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The Very Best Free to Play MMORPG Games of 2018

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● So all the way back in November of 2016 I posted a video titled "Top 10 Best Free to Play MMORPG Games of 2016-2017". In it, I detailed what MMORPGs I believed were the best choices to play over the end of 2016 and further going into 2017. That video alone went on to garner over 350,000 views and almost a thousand comments. Some people were disappointed with a few of the games listed, others were surprised some of those games were still alive. ● With all of this in mind, I want to take this opportunity to go over what I believe are the current Best Free to Play MMORPG Games of 2018. ● Please be aware though that just because I believe these are the best does not in any way mean they are - you may actually hate multiple of the games in question, even. And you're more than welcome to. But you should elaborate on why you believe how you do, though, as I'd love to hear it and will be replying to as many comments as I can in the comment section below. ● With all of the important stuff now out of the way, let's jump into the video, yeah? ● Read more: https://www.mmobyte.tv/the-very-best-free-to-play-mmorpg-games-of-2018/ ● Discord - https://discord.gg/53RugfV ● Subscribe now and support us! http://bit.ly/2d0J8pe ● Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/mmobyte ● Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MMOByte ● Official Website: http://www.mmobyte.tv/ ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/MMOByte ● Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/MMOByte/ ● Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MMOByteWeb/ ● Stix: ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/ByteStix ● Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bytestix/ ● Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/StixIsBae ● Wiggy: ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/ByteWiggy ● Check out the best Anime MMORPG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VVKHn9h-hw ● Is TERA Worth Playing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYpMA4RUKeI ● Is Blade and Soul Worth Playing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwUKuop31lU ● Is Aion Worth Playing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7unsRTY_uz4 ● Is WildStar Worth Playing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woJc-u6fSTA ● What Are The The Top 10 Best MMORPGs of 2017-2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YtQXV750bg ● Check out the MMORPGs you should be playing in 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfxPptSDL1E ● Are Mobile MMORPGs the future? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27xyyf-Ijzc
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Text Comments (2462)
Murtaza Ali (14 hours ago)
Dude you haven’t checked Warframe
Phillip Lemmon (22 hours ago)
midniteRider2000 (1 day ago)
WILDSTAR how i miss you :( was a super fun mmo
Phrieksho Industries (2 days ago)
Secret World will always be one of my favorite MMOs of all time. Unique setting for an MMO, basically everything I wanted in a game as a kid
Ștefan Horga (4 days ago)
So every game is played by a man roleplaing a hooker sent out on a hunt for penises i guess. It really takes away the medieval, fantasy feeling.
Lolita Mackrill (5 days ago)
none of them are good mmo games..They are dead and lacklustre , boring and there is simply no interest to play low budget games. If player's play these types of mmo's then they probably satisfied with the worse and have not explored the best. For example Eso and path of exile....I did however play nevrwinter , it's okish. but i lost interest.....The whole pay to plày is embarrassingly always in your face , it never ends. eso is by far the best mmo for me . The story line, very good graphics and never fails with content. This is quality, not low budget and uninspiring like the one's you have mentioned. I am also waiting for path of exile to hit the ps4 this month of Feb....Bye bye.
EvilEye (6 days ago)
no BDO?
ADHD Aiden (7 days ago)
I hope more survival MMORPG games will be released in 2019
Veng3r (8 days ago)
My Big Question is: Which one of these is THE closest TO Rising of the Shield Hero..?
Werrilia GWF (8 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWFb2mZA-Gw&t=95s MMORPG NEVERWINTER WERRILIA GWF
Final flash (9 days ago)
did he just say that runescape as been going for 150 years??????????????????????????????
Frank Pendergast (9 days ago)
Swtor was great till they fucked up Warzones
Deacon Sel Annoa (10 days ago)
You should have listed Black Desert Online. Why, you ask? "You have to buy it first" No, you don´t. If you reach level 56 within a week, you´ll have the game for free. And believe me, it´s not that hard to reach that level. Especially if someone gives you a hand. Hollar if you need me, I can boost you.
Thorsbeard (11 days ago)
So many turds in that list..
