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Eating at Hollywood’s Most Iconic Restaurants

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The classics come in all forms in Hollywood and we're visiting the most iconic spots. From an old-school Italian red sauce joint to the most legendary music venue in Hollywood, our host Kris Yenbamroong is visiting the true classics. We're eating late night Jewish deli food and dancing it off at the most fun bar in West Hollywood. There's a reason why these places have been mainstays for so long. Subscribe to Munchies here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-MUNCHIES Check out http://munchies.tv for more! Follow Munchies here: Facebook: http://facebook.com/munchies Twitter: http://twitter.com/munchies Tumblr: http://munchies.tumblr.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/munchies Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/munchies Foursquare: https://foursquare.com/munchies More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo
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Text Comments (381)
Trumpty Dumpty (3 days ago)
nothing worst than a heavy guy using skinny jeans. ridicules as hell. stop that
Cindy O (3 days ago)
Bartender looks like older Walter White
Jackbe Nimble (4 days ago)
100 bucks the caesar salad is like a 4.2
Petar Elieff (4 days ago)
vistin balkanec, samo mu pije slivo
Serena Rios (5 days ago)
The Abbey is NOT a place to bring anyone you respect. Those dancers are raunchy!
John Paul Laxa (6 days ago)
I dont know if hes portraying a hard rock guy or what, but the episode become boring.
Meishawn1374 (6 days ago)
God, I miss Bourdain.
Anthony (7 days ago)
They let scumbags host into these elite places.
D K (8 days ago)
Greenblatt's or Langer's?
abemadi (14 days ago)
OFF VINE is the Best in Hollywood when it comes to cooking, ingredients & service
abemadi (24 days ago)
Very cool place!
Aquila Michoacan (27 days ago)
Cool show, cool host. I liked the restaurants.
Mr O (1 month ago)
this pieces wasn’t as good as the strip mall video... Felt Fake and overly trying to hard to.
cheetoeinabag (1 month ago)
Even Olive Garden gives fresh grated cheese... Obviously this place does not..........!!!!!!!!!
Isaac Fox (1 month ago)
I'd spit in your food if I served you
cheetoeinabag (1 month ago)
Legit the inside of the Italian restaurant has fences and bed frames- WTF!!!!!
cheetoeinabag (1 month ago)
Lame host, the Italian place was a complete joke everything from the corny decor, store bought lettuce and noodles, to the horrendously done steak... I would absolutely go to the deli but the terrible host had terrible company... All around thumbs down!!!!!
MrCowabungaDude (1 month ago)
All the food is plastic in Hollywood. I'm pretty sure they're not even really swallowing. Hollywood got dusted off because of pictures and overly-touristing the area. Places not meant for just anyone was invaded by people not seeking real work. Freebies and bum-handouts were being sought out by non-locals and good places were never the same. A lot of curious-livers got real nice places feeling like a trailer-park or even New York project. Sucks to know the food in Hollywood isn't real. Never eat plastic food, eat fast-food. The best franchises are backed by their guarantee in quality food.
Joneel de Lima (1 month ago)
Imagine Gordon Ramsay in there. 😂 If he sticks with his standard in kitchen nightmares. i bet he will not like that resto
cheetoeinabag (1 month ago)
I was thinking this the whole time!
raja jana (1 month ago)
The host could have been another guy....
Gucci Manneee (1 month ago)
When you see the way he cuts that steak you can’t take that man seriously
Tyler Johnson (1 month ago)
Soooo no rainbow bar n grill? You go to the whiskey instead? Where they don’t serve food, instead of where all the rockstars got food at the rainbow? I’m so confused. And the best Jewish deli is freakin Canters everyone knows that.
Adrian San Juan (1 month ago)
This guy's trying sooooo hard to be cool
Taylor Danton (13 days ago)
Thinking the same thing. Comes off douchey. Drop the gold jewelry and wear a shirt that fits. Also comes off a bit awkward.
