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Top 10 underwater games of ever

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CHECK OUT THIS video for the top 10 underwater games for. This top 10 list will cover top 10 underwater games of ever. So guys stand back and enjoy the video..... hope you will like it... sooo, hit that circle RED SUBSCRIBE BUTTON RIGHT NOW and join us! get the LATEST TOP 10 lists And MUCH MORE....!!! Really thanks for watching my video! # 10. Submarine Titans 0:20 # 9. Silent Hunter V 1:12 # 8. Depth 2:23 # 7. Diluvion 3:17 # 6. FarSky 4:34 # 5. Aquaria 5:34 # 4. ABZU 7:07 # 3. SOMA 8:35 # 2. Subnautica 10:05 # 1. BioShock 11:31
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Text Comments (80)
Toxicity InF (14 days ago)
Use your voice and maybe I can understand wtf youre trying to say
zoe zee (14 days ago)
That digital voice is irritating... youre better off using your own voice or just music with short subtitles
That one guy (1 month ago)
Subnatica is the best and only food underwater game let’s get real
Dislike only because of that voice. My ears are bleeding.
Max Gvardin (1 month ago)
awfull voice, i leaving this chanel
Kitten Cat (1 month ago)
Omg bioshock abzu soma and subnautica made it on here I’m so happy, I love these games!
No.3 game is just like sunautica. wow
Itsyaboi Joe (1 month ago)
Thalassaphobia hits in
Laten Moses (2 months ago)
Follow my gaming channel Subscribe CheckShoota16 no talking str8 gaming leave a positive comment below thanks guys p.s Subscribe 4 A Subscribe
HarrisonFTW 0 (2 months ago)
We all knew that BioShock would be number 1
Aarav Rao (1 month ago)
HarrisonFTW 0 subnautica should be no. 1 and subnautica is the best underwater game ever and this is a FACT
G50-IcEMaN (2 months ago)
Most of these games suck I want to see The best underwater game ever made: Treasures of the Deep REMADE...I was suppose to be a part of that Project but it fell through do to Company turn over from Black Ops Entertainment...So Sad We were going to start shooting for the project is Bora Bora.
Aarav Rao (1 month ago)
The game yer talking about sucks !! You unrespecting idiot
Kitten Cat (1 month ago)
G50-IcEMaN soma abzu subnautica bioshock do not suck 😕
drake Turmon (2 months ago)
im not subbed because ROBOT VOICE
panzi45 (2 months ago)
uhm aquanox 2?
TeenJa (2 months ago)
title of video !?!? Do Think you english know ?
TeenJa (1 month ago)
IF U KNOW ENGLISH U MIGHT SUPPOSE TO SEE THAT "top 10 underwater games of ever"
TeenJa (1 month ago)
stupid kid. read title of video stupid idiot
Kitten Cat (1 month ago)
TeenJa do you think you know English*
Gaming with ish (2 months ago)
All of them were crap abuz was the best
Aarav Rao (1 month ago)
Gaming with Ish Francis subanutica is the best got it!? Its not CRAP and Abuz is G*****e
Gaming with ish (1 month ago)
I have seen subnautica it is amazing and abz
Kitten Cat (1 month ago)
Gaming with Ish Francis subnautica soma bioshock abzu are all good games I’ve played abzu I loved it I played subnautica and loved it I played bioshock and loved it and soma looks awesome!
Yousif Mohammed (2 months ago)
Gaming with Ish Francis agreed
TECHY GAMER (3 months ago)
Is they are available in android
TECHY GAMER (3 months ago)
Can we play these games on android
Jetto Scranda (3 months ago)
omg whole video with the portal voice nooo
Kitten Cat (1 month ago)
Jetto Scranda yeah I did sorta hate that they did a pretty good gLaDoS voice
ProAfeefXY3 (4 months ago)
"Top 10 underwater games of ever" great grammar
5k with no vid (5 months ago)
Is this android?
Mal (6 months ago)
how did you get the portal 2 glados voice?
Naruto X (6 months ago)
#Sabnatica But its for PC so...
king.von._ (2 months ago)
Naruto X and xbox
Simon Scott (7 months ago)
Nothing could compare Subnautica!!!
