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BEST Truck Mod Yet! My F150 Looks Brand NEW! (Better than the RAPTOR)

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My Ford F150 gets its best MOD yet! By far worth the $700 spent making it look like a Raptor! http://instagram.com/autovlog Subscribe to Pipsburgh Views! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcWbGDq-o6optJk3Mm2ZAxA Since the recording of this video I have indeed created an Amazon affiliate account, all the links provided for the items in the video will give me a minor kick back and it will help support the channel! - Raptor Style Grille: (With F and R letters) https://amzn.to/2yM1o0D - Anzo switchback headlights: https://amzn.to/2Ixon38 - Borla Atak Exhaust: https://amzn.to/2KOLkQi New AutoVlog Merch! http://teespring.com/blackseries Follow on Social Media: Instagram: http://instagram.com/autovlog “Like” the Facebook page: http://facebook.com/autovlog Twitter: http://twitter.com/autovlog AutoVlog PO Box: PO BOX 13070 Pittsburgh, PA - 15243
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AutoVlog (10 months ago)
For anyone that has an F150 and are interested in getting this grille and headlights for yourself there are Amazon links for them in the description! **DISCLOSURE** They are in fact affiliate links as I created an account after shooting this video :) That does not mean that there is any mark up on my part regarding the price :) Your truck will look awesome if you use the links though ;)
James (1 month ago)
Do they fit a 1975 f150?
bluemedic22 (4 months ago)
Sorry!! but where is the Amazon link for the grill?
Amanda Woolsey (5 months ago)
Link for grill is no longer working
Tommy Bayshore (8 months ago)
Not sure why you would promote this, if you want a Raptor then buy one, yes i know you already own one but now every cheeseball on the block is going to be rolling around in a modded out Chinese junk knockoff.
Christian Lemus (9 months ago)
Billy Bob preorder morimoto XB led headlights look way better
Chad Davis (2 days ago)
It'a ok, I would of got wheels first and it's a bit Raptory for me. There is a X brand? out there I like better. just my preference if you like it that's what matters. I've never liked advertising i.e. F O R D. looking forward to your wheel vid. BTW the Borla does sound bad'ass.
mik3ymomo (12 days ago)
Those headlights look great. I prefer the STX grill but this one looks better than the chrome one for sure.
Rook Et (18 days ago)
I'm so confused you have a raptor and now are tricking out another f150 to look like a raptor ??? Why. just why...
Charles In charge (18 days ago)
If I had a buddy that could help me out I would jump at the chance
Michael Milliner (1 month ago)
I personally think its better looking than the raptor. I think of the raptor as one of those people at the gym who are excessively huge in muscle volume. The regular f150s look slim and seem to have a sleeker design even if the bumpers aren't color matched. But this f150 definitely looks way better with these upgrades.
S.T.B.F (1 month ago)
Mark Davis (1 month ago)
Just subscribed. Bought a new 2018 f150 two days ago and already want those lights. They look bad ass!! Thanks for making this vid.
don earl (1 month ago)
THE FORT KNIGHTS (1 month ago)
B.WelchTV (1 month ago)
Now they have a new raptor grille the comes with a Gloss black finish
wiss EZPVP (1 month ago)
can this fit on a f150m 2015
ANTHONY SOPRANO (1 month ago)
Poor man's Raptor. No thanks
Alinawaz Khan Jatoi (2 months ago)
Sir I got the grill for my F150 limited n noticed the front camera will not fit .. please help
Nicks Planet (2 months ago)
Do you swear in your videos?
T S (2 months ago)
I see these grills advertise several places what's the deal with the removable letters?
Hector V (3 months ago)
But why? Why would you want your truck to pose like a raptor? If you didn't get one, then why pose like you did.
Scott Parks (3 months ago)
Do you have the front camera on your truck? I want to upgrade to this grill, however, I can't seem to find one that will fit exactly for my truck since it has the camera in the grill. Any suggestions?
Adrian Rubio (3 months ago)
I have the ford f150 black ops . Since my truck is all black I kinda prefer the amber lights. Debating doing the grill
Imda Mann (3 months ago)
What a drag having neighbors .
eric witzki (3 months ago)
De chrome your truck man I did that to my truck it looked 10 times better
Sti Sti (3 months ago)
Get rid of the chrome man
David Taylor (3 months ago)
Seems like a exercise in self indulgence. Compensation perhaps...
