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Text Comments (2375)
PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS (1 year ago)
RTD OZI (9 months ago)
PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS you should of told him you do YouTube
Infinity Blader (1 year ago)
PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS u suck u duck bitch
YouTube YouTube (1 year ago)
PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS lol how about "buying your own house at 19"😂😂😂 You're a fool
crisisavalaible (1 year ago)
Speedy Ville with a fake rolex****
crisisavalaible (1 year ago)
PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS boi look so happy to be finessing himself by buying that fake ass Rolex. “It may be fake but I spent 20 k, I got GWUAP”” face ass boi. He even said “I’m tweaking” lol you damn right dumb ass boi.
Raul Ndungi (8 days ago)
Hey..where did u buy the jewel pls!..
xxNike xx49 (11 days ago)
Mac (21 days ago)
That’s a woman’s Rolex you fucking moron, the mother of pearl dial is not on men’s models. You dumb as hell.
Dz S U P R E M E (27 days ago)
You're african brothers dying for any form of sustenance but you like "Imma buy it anyway my money" while proceeding to mock pedestrians.
Crapatell (1 month ago)
At 14:07 You can clearly see there is no Rolex crown on the watch on the closing part, so this means this is a fake Rolex watch with fake diamonds in it. I'm just saying, your jeweler is a cheat.
Today Yesterday (1 month ago)
If you gotta brag about it, you cant afford it. Try best fakes at www.14kgold.com
Kashie K1 (1 month ago)
Why he so aggressive man😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️
sergio Sanchez (1 month ago)
Houston gang
Austin Zizzi (1 month ago)
The one thing you’ll never be able to afford is taste
Austin Zizzi (1 month ago)
i8s are for the people that want to look like they have an exotic but have no idea about cars. Same with datejust that you ruin by covering them up with diamonds you clearly don’t understand the first thing about watches either. You don’t even know how to take it off fuck outta here
Tyler Durden (1 month ago)
You have no class if you wear diamonds in your watch...Unless they are markers...
Alan Naranjo (1 month ago)
5k more and he could have gotten a Nautilus smh
Robert Bremer (1 month ago)
I didn’t even see a crown on the band to open it Fake
patrick bourdeau (1 month ago)
CallmeAffiliated (2 months ago)
Dayum that shit is ugly all those rocks on a rolex
Nahimana Bourhan (2 months ago)
Harry Vlone (2 months ago)
sayingg he got a deal smh, that peice of garbage is worth half a submariner
Harry Vlone (2 months ago)
you are a mug. that watch looks fake a tacky because of the dodgy after market diamonds
CJ YT (2 months ago)
You know what I wish I was a YouTuber and could afford this
nikekid52 (2 months ago)
Should’ve went to icebox 🤦🏾‍♂️
Leonardo Weingart (2 months ago)
crazy roli bro
LaCole Hearne (3 months ago)
hey I am 10 so can you cut the cursing
mag or lag (3 months ago)
0:15 I thought that was the radio
PistonSwag Gaming (3 months ago)
What BMW is that?
Jacqualine Mccombs (3 months ago)
Do you have a Lamborghini if you do dang and Rolex dangggggggggggg
Christopher Ramirez (3 months ago)
Nigga stfu stop tryna diss pedestrians you wAnnabe Odell looking ass foo
Tru3 (3 months ago)
Christopher Ramirez this niggas a rapper stfu u don’t know nothing about ddg besides this video is old asf
ugly boy (3 months ago)
what is your real job because there's no way you're making this much money off of YouTube without having a job on the side
fuck your mother (3 months ago)
Someone is going to rob him like x
Jacob Freitas (4 months ago)
Man I’d whip yo ass talking all that shit. You know you would hand over all that jewelry acting all hard 😂😂
IML WAY (4 months ago)
Wow 😲
junie11db (4 months ago)
Got Damn he just jugg tf outta him it hurts to my stomach then he fuckin winked at him lmao ...man these Asian been finnesin for a long time! Belive me they ALWAYS running game ! But ppl gone trust them because they got money! That receipt was the last slap in the face lmao a fuckin reg. Ass print out lmao
junie11db (4 months ago)
Its all for the clout...he really didnt even prolly buy it lol ...its all in the game to get them views that's where the check is ...this gen gets paid off attention
Reji (4 months ago)
Niggas are always fucking hating. Stfu you can't even afford to blow 20k lame ass niggas foh. Broke boys ain't never seen real diamonds. Bitch ass boys
The Coin Pursuit (4 months ago)
nice to see someone waste 20k and will never get it back.. real hustler
Randall S (4 months ago)
Ur still a bum ass nigga😂 with ur wack fake shit lmfao
Toby Humphreys (5 months ago)
Pierre BONNIMOND (5 months ago)
This shit a fake or what cuz a plane full gold Rolex date just 36 is 31,350$ and he pays 20k for some diamond covered Rolex
Jamis Mirs (5 months ago)
Ya'll can buy anythin in this world, but still, you will remain ****** in our eyes.
Colin Whitley (5 months ago)
at the mall buying ice cause he a broke boy
Gas Up (5 months ago)
Tell me why on 1:50 I thought he still had his seat belt on 💀
Alvaro TheMoneyTeam (5 months ago)
Those ain’t diamonds they probably some type of crystals.......
Alvaro TheMoneyTeam (5 months ago)
“That’s where I get all my shit from” mehnn u don’t even have any legit iced out jewellery prior to your watch
Gucciboy 1234 (5 months ago)
Nic i8
None (5 months ago)
Ho man I feel bad for you. It's a fake one...
