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Woman kicking man on ground as her brothers brutally beat second victim

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This brutal footage shows three siblings out celebrating a 30th birthday attacking victims on the ground outside a Conservative Club. Martin Woodhead, 32, Dean Woodhead 31, and Samantha Woodhead, 29, all from Carlisle, carried out the unprovoked attacks which were caught on CCTV and were witnessed by children. The alcohol-fuelled violence broke out after row at a 30th birthday party spilled out onto the streets/ Cumbria police said the crimes started when Samantha Woodhead assaulted a man inside the premises. Once outside her brothers repeatedly punched and kicked the man before attacking a second man. Footage shows a taxi arrive and a woman running over to try to intervene, only for Samantha to throw her to the ground in the middle of the road. She was ushered away by her brothers, before they continued to punch one of the men and then delivered a sickening kick to the head. The victim suffered a fractured eye socket and a broken arm during the attack.
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Kaan Dervis (4 months ago)
Samantha: you are so sexy... you can kick me anytime you want :)
Bass Player (11 months ago)
The woodheads are one fucked up family. Getting nurtured should be part of the sentence
Garantia COBIA (1 year ago)
@Funn World, Nooooo we're not as stupid as you are, there's no need to have a circle to direct our attention at the action, we are normal healthy and intelligent human beings unlike you!
WEIRD WORLD (1 year ago)
sorry if you feel bad
WEIRD WORLD (1 year ago)
This is just a news of last year. I'm not forcing you to see this

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