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Instant Karma - Crazy Drunk Scooter China ★★★★★

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Text Comments (255)
anudeep reddy (2 years ago)
hats off to him still riding scotter after 3accidents
Nyah ! (3 years ago)
just throwing garbage back in the car! xD
ToUgH LoVe (3 years ago)
love the karma
jonah cade (4 years ago)
Wa-was that poo in that hole
ToUgH LoVe (3 years ago)
probably just mud
Ace Rrimmer (4 years ago)
Turbo Tyler (4 years ago)
What are the registration laws there on a 4 stroke 49cc scooter?
roxypatch1 (4 years ago)
I would have run that moral crusader off the road and beat him to a pulp. Then i would have wiped my arse with the paper and shoved it down his throat
Bertin Dominguez (4 years ago)
Yes!!! I wanted him to fall in that hole lmao
Mihai Berzunteanu (5 years ago)
Hi from Romania :) Saw like 3 videos of your chanel and tomorow i'm going to buy a scooter! U'r awesome ! Great job man , keep doing this !
Dan Ingram (5 years ago)
Thats so funny i always wanted to pick up someone trash and give it back to them then see there face!!!!! 
guggi uggi (5 years ago)
Bad things usually come in 3's...wait...4's..
Hobo Maximus (5 years ago)
@ 1:27 I seen this in another video of your's. Good man!!! Ridiculous how ppl cant simple hold onto their trash until they reach their destination... Hoping I have an opportunity to do this one day! 
Lusty (5 years ago)
Ben McCluskey (5 years ago)
Splitter Luck (5 years ago)
damn fool
GISSMOBENI84 (5 years ago)
Crazy, 5 Stars
SCOTTMCKAY1982 (5 years ago)
ferclaw14 (5 years ago)
Ahahah laugh my ass off!!
SaltyCrude (5 years ago)
Made my day thank you lmao
Izaya Orihara (5 years ago)
I did the something then I turned 3
Nick B (5 years ago)
Of course there's a big hole for that idiot to fall in. I love it :D
Chris Cheng (5 years ago)
With the garbage....... Well played sir, well f**ki'n played.
neilA .T .E (5 years ago)
Thanks bro' i needed a laugh, and you're right it did get "a lot better".
A Vicious T-Rex (5 years ago)
That was amazing
Rezzi UK (5 years ago)
1st clip funny 2nd clip genius! you got another sub to your minions
Canada (5 years ago)
yeah. . definitely blood
Canada (5 years ago)
pitwhip (5 years ago)
Probably water.
oDrafty (5 years ago)
was that his blood in the end of the beginning clip
keyup2626 (5 years ago)
Right on dude lol
UniDeathRaven (5 years ago)
Fucking hell, laughed hard. Such an epic failzor.
Dustin Green (6 years ago)
Did he live
Bill Russell (6 years ago)
Haha i remember when you first released the clip of you and the trash a while ago. Man it has been a long time since then
mass489 (6 years ago)
Nice job with the garbage
Lori (6 years ago)
LMAO!!!! Karma, yeah
Arnar (6 years ago)
Satan made his job, Satan can go back to hell.
Stormtruth (6 years ago)
Total RESPECT! Well done for throwing their crap back in their window. Seriously brilliant. You sir, deserve a medal. Oh the drunk scooter guy was lucky, and oh so funny.
Gobliterator (6 years ago)
in Florida when I crashed my scooter on a rainy day, in a sharp turn, people literally just stared at me, one guy walked back into his house, and traffic just drove around.
Ms Overkill (6 years ago)
Well, Karma's a bitch :) Love the ending lol
KOPO STUDIO (6 years ago)
Hahahaha the ending, I'm glad I found your channel and subscribed
Shaquille Hall (6 years ago)
The garbage thing had me dieing! xD
tronvex (6 years ago)
Hilarious. Drinking and scooting don't mix
Alex Pryor (6 years ago)
I posted the regular video on my channel.
Patrick Donnelly (6 years ago)
OMFG This was hilarious i had a horrible day but the hour after school But this gave me THE SMILE OF THE DAY! Thank You So Much
Joseph sigai (6 years ago)
now for the last part of the video. Good job. Keep the streets clean...
Joseph sigai (6 years ago)
watch out for that hole Gorge !!!!!!!!!!! Now I know he ain't going any where after that ..
jjDub331 (6 years ago)
lol I love the ending.
yungdinero (6 years ago)
lmao that Kimchi guys comments were funnier than the video
Julian (6 years ago)
i still chuckle a bit seen this video so many times.
MogrooT2 (6 years ago)
jjajajaja, Russian drive like dumb (cars), Chinese cant drive scooter
Patrick Boyer (6 years ago)
i love that garbage clip. You are a boss sir
Thestandingo13 (6 years ago)
Serves them right haha
MiAuthority (6 years ago)
Lol, this was ferny
topher (6 years ago)
Love that just threw garbage out their window... garbage...garbage...
