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The Google Story

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Googlers in our London office put together this quick look at the history of Google for our 11th birthday in September 2009. Originally featured on the GoogleChannelUK.
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DanTuber -100 (6 months ago)
0:38 There's a hidden green Google logo
Ganesha Ajjampura (7 months ago)
Anyone in 2018???
Quincy Owyang (1 year ago)
Okay but *how*?? I'm hopeful for this initiative but nothing was really explained in the video. Will it be like a partnership program where google aggregate services promote stories from approved partners? Is there going to be a new platform with subscription services? Are the google search algorithms going to be tweaked to present articles that address both sides of an issue? Will there be new filtering or flagging methods for fake news? Is Google going to facilitate sharing of on-site reporting between separate news agencies? Is Google going to provide software tools to news outlets? What?
Laurenjustkidding (1 year ago)
watching in 2017: google makes a CELL PHONE!!!
Forest Haviland (1 year ago)
2018: Disney buys Google
BigNativeBoy (2 years ago)
2015: YouTube drama starts
D M G (2 years ago)
Great job on the video, excellent work!
TumbleGamer (3 years ago)
I miss iGoogle when they shut it down. Why was it shut down?
levi woerde (3 years ago)
2016/15 The Alphabet?
israfil Avci (4 years ago)
Lauren Eskenazi (4 years ago)
Um, go to the current 2014 version of Google earth, go to New York city, USA, There is a glitch at the Verrazano- Narrows bridge
Sucet Leon (4 years ago)
I loved it! Do you have a more updated one?
KingdomofSmileys (6 years ago)
Don't dislike because you can't watch it, that's not Google's fault, that is probably the result of a slow internet connection from you. Google can't control that.
amitbikaneriya (6 years ago)
I dislike it becz i m unable to watch it
Nukeclears (6 years ago)
i like the '':D'' in the video
ZMZMCO (7 years ago)
all the best wishes GOOGLE i hope google to become a communication world wide company in all world countries - producing : mobiles , tablet PC, laptops ... all communication devices - providing communication services : sat, telecommunication, internet ... - in simple world : making our life simple and cheap and available for every one. all the best google
Bajal (7 years ago)
Cool story Bro
Johnny Bravo (7 years ago)
hmmm next would be...Google becomes a self proclaimed GOD....man I would hate google taking over the world..
Waqas Hussain (7 years ago)
google plus next come right
DocUnsane (7 years ago)
@matthewtransformer vlc is not cohesive
Matthew Nguyen (7 years ago)
@Fischerspoonraff VLC Media Player. Listens to music, watches videos, and nothing else.
Derick1259 (8 years ago)
The worlds most richest advertising company.
esotsm54 (8 years ago)
I know whats next, you are going to buy my company, you´ll see, we are developing the true web 3.0
Google is constantly innovating, it is a completely new experience. I hope this company keeps doing the good job for a very long time. I want to have a real "Android" serving me my breakfast in the near future!
WtFCBermudaCake (8 years ago)
@casanova0102 same thing that's in it for any of their programs - what's in it for google with google docs, maps, youtube, anything? ads. Google makes all their revenue through ads, so they figure that anything that's good for the internet is good for them.
casanova0102 (8 years ago)
@Fischerspoonraff what's in it for google?
annihlator (8 years ago)
Who would want to push away a company that has already (in my opinion) settled itself as a generally known thing. Like alot of other companies that managed to do so, let's hope they can keep things fresh and awesome!
annihlator (8 years ago)
@SoundsforReading I really dont get the reference, though i', curious. And google couldnt helpt :o
Daniel Arzate (8 years ago)
im going to work at google
Andrew Smith (8 years ago)
@Fischerspoonraff It's rumored theyre working on one that will be released this fall
Konata Izumi (8 years ago)
Mohammed Noushir (7 months ago)
Hameed Rahamathullah (8 years ago)
It's one more creative way to say about Google! Really nice one!
Luke Hanks (8 years ago)
@hackerstationv1 The Google OS doesn't exist for you to have yet. What do you mean by Google OS?
obuhz (9 years ago)
In Google I Believe!!!
obuhz (9 years ago)
I Google I Believe!!!
Nicolás Romero (9 years ago)
Aguante google!!
MamboBean (9 years ago)
@Fischerspoonraff try VLC
Mr. Anthrax (9 years ago)
I've a Wave Account too. I'll have android and ChromeOS in the future. go, go, go Google!
Alessandro Gallo (9 years ago)
i love google, when i need a help, google is with me :)
Peter J. Frank (9 years ago)
The Google Story Say what you will! Goggles Legacy: it's Growth, It's Historical steps moving up the chain of the "Cyb-er Experience" has secured it's place in History.Up there with figures like, The Ford company; NASA; any major industry that has moved us as a Country 'forward in growth and technologies'... Creating a Format, For People's use too express themselves on-line. Plus many other "Enormous Breakthroughs", for us all to enjoy! pjf.
madman778 (9 years ago)
Did i see a google os. I knew that would end up happening. great video.
naseemajid (9 years ago)
Google is so inspiring !!!!!!!
