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10 Disney Movies That Were Never Made

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Try out ThePremium Network for free https://goo.gl/wq4EpK Subscribe: https://goo.gl/cv6b96 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are a Disney fan, you have probably seen all the movies and love the Disney princesses. But there are actually some stories that you will never hear and characters that you will never meet. This is because many projects were canceled according to rumors. And if you want to know more about them, make sure that you stay tuned to 10 Disney Movies That Were Never Made. We all have a favorite Disney princess. But unfortunately, Odette from “The Swan Lake” will never have the chance to be one of them. Even though you might have seen her in “The Swan Princess,” Disney was working on a similar project too. And they were right to cancel it because the movie was not a success. “Newt” was the first Disney Pixar movie that had to be canceled. The story of two newts who struggle to find a mate would have been really interesting. But filmmakers found out that it was too similar to “Rio” and understood that it was better to give up. But we should never say never as this project is still on the shelf and “Newt” might have another chance in the near future. Stay tuned to hear more about movies like “Shade Maker,” “Where the Wild Things Are,” “Aida,” “Swabbies,” “The Rainbow Road to Oz,” “The Gremlins,” “The Rescuers,” and “Hercules.” Did you know that Mickey Mouse himself didn’t make it to the big screen? Stay tuned to see what happened to Disney’s mascot. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheThingscom/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thethings.com/
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Text Comments (5776)
Casey Caicco (44 minutes ago)
I am the future it 2019 and there still no Newt :(
Casey Caicco (41 minutes ago)
or any other movies on this list sorry
Emrys Blackheart Mc (13 hours ago)
Uhm, Hercules was never in the trojan war, Odyssey was the main hero in the Trojan war.
RosesSenpai Xo (16 hours ago)
Were the wild things are. I read that book once..
WestBeilschmidt (18 hours ago)
I would’ve loved to see Hercules 2.
Karen Curtis (19 hours ago)
Aww I would love to watch Hercules 2 and the swan lake!
who do you think (1 day ago)
Richard Rich? Rick Rich? RICHIE RICH?
I really want to see newt, but oh well I guess I’m the only one
MacTavish (3 days ago)
wasn't it Odysseus who fought cyclopses and was seduced by goddesses on his way home from troy, or am I crazy. Because I'm pretty sure the Odyssey is based around this story.
Living Corpse (3 days ago)
So that’s why Epic Mickey was flooded with Gremlins, always wanted to find out why since they were forgotten cartoons
Elise Carter (3 days ago)
I would've of loved if AIDA was made I mean the soundtrack by Elton John would be hugely successful as he is an amazing composer writer etc of music and story line would've been amazing
Robert Palomera (4 days ago)
Stop the remakes/reboots, there are plenty of unfinished projects and scripts that could be fine tuned to be amazing, but if they were to remake something it should be something that had a good plot, but was executed poorly.
Rissa (4 days ago)
Hercules 2
aww man i wanted to see the sawn lake and i have the book where wild things r amd i saw the movie
Valeria Urciaga (4 days ago)
I would like to see all of them
Neutron Alchemist (5 days ago)
So "Hercules 2" was "let's have Hercules play the part of Odysseus"
Elizabeth Erickson (5 days ago)
I actually loved the first swan princess. The other 543 were terrible.
•Wild MoonWaters• (5 days ago)
I love the where the wild things are!!
BTSIsForever Young (5 days ago)
I grew up watching The Swan Princess, it was one of my favorite movies when I was younger, but I will say this, they should have just stopped at the first movie.......
unicorn sisters (6 days ago)
I want to see all of the movies
Desrae Aeschlimann (7 days ago)
i loved the swan princess
birdyghostly sparkle (7 days ago)
I would watch Swabbies➡™ I also think my Disney obsessed friend would like it.
strouss5 (7 days ago)
I wish that they would do more Greek movies
elfarlaur (8 days ago)
I mean Hercules 2 would have been problematic for a few reasons. Namely the fact that Phil mentions that he trained Odysseus and Achilles before Hercules and they are the main characters of the Illiad and the Odyssey.
Weight Loss Dietitian (8 days ago)
your voice is so relaxing i think it is perfect
II Dreamy II (8 days ago)
1. I still love swan lake 2. We should have gotten Hercules 3. On the topic of Hercules that is disgusting that you showed Ariel seducing Hercules! They are cousins! Lol
Kayla Meems (8 days ago)
I love “Where the wild things are” it is an awesome book
Rigoberto Salazar (8 days ago)
gremlins is the best movie
RIP The Banana (9 days ago)
I wish I could have known Louis the bear.
teako north (9 days ago)
But... it was a WAR... a bloody war. Where people died.... I just... don't get it...
