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Pilot Sucked Out In Flight | British Blowout | British Airways Flight 5390 | 4K

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Find out why the captain of this British Airways aircraft was sucked out of the cockpit in flight just after takeoff. Buy the hardware that I use here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer20170928287?ref=ac_inf_hm_vp Or Here: CPU: https://amzn.to/2LRbYfj GPU (Graphic Card): http://amzn.to/2hZyCSw GPU (Cheaper, but Good): http://amzn.to/2hoPxAT RAM: https://amzn.to/2mZoqM9 MOTHERBOARD: https://amzn.to/2LOohsL Internal SSD : https://amzn.to/2OyxzaL 4K MONITOR: http://amzn.to/2Ax0CV9 or http://amzn.to/2g8jzql MOUSE: http://amzn.to/2AxmXSE KEYBOARD: https://amzn.to/2mZBpxp Standard Hard Drive: http://amzn.to/2fG0t7D JOYSTICK: https://amzn.to/2LLMfVJ Note: Flight Simulator 2018 is not a new game. With this title I mean a combination of effects, add-ons and other things (added to Prepar3D v4.3 - 64bit) that make this video seem more real.
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66lwmorgan (4 months ago)
I remember hearing about this but never got the specifics on it till now. A lot things just worked out that day, his feet getting caught on the yoke, deciding not to let him go, the altitude, etc. It seems to be a habit of some maintenance workers cutting corners to speed things up. Nuts, bolts, screws etc are engineered to a certain size for a reason and must be maintained. To many times something like this has happened for the very same reason, got in a hurry. Just when I think TheFlightChannel can't get any better they do. You never cease to amaze me with the graphics, the information provided with the details not to mention the addition of side by side views. You are nearing 500,000 subs and I personally can't wait to see you hit 1 Million which won't take long and you certainly deserve. Thank you again Sir for sharing your work and spending the time to put these video's together.
michael jordan (12 days ago)
I can’t believe these idiots actually considered throwing the pilot out. After they removed his feet from the controller he was no longer a threat
wilsjane (24 days ago)
+TheFlightChannel . Up to now, I have only spotted one error in one of your videos. In the case of the exploding nearly empty fuel tanks, they would have been heated by the AC condenser when the plane was on the ground in hot conditions, but after takeoff these condensers are no longer in operation. Your recreation implied that the tanks continued to heat up during the flight. I am fairly certain that a spark caused by an electrical fault caused the explosion, but the tanks were not still gaining temperature at the time. The conspiracy theorists who thought that the whole thing was a cover up, do not seem to understand the difference between flash-point and auto-ignition temperatures. Perhaps they have never owned a diesel car. LOL
wilsjane (24 days ago)
This whole situation was a complete bag of worms. Firstly, as a design engineer, I cannot understand why any manufacturer would place the glass on the outside of the aircraft, where the bolts securing the frame would be under more than 1000 pounds stress during flight, whereas on the inside the bolts would be simply holding the glass in position and under zero stress. It seems that the manufacturers knew the problem and found a botched remedy by over-sizing the bolts. Unfortunately, these bolts would look identical to the naked eye to a standard bolt of the same length. It then appears that replacement frames were modified, requiring yet another bolt size and still the difference was invisible to the naked eye. With maintenance staff having to deal with everything from state of the art engines and computerized flight systems, right through to a blocked toilet and all this on a mixed fleet of aircraft, it is not difficult to see why a mistake was made. I wonder whether Boeing had made the workshops aware of how critical and time consuming the fairly simple process of changing a sheet of glass had become, or whether they were sheepish about their design error. It was interesting that the accident report placed equal blame on the maintenance issues and the design error.
James Gerrard Foss (1 month ago)
this comment is as long as the video
Ramones 1234 (2 months ago)
66lwmorgan hgh
Steven Kotik (4 hours ago)
Why wasn’t the captain wearing belts
Provice Unity (18 hours ago)
Hay Rayna (22 hours ago)
Even Pilots should keep their seat belt on eh! would be smart.
1 Happy GUY (1 day ago)
That is some Real Final Destination S#1T !!! Crazzzzzzzzzzzzy !!!!! ;-)
W.J.R. Halyn (1 day ago)
06:55 - The past tense of "lead" [pronounced 'leed'] is the word "led"!! "You LEAD a horse to water. It was LED there by you." When you use "lead" [pronounced 'ledd'] instead of "led", you're naming the heavy metal. The sentence should read "The difficulty in establishing two-way communication led to...", etc. Otherwise, a great video and nicely informative. Kept me hanging on the details, moment to moment.
manuelkong10 (1 day ago)
it would be nice to see pics of the people who receive commendations etc
MJ B (1 day ago)
tbwpiper (1 day ago)
That’s why in aviation one never takes maintenance shortcuts. F/O and some of the crew were quick thinkers. God bless them and the poor pilot.
