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Sony QX100 Phone 'Lens Camera' Hands On Preview

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Sony QX100 Phone Lens Camera Hands On Preview & Test SUBSCRIBE HERE: http://bit.ly/T4Pu6p Sony has today announced two possibly game-changing cameras. The DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 can link with a smartphone via Wi-Fi to transform it into a powerful camera. Though they look somewhat like detached lenses, the QX-10 and QX-100 are fully functioning cameras in their own right. Where the phone comes in is essentially as a live viewfinder, trigger and image uploader. The QX100 uses the premium lens and large sensor from the award-winning Cyber-shot RX100, while the QX10 uses the lens and sensor from its 10x zoom compacts. Read more at http://www.whatdigitalcamera.com/news/540233/sony-announces-qx-lens-style-cameras-to-connect-with-your-smartphone.html#XovJoR1rq81xjBeY.99 For more Canon, Nikon & Sony Camera reviews, tests and demos - visit our website: http://bit.ly/2MtzFJ To download the What Digital Camera iPad App: http://bit.ly/VPmVhN Like What Digital Camera on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/TRdlJh Follow What Digital Camera on Twitter: http://bit.ly/UvUn6e
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Text Comments (70)
Choon Wah Yee (4 years ago)
Yes,the new qx 101 lens with led light,good.
Choon Wah Yee (4 years ago)
Yes,the new qx 101 lens with led light,good.
Dmitriy Anushenko (5 years ago)
It can be carried on Samsung Galaxy Note 3, I tried it out with my device)
Eesyam Ridzwan (5 years ago)
well there goes my money again..
Fenasi Kerim (5 years ago)
can we use it another smartphones, e.g. Htc one?
Roshish Rush (5 years ago)
what is its highest resolution photos ?
Roshish Rush (5 years ago)
in which quality does it record a video ?
2eGG FunStation (5 years ago)
it connect to the phone by using wifi or bluetooth?
inceptionisification (5 years ago)
stop being a douche!
inceptionisification (5 years ago)
guesswho kk (5 years ago)
Can you explain the software side please? Sony PlayMemory & flash intensity control?
Anant Shet (5 years ago)
Can i connect this QX 100 camera lens with my micromax A90 smart phone?
Axel Friberg (5 years ago)
This is such a bad idea. The lens/camera part is not very portable. I'd rather spend a little more money and get an APS-C sized mirrorless camera from Sony or Fuji and kit lens with the option of transferring images to ones mobile devices. Or just simply get a Nokia Lumia 1020 if the camera is the most important part of ones mobile which can basically zoom thanks to oversampling.
Axel Friberg (5 years ago)
barnabas kevin (5 years ago)
Yup this site is just sending out comletely free White Apple new iPad's for today only. You have to be fill out your address but it's all real, I claimed my one just before. Better hurry up! UPAD3.COM I'd never understood the injunction not to regret anything, couldn't see how that wasn't cowardice...
samoxw (5 years ago)
I asked one of the Amazon and appropriate price
iPphone (5 years ago)
I think that a good price For me specifications
Teun Dilles (5 years ago)
Too bad there is no flash added.
rgtrab (5 years ago)
. This is a GoPro on Steroids!
rgtrab (5 years ago)
QX100 4X optical zoom QX10 10X optical zoom
kkboom17 (5 years ago)
Im planning to get the xperia z1. how are these two lenses (QX10,QX100) differ from the one on the Z1?
Arafet Kanso (5 years ago)
now I regret buying the Galaxy Zoom.
Arafet Kanso (5 years ago)
zoom of the qx100 ??
TheLood (5 years ago)
i think this is better invention than galaxy zoom. imagine carrying around that monstrosity and making a conversation with it. lol
The QX100 is its essentially a Sony RX100, with the same image quality, just without the screen. The RX100 was over £600 at launch.
No-one is forcing you to carry any of these things around with you! It's designed to replace your camera though so you wouldn't need that for a start.
Ronaldo Roda (5 years ago)
£400 !?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?
There is one. It's called your smartphone!
exwhyz33 (5 years ago)
It would take very little effort for Sony (or third party) to add a small clip-on LCD screen on the back of the lens.
