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Sony Review - Sony DSC-QX10 Smartphone Attachable Lens-style camera

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Innovative in style, not in options It's perceivable why folks ar surprised once they see the QX10. Here, during this tiny, light-weight cylinder, isn't simply a 10x optical lens, however a complete camera. it's its own sensing element and processor and battery and memory card slot. All it's extremely missing may be a screen -- that you provide with AN automaton or iOS smartphone or pill -- and a few controls, that you do not would like since most things ar handled together with your device's bit screen. The need for a screen or finder of some kind just about limits what you'll be able to do with a camera style. With no screen to cope with, you are simply operating the look round the lens. By going with the spherical body, it is not solely softer to carry once you are victimization it, however does not look too odd once connected to your smartphone. (If you are curious on simply however everything is stacked within, here's a teardown video of the QX100.) Beyond the look, though, it's simply a basic ultracompact point-and-shoot. In fact, it's just about a lesser version of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX150 from 2012, however with Wi-Fi additional review by cnet Editor Video YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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