King Velasquez (9 years ago)
what's next Google? =)
Alan Alves (9 years ago)
eu amo Google :)
Feito em Casa (9 years ago)
Too rushed the video... cropped cameras.. aesome design but bad execution
Gail Y (9 years ago)
This is fantastic, but what's the big rush? I'm a fast reader, but, good grief!
Peter (9 years ago)
i like this video its so inspiring :D
pumpuppthevolume (9 years ago)
chrome os :)
Pit Hersberger (9 years ago)
... und das isch erst dr Aafang!
UK2AK (9 years ago)
I loved google, until they decided they should be in the business of telling us how to think. That cooled me off on them pretty quickly. Give us technology, google, not your political biases.
tauno908 (9 years ago)
i think its made with adobe after effects maybe
norevelation (9 years ago)
I just assume a lot of the mandatory YT changes spawned from this... In my opinion, that was one of Google's very few mistakes.
coolcoolnew (9 years ago)
what do you mean?
norevelation (9 years ago)
1:30 - 1:35 = large mistake.
PaulDavidT (9 years ago)
I like this kind of animation, google did a fantastic job! I never knew two guys started this project. Amazing how 2 smart guys could be a millionaire in less than 3 years, right? ; I wonder whats next... Omg if google made something better than Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, etc. I WILL LOVE THEM!!!
smoke489 (9 years ago)
I'm waiting for Chrome OS...
cuallito (9 years ago)
Google is like the benevolent dictator of the internet.
Daniel Silverstein (9 years ago)
ok but itunes hs extremelty good sound quality and low memoory taking songs
Daniel Silverstein (9 years ago)
y so if google makes a vomit case would use it?????????? hahahhahahahahahah it sounds weird.......vomit case!!!!
Fischerspoonraff (9 years ago)
Google, please make a music player. I'm getting sick of itunes lately.
slikyle (9 years ago)
probably some google thing lol:)
bathory deus (9 years ago)
i ♥ google
Jake Branden Dy (9 years ago)
Chrome OS! 2:01 ! :)
utubedano (9 years ago)
'Alt' + '3 of numpad' = ♥
dr0be (9 years ago)
I want wave!
adrijukas (9 years ago)
I hope google will never forget what it's all about. You are so creative, you're my biggest motivation :)
David Collins (9 years ago)
yah how do u do things like that?
ugarow (9 years ago)
The Google, Google and Google only.
Kalais Studios (9 years ago)
i like it, nice design some words are a bit to small imho
RonaldMoD (9 years ago)
q3 2010 = beta beta to RC? no one knows if OS get marketshare like Crome, then de facto no OS.
utubedano (9 years ago)
how do you type the 'heart' with the keyboard here?
utubedano (9 years ago)
Google rules!
Phaselift (9 years ago)
google latitude =)
JotJotJot (9 years ago)
sweet ♥ this
BlindMango (9 years ago)
very cool
bathory deus (9 years ago)
i ♥ google
Jose Cortesia (9 years ago)
google es lo mejor... todo lo q venga de google es bueno.. si no lean su slogan jejeje....
jordythegreat (9 years ago)
yea, they are actually making it.
Anton B (9 years ago)
next? google owns the world :P
Jamie Locke (9 years ago)
Google launches a space station in 2010 with a supercomputer called "Hal".
jqn (9 years ago)
i swear i just thought the same once the video ended... lol
MartinMunkaable (9 years ago)
Make google Operating System... Thats better than "Windooof" xD
Jacob Gramm Gren (9 years ago)
Google for president!
Gerardo De Santiago (9 years ago)
WORLD DOMINATION! that right! :D
RonaldMoD (9 years ago)
OS? in your dreams baby!
LittleDebbie11 (9 years ago)
That was awesome.
jackasspsp (9 years ago)
was jezz??
tocA (9 years ago)
That;s what I've been trying to tell people! -Written on Google Chrome.
WickedEngineer (9 years ago)
what's next ? what about online audio editing and collaboration ? i would like to do that ! google has not taken care about the audio sector for so long... i'd rather have a googlepod than an ipod... what about a proper googlephone...with android...but proper, well designed hardware and open to homebrew software ? i'm a tech addict...and google make me happy !
CyclingLand (1 year ago)
Well, now we got the nexus and pixel line
Jamie Bradshaw (9 years ago)
Who would ever think google would ever come all this way amazing
Cesar Molina (9 years ago)
Whats Next? 2010 Google becomes selfaware, 2012 Google Completes global takeover
jtr02a (9 years ago)
very well done, informative clip
JoshsWorld.com (9 years ago)
What's next? google sponsored free global wifi
Cas Voorhout (9 years ago)
Nice =D
Garrett Wasny (9 years ago)
Love it! Note book meets netbook.
Welton Gonçalves (9 years ago)
Google is my God! Hooray! \o/
haisi (9 years ago)
google <3
Alex Harold (9 years ago)
Terje (9 years ago)
take over the world... you are already half way there
Aljaz D.B. (9 years ago)

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