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ICELAND by ARCTIC TRUCK Toyota Landcruiser A1 Round Trip

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Coming back 2017.. Pete Ruppert Cinematography presenting: A recall: From July 9 to July 20, we went for a trip to beautiful Iceland taking the ferry from denmark. Luckily we were equiped with an Land Cruiser - modified by Arctic Trucks / Reykjavik, my good friend Pete Ruppert - he is a famous fashion photographer here in germany and gained off-road experience with his Arctic Truck Cruiser in Australia, Sahara, Israel and Jordan etc. - had the idea to revisit Iceland (for him the 8th time - my first visit) taking his son Paul (13) and my daughter Eva (12). We toured the central highlands, went to Askja and the northern parts of Vatnajökull, experienced some transmission probs which made us follow the main circular road (to stay near possible tech support), to Reykjavik, the blue lagoon, Thingvellir, Vik, Höfn and back to the ferry. Kids and us where overwhelmed by the impressions of a landscape which literally changes behind every corner. The weather wasn't always nice but even rainy days produce a special character. All in all a perfect trip - the Kids signed up for 'not taking' electronical devices - and they did not regret.! enjoyyy a REPUBLIC DRIVE video; all glory2theLORDjesus!
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Little Bull (2 years ago)
very good' I'm enjoying your work
oh thanxxx!
This is my review video of Iceland - coming back this year!

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