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pamidzai chari (7 days ago)
amen i receive coz i am a winner
potter williams (2 months ago)
Amen. I receive with faith. Thank you lord.
Christopher Caroline (3 months ago)
Thank you Jesus am healed.
Joan Makokha (5 months ago)
Joan Makokha (3 months ago)
Juma Delma sawa kuwa na Siku njema iliyo jaa Baraka na ushindi wa Bwana wetu Yesu kristo.
Juma Delma (3 months ago)
Aki atujuani please but jina tu Ni ya mtoto wa nyumbani
Joan Makokha (3 months ago)
Juma Delma mambo plz nikumbushe wewe Ninani 254720575177 hiyo ni namba yangu whatsapp
Juma Delma (3 months ago)
Joan Makokha uko wapi dea
Benson Nguthu (5 months ago)
Amen from shanzu Kenya
Serena Choo (5 months ago)
Decreed n declare my spine L4/L5 will be straighter without surgery , in the name of Jesus!
Serena Choo (5 months ago)
Amen from Singapore
Ospetbaby Lovely (8 months ago)
Amen. Thanks lord. Am heal
Cherish Ebim (10 months ago)
my case is remains different in my new dawn! hallelujah!
Levi Livingstone (10 months ago)
My case is different. Somebody that could not call me, as Papa was praying.I received 2 messages instance from that person. I give God the glory.
Sibusisiwe Angela Chiware (10 months ago)
As i finish this MCID year I have enjoyed obeying God and every yoke has been destroyed! Father the balance of the prophetic word for 2017 will manifest in my life!
Apiri Joel Amakiri (10 months ago)
Thank you father for the liberating my life from spiritual bondage..
Evans Bobby (1 year ago)
Amen and amen
Osonwa Hilda (1 year ago)
Am healed of stomach imbalance.
Success Efe (1 year ago)
Chiefaccountant tah (10 months ago)
Success Efe (1 year ago)
amen I receive and I believe
Miller Mike (1 year ago)
Thank you Lord God,Amen
Sarah Ekanem (1 year ago)
mothusi letsatsi (1 year ago)
unlimited power
Kelly Osolife (1 year ago)
Prince Ibe Kalu (1 year ago)
Am exempted from every form of evil arrow in 2017 by the reasoning of anointing.
Junior Emeritus (1 year ago)
Thank you Lord for the total liberation. #Mycaseisdifferent
Solomon Idiagbor (1 year ago)
my case is different because of the anointing
Titus Solomon (1 year ago)
Solomon iam blessed

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