CLIFFORD DANG (2 days ago)
This channel is simply amazing with the graphic re-creations and the "get to the point " plot, well done !
Simon Vance (2 days ago)
I can't believe they even thought about just shoving the captain out the window to certain death. Honestly that disgusts me when they knew he would die. If I was him I'd never forgive them for that. And the reason they didn't was just because he might fly straight into the engine?! What a bunch of cold hearted assholes...
Thanks God. Captain Barisa Ayub Galido Rest in peace. 2010 to 2019.redlocast Zambia
cristina mejias (2 days ago)
Thank you lord passeger all save..
Rani Wijayanti (2 days ago)
finally a happy ending
zeroedodici (2 days ago)
I like so much your videos. Thanks for share.
flyingeagle357 (3 days ago)
Is the captain a dummy? I mean, no mention of suing anyone for that? If not his company, at least the crooked engineering manager who risked the life of all people on board?
Ruth Ann Hewitt (3 days ago)
Did the pilot survive?
3-Piece (3 days ago)
Oh sorry, i thought this was a porno based on the title.
Parimi Jedidiah (3 days ago)
Your video animations are amazing. May I know the music which comes at the end of the video?
Rory Storm (3 days ago)
Too long. Should < 8 minutes.
Steve Fortuna (4 days ago)
Honey, you'll never believe what happened at work today........brrrr I'm cold. Hold me.
knowslittle 2 (4 days ago)
Thank God. What a brave crew.
John Doyle (5 days ago)
This incident was very bad indeed, but it had the potential to be far worse,it could so easily have resulted in a total loss. I remember it well. The Captain did well to survive, and incredibly returned to flying so soon after. The crew deserve their honours for their actions, those responsible deserve some jail time. Thanks for another excellent video and analysis.
Manly Zeeke (5 days ago)
the pilot should better replace his crew... he must be released into the air for good next time hahaha
bigbangnone (6 days ago)
well at least the maintenance lead met his take-off schedule.
Bman (6 days ago)
The safety of the one isn't as important as the safety of the many. Sounds good if your not the ONE. But so glad to hear it all worked out for everyone. What a tale to tell. 😀😆😆😆😆
Thomas Fritz (6 days ago)
Marisa A (6 days ago)
A very Experienced Captain after that Episode! Brave & very Strong Man! Good work by First Officer…
Joe Billielo (6 days ago)
THIS IS F&$%@&* TERRIFYING 😰😬🤯😳😰🤪😰😱😬😳
You get blown out not sucked out. Any schoolboy knows this. Higher pressure within, lower pressure without. Why are most people stupid ?
Livewire (7 days ago)
Type of plane? Is it a 717?
Rthro Man20 (7 days ago)
Microsoft Flight Simulator X Or X-Plane which one?
Sgt. Salty (7 days ago)
The captain was just hanging out... Of the window
Gia Pacella (7 days ago)
200K (8 days ago)
More like British blowjob
Fouzi Abdi Ali (8 days ago)
So if they didnt fear his body could hit the left engine they would have released him 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
John Bacon (8 days ago)
As awful as that sounded, I get why they thought about releasing the Captain. The First Officer did an amazing job, and thought better of it. Its easy to judge here now years later and say things like they were horrible to think that. They probably thought he had died from the cold and lack of oxygen. I am so glad he hadn't and to go back to flying after just a few months was amazing. The flight crew did a great job and those awards were well deserved. Another fantastic video too.
Tony D (9 days ago)
I hope the maintenance manager was fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holly Rockwell (9 days ago)
While this was one of your usual great efforts I wish you had gone into a little more detail about how and why the captain survived his ordeal. If I remember correctly once he slipped a little further out his head was tilted far enough back against the plane that his face was shielded from the worst of the airflow and so, once the plane descended enough to supply enough oxygen he was able to breathe. Also, the intense cold slowed his metabolism so much that he not only didn't bleed from his head wound but his body processes dropped to such a low level that he was almost hibernating. This meant that his oxygen and circulation needed only minimal energy to maintain. I bet the co-pilot, for the rest of his life, never stopped being thankful that a purely rational and airworthy decision not to let go of the body because of the possibility of it's blowing an engine meant that he didn't let a living man be chewed to bits and spit out of one of those engines.
