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Time Traveler Caught on 911 Call

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This audio file is of a 911 call that was sent to us via email, from a man who claims to have responded to this particular case. The call involves a time traveler and the man who recorded this call was left questioning everything he thought he knew. Is this proof of time travel? What do you think? Time Travel Playlist ► http://bit.ly/TimeTravelPlaylist Discord Live Chat ► https://discord.gg/apextv Subscribe to ApexTV for more paranormal videos like this! We at ApexTV try our hardest to bring the latest incredible paranormal clips from around the world to audiences worldwide. (Subscribe link below!) ***LINKS*** Channel ► http://www.youtube.com/myapextv Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/apextvofficial Twitter ► https://twitter.com/ApexTVStudios Instagram ► http://www.instagram.com/apextvofficial Snapchat ► https://www.snapchat.com/add/apex.tv Website ► https://apextvofficial.com/ Time Travel T Shirts, ApexTV Merch and More! ► https://apextvshop.com ◄ ★More Videos★ Time Traveler Took This Picture In The Year 6000 https://youtu.be/NvXeWXsgHsg Time Traveler From 2030 LIE DETECTOR Test https://youtu.be/TyWOjfSxt3Q Time Traveler From The Year 2250 Tells About The Future https://youtu.be/-vQiRL4rAhk Former Area 51 Worker Says He Piloted UFO https://youtu.be/QIxzvtmF0t4 10 Teleportations Caught on Camera https://youtu.be/1m78SioM32Q Time Traveler Took This Picture in The Year 2118 https://youtu.be/ZBCCKYyep98 Time Traveler Explains Our FUTURE & How Time Travel Works https://youtu.be/TGPChotTV08 Time Traveler Who Traveled to The Year 2100 Tells All https://youtu.be/eqTy91xOAG4 Man Predicting The Future in 1945 100% True https://youtu.be/Gx6hjtMxNVQ Time Traveler Who Has Been to The Year 2118 Speaks Out https://youtu.be/PIp5xKRsSck Time Traveler From 2075 https://youtu.be/s3Ehmi4xHe4 Time Traveler Who Went to 2987 Tells All https://youtu.be/WNw3i8A9RTA Time Traveler Took This Picture in The Year 5000 https://youtu.be/6HhEhpb1RIs Time Traveler From 4932 Reveals Future President https://youtu.be/KBuJA5EqU9s ⮟ Last Video ⮟ Time Traveler From 6491 LIE DETECTOR Test https://youtu.be/-nbb4EuMWB0 This call seems like a supernatural event, but many people online think this could be proof that the man who appeared is an actual time traveler. If anyone has any information, or any other true scary stories, feel free to contact us!
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Text Comments (51188)
ApexTV (4 months ago)
UPDATE: We did a live interview with Cathy and her husband, check it our here ▶ https://youtu.be/gg3CZmLhD-g
GlitchGhostGamingNerd (10 days ago)
Gen Ifa (11 days ago)
Wait.. You have an interview with her and her HUSBAND but she clearly states she lives alone. FAKE NEWS
Alexis Sanchez (1 month ago)
I am the 500th reply
Gabe And Caden Vlogs!! (1 month ago)
DWN (1 month ago)
+Depressed E.G .
Brother Danny (35 seconds ago)
Dammit Cathy. Leave Melvin the hell alone. This is how people die in movies!
kassi kumar (15 minutes ago)
मादरचोद रण्डिका औलाद हैं तु फेक फेक फेक रन्डि i wasted my time on this fucking video ,😈😈😈
magneta jet (39 minutes ago)
sebastian manea (47 minutes ago)
Fake like sheet.....💩💩💩💩💩
Eme Chhetri (1 hour ago)
Cathy is stupid
Breezi (1 hour ago)
That is so fake like my life
X_Zenzy_X X (1 hour ago)
Youtube is divided into two types of videos 1. Is real 2. Is acted this video is in section ACTED!!!
disionx (1 hour ago)
Stupid Cathy!!!
Nightbot (2 hours ago)
Kathy Myers?
Chen Jiahui (2 hours ago)
Jodi Arias, is that u?
