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Lights Out Asia - Great Men From Unhealthy Ground

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Lights Out Asia - In The Days of Jupiter [2010]
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Corey Ashe (10 months ago)
@twofaces this is the best song for meditation 🧘‍♀️ thank u it brings me peace for least a moment.
saeed aghighi (2 years ago)
mp3 download adress?
Wokim (3 years ago)
Земля и все дела на ней сгорят и времени уже не будет.
Vlad Vlad (7 months ago)
и наступит утопия.
Whirling Music (4 years ago)
you all see stars. I feel stars
tooldruid (5 years ago)
"You've taken it all. All from me.  You've stolen it all.  All from me."
WolvesThrone (6 years ago)
the waves crash upon the blinking of eyes, celestial sediment correlate with creatures of life. it gives you meaning like floating across the sky. mountainous air flowing through your bones, and it leaves me sedated. you are never alone, in a world so populated. reach for your star and create your eternity. there you will find your heart, and omit your being. No one ever said love was easy, if it even exists, but no one can doubt you for trying, even if you persist.
ICanSeeDaylight (6 years ago)
0:03 - 2:08 is perfect for a time lapse project, perhaps for a cityscape or the night sky.
mikol58 (6 years ago)
mikol58 (6 years ago)
smooth truth
SilentDimension (6 years ago)
who knows the lyrics? please, write!
Megiddo Productions (6 years ago)
I was playing Lonnie Liston Smith. I ain't even mad that this song came up in the related section.
Chasing Mirrors (6 years ago)
Elías Isea Márquez (7 years ago)
if I ever travel to asia, this will be the song in the moment for my arrive
Elias Svedlund (7 years ago)
Great men from unhealthy ground rise from being seeds while doing either good or bad deeds. And where someone pleads, the other better heed Gods creed, no matter if life seems to be a crushed bead, because how you tread will decide where your life leads. You will become what you deserve and then you will descend to where you shall, once again emerge.
Mariellen Mihopoulos (3 months ago)
are you quoting someone? what is this?
Amanda Hauck (7 years ago)
SOOOOOOOO RAD!!! I cant express how much i adore this music!
2led4 (8 years ago)
I don't think you can express the awesomeness of this song in a single comment !
quickparser (8 years ago)
Listening to this song is like traveling across the Universe!

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