JACKY Only (9 days ago)
Sometime dont care how many excident you had if you that wasnt you faith then God still love you. GOD BLESS
Dilaver CETINKAYA (9 days ago)
That's why the maintenance guys are very important. Same mistakes happened many times before. There are no new mistakes just new people who repeat the mistakes have been done before.
Andy Madden (9 days ago)
0:39 I see that the BAC 1-11 model used here is of G-AVMO, rather than G-BJRT.But at 4:48 it changes to G-AVMX.
Alon Cohen (9 days ago)
Don't the pilots wear sit belts?
blaze mz 0909 (9 days ago)
What game is it
erzug (10 days ago)
Was the pilot belted in?
Zarak Durani Zalmaye (10 days ago)
10:28 is that blood on the right??
Griffen Arthurs (10 days ago)
Now now... please don’t hate me for the but know what? So many people are basically saying *gasp “The crew thought of letting the captain die and throw him out?!!! Oh that’s just plain scum!!! I mean, the captain was halfway out the window, and people were frantically holding on to him. If he slipped out, the people holding on to him could go out with him!!! I understand he could have hit the turbine, and I am glad they didn’t throw him out, but you have to understand, they were making a life or death situation, and knowing that dozens of lives are in there hands. So please don’t think it’s cruel.
Carl Barber (10 days ago)
Great work
gacaha audrey (11 days ago)
Is simulator 😐hah!
Greg D (12 days ago)
I'm curious if the pilot was wearing his seatbelt at the time of the depressurization. If not, it seems like one more good reason to keep your seatbelt on while in an airplane.
Ryan Smith (12 days ago)
Didn’t know Alia was a copilot before YouTube
Will Anthony (12 days ago)
I am glad they didn't let the captain go! I can imagine how hard it was to hang on to him but he was too young to die in this awful way! Thank God he survived, for him and his family. And I bet the rest of the crew that helped are feeling good inside, they are feeling very good inside!
Monstertruck (12 days ago)
Imagine being the pilot or co-pilot now, getting into the cockpit, sitting down, doing the checks. "Another day another flight. Better check that these windows are secured correctly while we're at it."
lowsukuku (13 days ago)
Feeling a little dumb bc nobody asks this question like everybody is aware of this element of construction. What are these two ropes stretched from the nose to the tail? Never seen them before. Are they actually holding aircraft parts together? How are they technically called to learn more about them? What about their effectiveness? Aren't they slamming around the fuselage at 200+ knots because of drag?
Pug' Maw (14 days ago)
lol hard landing
Je Ko (14 days ago)
talking about releasing the captain in mid air 1000s of feet up?? he could probably hear you.. maybe someone shud release you ya heartless fucks.. see how u like freefall
Ian McGreevy (15 days ago)
The plane needed 2200 feet to land but Southampton runway was 1700 feet so it was a tight stop.
Ian McGreevy (15 days ago)
The incident report is in the CAA’s on-Line archive. It is sometimes called the “Didcot incident” because a resident of Didcot (England) found the windscreen glass in his garden.
Nikita Roy (15 days ago)
Plss make a video on lion air B737max crash wch happened recently
Tom Oakhill (15 days ago)
Fire the Maintenance Manager ! Fire their boss ! Fire the CEO ! The higher ups should have safety as their first priority and work hard to foster a corporate culture that rewards safety at the expense of on time departures. The text says the first priority of the Maintenance Manager was schedule at the expense of careful, correct maintenance. Did landing at Southampton help keep the schedule? No it did not !!!
What are the wires on the roof of the plane, extending to the tail? I never saw that before.
Mehul Verma (17 days ago)
“Not to let the body go because he knows that a released body might fly into the engine” WTF even....you don’t let the body go because he is a human!!!
stephen billings (18 days ago)
Only just found this. A friend of my mum's, saw the aircraft fly over near where she lives. She told us she could see the pilot hanging out of the window.
hoghogwild (18 days ago)
I notice that many people are concerned with the exact amount of experience the flight crew has. While that is important, just as important IMO is just how many cycles the airframe itself has seen over its lifetime. Every single takeoff and landing weakens the aluminum of these planes. IIRC the exact term is called "work hardening" or "strain hardening". Shame on that technician for his work practices 84 of the 90 fasteners were the wrong diameter, and the remaining 6 fasteners were too short. Shoddy maintenance coupled with a "questionable" windshield retaining design which on this jet, actually has the fasteners holding the windshield onto its mount from the outside against the higher interior pressure which significantly increases the loads acting upon the fastener. The better design is having the windshield held against its mount on the inside with the higher pressure actually pushing the windshield against the mount. With this design, the fasteners simply hold the windshield in position with much less stress, though installing the windshield from inside is more difficult, it is inherently more safer. With the windshield pushing out against its mounts from the inside, the exact same faulty maintenance probably would never have failed.
sphere 528 (19 days ago)
the Capt should have gotten an award just for holding on.