BmoReYCE (6 years ago)
it actually says "6 days ago" and seeing as my comment was 3 days ago, that means yours was only 3 days before mine. and yes, I did only just get around to it, because I only watched the fucking video 3 days ago. but you took 3 days, and you're only just getting around to replying to it? you sure you're even replying to the right person, buddy? I never called you high. maybe you are the high one after all....
Michael M (6 years ago)
Dude...I entered my comment 3 weeks ago...And you're just gettin' around to it?...So who's really the one that';s high?
ThatSouthernRider (6 years ago)
XD That was too funny, what was the hole for? And the garbage part was perfect! I have a feeling that if I did that here in the US, I would have been run off the road! Ride Safe!
Robert Carmichael (6 years ago)
I seriously think you might be high.
Jon Farmer (6 years ago)
great vid lol
Royal Zak (6 years ago)
What the actual fuck? You couldn’t have written it better, I had feeling he might fall into the hole, but c,mon wouldn’t that just be too obvious lol
ThunderWindz (6 years ago)
i would like to pay it all myself, where do i sign huh? n000000BBbbbb im lvl 85 Rouge!
ThunderWindz (6 years ago)
yea... yea advertise is shit, i would rather pay 10$ fee month than have ads on..
Craig Sunday (6 years ago)
Do you have anymore info about the guy that fell in the hole? was he ok ?
Michael M (6 years ago)
I don't know and don't give a shit who chew 1047 is,And don't give a shit about what you think.
BmoReYCE (6 years ago)
oh, thats cute, so you and chew1047 are, like, tag-teaming the comments/comebacks here, now.
BmoReYCE (6 years ago)
its either that or you pay to upload/watch videos. either way, it costs money for them to store everything and run this massive service, so can either pay for it all yourself, or shut up and thank the people who pay for it for you.
BlindOtter (6 years ago)
ROFLMAO drives into hole. I was not expecting that.
Taking OutThATrAsh (6 years ago)
It is huh? Why should Youtube make any money? They should just continue to give you free services and pay for it all themselves. Are you really that stupid? it's not much to ask for, to have to watch a short commercial or see a small advert for such a great site.
ThunderWindz (6 years ago)
advertise on youtube is so annyoing...
Kurt Mitchell (6 years ago)
I think he's the drunk scooter guy from the video...
MrCassadys (6 years ago)
funny love your vids man!
Robert Carmichael (6 years ago)
goose003 (6 years ago)
booooooooom that is just fuuuuuny
Michael M (6 years ago)
And stupid.
apexdna (6 years ago)
That's because people in Oakland are a bunch of pussies.
apexdna (6 years ago)
ANDREWNATHAN (6 years ago)
legit hit and run like x4
HITMAN0300 (6 years ago)
it only took him 3 good ramming's to finish ;)
WateryIce54321 (6 years ago)
Thank you for giving them their garbage back! They almost lost it for good!
LeonsLifeOnWheels (6 years ago)
How does anyone get that drunk? hahaha. did he die?
chrisJongil (6 years ago)
cool story bro, tell it again :)
GscGunner (6 years ago)
You're doing the same thing?
undercovrr (6 years ago)
Oh i would love to meet you in real life. Just so I could punch you in the throat.
Comp Pend (6 years ago)
the garbage clip NEVER gets old
Houdini2.5T (6 years ago)
haha I like how you threw their garbage back in their window
Zdolshin (6 years ago)
Dude thumbs up on getting the garbage back in their window. That was awesome!
Michael M (6 years ago)
The only joke is behind your nose.
Gerson Lima (6 years ago)
this video is so awesome lmfao!
androidus3r (6 years ago)
omg that was awsome haha!!
youngsoldier93 (6 years ago)
youngsoldier93 (6 years ago)
you're a joke.
Dominic Anderson (6 years ago)
one of your best videos :D apart from TIPs and riding with sven :/
Ronald Paredes (6 years ago)
That's how its done, I do exactly the same here in mainland china :D and I enjoy it especially when is food left overs.
SaintSoulja (6 years ago)
I don't want him doing this regularly, but this video is gold. glad he showed it probably wouldn't have seen it otherwise
Juddson Ivines (6 years ago)
I'm a defensive driver, I keep an eye out for everybody regardless of the vehicle they drive. But they gotta meet me halfway. They can't go swerving in between cars and cutting people off at high speeds, taking crazy risks like squeezing between a car and the sidewalk just to prove a point, or otherwise putting other people (and themselves) at risk. 3 out of 5 motorcyclists that I see on the road are flat out crazy and should be put in jail for the stunts they pull.
azjmiles (6 years ago)
i mean i get the vigilante justice part but did u happen to also notice the huge bag of trash next to the piece of trash u picked up?
Alligator (6 years ago)
This deserves more and more views
Maeikatk (6 years ago)
best video ever
From Asia To West AtoW (6 years ago)
think he played too much mario world :P
chew1047 (6 years ago)
You should try getting out a bit more.

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