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Garmin Edge 820 - Round Trip Routing

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Garmin Edge 820 - VeloGPS demonstrate the round trip routing function on Garmin's Edge 820. Checkout our 'Kit' listings for great Garmin offers and essential accessories: Garmin Edge 820: https://kit.com/VeloGPS/garmin-edge-820 For further Cycle Computer & Tech offers visit us at: https://kit.com/VeloGPS
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Skalex Stuch (11 months ago)
Hi! How long the battery will last using on navigation mode? Have you tried all the way with navigation until battery dies? Thanks
Skalex Stuch (11 months ago)
VELOGPS - THE INNER TUBE (11 months ago)
I can't quite recall how long it lasted but with backlight on (which I tend to use) and phone connected as well as running navigation its definitely not the maximum 15 hours. It's possible to plug in a battery pack if necessary (I've done this on all day rides) but the charging port location makes it a little tricky.
Nina Sabghir (1 year ago)
I was told there is a way to load a route onto the Garmin when a route has been set up for an event. But I can’t figure out how that’s done. Example: fund raiser ride directions are on Ride with GPS. I want to transfer this to my 820. How is that done.
Ride with GPS have a helpful guide: https://ridewithgps.com/help/export-routes-to-garmin-device Have a fab event !
Drpepper99uk (2 years ago)
That 820 seems to be so slow in operation! Have you had any issues with the touchscreen? I've seen numerous reports of touchscreen issues and general slow running of the device- more so when using the navigation and mapping.
Not had any issues with the screen other than it not working with my gore winter gloves - works fine with my garneau summer gloves. Only issue I've had is it not being particularly responsive after an off course alert leading to a slight overrun before noticing id missed a turn. Hopefully something to be improved in future software upgrades. I've happily navigated a 100 mile route and a 75 with it using uploaded courses this year. Overall i prefer using it to the edge 1000 just because of its smaller form factor but its horses for courses as others may prefer the larger screen on the 1000.

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