Aarav Rao (1 month ago)
Subanutica is the best and this is a FACT
G50-IcEMaN (1 month ago)
+Kitten Cat OK -YOU Need to Chill I wasn't particularly saying this game Sucks, I Said. Most of these games Suck And Im not Wrong...Honestly I been looking for another Wonderful to play underwater game.And I Aint found it yet something Realistic and dont look like Crappy Art, or a cartoon Truth Be Told I dont know about Subnautica Ive never played it.But have been looking into it after watching a coup videos Im Almost sold on it cause it looks pretty Good...Not My Treasures Of The Deep" But maybe Worth a try...On a Finishing note Im Old School Gamer And Graphics and Glitch Spotting Pro and have been part of the game making process had EVERY system ever created...So if Anybody knows whats Good 👍 Its Me😉
Kitten Cat (1 month ago)
G50-IcEMaN subnautica has come a very very long way now u will not put down subnautica it is my favourite game and has a massive fan base ppl like u will do nothing to screw with the community
G50-IcEMaN (2 months ago)
Simon Scott I was looking for something alot more Realistic and not so comical looking...And thats really to bad because I really wanted a BadAss 3rd person underwater game.
FAT elF (6 months ago)
Simon Scott yes! I can’t wait till I get it
StrongmanMS (7 months ago)
Im so tired of these digital voices used in youtube videos, its almost becoming a trend.
Pat Trik (7 months ago)
but Subnautica Should be number 1
Aarav Rao (1 month ago)
Subnautica is the best and this is a FACT
Kitten Cat (1 month ago)
Pat Trik yeah
Aqua Man (4 months ago)
No, Bioshock changed FPS forever, by adding in RPG elements
FAT elF (6 months ago)
Pat Trik honestly tho
Mauso Pilone (8 months ago)
can you speak????
game over (10 months ago)
why is the fucking screen green
Callum Milner (11 months ago)
what about endless ocean 2 ???
aaronmhite (1 year ago)
Hey, Droid Gaming. How did you narrate the video in that robotic voice?
Sam (1 year ago)
10:05 my best underwater game in my opinion
Nhật anh Bùi (19 days ago)
Original game :v
boss boy (4 months ago)
Sam subnautica ots the best
ProAfeefXY3 (4 months ago)
Topukuku (7 months ago)
same its subnautica 100000000000000000000000000000000000000/10
Hunter lizard Lover (9 months ago)
ALI SOLO (1 year ago)
just Battlefish. Battlefish is an awarded strategic game which has won several national game awards. In this game you will be equipped with diverse and cute weapons, warheads, and equipment and will discover secrets of the world of underwater! here is the link Google Play: https://goo.gl/hFHwnV
TECHMAN (1 year ago)
TECHMAN (1 year ago)
I HV liked
Ali Tube (1 year ago)
good job
Jānis Liepiņš (1 year ago)
DROID Gaming u
Jānis Liepiņš (1 year ago)
DROID Gaming u
DROID Gaming (1 year ago)
Erick e Maria (1 year ago)
Thanks for the help friend +1 subscriber
FunGames4u (1 year ago)
interesting ,..,
Michael Jones (1 year ago)
you got a really good channel, good job.
Mobile Phone Tips (1 year ago)
nice bro
SleepySundayMorning (1 year ago)
cool video, amazing graphics) nicely done!
TeenJa (2 months ago)
read title of video
Games List (1 year ago)
Nice video, I just subscibed to your channel
...and thanks for your subscription to my channel
King Luc (1 year ago)
nice vid bro keep them coming 👍
DROID Gaming (1 year ago)
Thank bro!!!!!
tusar mandal (1 year ago)
I subbed too bro
Who commented (1 year ago)
"Top 10 underwater game of ever" that's what I call *grammar*
H. P (1 year ago)
perfect bro
DROID Gaming (1 year ago)
Thank! bro))
GameHub (1 year ago)
i subscribe ur channel so then subscribe my channel
DROID Gaming (1 year ago)

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