Vicky Noneya (20 days ago)
He probably needed tons of therapy
zen babaloo (20 days ago)
Why isn't this a movie? It's about the most insane story I've ever heard of.
EuRoy Lee (20 days ago)
I just want to know if you dont mind, whats the name of the soundtrack you use? I love the music
uknewslink (21 days ago)
This video is animation not real.
Chris Schrader (24 days ago)
If his feet got caught on the yoke they are damn lucky it didn't bank like crazy and go into an unecoverable roll
J Shepard (24 days ago)
Just one more good reason to have a yoke.
BaddaBigBoom (24 days ago)
That must have been 1000 degrees of terrifying for the poor captain. Hats off to him.
Pancake 52 (25 days ago)
Omg!!!! 😱
Soviet Union (25 days ago)
Bro what's your PC specs?
nicolekatelyn (26 days ago)
I didn't even realize he died until they were considering letting him go. How crazy. Edit: just finished watching. What a bunch of assholes.
Gerald Swain (26 days ago)
The the Captain must have had the best and fastest roller coaster ride in the world !..And all for free!.
Jake Berg (27 days ago)
Thank “GOD they didn’t give up, and let that gentleman go. It’s terrifying, that that was even an option going through their minds.
Daniel Souza (27 days ago)
They would really throw the captain's body if they could... Not good
Pockets MacCartney (27 days ago)
The concept of differential pressure aiding a seal on a window must have been basic, so relying on bolts from outside seems careless no matter their strength. Like securing a port on a diving bell from inside.
Empress 101 (27 days ago)
Amazing ending glad that everyone was ok
Layke YT (27 days ago)
I've learned that it's always a human error.
jake williams (28 days ago)
im sure that captain had a long talk with the person that wanted to let him go ,, holy shit if we let him go he might smash the tail and destroy the plane grab that mother fucker and dont let him go no matter what ..
toni d (28 days ago)
🤤 wow
OnceIWasYou (28 days ago)
At 2:00 ish onwards....Is...Is that the TARDIS?
sum guy (30 days ago)
Crew: Do we let Captain's body go? First Officer: Not sure, it may damage the engine. Captain: I'll damage the engine, I'll damage the engine!
Gringo (30 days ago)
One factor keeps rearing its ugly head in these videos - time schedules and the pressure they put everyone under. If safety was put before time, most of these accidents would have been avoided. The flight industry is under too much pressure to keep schedules and is on such a low-profit margin, that these accidents shall continue. I'd rather pay 20% more for my flight than have this sad state of affairs, wouldn't anyone?
SitDownSon56 (1 month ago)
Curtis Metal (1 month ago)
Should have put the capts body in the video for laughs
Andres FelipeVR (1 month ago)
oye yo te hice subtitulos en uno de tus videos y no aparece :(
Bobsunfire (1 month ago)
Kudos to Flight Channel! Great and informative video. Beautiful work! Still and just the same, Flight channel, you absolutely must get a proof reader to read the text before you put it on the screen for all to see. Spelling, syntax, and punctuation (especially punctuation) is so terribly flawed that it should be horribly embarrassing to you.
Demef (1 month ago)
What an amazing story with an unbelievable ending: the pilot survived and returned to the air! I have a neighbor who is a pilot (Airbus A320). He has told me about the conversations he has with his crew and attendants. They all understand that depending on circumstances, to save the plane and passengers, it may become necessary to let some people die, including all of them. You do what you have to for the greater good. Scary, but that's the way the game has to be played. I certainly would not want to be in that position. It's why the pilot and FO make the big bucks, I presume.
Mom, this is why it matters to have the correct bolts.
Greg M. (1 month ago)
So why wasn't the captain wearing his seat belt/restraining device? Am I the only one to wonder this?
Alley Oop ! (1 month ago)
ariannasv22 (1 month ago)
Is that blood on the side of the plane? Did the captain hit his head really hard? That must've been an awful experience for the poor guy.
Voots (1 month ago)
I’m sat on a flight watching this
swati tambe (1 month ago)
Talent needs the skills....and these r the results.. bravo..
Blyk MEOW (1 month ago)
What the actual fuck
villagelightsmith (1 month ago)
"Pull him back in! He still owes me 50 buck$!
Nasike Brenda (1 month ago)
God is good

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