjoy! Great to meet you! Sean from Glastonbury UK 😊
Alek PD (3 months ago)
Hi!, Florida
Hello Alejandro! Awesome! Great to meet you! Sean from Glastonbury UK 😊
bigosoatx (3 months ago)
Austin Texas usa
Awesome! Great to meet you! 😊
La'Donna Lynn (3 months ago)
Hello, from New York City
Hello La'Donna! Fantastic! Great to meet you! 😊Sean
Jane James (3 months ago)
Hello Jane! Thank you! 😊Sean
Emma Polk (3 months ago)
Hello from Texas!😀
Hello Emma! Great to meet you! Sean 😊
Eva Star (3 months ago)
Hello from Russia😊😚
Nice to meet you Eva 😊 Hope you enjoy! Charlotte from Glastonbury UK💫
fashion princess (3 months ago)
Say hi... bkk Thailand
Hi nice to meet you 😊 Hope you’re enjoying. Charlotte from Glastonbury UK💫
monkeymits56 (3 months ago)
Wide awake in Glasgow Scotland.🛌
Hope you finally got some sleep! 😊
tina pope (3 months ago)
Awesome! Great to meet you Tina! 😊Sean
Itchy Eyes McRealize (3 months ago)
Love this. Listening in Queensland, Australia xx
KSI (3 months ago)
What country is this
Мне нравиться дождик гроза.Люблю ходить когда идет дождик........
David George (3 months ago)
From Chicago Illinois very nice for calming the mind. The coastline reminds me of the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. though it was filmed in Northwestern Ireland. Beautiful rugged coastline.
chrissybaby85 yeahhoe (3 months ago)
Listening from St.Louis 😙😚😘love this video,so calm😪
Hello Chrissy! Thank you! So happy you enjoy! 😀
Dee Seahawk (3 months ago)
Shoot! I left my car windows open!
Lol 😂
holland c (3 months ago)
the pentagon is looking for aliens called the tic tacs
mggilles hope (3 months ago)
Hello! Me too! We live in Glastonbury 😊
Buck O (3 months ago)
Hello and thank you for the video from Oklahoma!
Hello Buck O! Thank you! Great to meet you! Sean from Glastonbury UK 😊
Hai Van Nguyen (3 months ago)
It helps a lot under Texas hot weather.
Awesome! Stay cool my friend! ⛈😊
broccoli x (3 months ago)
aw i love this thankyou for making this xoxo a fan from the netherlands
Hello! Thank you! So happy you enjoy! 😊

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