CJBolan (10 days ago)
When I was little I tried writing my own script for "Hercules 2" XD
Tanishq Sahu (10 days ago)
Hercules 2
Annie Buntin (10 days ago)
Defiantly Hercules 2
Stripotato S (11 days ago)
Not gonna lie I would have loved to see Hercules 2
I like the notion of Hercules two
Tykiari Kasane (11 days ago)
Not gonna lie. Swan Princess is one of my favourite Movies growing up. Then again i've also been a huge fan of other, not really popular, Movies like Treasure Planet and The Magic Cauldron (So much so that one of my D&D Characters is named after Princess Eilonwy) OFC Swan Princess messed things up by doing that many Sequels, the first 3 were Fine, but hey. Disney and Pixar also like to do that *looks at Toy Story* Also i'd rather take multiple bad Sequels than having them make a Live Action Adaptation of the first one.
We_Deal _We_Deal (11 days ago)
I loved the swan princess lol
Emma Bates (11 days ago)
hercules 2 for sure
Jim Smith (12 days ago)
Mocagirl Kawaii06 (13 days ago)
Hercules 2 for sure it would have been a wonderful movie Disney if you ever do so please try to bring this movie out to complete me and my little brother
Cindy The monster (13 days ago)
Wow the Swan princess sounds Interesting..
wickedRagdoll1987 (14 days ago)
Trojan war!
Stacy Higginson (14 days ago)
Odette will forever be the best princess ever! She didn't marry Derek just because he thought she was beautiful. She'd known him her entire life and she loved him back but needed more than "you're beautiful". Then, when she was held captive she didn't wait around for Derek to find her. She went out, found him, and risked her life to lead him back to the lake. She's smart, beautiful, and brave. She's amazing.
Barbie DIY Girl (14 days ago)
I seen the movie Rio
Regal Peter's (15 days ago)
Why is the thumbnail Megara
Jessica C. (15 days ago)
Almost everyone in comments is talking about Hercules 2 and I'm over here like.... " the newt one would be so super cute! 😭"
Gina Nguyen (15 days ago)
"Richard Rich"
thatusernamehasnotbe (15 days ago)
Swan princess was my favorite movie as a kid. You can go kick rocks.
@Dancerforever (15 days ago)
Omg I am so disappointed that they would cancel Hercules 2 : Trojan War... I would watch that
Sara Kathryn (16 days ago)
awww aida would be so wonderful :(
allyria stark (16 days ago)
I am curious about Newt, and I loved Odette! Wouldn't say no to a new version ~~
queen breakdown (16 days ago)
I would probably go broke just to rewatch Hercules 2 as much as possible when Disney decides to work on it
Jon Somoza (16 days ago)
I would want to see. Newt
welcome2myhappyworld (16 days ago)
I would see treasure planet 2.
Deejay Garimi (17 days ago)
Hmm.. I think the Trojan War, especially as it was in development in a time before I gave up on Disney faster than u gave up on saturated fat and drinking.
Funny Pugzzz (17 days ago)
No wonder he made coraline at 3:40 he looks like Wybie
Chris Pink (17 days ago)
A Disney Swan Lake would be great
Elizabeth Herandez (17 days ago)
Hercules 2 wild have had the one I really wanted to see
Elizabeth Williams (19 days ago)
Hercules 2 the trojan war
Campos Alejandro (19 days ago)
With the Hercules one I think that in greek mythology Hebe is the name of the godess of youth
MCU Super fan (19 days ago)
Zo Miller (19 days ago)
The Swan Princess was one of my favorite movies as a child, it (in my opinion) is super underated, they have good music and the story line (other than the sequals) is pretty good. Sad it doesn't get more love.
myrthe joosten (20 days ago)
i want hercules 2 to 😍😍🔥🔥👏😱🤣😎👍👌
Sophia Stephens (20 days ago)
I would like to see all especially Hercules 2
Courtney Landreau (21 days ago)
I LOVE the swan princess. I wore out the tape! It’s probably my favorite non Disney animated movie
Chick Kun (21 days ago)
I'd like to know more about the princess who was enslaved
David (21 days ago)
Hercules 2, A.K.A, let's just make Odysseus Hercules because fuck source material or literary altruism.
