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Fishing: Barents Sea - FIRST LOOK | Gameplay Don't forget to leave a LIKE on this video for more! Subscribe for more! ► http://goo.gl/yCQnEn ► Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/501080/Fishing_Barents_Sea/ ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fishingbarents/ ► About the game: Commercial fishing on the Barents Sea! Take the helm of your very own fishing boat in Fishing: Barents Sea and explore the vastness of the Barents Sea in search for the best fishing zones. Start out small and earn officially licensed Scanmar Equipment and the officially licensed Hermes trawler. ● Twitter: http://twitter.com/WorldofKeralis ● Livestreams: http://www.twitch.tv/keralis ● Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/iamkeralis Enjoy!
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Text Comments (471)
olalazt (1 month ago)
how did you get unlimited money and all ships at first look??
Terri Arden (1 month ago)
Can you get this game on xboxone
Pat Groves (1 month ago)
Do you know if there's a chance that going to come out with an option of changing the money in Pounds to the states dollars in pounds or tons
olalazt (2 months ago)
Onoffon (3 months ago)
brutal game
bmxwaffle (3 months ago)
Thank you for a great video! I have been trying to find the deadliest catch game and couldn't find it but am glad I came across this!
Janice Ceniza (4 months ago)
I love boats with waves
Nick Lerdahl (6 months ago)
kr means kroner
Killeen Austin (6 months ago)
Keralis passed the door to go to the crew so many times 🤦🏽‍♂️ lol
Roy Kampestuen (7 months ago)
your norwegian pronouncement is pretty good
Bork The Swedish Chef (8 months ago)
sjarken is a SH sound not a S sound.. like ''charken'' were you store the meat in stores.. did you not have swedish when you went to school keralis O.o
Jin Choi (8 months ago)
You can use the door that is in the stern!(for the 1st 3 ships)
Jon-Terje Bjørnerud (8 months ago)
Sjarken is pronounced "Sharken". as in a Shark.. :) So I bought this game today and hopefully I will have a lot of fun with this :) Thanks for the video!
Nazrul Azizi Mohd Zin (8 months ago)
Swody Qc (8 months ago)
Those city names.... lol
Alice Trans Queen (8 months ago)
Simulation games are my guilty pleasure tbh
Heidi Duckworth (8 months ago)
Can you do another video that was really cool I like the big ships
Reodor Randers (9 months ago)
ButterfaceG (9 months ago)
burger is dutch for civilian, i figured it'd be dutch since Netherlands=boats (lol) and the guys name is Jan Hansen very dutch name
Michael O Driscoll (9 months ago)
can you get this for ps4
K Dill (9 months ago)
This looks, actually like a good game!
forsion (9 months ago)
will it come to console
Trond O Jensen (9 months ago)
Great gameplay. I live in the Norwegian town Hammerfest. Never knew there was a fishing game.
xX AlphaKnight Xx (9 months ago)
My dad was captain on hermes
Odin • (9 months ago)
What country are you from?
Mats hillerøy (9 months ago)
as a norwegian you said the "ø" in Børge really well :)
bansoy1000 (9 months ago)
pls make a ship vidoe if you agree
jack mill (9 months ago)
you can go down stairs in the 3rd boat
Sint _12 (9 months ago)
On the boat you were on before when you could not get down you actually passed the door
roblox dirtblock (9 months ago)
are you from norway???
Instant_Shockw4yw (9 months ago)
Danish Or norwegian it is Børge maybe and kr is norwegian and Danish currency XD i remember Børge is a Danish name and i believe hammerfest is a town in norway so it might be a Danish boat in norway and fishing is also very popular in denmark
gameraptor 535 (9 months ago)
It is Norge i live her
KingBacca02 (9 months ago)
What mod did you use to get 100mil and get every location discovered???
Kearon Galea (9 months ago)
yes there whas a way down
iloveaimyandshadow (9 months ago)
Great game man. Would love to see more
jamall Marshall (9 months ago)
Its been a while keralis like a long while last time I watched you was during the Minecraft days with your wife. Its nice to see your still making videos
Hunter Warner (9 months ago)
I remember that one time you and Sokar had a naval battle in Minecraft and you blew up more of your own cannons than you did each others. That was really cool and I would love to see something similar sometime in the near future.