Billy Animations (5 months ago)
I have a Rolex presidential day-date 40
john reyes (5 months ago)
Its ticking thi
adamx93 Edits (6 months ago)
Bitch i'm 12 years old and I got a fucking diamond Rolex!! 💀💀💀💀
Adan Vera (6 months ago)
does it tell time
Mr Kunt (6 months ago)
I hate it when wannabe thugs or rappers act all cool over counterfeit items.
Samo Kezinchyan (6 months ago)
Your in Glendale Ca, niga bounce before you get murked foreal
Steven McClendon (6 months ago)
Lmbo he said dont say its not fake lol
Ladonna Black (6 months ago)
7b 76
Ladonna Black (6 months ago)
Ladonna Black (6 months ago)
hv6 y no te
I'm Sweeping (6 months ago)
Too much diamonds looks girly.
Won Coop (6 months ago)
After Market Rollie
flyboy747 uk (6 months ago)
Rolex= All money, no class.
Young Jerzz (6 months ago)
Those diamonds look fake Young blood.
SAINT LORENZO (6 months ago)
Eric Dumitrescu (6 months ago)
Well i got mine at 16
Jorge Hernandez (6 months ago)
How much did you pay for it? It’s courageous bro congrats
Anthony Dunn (7 months ago)
you get robbed real quick
LaFlareRed1 (7 months ago)
Sit Down . Be Humble
whyterhyno17 (7 months ago)
That Rolex is fake, sorry to say it. There’s no crown on the latch..
Ahmed Deekow (8 months ago)
Sebastian Velez (8 months ago)
literally 8 views away from 700k
Stephanie Jordan (8 months ago)
I was in ICU with pneumonia 3 yrs ago on a ventilator...had a alcoholic drunk loud jerk be emotionally abusive to me im glad i got that functioning alcoholic natural ice or Old English beer drinker out my life.He tried to social meda destroy me with slander lies.glad hes gone.i am in need of help i love real diamond diamond is beautiful and hypnotizing to my eyes...diamonds use their beauty to captive you.i want a real diamond I've been through hell
Craven (8 months ago)
hella old rollie and cubins bruh you’re wack
Craven (8 months ago)
Watch they all cubins
kevin alikhani (8 months ago)
Probably a good idea to figure out who and where your assets will go if anything was to happen to you god forbid
Mars Blackmon (8 months ago)
This motivation, I’m 23 and I’m about to get a Rolex
Jajj Jjj (8 months ago)
I am 13 years old and have Mine one rolex
Jajj Jjj (6 months ago)
Nigga Yes u gay yup🤟
Mr. Khan (6 months ago)
GULD GRABB Sure you do
Andrew Daggett (8 months ago)
The Unknown Savage (8 months ago)
Bro I am 13 and have a rolex,Apple watch,I phone 8 plus,Ipad pro and mac book pro
Mr. Khan (6 months ago)
RÈVÈŃGÈ 4 G -CLASH GAMING I’m sure you have a Rolex kid imaging isn’t real
Terence Thompson (8 months ago)
www.itshot.com check it out if you like diamond stuff
jcwack (8 months ago)
What type of bracelet is he wearing?
DSkeezy BBE (8 months ago)
Okay so I watched this shit 2 weeks ago and today I just seen your video on world star and I was like this the Nigga from YouTube 😂 aye that bank challenge hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Moto Riding (8 months ago)
8:05 it ticks
415jaypee (9 months ago)
Black excellence 💪
Archinioss (9 months ago)
100,000 stfu Man U talking trash
Adrian Fedele (9 months ago)
thats a $10 fake
MLGB0Yz (10 months ago)
It’s a day date president, it’s real, stop hating but it is only around $20k, big fan of the pearl master 39 rose gold iced out, diamond dial face
cris gonzlaez (10 months ago)
I️ bet Kennedy got flipped while you was at the mall
ryan johnson (10 months ago)
So he's basically saying we have to watch his videos just for him to make money then he just going to flex right in our face ?
Potatoes Are Good For You (10 months ago)
Right now when I’m writing this comment, this video has 666k views
Peter Dagres (10 months ago)
Who could possibly support this fool lol what a joke of a human
Louis Hambridge (10 months ago)
East DallasKick's (10 months ago)
Aweee dam I thought u said the north Dallas galleria i had to rewind the shit 😂
Jaquanado Lagostic (10 months ago)
Yo Darrel
Aldemar.g K (10 months ago)
Is this your only job bro?
JONYWALKER247 (10 months ago)
Wat chu got uh VS
hio land (10 months ago)
how the hell do you make money? pls share the secret
Daniel. OM (10 months ago)
Yo cheap nigga
ivo leijen (10 months ago)
some 1 rob this dude
Rikky Vargas (11 months ago)
Dam bro proud of u hope fully one day I accomplish some thing like that and get my rolli💎
smoke suffa (11 months ago)
You could've bought 5 kids cars. Who actually need it. You black guys say oh black people lives matter. Show it. Show us why. U can give back to people. Can give people phones so they can view you. I gave about 8 or 9 kids all iphone 5c's. May not be the best but i went out my way and dis that cause they needed it more then me and i feel grateful for that everyday. Do some positive bro.
Titan (11 months ago)
This dudes a dick
CorbinH (11 months ago)
I wouldn't buy from people that young, I feel like their not as professional as older people who would know more about jewelry and be more honest about what your buying. Also when buying those watches isn't a horrible idea if you can afford them. Because watches; if kept in good condition, don't loose a whole lot of value in a resale situation, especially a popular sought out watch like a Rolex ♕
Ben Rdz (11 months ago)
What Model?

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