KING KOTRO (2 hours ago)
911: Cathy?? Can you see him?? Cathy:Now I see him, now I don't Wait I think it is....Its JOOOOHN CEENA
mia (3 hours ago)
*here kitty kitty kitty*
mia (3 hours ago)
*oKaY cAtHy*
The Natural (3 hours ago)
Bullshit...9-12 operator is fake.
Kaneki_ kun (4 hours ago)
This is bull shit
Hammas Ali (4 hours ago)
Why this shit is so fake!!!!!!
Vera Mulimbika (4 hours ago)
the questions r stupid..
Michael Degen (5 hours ago)
Not fake at all......
Steven Uria (5 hours ago)
Steven Uria (5 hours ago)
Apex a chump for these trash videos
Maxwell Rosado (5 hours ago)
Is this real
Purple Saphire (5 hours ago)
......im speechless.....
Malik Orphey (6 hours ago)
I just came here for the comments to see if it’s really real, glad I didn’t watch
GhostActual206 (6 hours ago)
Wow there is some really dumb people out there if they think this is real.
Gadget Therapy (6 hours ago)
police record or bullshit
Sam O (7 hours ago)
Just out of curiosity how is this fake, haven’t seen all of it yet but just want to ask you
Kendall Burns (9 hours ago)
This operator jus really made me mad
Deqressed Me (9 hours ago)
She sounds like the *I AM PREGNANT AND IT’S JESUS* , Am i the only one?
Andrew Workman (9 hours ago)
NinjasGamerz (11 hours ago)
Checking the Update...
Zac Hazelip (12 hours ago)
So fake
Mohd Izwan (12 hours ago)
maybe the woman has mental problem.
Nite Kat (12 hours ago)
This sounds exactly like my neighbour. Everything in here is her. Husband died, lives alone, has a cat. Except, her husband died around 2014. I was so like, scared. I thought this happened to my neighbor😭😭
luvhippie1830 (13 hours ago)
The most fake I've heard on your Channel. Come on !
KOBE 3x (13 hours ago)
Why wen black people do this they run like hell
KOBE 3x (13 hours ago)
I travel wen im sleep
Why dose everyone reach apex TV
Andrew Wood (13 hours ago)
Can I just say this is quite obviously the biggest pile of ridiculous steaming bullshit. Jesus christ.
safaa alabudi (14 hours ago)
I was focused on the sky on the top of the house looking for time traveler
safaa alabudi (14 hours ago)
is more like ghost story then time traveler
Korde Daggs (15 hours ago)
So fake Cathy a made up name
Korde Daggs (15 hours ago)
Is this scary like if u agree
Bryanna Schlueb (15 hours ago)
I want to wacht this but I don't u know what I mean
bigrig0625 (15 hours ago)
Not real, way too monotone
Marc God (15 hours ago)
Cathy is a dumb hoe
Marie Yeshulas (15 hours ago)
You will die in 5 days unless you click the like button
Colette Truth (16 hours ago)
That’s NOT HIM ..CLONED?? Bot,ToOl, Well fake n My heart 💔 breaks for those involved ..exactly how did her husband John die?
Bonix Sunday (16 hours ago)
I know this will probably get lost in the comments below, but sometimes when I’m home alone I like to go out in my garden and cover myself with dirt and pretend I’m a carrot.
Kal Wayne (17 hours ago)
This sounds scripted
jose garcia (18 hours ago)
so fake
jose garcia (18 hours ago)
if time travel was posible why dont they get a cure for these virus or save ppl
Trent Reed (18 hours ago)
John Connor, come with me if you want to live
James Thomas (18 hours ago)
I believe it. A few years ago, I passed by, myself, as I was walking into a liqourstore for my first run. Taxi driver witnessed it.
mason johnson (18 hours ago)
This is the dumbest most fake waste of space on the internet
Unicorn JonnyMillion (19 hours ago)
Holy crap
Melvin Quiñones (19 hours ago)
She shouldn't have been looking for me I'm ok
Miguel velazquez (19 hours ago)
So basically.......John's clone was waiting for her in her bathroom for 16 years and she didn't notice? (Edit): dang woman take a bath :/
Miguel velazquez (19 hours ago)
911:I don't understand? What? Me:dOeS yOu nOT UndeRsTaND tHaT hE hAS dA SaME TaTtoO
GAMER TECH (19 hours ago)
sound so damn fake,dispatcher sound just like you
Ian Moore (20 hours ago)
Poor acting but good story.