523FILMS (24 days ago)
It’s cringe
Griff (1 month ago)
Yeah he kind of gives off a tool vibe
Todd R (1 month ago)
Greenblatts Deli is very reasonable on price for sandwiches,subs,etc http://greenblattsdeli.com/assets/menus/takeout-menu-june-11-2018.pdf
dbruin03 (1 month ago)
Greenblatts was where Puffy had his meeting with Keffe D to discuss about killing Tupac and Suge Knight. Puffy offered the South Side Crips at this restaurant $600,000 to have Tupac and Suge killed.
Henry Grisham (1 month ago)
When are you guys gonna do a guide to Austin?
Xavier Perkins (1 month ago)
drumming at 6 years old....... I'm 63 years old ......... I've been drumming for 58 years...? 63 - 6 = ?
Millian Macalintal (1 month ago)
All those drugs man, 😂
ibreedh8 (1 month ago)
Middle Class Asian Chuck Bass, and I love it.
Izzah Anne Ahm (1 month ago)
Not exactly middle class. Dude owns a restaurant and a g wagon
downonbarbe (2 months ago)
Thriller reference. Definitely stolen.
OGGOAT_ _ (3 months ago)
Whiskey a Go Go the club where the Doors started playing their first shows
ilovejimrogers (3 months ago)
Who didn't fall in love with the dark hair babe!
Kelly Kwan (3 months ago)
The host has gained sooo much weight
t l (3 months ago)
why does steve riley sound like mama murphy from fallout 4 ? does anyone else hear it?
Landon F (3 months ago)
The food at Dan Tanas really didn’t look that great 🤷🏻‍♂️
Dade Murphy (3 months ago)
the starters theme music, huh
Sizzle Wrap (3 months ago)
Black people always seem to look out of place in high end places. I wonder why that is?
Shahbaz (3 months ago)
Lol at do you miss Dan Tana when your in Paris
Brent Shepherd (3 months ago)
Didn’t Lemmy live above the Whiskey
Joseph Svennson (4 months ago)
Why the Abbey all we see is ass and a drag queen holding a fan and doing a twirl? Is that all they offer?
What does a gay bar have to do with a coffee bar?
tofu scramble tofu salad tofu wraps
ginger lemon mint honey rum red wine and honey
Salmon sesame seeds sauerkraut black pepper fava bean
John Shaver (4 months ago)
The host is kinda a poser
cheetoeinabag (1 month ago)
100% fake
Tim (4 months ago)
How so?
Aso Aso (4 months ago)
The host's voice is so soothing
Guy Johnson (5 months ago)
Dan Tana's. An Italian restaurant predicated on YUGOSLAVIAN ownership and cooks. Plus the guy who's eating with Kris looks like the ultimate douchebag. Pass...
Kite (5 months ago)
Who taught you table manners? Christ almighty..
Fruit Adventure Boris (6 months ago)
He's like the Asian version of Benicio Deltoro
cheetoeinabag (1 month ago)
cheetoeinabag (1 month ago)
Pibbly Pob (6 months ago)
"And then you're shittin and fartin. I don't need all that, that's no joke at all"
BrosdaleGov (6 months ago)
Aye he said Bakersfield
rageagainst (4 months ago)
Arik Haydn Bakersfield in the house!!!
Alex Contreras (6 months ago)
Cesar Salad was invited in Tijuana might as well go south and try the real one
seand67 (6 months ago)
Wow....this made me so hungry
The ending is satanic
Abdel Bejaoui (7 months ago)
63 - 6 = 58?
PlazaSam (7 months ago)
For some reason the host remind me of Asian version gunna
Pin-Chao Tseng (7 months ago)
Bring my man Eddie BACK!!!!!
rjxd (7 months ago)
Kris looks like a mafia boss / tekken character
jayme moulin (7 months ago)
Classics restaurants with no food???
G Fleisch (7 months ago)
anybody else not catch that the strip club was of the gay variety until he said it was or am I just baked to the gills.
Liutauras Ceprackas (8 months ago)
GFY with vids like that
Coppola joke
He looks like a Robin Williams character
average Canadian (8 months ago)
average Canadian (8 months ago)
5:99 I know that place as the tequila la la from gta
Shubh Shukla (8 months ago)
This host!! So Hollywood!! He imagines himself in a mafia movie I think sitting in those booths!!
m P (8 months ago)
if u aint from LA you aint gonna like/understand this video. i liked it
Joe Wilson (8 months ago)
most basic salad ever, and this guy acts like its some elite dining
Alex Contreras (6 months ago)
You should see the real Cesar salad the one invented in Tijuana very basic but Delicious
Zuriel Renovamen (8 months ago)
cant wait!