Pamela Van Slyke (9 months ago)
What does a gay snake say?? "Sssssssssss I'm gay" awsome video!
Karlot Jakobsen (9 months ago)
norway fuck Yeah i love my motherland norway Hammerfest never been there but heard it is cool Place
Ken R.B. Johnsen (9 months ago)
"Sjarken" is pronounced "Shar-ken", it's easier to say just "sjark" (shark).
mr kermit (9 months ago)
my brother works on hermse
Supernatural Swamp AIDS (9 months ago)
You’re really bad at video games....really should find another job
Leslie Thörn (9 months ago)
You’re knowledge about Norwegian geography is impressive. Are you from the Nordic region? Keep up the great work.
Dwayne Breaux (9 months ago)
JakeAchew (10 months ago)
You Can Go Down In To The Ship
Mads Møller (10 months ago)
Is he from Denmark ? Or is he just playing with Danish settings ?
Driebonus (10 months ago)
What is your brightness level?
marius stava (10 months ago)
How did you unlock
ThePreviouschannel (10 months ago)
kr is swedish :)
etikkboksen (10 months ago)
Yes it's in the far north of Norway, "Hammerfest" is a real small town. Kerallis: I just stumbled over your channel, great video. May I ask in which country you're located?
ZodiacalJoker (10 months ago)
I live in Norway and actually work on a boat similar to the boat called "Hermes" just bigger, and we go out to fish in the barents sea! Never heard about this game. Gonna check it out :)
Jardar Laupsa-tolo (10 months ago)
It is in Norway
euaneill (10 months ago)
is this game going to multiplayer because that would be so awesome
euaneill (10 months ago)
hammer fest is a real place in norway look it up on google earth guys
leetlebob (10 months ago)
Fish lack the ability to feel pain it's just instinct so don't yap about how this is done.
BedInglis gamer (10 months ago)
LMAO im from norway and the way you say sjarken is so funny!!!
Ariel Goldstein (10 months ago)
Hey Chief!How did U unlocked the ships??Where and how must man to temper with the game scripts?
Daniel Klatt (10 months ago)
Please, Please, Please get on twitch. I love watching your vids and watching you live will be so cool not to mention the cash you would make. You would make a great variety streamer !!
James leicher (10 months ago)
can you play in VR?
Olliz og Torsiz (10 months ago)
This game is made in norway places little cringe when spelling it but........ yeh.......
Chroniel Chron (10 months ago)
Stuck within the same door for the 3. time within a minute - "I am having a blast".. really?
valdemar Holm (10 months ago)
how do you get so many money and how do you unlock all the map??
Greater Good Minis (10 months ago)
When I first saw the 3rd boat, I was like, why is there only half a boat?
Brother Lobster (10 months ago)
Red fish give you big cash
Matthew Ashton (10 months ago)
"I'm intrigued"..."I'm intrigued"..."I'm intrigued"...What are you again?
Skunky the skunk (10 months ago)
Damn, long time no see man. Good to know that you're doing great
Philips. Jacob (10 months ago)
From the almost ending it looks like a giant worm
thevikingkris (10 months ago)
It is Norwegian i am from Norway and Hammerfest my grandparents fo sometimes
Alexander Uelhoff (10 months ago)
How do you get all boats? Only playing or can you say me how I can cheat them?
3stan (10 months ago)
How did you get so much cash
Colin Campbell (10 months ago)
Any chance you can talk slower please you are talking about twice the speed as normal person does? making it harder to understand your nice commentary thanks.  :)
PIZZAPE (10 months ago)
You could open the door at the thing
Clorox Bleach (10 months ago)
I'm the captain now
BrådKrumberne (10 months ago)
liked the vid but you are kinda blid becuse you could easily get down into the crewthingy on the other boats and the last boat clered got filled with fish at the storage meter
Erick M (10 months ago)
cannot stop laughing at this dudes voice. lmfao
Wolf Gaming (10 months ago)
its cool but the cutting is so anoying
John Ratcliffe (10 months ago)
Dude, you funny :D Are you trawling or trolling?