Danny DeVito (3 months ago)
Do you think the dood guys could just make it say dorf or frod or drof?
Danny DeVito (3 months ago)
Chrome the raptor grill
Mike King (3 months ago)
I actually think it looks great even with the chrome bumper. Very nice man. I have a 2018 STX in Lead Foot that Id like to dress a little like your wifes Raptor with at least the grill, headlights, flares, wheels and shocks, but I think it is to early in the new body style to get all the after market parts yet.
yea bouy (4 months ago)
I think it's a waste of money, why not just buy a used raptor instead of taking it? I do like the lights, but to each his own.
Karter D'Espies (4 months ago)
You should do a chrome delete on the front and rear bumpers. Paint matched bumpers would look super dope with that setup
farerse (4 months ago)
you look like Magnus Samuelsson, the strongest swede
Zamora (4 months ago)
I love it.
stanleythemanley (4 months ago)
get the bumper too
Guy H. (4 months ago)
Interesting. I will say that the look is really "dark". I like it! But I'm going to be a nay sayer. I know that there's a lot of people out there that like the sound. I'm not one of those. But keep up the great work
Michael Sigman (5 months ago)
Hey there. The link for your grille isn't valid any longer. Do you have another one for the exact grille you used? Thank you for your killer videos!
AutoVlog (5 months ago)
Thank you! Try this one: https://amzn.to/2yM1o0D
wylelife (5 months ago)
yours looks really nice. I put it on my 2016 gray f150. https://youtu.be/eYNEEYUQguA
mark jackson (5 months ago)
Is it a 8 cylinder?
E L (5 months ago)
I want you as my neighbor.....That was very considerate of you... well done.
JAI HD (5 months ago)
JAI HD (5 months ago)
Robert Draper (5 months ago)
How for the total on materials? I have the same truck and love it. Can the average ham a d egger do the install.
CJS309 (5 months ago)
Did you get the letters from Ford or from another vendor?
grboese1 (5 months ago)
The upgrade look amazing!  Thank you for sharing your videos!I'm interested in doing the same grille and headlight upgrades to my F150 and wanted to know if you have any issues or regrets now that 4 months have gone by?
Theodore (6 months ago)
Needs a lot more work than a fake raptor grill and headlights.
Amaddragon (6 months ago)
What color is the truck, it looks black but then it looks grey at some points
Armando Cobos (6 months ago)
Nice truck
Jasmine Whitaker (6 months ago)
Im not a Ford fan. But damn that truck is sick
Amazing how those few changes made it look awesome.
curtis schultz (7 months ago)
Does anyone have issues with the rear wheels when you hit 45 - 55 mph you get a viberation like your hitting a rumble strip on the freeway
Daddy JAJA (7 months ago)
nice..but for me it will be nicer to get rid of that chrome bumper
XrtdHoneybeast (7 months ago)
Good guy man. What I wouldn't give to have neighbors like you. Sweet mod ideas on your channel thanks for the bucket list.
John Smith (7 months ago)
Would look 100 times better with body colored bumpers, but it still looks good 👍🏼
JEFF RANGEL (7 months ago)
The Anzo headlights, are they working with day time running or are the drls working while in park only? I want to keep day time running lights. Thx
J B (7 months ago)
My neighbor every morning revs the shit out of his 83 f150 and he’s 80! Always wakes me up.
Sultan ahmad (7 months ago)
Why there is a Sound difference boy ??
colin reedy (7 months ago)
Can you do this to the STX model
Eddie Woods (7 months ago)
Looks awesome now.
Luis Meraz (7 months ago)
What is the exhaust you said Called ? , Love the new luuk Btw Homes
Victor Hugo Lopes (7 months ago)
AWESOME lights and grille
Victor Hugo Lopes (7 months ago)
A really nice tip.... Start the truck and immediately put it into Neutral ! Trust me, I had a straight piped car and makes a WORLD of difference
Jim m (8 months ago)
there is a kit for the raptor front bumper also. paramount-automotive pn#57-0182
bill4485 (8 months ago)
I'll buy that old grill
Nolan Powell (8 months ago)
Next u have to replace tires and rims
Chris Daniel (8 months ago)
You’ll never get what you put in. Waste of money.
