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Scare Zones: The Purge at Halloween Horror Nights 2016 Universal Studios Hollywood

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A walk through the Purge scare zones at Halloween Horror Nights 2016 at Universal Studios Hollywood. A terrifying twist on this year's scare zone, Halloween Horror Nights introduces a new themed experience, inspired by Universal Pictures' disturbing blockbuster trilogy, "The Purge: Election Year," that permeates all areas of the Park. Iconic scenes from each of the frightening films will recreate the turmoil and pandemonium that exists when masked vigilantes go hunting for victims during the government's annually sanctioned killing spree. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sharpproductions/ Twitter: http://Twitter.com/SharpPro Facebook: http://Facebook.com/SharpProductions See more videos at: http://SharpProductions.tv
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Text Comments (1121)
Reese Ysabelle Templora (2 months ago)
What if a worker there kills someone?
Sacred Scorpio (2 months ago)
The other camera man: owf*** Damn Holytracker ohsh** This camera man: ... ..... ...... ........ (Just chillin) Cool.
Ari Tube (2 months ago)
One time I went there I brought a metal T-ball bat and said “If you gonna purge me I’m gonna purge you!”
Greyson Smith (2 months ago)
Instead of running away screaming, let them tear apart your guts with the chainsaws!
Grandmaster OfFortnite (2 months ago)
I want thicc girls behind the mask
Josie France (3 months ago)
0:14 that girl tho...
Rolando Magaldi (3 months ago)
I'm surprised that the camera man does that even flinch to the purge people
Une_ptite _ilona (3 months ago)
Ho ! your tee shirt is in french “Coeur Perdu” I’m french and i love your language ❤️Kiss 💋
kiwi squish (3 months ago)
Tekashi 6ix9ine Dum (4 months ago)
Are there really big people dacing
Diego Rodriguez (4 months ago)
I like how the cameraman doesn't get scared
Princess x (4 months ago)
There scared because there like DONT CUT MY ANKLES OFF
Belle Arrington (4 months ago)
I wonder how the whole purge thing started!
Belle Arrington (4 months ago)
Got started
Atlantyan (4 months ago)
Why is everyone in the comment section so horny?
Morelia ramirez (4 months ago)
3:13 it even scared me I jumped
super fnaf chica (4 months ago)
Did anyone see the spongebob and patrick sign.
Lola Gacha (4 months ago)
Your so brave !
Alejandro Godinez (4 months ago)
hello world  iam big fan  of your videos  you tube channel
aperture bot #78 (4 months ago)
It gets awkward when they just scare you after
your boy bocaj (4 months ago)
All they are doingg is wereing a mask
Aiden Medina (4 months ago)
That disco zone looks fun. I'll let angel know.
Aiden Medina (4 months ago)
I would like to work there. GET TO SCARE. And get to hear screams.
Aesha (4 months ago)
I would not be able to keep a straight face while scaring people, I would laugh SOOOOO hard
Where are do you do in my favourite foot to the dark and your day is my
Bri J (5 months ago)
3:13-3:16 I jumped from being scared
Mister Me (5 months ago)
In this moment at the beginning 😍😍😍😙😙😙
I am mentally unstable (5 months ago)
Almost all the comments are about that one hot guy with the chainsaw
Andy Garcia (5 months ago)
So is this Kaylie’s YouTube channel or different other people or person
Marian Domingo (5 months ago)
I am being the purge for Halloween
Mercedes R (5 months ago)
Honestly, the $10 scary maze that I went to in my home town was more scary then this seemed like.
and peggy (5 months ago)
2:05 hot (the guy with the chainsaw)
I stole jimins jams;-; (5 months ago)
Lol I bet the camera man is just like “thank God they aren’t doing this on me.”
Jamie Castley (5 months ago)
I just love how none of the people actually tried to scare the camera man they just stared at him as they walked past lmao
King Threshie (5 months ago)
Some of those guys had A+ Coordination tho. I loved it when they teamed up to scare them
Ms. Aldana (6 months ago)
2 seconds in, im alreadu shittin briks
Kimbella’s Vids (6 months ago)
My man wants to go just me and him but I feel as though I’d feel safer in a large group lol
Mr Ken No (6 months ago)
Brunette is so freakin cute
When I was there I was running from the tall man and I said.” Oh myyyy gaaaaahd! At least I’ll be pretty dying”!
Baby Blue (6 months ago)
I'm going next month or in two month can someone give me some advice lmao
Jaelyne .marie (6 months ago)
2:02 @ boy with the chainsaw,, you got sum nice arms 😍😍😍
Mekela (7 months ago)
It's so fun being a young girl at HHN because they *always* target you which of course is scary but a lot of fun hahaha
Laken Hudgens (7 months ago)
Aaaaye it's ya boi fearless camera man
gamer letsplaye czgame (7 months ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆 thats funny
Samantha Vasquez (7 months ago)
I would have accidentally punch someone even if there are actors
Alexa love (7 months ago)
I couldn't have did that I am too scared 😂
Juan Menghini (7 months ago)
Violence and more violence. What if someone of those "Workers" is a terrorist and kill people, is disgusting. Now I can understand why the United States is so dangerous.
