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Who made the Maree Man? - the largest ground drawing on Earth

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15 years ago the worlds largest ground drawing appeared on the ground near Marree in outback South Australia. It depicted an aboriginal man throwing a spear. To this day the locals are still in a quandary as to who did it and how.
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LLOYD Richards (1 year ago)
Unexplained then.
LLOYD Richards (1 year ago)
Who did the crop circles?.
Rebel Films (1 year ago)
Dunno...this is not a crop circle
LLOYD Richards (1 year ago)
Wasnt done by man surely.
Pyro Chimp (9 months ago)
It was an individual with a GPS logger and a plough... because you know.. the whole things made up of plough marks...not sure if aliens use ploughs to make art... or DO they?!!??!?
Rebel Films (1 year ago)
Who or what else?
LLOYD Richards (1 year ago)
Its an aboriginal figure.
Rebel Films (1 year ago)
Yes it is

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