PortLabor Co (8 months ago)
What do you think of the new headlights that came out on eBay?
kStinger18 (8 months ago)
I hear the lights that come with this headlight is quite dim
Chance Kaiser (8 months ago)
Hood scoop
Maybe it’s Just me (8 months ago)
I don’t understand why you’d want your truck to be so loud unless your engine is really powerful but I guess it’s a case of “to each his own,” but I’m very glad that you’re pleased w/ the progress you’re making w/mods. When you said ‘it like having a new truck’ that really blessed my heart (I can relate), and made me happy for you. God bless 👍🏾✌🏾
MD96 HIGHLIGHTS (8 months ago)
How do u get the 3 lights to work on the ford grill?
GonFarming (8 months ago)
Do these mods fit 2018 XLT sport. Amazon website says they don’t but want to be sure
JuiceOg1 (8 months ago)
I’m a ford guy but I hate the way raptors look. They make me cringe when I see them.
Julio Ivan (8 months ago)
Looks amazing!!
Mark D (8 months ago)
looks awsome
AV8R Tom (8 months ago)
I did the Grille on my 2016 XLT. May do the headlights next. There's a nice raptor style bumper also. The White running lights suck though... I wish they were full time Amber like the Raptor. Do they Stay Amber if you just turn on your normal amber parking lights?
Luis Serrano (8 months ago)
Paint the bumpers black
sauer800 (8 months ago)
When you bought the grill...did the F cover the D completely or did you have to remove the bottom horizontal line of the D?
Ivan Espinoza (8 months ago)
Will this fit my eco boost? It might be a dumb question but just want to make sure since I’ve noticed v8 are a little wider!
mustangspartan (8 months ago)
All this stuff is sold through Ebay for half the cost.
Bruno Ellsworth (8 months ago)
F150= entry level girls truck
Torcida Split (8 months ago)
Fck my Neighbors :D Cold Start <3
ReelFunny Fishing (8 months ago)
I hit a pigeon on 376 doing about 80 around Brighton Township! I think I’m going to replace the current smashed up grille with this one in my 2016 F150😂😂😂
ReelFunny Fishing (8 months ago)
The amazon link is unavailable, sold out?
Ruby Colvin (8 months ago)
Now I want to fix my f150 to look like this
VBGRIM (8 months ago)
You ahould put a corvette emblem on that mustan- by your logic it’ll be better than a vette. O, and BTW douchebag, making a ahit ton of noise for just a lottle while early on a Sunday morning, doesnt wake up your neighbors LESS!
TheHardcoreLife (9 months ago)
what kind of pussy complains about disturbing the neighbors? Who cares?
Jason (9 months ago)
just need to primer it and slap on some cragers
sammy10001 (9 months ago)
how to be another poser that wants a raptor.
Chad Turner (9 months ago)
Looks like dew dew.. Buy a Raptor..
huntnusa (9 months ago)
Pos exhaust
Jarek Kozera (9 months ago)
This is proof that some men grow up mentally only up to the age of seven. Then they just grow.
Isaac Olivas (9 months ago)
SirWipLash (9 months ago)
I’m a fan of my exhaust, Mbrp... dual, pre axel exhaust I like the lights a lot, pretty sweet!
Sean Keenan (9 months ago)
I have the same headlights and love them I want the grille next
Ramon Viada Jr. (9 months ago)
Nice! Have the same headlights and grille as well. I had my grille color matched to my truck, looks great!
ShelbyDude1 (9 months ago)
Nice looking truck. It seems 50% of the truck owners and about 99% of the non-truck people we've asked don't really notice any difference between my Raptor and my son's stock F150.
Rick Kent (9 months ago)
why would you change the lettering back to ford do you get paid for advertising there name do they pay you ?????
Zach Martin (9 months ago)
I bought the same head lights!! Your truck looks great man.
Joshua Prescott (9 months ago)
I live in Canada and had to order the grille from the states. I paid just over 600 CAD. Mind you the grille was painted black
Humberto Gonzalez (9 months ago)
Truck honestly looks better than new!
Jesse Williamson (9 months ago)
Bradley Beames (9 months ago)
Cool, but why? I wouldn’t buy a truck I don’t like the look of. To eat his/her own.
Ali Ashraf (9 months ago)
I like ford f150 with led 503 package they look nice and I like your Mercedes Benz c63s and it looks like a savage sick
Andy Yang (9 months ago)
This is an amazing mod. Question for you AutoVlog, is the headlights really DRL or do you have to turn it on manually every time you drive? Please reply. Am interested in these headlights

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