Aryanna Galleguillos (7 months ago)
Those grassy guys that jumped out scared me so much!!! I kept jumping😂😂
Funsyze (7 months ago)
I went in this with my friends and when we got to the guy in the suit and the girl in the white dress just calmly staring at us I screamed “OH NO WHITE PRIVILEGE” and legit made all of us laugh
Naomi Elledge (8 months ago)
That person that was camouflaged into that wall scared the crap out of me
Puppy Panda (8 months ago)
if i was there i would of said "TOUCH ME AND I'LL PUNCH U"
Spriggan Brandish (8 months ago)
It’s not that scary tbh
Susan Spell (8 months ago)
If u don’t want to get scared buy a mask of ur own and act like them
Mysticofshadowyhearts (8 months ago)
The purge:Election year was a bad ass movie
Arctic Fox Gaming (8 months ago)
I feel like the major terrifying thing about this is that more than one psycho is following you. The fact that they gather all around you must be terrifying.
LG3 lil anime (9 months ago)
Them puger is fucking scary
LonelyLife (9 months ago)
I sense all of them are fuvking hot 😂
LonelyLife (9 months ago)
"I see you, I see you" 😂 And god damn 2:04 wow that sexy ass back probably sexy face too
LonelyLife (9 months ago)
What was the song at the beginning where that girl raging her head
Saanvi Salkar (9 months ago)
Omg hot guy with chainsaw yasss
Arturo Teran M. (9 months ago)
is it just me or is the camera guy/gal the only one who isn't scared or being scared. I have respect for you camera guy/gal
Lil Vickyyy (10 months ago)
Election year was amazing !
This video so funny
Ireli Suarez (10 months ago)
Is the purge real
Diana Cortes (10 months ago)
I know right 😍
Heather H (10 months ago)
you should purge
olivia (10 months ago)
1:40 omg what was that man doing😂
Yoongis Hausfrau (10 months ago)
Hoy shit i ....want to be there😍
Lancer *deltarune* (10 months ago)
0:16 crazy
Amy d (10 months ago)
I just have it paused at 2:04 lmao 😂
baylee odonoghue12 (11 months ago)
3:12 made me have a heart attack not gor real
Jackie 16 (11 months ago)
Once I went in a haunted house and here’s what happened(funny) Demon thing was staring at me Me: oh uh Hi, Demon: I like your cape (my jacket tied around my neck) Me: Thanks (I move in but she’s still following me) Me: oh you are following me Demon: want to be friends? She said as she was twirling my jacket. Me: oh, I’m ok! Demon thing: you sure Me: yep, and then I walked away
sl (11 months ago)
don't want to be cheap but i'll probably be like "goddamn boy can i get ur number"
Frank Ochoa (11 months ago)
Who's ready for 2018!!!!????
Shiloh Gomez (11 months ago)
The whole vid i was mqking a sad/ scared face
Kj (11 months ago)
If I ever did this and someone jumped scare me with a chainsaw or knife I’d be like “Try me Imma shove that up your throat“ But if the purge was real and I see a killer Imma be like Bye Felicia
Pat S. (11 months ago)
Ivanna Nava (11 months ago)
We got lost and couldn't find were the walking dead was so we asked a scarer with a knife and mask and my friend was like "exuse me sir, do u know where the walking dead attraction is" the scarer scratched his head pointed to the map and then pointed to the direction where the walking dead attraction was, we walked and way and my friend said "that was the nicest criminal I've ever met" 😂😂😂
CALY_FOX1 (11 months ago)
1:41 Como cuando le quieres pegar a la persona que te cae mal pero tu mamá te habla
Princessnia Richmond (11 months ago)
Universal studios is the best at special effect and makeup
BookAdventures101 (11 months ago)
What camera did you use I love the quality
Nasreen Aftab (11 months ago)
Zoey Lee (11 months ago)
One of those guys might have a massive crush on the girls........
I Cant Sing (1 year ago)
id totally do this cause I wouldn't need to wear a mask or jumpscare people to make them run away screaming
Broly Goku (1 year ago)
En q parte queda ese lugar ???
Maddie Panics (1 year ago)
I'd fucking scream right back at them
ksilver x (1 year ago)
Ryan Legg (1 year ago)
I was the Purge Leader in the suit you see around 2:35 that does the weird spin thing. Terrifying but graceful 😏 Hope all is well! See you in October!
BTS trash (1 year ago)
Lol when there's hot boys in Halloween but when you go there's old ugly men *REALITY*
Jacob Nichols (1 year ago)
2:07 that is me even if i don't see a chainsaw I'm booking it as fast as i can lol. but super fun.
Marshan Thomas (1 year ago)
i live through you guys bc i am to scary to do this
Eric Kessler (1 year ago)
have you guys ever gone through a haunted house around your area?
Sarah Kate Marvin (1 year ago)
I.N lover (1 year ago)
If you purge or don't purge you sill will get killed
The HHN/ FREAK (1 year ago)
Omg I wish the scare actors would be like that in Orlando 😱
Fabiola Briseno (1 year ago)
Omg 😲
Lidia Cortez (1 year ago)
their costumes were awesome
Aria&Luna Nanamoos (1 year ago)
Lmao the stunt players seem fairly nice and civilized, they didn't bother the cameraman/woman. Git Gud xD
Midnight Zarapai (1 year ago)
If I would of take off my mask they will still be scared cause of my uglyness😁
tiffanyxfaye (1 year ago)
i love the purge

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