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C119 Nantucket round trip with cockpit video 1987

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C 119 "boxcar" .Before it's final season of service, I was privileged to obtain a copy of the cockpit video, then added my outside video to share this routine flight to Nantucket. Included: start up, 2 takeoff and landings, with cockpit views.
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Neil McCutchan (3 months ago)
Flew them after getting off active duty in 1967 at Bakalar AB (Columbus, IN) and later Grissom AFB, IN. They were taken away to be converted to gunships.
Mike Oneill (4 months ago)
Ken Clark (5 months ago)
From ACK to ACK and back. Loved it. And those radials
Vinnie Moreno (6 months ago)
Mario Bonato (10 months ago)
richard entwistle (1 year ago)
In about '67-68 there was a squadron of c-119 operating out of the 514 MAc res . At Mc Guire afb NJ. Think around that time a group flew from McG to Vietnam . They made it but understand some were lost on the strip slightly after. Flew a few times in them and can't remember them being too quiet or comfy but couldn't beat the view from the open clam shell door. Think the 514 had been at Bennett field ny , moved to McGuire , then went to ??? Grove Pa.
Ronald Steele (1 year ago)
Aflght mech.at ASHIA JAPAN 1950 1953 ACT#49107
서선성 (2 years ago)
that Fokker F27 & F50(Fokker 50), Dash 8 1-3, Sukhoi Su-80 Landing gear feel aircraft
Rich Eaton (2 years ago)
That's the way God intended airplanes to sound.
DEeMON (2 years ago)
Funny story: In 1960's these were stationed at Willow Grove Naval Air Station and would routinely fly patterns especially on weekends. Presumably with the National Guard. I was recently soloed in a Piper Colt flying out of Nearby Warrington airport (now long closed). Our cross wind leg after take off ran parallel to the main runway at WG. I go a little too far out and suddenly noticed I was near but not in the Willow grove pattern and behind a C-119. I quickly corrected left and down to get out of the way, as a Boxcar went by on my right. I don't think it was a close as I thought at the time, but it scared he hell out of me at age 16. I never told my instructor, and wonder what the C119 pilot was thinking, and if they reported such "strayings" I was VFR with no radio experience yet, so was not listening to anything.
Ronald M (3 years ago)
I made several jumps from a C-119 while stationed at Fort Campbell as a member of the 101st in 1965. That was always my favorite plane to jump. Loved sitting 1st in stick & looking out at the tail boom. Thanks for the video.
Roberto V (3 years ago)
Just a couple comments. One is in 1972 I lived few months Pisa, Italy where the Italian AF C-119s where based, the last ones to be operational with a NATO air force. They kept them flying until the early 1980s. One overflew at low altitude my place on one engine, probably an operational drill...  it made me rush to the window to see her, what a sound and all window glasses rumbling. If you were boarding a flight the time one was on the active taking off, well nobody around you could ignore the howl of the Wrights and the 4 blade props. Another thing is, I have a photo of my wife standing by this very C-119 parked at Hyannis, it must have been 1986, a spring week end in Cape Cod, Good to see here one of her last flights, nearly 3 decades in the aeronautical business and you get very fond on these old ladies...
gooneybird47 (4 years ago)
I grew up a few miles from Mitchel Field on Long Island in the late 50's & early 60's & I remember these planes coming over the house @ very low altitude.  Our house was right on the approach leg to runway 5/23. Nice to see some of these survivors.
John Powell (4 years ago)
that's great take a look at my Dad's videofrom the 50's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_x1T_0Rbb4
Waylon Johnson (4 years ago)
Sweet old gal.
Billy Reeves (5 years ago)
Brings back memories--I was with the 781st troop carrier sqd from 1953 thru 1956--We flew all over Europe and was stationed At Weisbaden Germany, Toul ,and Evereux France--Great airplane as long as you keep her in the air!! We hauled everything from toilet paper to war heads--Never had an accident-We had some great pilots,and saw alot of different countries!!!
TheSirjohn2012 (5 years ago)
Both of these airplanes were widely used in the first years of the Vietnam war.
sleeplessingc (5 years ago)
that pilot was good.. had a bit of a crosswind there at the last.. good video and rare...
Howard Moore (5 years ago)
I remember back in 1966 when I was a crew chief on a C-141A. We did paratroop drops and there were these C-119's on the field.
Steve R (5 years ago)
As a kid in Minneapolis Minnesota I remember seeing so many of these flying sometimes with an open back. Good memories thanks for sharing.
李亞倫 (5 years ago)
How much is on the job......It's a part of memory....
tromp803 (6 years ago)
if you look at this plane at the the side, it looks like Thunderbird 2
granskare (6 years ago)
I left Turkey (Karamursel station) in 1960 on a similar machine...we went to Izmir to clear customs, etc, and then on to Athens.
Gary Orlando (6 years ago)
Eh, that depends on the props. On the F27/FH227 series they use three different sizes and shaped props and all the props make three different destinct sounds....
PeterNGloor (6 years ago)
Props sound alike if you don't hear the engine itself.
Marty Noonan (6 years ago)
This brought back old memories! I was an AF pilot flying the AC-119G Shadow Gunships in Vietnam 1970-71 in the 17th Special Operations Squadron. USAF converted 26 G models to Shadow Gunships and 26 K models to Stinger Gunships to replace the AC-47 Spooky Gunships in 1968. G model had 4 - 7.62 Mini-guns (6,000 rounds per min.) used for Troop support and K model had 4 Minis and 2 - 20 MM cannon used primarily as Truck Killer on Uncle Ho's Trail. Excellent Ground Support Aircraft. Great Airplane.
Gary Orlando (6 years ago)
Whats funny is that the flyby take off near the end prop sounds, sound sort of like a Swearingen Metro II...except the radial after sound as the plane has passed by....
Gary Orlando (6 years ago)
Interesting plane......
av3nger3 (7 years ago)
1:24 Good job. Huh???
pavelavietor1 (7 years ago)
hello good flight thanks
skyhawk2958 (8 years ago)
@Nantucketer Yup. those are the boys. I searched the "Mike Lima" number and if it's accurate, theC119 is now in mid-atlantic air museum.
Nantucketer (8 years ago)
Wow! This was the Marine Lumber Company C-119 cargo plane that Bud Egan bought to deliver goods to Nantucket Island. There was controversy with the Steamship Authority changing ports and the trip to bring lumber trucks and other goods became too expensive, and the travel time was too long. I believe that is Ed Usowicz on the left, and his brother Stan Usowicz on the right. This plane ended up in Arizona.
Peter deGroff (1 year ago)
I thought they were known as AMA Nantucket. I used to sell Stan ELT batteries and various Cessna parts occaisionally from Fitchburg.

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