Skrittles Mcwiggles (12 days ago)
every 1 asks why do guys play girl charecters in mmo/rpg well would you rather look at a dudes ass for 3k+hours or a girls ass lol i think ive anwsered this question.
Nick Breeden (12 days ago)
don't whisper on your casts you moron.
Lemorans (13 days ago)
Now there are no good free MMO, in any game there is a donater who will humiliate you, it is better to buy a subscription and play for fun
Daria Minevord (12 days ago)
+Владислав Коренюгин the same as me, firstly I wanted to start playing WoW but I don't want to play with the paid subscription and moreover buy sth from the premium shop lol
I choose only pay-to-play servers, in L2 I know only Skelth which has such type of the game model
Łukasz Kuczyński (14 days ago)
WildStar, SkyForce
ArChYAtis (17 days ago)
shouldnt use misleading titles fucktard
Turkish Team Game (17 days ago)
mu online
stochastic24 (18 days ago)
Dragon's Nest is also Nexon
Kim Jong Un (19 days ago)
90% of these games are NOT free and they are dead
Martin 20006 (19 days ago)
Got an mmorpg ad lol
Kidswaggy (19 days ago)
Dcuo ??
My balls stink
Siegfried Morse (19 days ago)
Legit creep.
John Smith (19 days ago)
Honestly, I want to play more games that have a skill system similar to Runescape. I like that you can make all the armor, potions, and food. I like that you can make money with any of these skills alone and are not required to train in combat. I like that you can play the games passively, or actively. I get a little of that when I play BDO, and I train one of the profession skills. But I like Runescape because there are so many more skills, and honestly the skills are more practical than in BDO.
NaThAn G (20 days ago)
the only things that got me into MMORPG is anime
Spectro (20 days ago)
Isn’t guild wars 2 B2P
신동협 (22 days ago)
when you say Nexon is a garbage developer it kinda hurts koreans feelings based on so many games we have played over the year through the developer. and ever since we were young they had helped us play many games. i want you to make a video on why Nexon is garbage. Please Elaborate.
UnknownSoldier (22 days ago)
How about Dragona?
Rara Revs (24 days ago)
i Miss WindSlayer , and Earth zero online
Rara Revs (24 days ago)
you should reallyyy do "the best top 10 'old' MMORPG's that still lives" Like fiesta online, WoW, Osrs, Tera
Mostafa Torky (25 days ago)
aaaaaaaAAAAAaa that's hot that's hot 4:47
Mostafa Torky (25 days ago)
emre subasi (25 days ago)
So you say these for almost every game: "This game lost most of it's player base and players complain about pay to win system, but this game is so good." You are talking about MMORPG games. And you ignored 2 most important things for an MMORPG... Please don't make another video about mmorpg.
The RedPanda (25 days ago)
Why was Bless Online on here?
Vallenshield 100 (25 days ago)
Yasin Ali (26 days ago)
why do u make this videos before the year even finish?
Zander The Best (27 days ago)
Wait isn't warframe a mmorpg, I mean its got great graphics, movement and story. like come on.
Natedogg 20 (27 days ago)
Where the fuck is warframe?
Nathan Deushane (28 days ago)
is the game being shut down
Martin Jensen (29 days ago)
What no elder scroll online whattatatatatta
SAM7167 (29 days ago)
Swtor is my #1 game because it fits my playing style. And no the game is not dead; there are always people restarting or new players starter classes. I love that game and wish I could find a similar game with a companions system, solo-friendly, F2P and with decent costumes for female characters and not the skimpy style (for most part coz Swtor does have some, shame)!
Where are Metin2, and Milmo?
Dat Boii (30 days ago)
just play Tibia fam
Rowan Diamonds (30 days ago)
5:00 this is very disturbing to me. Wtf is this guy doing? What is Kubz scouts looking motherfucker doing right now? Smfh. Honestly whoever said that some guys/and or girls!, are animals, did not fucking lie.
