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Scooch - The Best Is Yet to Come [Official Music Video]

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Music video by Scooch performing The Best Is Yet to Come. (P) 2000 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by EMI Records Ltd
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Hortissimo (2 months ago)
It’s so gutting these guys had only one album, they will always be my favourite 90s band. Also, Caroline Barnes is absolutely stunning!
Al Albert (11 months ago)
The videoclip was filmed in Madrid
garry Whiting (11 months ago)
Stephen Clarke and garry whiting who are now real true gay partners who totally likes and loves all dance music instead forever forever forever
anna maria stewart (1 year ago)
awesome love it
Lesley White (1 year ago)
unies gulsher (1 year ago)
The bestest era in pop music and this is a brilliant thought out song 😎
SANDRO MOUTON (1 year ago)
Very good song
iguanna41 (2 years ago)
This video is same as Last thing on my mind steps video That girl is even wearing a similar outfit than Lisa did i hated those skirt pants at the time.
Lugia Kane (2 years ago)
2000 is and always will be steps versus scooch era
Boban1611 (7 months ago)
True... and POP! was also a contender, but never made it to publish a whole album. But still their songs were awesome too. I loved and love Steps, but I enjoy Scooch and Pop! also very much. :)
Daniel Blackwell (2 years ago)
I'm sure they stole stepses identitiesespecially the blond male is like h
Hawera1000 (1 year ago)
Daniel Blackwell they were managed by the same people
cantforgetyou (2 years ago)
Still a very good song. Not a cheesy song, but a real good dance song with beautiful lyrics. Mike Stock and Matt Aitken at their best.
anna maria stewart (3 years ago)
love scooch david lives here in the north east of uk and yup hes hot still
Kelly Young (1 year ago)
Anna i thought he was your drama teacher??
anna maria stewart (2 years ago)
lucky you lol
Grace._1 (2 years ago)
anna maria stewart not any more.......he's my dance teacher 😂😅
This is a bit skank compared to their others.
Tracey Vernon (3 years ago)
This is pure cheese and I love it!
Boban1611 (7 months ago)
I love it too.... dancing around like I am 20 again... :)
Imago900 (1 year ago)
yeah, I was on the hunt for a not chees song by them, still have not found any it feels like the 90`s.
kakoroto1 (4 years ago)
compared to steps but last song i heard of them was erurovison when was steps?
Chris Flegg (5 years ago)
Still waiting for the best to come over here!  Its amazing how they made them to look and sound like Steps! 
mattxsmithsxwife (5 years ago)
re:EllieGoulding01fanxoxo Russ and Caroline have a radio show down London somewhere, David does slimming world in South shields not sure what Natalie is doing 
kakoroto1 (5 years ago)
i like steps....i mean Scooch lol
Lisa Melight (6 years ago)
really helpfull....2001
Dan Molloy (6 years ago)
David was at his sexiest in For Sure, Russ was in....When My Baby
monty1clift (6 years ago)
shot in Madrid!
Dan Molloy (6 years ago)
Russ's hair is AWFUL in this
Paddy Haligonian (6 years ago)
I was watching this video because I was looking for good old songs, maybe it's just that I'm not into cheesy pop but personally I hate this song.
Rainielovealways (6 years ago)
I havent listened to this song in years, i remember scooch when i got onto my steps phase, talk about a long time ago :)
Rainielovealways (6 years ago)
so why are you watching this video if this music is shit? Isn't that hypocritical? at least you could understand music back then, now you can't understand a word!
Paddy Haligonian (6 years ago)
People say the music was better back then, if this is anything to go by I'd say there was as much shit about back then.
Beth's Vlogs (6 years ago)
Davids My Faveee<3 :) Geordies Rule <3
Grace._1 (2 years ago)
Beth's Vlogs he's my dance teacher now 😂
upfrontbear74 (6 years ago)
LOVE this song, Natalie was great, and a fantastic voice to boot, and the other 3 were cool as well

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