What happened to the man John??
Hanna Johnson (20 hours ago)
Hope this is a re-enactment cause this calltaker sucks Sounds fake
Samad Aslam Khan (20 hours ago)
I'll regret about wasting these 14 minutes when i'll die
FABIO999able (21 hours ago)
If this is real then so are my plastic balls that I had done by the Dr when I lost em on that freaky orgy accident.....!
ajay poole (21 hours ago)
oi oi oi thats made how did he get in the bathtub if he brockn in then the police arrived then the fbi this is a case fro the fbi this is a breach of nashtion securtiy
TBNR pup (21 hours ago)
This is definitely fake, and i can prove it. Firstly, the operator and cathy both sound like AIs, as you have probably seen. Secondly, it’s way to quiet. Lastly, there is one thing i found out that is a dead giveaway. When the operator goes off the phone to tell someone something that she said, then he comes back, there is no noise of him picking up the phone or putting it back down. Also, the audio is too clear, meaning this isnt even a phone call.
Amanda Doyle (21 hours ago)
That's a fake 911 call. With a little internet research, this YouTube channel made this fake call for a video
Bony Gare (22 hours ago)
Fake or real?
Anthony Poroznik (22 hours ago)
What a pile of horseshit.
館山ハナミ (22 hours ago)
who cares if its fake its still fun to watch guys
Dan Ritchie (22 hours ago)
Her voice made me want to hit myself in the face. Fake
Breanna Richardson (22 hours ago)
Cathy is hardheaded white people always go towards the criminal like the criminal is gonna be like yeah I'm in the kitchen fixing me a sandwich come get me
Your mom my mom eewww (22 hours ago)
so fucking fake
Sal Pitera (22 hours ago)
Fake as hell. It sounds like both sides are reading it off of a sheet of paper by the way they are pronouncing the words.
*Why does it sound fake to me*
What a stupid girl. Just stay in the room. Smh.
Zamvela Khawlhring (23 hours ago)
Its just soooooooo FAKEEEEEEEE .....
John Burden (23 hours ago)
Sounds too fake to me!
Makaela Knowlton (1 day ago)
I was going to say when you call 911 they ask if you need the fire department, paramedics, or police. This is so scripted it’s so obvious 😂😂 wastes 14mins of my life 😡
Tony wysocki (1 day ago)
This is so fake
pubg and games (1 day ago)
Operrater said screw the cat
Ruby Rayne (1 day ago)
He sounds like her dad, telling her to go back to her room.
Bisma Khalid (1 day ago)
Cathy is so annoying!
MRWizKers channel (1 day ago)
is fake but makes real youtube money 😎
Tyler Campbell (1 day ago)
This is so fake lmao dude sounds like a discover card commercial 🤣🤣🤣
Bryan John (1 day ago)
Y am i watching this..i stil got other videos to watch
Blake Hughes (1 day ago)
Sounds like 2 computers
WhoIsMaxi (1 day ago)
God. It’s so obvious how fake this. The acting is atrocious
Real time travaler oh my god im freaking out
Hamish Evans (1 day ago)
Yeah cool video - doesn’t get me any closer to 1982! If coach would have put me in 4th quarter we would’ve been state champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind.
Oh living TACOS (1 day ago)
Future? Ya sure about that
Teja Ritz (1 day ago)
This apex tv only make this type of bull shit video 🤣🤣 time travel doesn’t not exist 🖕
Carol lynn (1 day ago)
The time for the cops to get there is traveling pretty slow😃
Carol lynn (1 day ago)
What an annoying dispatcher
frandy JL (1 day ago)
Kathy you lying bitch, you’re acting is so bad it makes me want to track you down break into you’re house and make you call 911 for real. 😆
Linda (1 day ago)
The actual fuck???
KrushGroovin’ (1 day ago)
Jimminy Christmas!!! Not one, but two horribly-bad actors!
Bul Akol (1 day ago)
this is scary and real
No pros (1 day ago)
This video effects my phone

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