Derek B (5 years ago)
Not exactly - this creates an ad-hoc wifi network between your device and the camera.
joe lai (5 years ago)
I need it for toilet and changing room shots
joe lai (5 years ago)
Good for toilet/changing room views
rocken sword (5 years ago)
so means that it processes like a wireless mouse that use with computer?
Spencer Lukela (5 years ago)
No you can use the lens without a phone or anything connected, you just won't be able to see a preview or the shot afterwards until you connect to a PC or put the Micro SD in your phone.
Shandy Saada (5 years ago)
@rockensword, it needs wifi not internet conectifity.
rocken sword (5 years ago)
sorry my english is not good enough,i cannot catch at all in this video. I want to know that can the lens and phone process together without internet?
Gramm Bjoern (5 years ago)
I guess you mean an access point. The lens/camera will act as a hotspot so you can connect your mobile direct to the QX100 via wifi. That's called an ad-hoc connection.
Jerry Cheng (5 years ago)
does that mean the lens is useless without a wifi??? how do you connect it with your phone? please correct me if I'm wrong.
Paul Sawyer (5 years ago)
Hi Great video, thanks for sharing it. you say that the lens camera doesn't fir the galaxy note or note 2. I have seen reviews that say it does. Any chance that you could confirm this please?. Thanks a lot
Sorry, you're right. No HDMI. We'll correct that. Thanks for flagging up.
vedranart (5 years ago)
This camera doesn't have HDMI port! Plz, correct this in your video!
Gery Revandra (5 years ago)
need more info before i'm buying this lens: how to charge the batteries??.. thanks before..
belbro62 (5 years ago)
Like attaching a beer can on your phone wtf buy a super zoom point and shoot
PatrickG (5 years ago)
i'd rather use the micro sd card rather than wifi to save image
GameSpy DarkAge (5 years ago)
One would imagine that that separate lens thingy would ALSO have the dust and water resistance. . . ?!
Aref Afean (5 years ago)
fuckkkk samsung cant use sony lense...hahahahaha...samsung loser!!!!!
Jack Stephenson (5 years ago)
Jesus so many nippers!
newnewstm (5 years ago)
Oops never mind
newnewstm (5 years ago)
It doesn't work with iphones because they don't have nfc
Den-den (5 years ago)
can you record video with it?
Ernest Yeo (5 years ago)
cannot fit galaxy note :(
Amit Khetia (5 years ago)
Ryuuta Kazimoto (5 years ago)
SONY はまた売れない物作るんやから (*_*; 興味のある人なんて少ないと思いますです。 コンデジが一万円で買える時代ですし海外では売れるかも知れませんが、不景気ですし日本だと売るのが大変だと感じます。wifiでつないでスマホで撮影すると、やはりバッテリーが気になりますね。
近藤一郎 (5 years ago)
photographerjonathan (5 years ago)
it's an interesting idea, and it's cool that you can set it down somewhere and control it with your phone from a distance, but you can't put it in your pocket like an RX100, i'll be curious to see how the sales go for this product, but i'll be waiting for Sony's next generation of mirrorless cameras to come out, including a full frame, and hopefully with a sensor that keeps focus in video like the 70D, with the OMD IS, and amazing auto focus system, but even better, I like how Sony is thinking
ted (5 years ago)
むーたん (5 years ago)
beinstine (5 years ago)
Oh I wants this but.. what about flash!!!!!
Christine Hughes (5 years ago)
I seriously love this idea! Talk about finding a consumer need and filling it. I'll be buying one for sure.
JohnHPhotography (5 years ago)
This seems even cooler than when I first read about it
That's just the default. I believe you can set it to send the full res over every time, but that would slow things down a lot. We weren't able to try this though.
Kyle Dot (5 years ago)
Does this shoot Raw?
Frank Sorensen (5 years ago)
Can you only get 2mega pixel on the phone? Asking because I like to have the option to email a full res. Photo from the phone to a news papir or a website.
Yes. 1440x1080 at 30fps.
Virenss4 (5 years ago)
Does it shoot video?
TuraruCandi (5 years ago)
Mm yes...my spy senses are tingling with lust for this product.
Alex Varney (5 years ago)
Superb concept actually! Next stop: any/most DSLR lens to smartphone adapter
BlaQQQue (5 years ago)
I want one. So many application for this.
Ashwin Raghavan (5 years ago)
Johnny TheCypriot (5 years ago)

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