Austin H (10 months ago)
You missed the door on the third boat. It was by were the smoke was coming out.
RENILO (10 months ago)
no one wants to be Obamas elf.
1440p family gamer (10 months ago)
one question lol is it multiplayer lol :)
Ørjan Øvereng (10 months ago)
Yeah. Everything in the game is Norwegian. Names, places, etc. :)
Swedish coins i am from sweden
theallinchicken (10 months ago)
kr is swedish to
InkDropFalls (10 months ago)
You caught more seagulls in the end than you did fish :D
Ron (10 months ago)
Cod pollack and haddock are all in the cod family.
Chris Daniels (10 months ago)
Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm is 10 years old and still looks to be on par or better than this.
Jack Miller (10 months ago)
Chris Daniels agreed
Stian Mortensen (10 months ago)
Hammerfest .. In Finnmark... North Norway
Standup47 (10 months ago)
It's getting released tomorrow!!
Joakim Mathisen (10 months ago)
It is in Norway (Norge)
Morgan Lillevik Myren (10 months ago)
Peter Wiberg (10 months ago)
Its swedich coins 9 hundred dollars is like 9 miljoner kr
generalxanos (10 months ago)
I feel like an idiot. I was ranting cause the currency is kroner, the village and ship names sounded like thor-fanfic, it wasn't anything like the bering straits... having lived in dutch harbor for awhile, I *was* the deadliest catch. Then I re-read the title of the video. Boy is my face red. Btw, some of the stuff I saw on dutch harbor/unalaska, a wien airlines 737 jet dragged it's wing 50 feet down the runway cause of the wind-shear from blasting the runway out of a rock cliff-face. Saw a japanese-owned american operated harvester ship (mothership to smaller fleet of small seine fisherboats) blew it's turbine engine when a mech dropped a 4 foot wrench down the smokestack. Saw a Caterpillar 950 front end loader, parked, brake on, slide down a icy dirt road and into the bay. The electronics NEVER worked right after that. My mangler (boss) took a front end loader out of the repair shop (didn't get a sign-off), was dumping trash at the top of the hill, started to come down, oops, no brakes, that's why it was IN the shop to BEGIN with. He was a know-it-all. He had a choice, either bee-line it on the road straight out into dip in the bay, or use buildings and vehicles to slow his out of control vehicle. Our biggest customer had just parked his brand new 4x4 outside their building. Lil' Napoleon Bob Neufur banked his loader off the 4x4, crushing the back end, and shoved it into the building. Knocked the flight of stairs down from the 2nd floor room where our customer had his office. Oh, it was the only way down. Everyone had to evacuate by jumping off the stairs to the roof of what was left of his truck. Good times. Oh, and once in December, it was 60 below zero and snowing 3 directions at once. One of them straight up, by a docked ship we were unloading fish product from.
Craig Rowan (2 months ago)
The Lunor Bow is a Scottish boats that fishes for Mackerel and Herring in real life so I'd take it the other 4 boats names are also the real names of boat's as well the Lunor Bow u put the pump in the net an pump the fish aboard without taking the net aboard an the big stern trawler u lift the net up an undo the cod end so the fish go down a shoot lol but all good fun to watch my friendv
dragon jazz (10 months ago)
Gold rush pls
eirik ystevik (10 months ago)
please play this game more, i like it really good:) when you are trawling, you need to drag the net for a little time before you can get a catch. all you need to do is press the haul net button. :)
The Madgics (10 months ago)
Holy god are you from norway
The Madgics no he's from Skåne
Carsy Curry (10 months ago)
The engines that take you side to side are called thrusters and a ship of that size would have at least 1 bow thruster but normally that size of ship would have 2
Karl Fröberg (10 months ago)
Kr are fromme Sweden and there full name are Kronor
Meashow (10 months ago)
Karl Fröberg KR are used in Norway and Denmark also. BTW the game is based on Norway.
42thgamer (10 months ago)
Play software inc!
Ben Harris (10 months ago)
This looks interesting, never been a fishing person, but it looks interesting. :)
BananEko (10 months ago)
finally good game from astragon
4hin3x (10 months ago)
Kr is Danish money
Meashow (10 months ago)
4hin3x Its also Swedish and Norwegian

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