Mack Maclean (1 month ago)
You say the EXACT same thing about each game. “Omg by far one of the best mmorpg’s I’ve ever played. BY FARR it has an unrivalled character creation screen” like Bruh
SA AntonisK FORTLOSS (1 month ago)
rip wild star
Cinch McCoy (1 month ago)
swtor and ddo still have plenty of people to guild with etc.
maicolslip (1 month ago)
DDO is good too
lam chau (1 month ago)
Rider of icarus such lame ass cause 2-3 days to farm enough materials for a piece of gear when craft then fail
doomlist darkness (1 month ago)
perfect world i play every day and still in 2019 but the game is hell of an exp game 😂😂😂😜😘
crybaby (1 month ago)
can anyone recommend one mmorpg that is reasonably not pay to win and runnable on low specs like idc if its centuries old
Foxxtronix (1 month ago)
I'd recommend Everquest 2.
iVulkan (1 month ago)
Oh man...Wildstar.... that hurts.
omg im saying TRY WORLD OF WARCRAFT! SERIUSLY ITS THE BEST GAME EVER: they all look like the copy of the came: wow started in 2001
Raggex X (1 month ago)
the puns n references oh god..
sebastian hamat (1 month ago)
Your taste in games is sh!t
MMOByte (1 month ago)
friedduckawesome (1 month ago)
If only Tera wasn't so badly optimized. I never seen a game that an expensive PC can't run above 40fps
DDrummer (1 month ago)
*RUNESCAPE* =The gateway to MMORPGs
Yami David Diaz (1 month ago)
try toram online is the best i hop you can play it
Rahmatullah Azis (1 month ago)
i think, one of the best MMORPG in terms of job and skill is TORAM ONLINE (it's mobile game tho) , actually there's no such a job system in the game, because u can build your skill tree and combine any skill. i don't know yet if there's something simillar out there,
onegoldengraham (1 month ago)
If you're interested in RaiderZ, try the RaiderZ Legend private server instead. It's a little truer to the original but also provides new content. Who knows when masangsoft will release the official servers.
White Star Broken (1 month ago)
once I was interested to try Silkroad Online.. is it any good... or is it still up?
Astreia Asta (1 month ago)
Lineage 2 (Prob Classic/Lindvior) World of Warcraft Warframe(If we count it as mmorpg)
Hernan Arenas DM (1 month ago)
i ll try blade and soul xdd
변Elsie Alicia Online (1 month ago)
It's really good
GhostScythe (1 month ago)
With Perfect World, are you talking about her tits, or the game?
Creative Colour (1 month ago)
4:50 wowwwwww that view
Prism Sage (1 month ago)
7:14 tht was some great ass gameplay review
unknown caller (1 month ago)
4:44 highest quality
Quade Franz (1 month ago)
do a flyff review its coming back on the newest us svr
Cursed Khien (1 month ago)
So how many can you actually RP in with set communities?
Zac Clark (1 month ago)
you should check out silkroad online it is a old game it is a good mmorpg
Scruffyhenry (1 month ago)
u know wildstar's shut down
Scruffyhenry (1 month ago)
A silent tear rolls down my eye. 😥
MMOByte (1 month ago)
Look when this video was posted.
CrispyTrash (1 month ago)
I expected World of Warcraft to be on the list. I guess not.
Richard Buhler (1 month ago)
lotro? It's good, especially if you like Lotr...
Half_Night_Bot (1 month ago)
where is drakensang at ???
You mk (1 month ago)
If u can't afford wow just play in a private server.
Not Pedo Bear (1 month ago)
4:40 ͡(° ͜ʖ ͡°)
yeah yeah lol
Falney (1 month ago)
I had neverwinter killed for me by my friend who was trying to get me to play, rushing me through quests, doing everything for me and preventing me from actually learning the game. Also, I hate the idea "wow clone" when wow itself borrowed from existing games.
