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The BEST Vauxhall/Opel Corsa Yet 2018?

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Vauxhall has given some attention to its Corsa supermini to make sure it stays relevant to buyers in this crowded market. Jonathan Crouch takes a look. Vauxhall has given some attention to its fourth-generation Vauxhall Corsa supermini line-up, refining the engine range down to variants of an improved version of its 1.4-litre petrol engine and enhancing the value proposition on offer. If you want a sharp deal on a car in this class, you'll get it on this one. Want to get first dibs on a brand new car? Join our Facebook group today to get a sneak peek of our latest car leasing special offers before we make them public! ►https://goo.gl/SBL1fG Check out the full article here: ► Want to lease a car without breaking the bank? Find out what special offers we currently have here: ►https://goo.gl/tDGvcE Looking for a used car? Check out our all new used car service: ► https://goo.gl/2qgg1v Welcome to OSV, the UK's leading independent vehicle supplier. Our videos will tell you all you need to know about the latest cars, models, specifications and how to buy or lease from one trusted source! ALSO... Check us out on our other social media for the latest auto news, amazing car pics, funny stuff and general motor madness! ► https://www.facebook.com/vehiclefinance/ ► https://twitter.com/osvmotoringnews ► https://www.linkedin.com/company/osv-ltd/
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Text Comments (13)
OiSam88 (1 month ago)
you want a quicker more powerful car then go spend the money on a sportier model. this car is obviously designed to be cheaper and more affordable to people with smaller budgets. it's a nice little car for what it is.
Mehdi S (2 months ago)
A rubbish brand that was sold to an even more rubbish brand (PSA) i would be very careful with buying a new car from Opel(Vauxhal)...
John M (3 months ago)
I'm 6 feet tall, and cannot see into my driver's side mirror unless I headbang every time I want to see if something is coming. Had to buy 2 goddamn blindspot mirrors.
James Bowman (7 months ago)
Why no mention of noise levels?
OSV (7 months ago)
Hi James, thanks for noticing this. Vauxhall identified petrols as the biggest seller in this sector, and have spent considerable time, effort and money on getting this engine up to scratch. It’s paid off with a balancer shaft that ensures it keeps out most vibration, hum and noise, as well as that familiar grating harshness. It's a fairly quite ride for a car from this sector.
Tom Jardine (7 months ago)
The corsa is a nice car, but all corsa feel very underpowered.
EinkOLED (1 month ago)
@Arxn03 Get a fiesta
Arxn03 (3 months ago)
@Neil Porter thanks a lot for this as I want to get a corsa as a first car that I can have fun with without it being too slugish
Neil Porter (3 months ago)
Corsa sri vx line 1.4 turbo. 100bhp Is very good on fuel with the 6speed manual gearbox and you get the perforance as well plus you get the sporty looks with the 3door version. And cheap to insurance. Defo the one to buy without having to splash alot of cash out
OSV (7 months ago)
Hi Tom, thanks for the comment. The VXR variant is quite a dive if you were looking for more performance from a Corsa.
madmark (7 months ago)
as a owner of a corsa vxr and been a ex owner of previous vauxhall gsi this corsa gsi makes no sense at all .underpowered overpriced rubbish.its a shame they didnt refine the vxr the gsi badge used to mean something
paul taylor (10 months ago)
Not a mention of the depreciation/discount that you get with a Vauxhall compared to a Ford or VW group car
OSV (10 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback, we will pass this on to our review team.

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