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Watch Nicole Kidman Put Her Aussie Knowledge to the Test | Cover Stars | InStyle

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It’s been quite a few years since InStyle’s July cover star Nicole Kidman left Australia for Hollywood, so when Editor-in-Chief and fellow Australian native Laura Brown sat down with the star, she decided to put Kidman’s Aussie knowledge to the test. Don't forget to subscribe to InStyle on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=instyledotcom InStyle is the leading fashion, hair, makeup, and celebrity news site. See celebrity and runway photos, how-tos, and learn about the latest trends. For more makeup how to videos: http://bit.ly/1JMq4GH For more fashion inspiration: http://bit.ly/1Nau7zf Website: http://www.instyle.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/instyle Twitter: https://twitter.com/instyle InStyle Magazine is published by Time Inc.
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michael watchman (10 months ago)
Fake fake fake bitch shes from Hawaii people call her out , with her fake accent all the time on talk shows look the videos up. I guess you have to lie to make freinds, oh yeah a lot of Botox lol. I'm bartender at a country club see it all the time lol alot fake people lol
Barry Sabahat (11 months ago)
What’s with the hair Nicole?
lee kim (3 months ago)
Barry Sabahat 😅
Dream Time (11 months ago)
little anorexic
renee richichi (1 year ago)
The last 10 seconds tho 😂
Deer Heart (1 year ago)
wind your neck in -thats what she means, the other girl iswrong, it doesnt mean get it together, its more mind your business or as nicole said, mind your beak.
exas4791 (1 year ago)
She seemed disgusted at how easy the 1st question was for her.
Sonja Dawn (1 year ago)
Mine is: I'm as dry as a dead dingoes donger!
Sammar Al-harthi (1 year ago)
Mary Jesus (1 year ago)
Racista de mierda, bruja toda operada
Belén Heredia (1 year ago)
Racista por..?
Hassan Mahmood (1 year ago)
Nicole Kidman, you really are a very beautiful person inside and out. Always generous. Love you <3.
suri kinnen (1 year ago)
Love Nicole....why so short??????
Michael Curd (1 year ago)
This is so adorable! Nicole is a gorgeous human being, inside and out <3
Ragnhild A (1 year ago)
Why so short?? 😣😅

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