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Spongebob the Movie PC Game Chapter 2 Evil Under the Sea

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Me playing spongebob movie game for pc Curious as to what Spongebob is in other languages? Bob l'éponge, Bob Esponja, 海綿寶寶, 海绵宝宝, Hǎimián bǎobǎo, आरपीजी, Ārapījī, スポンジボブ, Suponjibobu, 스폰지 밥, seuponji bab, Губка Боб, Gubka Bob
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Text Comments (76)
Al Adkins (6 months ago)
I want a 10 hour loop of robot SpongeBob walking
My life as a Vtuber (10 months ago)
Yaaaas my child hood video!!!!! I found it
Chapter 2 EW29 Joo Koon On The Level 2!
Leslie Sharon Barlaan (1 year ago)
I play this game a lot!that why I subbed!
Leslie Sharon Barlaan (1 year ago)
Love this game
Cassandra Mae (1 year ago)
it said vassles
Cringe Bucket (1 year ago)
I remember watching this long ago
Fir3 Fire (2 years ago)
I made a playlist of your roleplay of Spongebob and Walking Dead Season 1 Just search up charlie1231231002 or Charlie21gamer
Gloria Kids (2 years ago)
gugu vld (2 years ago)
E legal
Muhammad Tariq (2 years ago)
I'm scared
azwar rahman (2 years ago)
why you sacared
Hover (3 years ago)
can you leave a descripsion for where you got the game?
WHY? (1 year ago)
OwenHart WWF1998fanboy (2 years ago)
+MCNormalGuy I downloading it right now
MCNormalGuy (3 years ago)
You can get it at apunkagames dot com for free, I just downloaded mine and I was stuck at this part lol
jaunathan townsend (3 years ago)
A & J Worlds (3 years ago)
Wait a minute he wasn't at spongebob on chapter 1 🙁☹️
gucciflipflops vlogs (3 years ago)
Nicole Calhoun (3 years ago)
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! spongebob he ruls thes vids are grat keep it up
hollie fregoso (3 years ago)
How is steeling king neptuns crown child's play you can't even steel a krabby patty!
Ms.Robin D (2 years ago)
hollie fregoso and its steal
Ms.Robin D (2 years ago)
hollie fregoso ikr
Jana Baralic (3 years ago)
Can i get the link
swiftiegleek23 (3 years ago)
5:00 On the left side of the castle: "Neptune is a baldy" "I AM NOT!!"
alyssa angel (3 years ago)
It is so slow
Masue Natee (3 years ago)
Amesome show flappy bird
Jr Cardenas (4 years ago)
xBluBunny (4 years ago)
I have this game
Deja (4 years ago)
Plankton: the original Flappy Bird.
Juanita Woodruff (10 months ago)
SubaruMan1988 (4 years ago)
i like this game but its kind of stupid that you have to play as plankton in this chapter and help him steal neptunes crown. in these games, you usually dont play as the antagonist.
Rizkirafu (4 years ago)
What kind of stupid guard allow an intruder to enter the castle -_-
Malek Hammam (4 years ago)
Random Person (4 years ago)
@SwiftNinja92 he means how did they not know the door opened without hearing it
Turtlesaurus (4 years ago)
No-one's, Plankton only got in because he's so small, No one notices him.
Anna Pease (5 years ago)
Jayleen Pike (5 years ago)
They try to be cool
Moon (5 years ago)
Oh the memories . . .
Melissa Gray (5 years ago)
funny but plankten sucks no efens plankten. sorry but it's true.
ThePerfectShadow1 (5 years ago)
Spongebob The Movie pc Games
Tito James (5 years ago)
Where it is
Tito James (5 years ago)
I have this game but I don't no
Ponyfan1999 (5 years ago)
the jetpack version kinda imitates the helicopter game but in a slower perspective.
TheHero (5 years ago)
lmao that game looks fun(:
Natale Welsh (5 years ago)
Scruff lp (6 years ago)
whats name for the game
Joshua cuatro (6 years ago)
podreis jugar una y otra vez en este preciso momento AHORA
I was stuck on the flying part
I love sponge bob
QuanBrown27 (6 years ago)
I didn't know it was dat different from the PS2 version.
boxman139 (6 years ago)
chrism4n14 (6 years ago)
Are most of these characters the actual voice actors?? if so, damn
Candace Siegler (6 years ago)
After Plankton got sting by a green jellyfish,he says"OUCH!That hurts!"
ashlyn gomez (6 years ago)
OMG !!! PLANKTIN IS SOOO ADORABLE *i would draw a bunny buut the stupid youtube won't let me*
vera ebong (6 years ago)
turtle nomnomnom thats so cool how did you do it
Sussudio64 (6 years ago)
to think.when we were young,games like this took months to beat.now we can beat them in under a hour
Agentbutthead2012 (6 years ago)
Wel i wish i could beat it, but standards won't let me.
strxwberryjelly (6 years ago)
What??? HAVE YOU EVEN BEATEN THAT P2 GAME??? Please tell me that ur not on the third level and are making judgments already? I beat the P2 version and it was totally awesome. And the best part about the P2 version is that there r awesome cheats!!!
strxwberryjelly (6 years ago)
Yeah the Play Station and Xbox ones are WAY better. You get to attack enemies unlike this PC one...
Agentbutthead2012 (6 years ago)
This beats my ps2 spongebob squarepants game. And it beats driving around in a freakin circle all day. My ps2 versionof this cheats. Its such a ripoff.
MarioBrotherL1UP (7 years ago)
Neptune's Castle has the worst security ever.
littleangel7900 (7 years ago)
@adoption023tdicool does the game tell you what to do or have you played it so much that you know what to do?
Gwuazo (7 years ago)
Those Guards are dumb...
littleangel7900 (7 years ago)
im just gonna watch this over and over every day and i dont own it i enjoy it that much XD
max goman (7 years ago)
Thanks, This Really Helped Me Complete The Chapters, Keep Making These Playthroughs For Games.
Alyssa Batts (7 years ago)
so awsome
GamerBoyNZ (7 years ago)
@leo073081 How about u spell *video* right :P
leo073081 (7 years ago)
Stupid vodeo
leo073081 (7 years ago)
This viedeo is very
Storm Stanley (7 years ago)
@Glitchman642 yes
GJYYNGII (7 years ago)
I didn't know you can play as Plankton?
SubaruMan1988 (8 years ago)
what makes this version better than ps2 is that this version finishes much faster but the stupid part is that in this version, you have to help plankton steal the crown in this chapter, so we actually have to help a bad guy
Nikki Sandoval (8 years ago)
thx dude you help me passed that one\

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