[HUN]Dorsym (1 month ago)
This video is about the games with biggest anime tits
lol in perfect world the size of the game dont matter only the size of the tits matters
Elien (1 month ago)
the game youre playing in the background looks cool what is that one lmfao
King ApexGamez (1 month ago)
Screw you ArcheAge Is Better Than your channel
Celvan Caeleste (1 month ago)
Been hurting from losing Wildstar, and manage to move on.. Aaaand i saw it as intro.. *cries*
eriniy cat (1 month ago)
İf you dont pay in swator you cant lvl up max lvl=pay to win or play.I played blade and soul and payed. If you dont pay you need farm every day 8 hour for year+They keep up item lvl and player lvl.Failed one like swator.Servers bad and having dc problems too.I played and payed in perfect world too.You need farm for years and open map pvp realy bad.Game mechanics bad too.Tera its realy free to play but its not tera we loved.I payed a lot for costumes and its free to play but game died.No one plays.Its becouse people bored to farm and bored to cant find partys for farm.Tera have item lvl system.If you wana enter dungeon you must have req item lvl but players mostly dont invite you and prefer to invite max item lvl players.Its bad system for newbies.You never able to get max item lvl.Dungeons very very hard and hard to lern.If you able to get max item lvl you must start farm again after every patch.You cant have fun its only farming.Guild wars 2 .Best I thing but its pay to win.If you dont pay you cant have best items etc and enter new story lines.If you pay you can have best items and this makes pay to wn game.Its very good game bu no one things its free to play after play 2-3 day.Runescape well its older than my grandmom.LOL this game companys paying you?
Setnakhte Amun Re (1 month ago)
7:14 Enough said down loading Perfect world.
ShiRokku 3 (1 month ago)
Goku Son (1 month ago)
You forgot silkroad....
oli ola (1 month ago)
i think best mmorpg goes to silkroad #1 mmorpg i played..you can choose 3 job.thief,trader,hunter,game is not boring pvp/guild war...etc skill of character are good for pvp...but it suck when game crowded hard to start...all you have to do is buy a premium...looks like not a free play to game that's why i quit....
Skaarxiong1 (1 month ago)
these games...lol, yeah sure, free to play but if you want the cool content stuff, you gotta buy it and they cost anywhere around 40 bucks to 100 something bucks. there's always a catch so overall, nope, shit ain't free. false advertisement. and 95% of these games are just complete SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! nope! not gonna compare it to Garbage, i love Garbage, after all these years, starting when she was in Angelfish, i still have a thing for Shirley Manson. oh, and if you see Trion as the game developer or whatever, just scroll pass it. don't waste your time. you've been warn. you'll be glad i've saved you from a ton of headaches and nerd raging.
Darkside8062 (1 month ago)
I have to argue nexon...I played Vindictus for 3 years, I can't speak for their other games.
My Maker (1 month ago)
I think you missed drakensang unless its already featured in other videos snice this is my first one so far
Othman GAME (1 month ago)
I advice u with trying celtic heroes Its a 3DMmorpg game for mobiles!!!!
jacek balcerzak (1 month ago)
weeb shit.
Integrity Games (1 month ago)
Neverwinter isn't actually pay to win, like many MMOs it is "pay to skip the grind," but there is nothing in the cash shop that gives you an advantage over players who choose not to pay, and you can use currency acquired in-game to purchase cash shop currency, so there's literally nothing you can't get in that game just by playing. It gets the bad rep because 95% of the items in the cash shop are basically a scam because they are wildly overpriced compared to what the average player can get them for by playing, but designed to lure new players who don't know any better into purchasing them before they learn enough about the game to make rational decisions.
Jorge Nuri (1 month ago)
wildstar died
k johnson (1 month ago)
cant believe you would suggest bless, that game is the absolute worst garbage game ever made. pos no good game.
Skaarxiong1 (1 month ago)
Bless fucking suck dicks! however, probably the best character creation but that's about it. btw, how many times did it glitch on you when you die and fall through the ground when you're a ghost?
MMOByte (1 month ago)
Not when I played it.
k johnson (1 month ago)
+MMOByte the game still sucked a year ago, lol ;)
MMOByte (1 month ago)
This video was made a year ago.
Ergo Proxy (1 month ago)
Wildstar is poof.
Toby reaper (1 month ago)
dude, dungeons and dragons onlin is better than most of this shit

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