Kelsie Hoffmann (22 days ago)
I would love to see Hercules 2 it sound like an amazing movie and should be made and put on screen. I think this movie should be made and I think it's worth it
Prudence Msp (22 days ago)
I'd love to see all of them honestly
Hana Clapp (22 days ago)
I wish they had made Hercules 2 that would have been amazing!
Corinne O'Gorman (23 days ago)
No Hercules 2, try telling that to the comment section Disney
Mall_rat 3000 (23 days ago)
I never understood why Swan Princess didn’t do well! I was completely obsessed with it when I was a kid! I love love love it! The music is good and John Cleese was amazing!
Stacy Higginson (14 days ago)
I LOVE Swan Princess! Odette is my absolute favorite princess 💜
Taylor Lichtle (17 days ago)
The bat at the end creeped me out for years as a kid.
Purple weirdo (23 days ago)
I LOVED Disney, And I still do, But it's hard to get past all of the shady stuff...
Purple weirdo (20 days ago)
+Mystique Darkholme ehh..You dont wanna know, and if you do, Just search it.
Mystique Darkholme (21 days ago)
Purple weirdo What shady stuff?
Kayla Caldwell (23 days ago)
Hercules 2 of course
Joseph Foster (23 days ago)
You forgot the rescuers in the dumpit
youtuber kendra (24 days ago)
Love my Life (24 days ago)
Hercules two
Akemi Sasaki (24 days ago)
😯😮😵😵OH HECK NAH!!!! NOOOOOO, NO, NO ,NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!! Hercules was supposed to have a second movie?!?! Nah, I have tears in my vision right now! Nah, I'm campaigning this. And they had a daughter?! Definitely, campaigning. #Hercules 2: The Trojan War(Animated by Disney of course) It's time to campaign. It's now or never😮😤😭
Green Diamond Draws (24 days ago)
I wish they could just release newt already.
chris piper (25 days ago)
Hercules 2
Diego Castano (25 days ago)
Ummm can you stop it with the random pictures
veggietalesfan65 (26 days ago)
I loooooved the Gremlin books and character design and glad that they made it in for the Epic Mickey video games.
Tyler (26 days ago)
For sure Hercules 2
Sam Murray (26 days ago)
Hercules 2 would basically be The Odyssey, its the exact same story lol. I would still want to see it though...
Carolyn Boros (1 hour ago)
actually this would be The Illiad. The Odyssey chronicles Odysseus's voyage home
Alafig The Fig (26 days ago)
I need an Aida movie Give me some hercules too
Maia Sitter (27 days ago)
I LOVE The Swan Princess. I had no idea that it was such a flop. This was one of my favorite movies as a kid and I have been thinking about it a lot lately. I really want to watch it again.
Vinia Nein (27 days ago)
Everyone is talking about Hercules 2 and I just want to see Shade Makers
Chris (27 days ago)
...the gremlins were in that disney mickey wii game
henrik echers (27 days ago)
Disney should do The Wild Swans by Hans Christian Andersen - great story
Rose Myrick (27 days ago)
Hercules 2!?!? Bruhhh fr?! Thats my childhood they just canceled
MER Made 106 (27 days ago)
I performed in Aida at my school. Watching this made me so mad that she isnt a Disney princess. Granted there were a few story flaws that I didnt like but otherwise, it would've been perfect for the big screen.
christy capers (27 days ago)
Disney was going to make an adaptation of the Scottish legend of Tam Lin. That story is about rape.
Mystique Darkholme (21 days ago)
christy capers Damn. Wth
Jason Shreiner (28 days ago)
ccggenius12 (28 days ago)
No mention of the cancelled Jack and the Beanstalk movie? Seems pretty recent to just be glossing over.
fealubryne (28 days ago)
Woo boy, the very idea of that Hercules 2 movie makes me want to punch things. I enjoyed the horrifically inaccurate first one as a cute little one-off, but I'm just as glad they didn't touch the Trojan War. That would've for sure been too much. Especially the nonsense of being friends with Helen, and the fact that they probably wouldn't have done anyone else justice.
Adrian Broussard (28 days ago)
More *Hunkules* Please!! 🤩🥴😩
lynn allen (29 days ago)
Loved Aida on stage. And The Lion King.
Harley Saenz (29 days ago)
You stupid people wtf is wrong with you peoples
Harley Saenz (29 days ago)
Not all of them
Sparkle Tahoe (29 days ago)
Hercules 2: the Trojan war
LaLa (29 days ago)

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