BloodFacedBeeatch (8 months ago)
The LAPD especially Hollywood police are fat and unfit to excercise the law. They don't need higher education(college degree) to join the "gang" meaning most are stupid and irrational and as bright as (can't think of a comparison. Just not very smart). Instead of training their minds and getting in shape to "fight crime" "protect and serve" and deal with citizens rationally, they opt to train their digestive systems and stuff their shit with in n out, chick fillet and all the bullshit teenagers think is "poppin". The laws are garbage and the enforcers reflect this to the T. We deserve this and much worse. And this episode is very much forgettable.
Vanessa Verna (8 months ago)
you remind me of chuck bass
Adam (8 months ago)
black comedian got swag with that stone island hat. surprised a comedian would pay 130 for a hat.
Big Baba Ganoush (8 months ago)
Jaris Dominguez (8 months ago)
only nba fan that noticed THE STARTERS intro music in one part? .. yes.. ok
felixdadeathcat (8 months ago)
shout out slivovica
Jovany De La Flamé (8 months ago)
I stopped watching when the gay club came up
Syd Simonyan (8 months ago)
Phoenix Legion (8 months ago)
Charlie Bernardo (8 months ago)
Am i the only one thinking dantanas looks distgusting?
Will Tryon (8 months ago)
Just like my Yugoslavian grandfather with the slivovitz
Luke Cage (8 months ago)
chris redd doing too much trying to be funny. doesnt look natural
PS3isKing123 (8 months ago)
I like Greenblatt’s, but Langer’s is better.
bong donkey (8 months ago)
That Abbey bar is awful! lol!Who TF wants balls in your face?especially while eating! lol!
yogpodfan420 (8 months ago)
for an Asian he sounds like a nerdy white guy
El Tigre (8 months ago)
several roaches?
Tom Darling Fitness (8 months ago)
The 60’s was literally 60 years ago now.. These guys sure have aged well
junior perez (8 months ago)
MIN 4:00 -4:04-- serves a salad "chef this is amazing" --__--
Daniel Espinosa (8 months ago)
That guys in SNL? Have to look him up. See how funny he is.
Tplomondon (8 months ago)
Anyone know the music starting from 14:47 through the end of the video?
(Original Mix) (8 months ago)
Thumbs up for Los Angeles!
Joseph Halpern (8 months ago)
Don't you fucking order spaghetti and meatballs at 12:30 at night.  The cooks are trying to clean up and go home.  They got a bus to catch.  For real though I love this series.
Jose Rizal (8 months ago)
That old man is a legend!
bennynutts16 (8 months ago)
being from ny this is kinda a normal dinner
Johnnie V (8 months ago)
How do you start a show like this
Johnnie V (8 months ago)
I love food and I enjoy eating at places of the past or that has history
Johnnie V (8 months ago)
I really enjoy your show It's so interesting , I love the places you go and the types of food you share with us
Kobina Ireland (8 months ago)
Great new series! had started losing interest in Munchies but this has me back!
Rob C (8 months ago)
so, did this little Chinese dude come out at The Abbey too?
Yosef Schield (8 months ago)
6:10 - the guy says I’ve been drumming since I was 6 and now I’m 63 so that’s like 58 years. Bottom line is don’t do drugs!
Decentopinion (8 months ago)
"Steve Riley looks like he died a week ago" - My wife
Y&S FOOD! (8 months ago)
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M Ouija (8 months ago)
6:09 an actual zombie!!!!! Chris Redd has been killing it for a while. If you never saw the movie Popstar, it's moderately funny overall, but Chris Redd and Justin Timberlake having some truly golden moments.
Coco Kane (8 months ago)
Asian Leo DiCaprio
Steven Andrade (8 months ago)
Anyone else get that Leonardo DiCaprio feel from Kris’ voice?
Steven Andrade (8 months ago)
With Ray liotta like narration

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