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The Doors - Live at Bowl 68 (Full HQ Video + All Extras)

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Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, June - 05 -1968, " That night, The Doors and Rock & Roll owned the Bowl! " A concert that would live on for decades as their best performance ever captured on film. For the first time ever, the band´s entire performance has been carefully restored from the original camera negatives to include lost performances of - Hello I Love You - The WASP (Texas Radio and The Big Beat) - and - Spanish Caravan - And a lot of extras presenting Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek and John Densmore commenting the show, the scene, the context and many unknown aspects of the era and about the band! A fantastic document of the legendary "band from Venice" in it´s best moment! All rights to the original owner! Main video songs: 01 Intro 02 When the Music´s Over 03 Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) 04 Back Door Man - Sorry! Removed due copyright claims! 05 Five To One 06 Back Door Man (Reprise) 07 The WASP (Texas Radio and The Big Beat) 08 Hello, I Love You 09 Moonlight Drive 10 Horse Latitudes 11 A little Game 12 The Hill Duellers 13 Spanish Caravan - Hey, what Would You Guys like To Hear? 14 Wake Up! 15 Light My Fire 16 Light My Fire (seque) 17 The Unknown Soldier 18 The End (seque) 19 The End - Edited, under copyright claims! Extras: - Echoes From The Bowl (20 min.) - You Had To Be There (19 min.) - Reworking The Doors (14 min.) Bonus tracks: - Wild Child - from The Smothers Brothers Show - Light My Fire - from The Jonathan Winters Show Notice! According to youtube it may not run properly in USA, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico!
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Mr. Barna Das (4 hours ago)
Tommy Oneill (5 hours ago)
I was in 8th grade doing my homework listening to my transistor radio when I heard the latest hit 'Light my fire'..Little did I know there was no turning back-sell weed to smoke hash (Oil) LSD -peyote organic mescaline-DL =void
Valerie Lee (12 hours ago)
The End is a GREAT song by them as well as the unknown soldier. Just to say for a few songs.👍😀
Valerie Lee (12 hours ago)
The Doors band was on the cutting edge in the 60's when they graced the 60's era and the stages. As well as where ever they went.👍☺❤👍 i like when the girls in the crowd yell out how beautiful he was. Yeah i think even he KNEW that one. I think so. Lol. He was also to said as being qwite a shy guy believe it or not. N sometimes very quiet but also a very brillant guy. Besides songs he wrote poetry and also used them in his songs if he wanted to. Yep true fact. 👍☺He was an intelligent person.
Valerie Lee (13 hours ago)
Also Jim Morrison's birthday was just a day ago or so. His birthday is in the SAME month as mine is is.WOW! How cool is that?! ❤😀❤✌👍N to celebrate it i listend to his music on pandora ALL DAY N into the NIGHT. Man WAS i TIRED the next day. But fuck it N i watched the movie i have by oliver Stone the next day. With VAL Kilmer as Jim Morrison. Who i have to say..did a hell of job portraying Jim. It was great. I LOVE that movie. Ok now outy. lol peace to all N happy holidays N God bless. ❤🙏✌👍🎄N happy new years too.🍷🍸👍😀
Valerie Lee (12 hours ago)
Also my two favorite songs by them is..riders on the storm and Break on through. Though i LOVE alot of thier songs too those two as i said R my all timeFAVORITE.❤👍✌☺N' oh man could this guy ROCK N ROCK in leather pants in those days. ❤i mean what a babe he was.😍😍❤👍✌👍😀
Valerie Lee (13 hours ago)
I USED to have this in full on the Doors dvd of thier concert back then. It was awsome. I miss it so much now. The Doors were the best music group of the 60's as well as Jimmy Hendricks,N' Janis Joplin just to name a few. I LOVED the Doors though. Jim was a hottie than. Any girl agree with me? He was something. N had it all. Fans. Booze (not good) oh and drugs. A plethora of them. Too young to cool and went out that way. But he was awsome.❤👍✌😊N allways will be rememberd that way by his many fans. For ever imortalized. The REAL King Snake of Rock. N' a legend in his own rite N time.
pletcorez (14 hours ago)
ray ray (1 day ago)
Ray the Secret weapon of the band
havanakim (1 day ago)
Que tiene JIM en la uña del dedo indice d e la mano derecha ?
Norm Lavigne (1 day ago)
Would have loved to see the doors the year this was filmed wow fuck they were on fire.Jim Morrison = genious
BadChizzle (2 days ago)
Amazing! Delightful! Powerful! Time travel pays off once again.
Francisco Castillo (2 days ago)
The movie Will be gain
Angel Caba (2 days ago)
Happy Birthday sir!🚪
jc6594 (2 days ago)
Today Commemorates Jim Morrison's 75th Birthday <3
Jim Morrison (2 days ago)
Happy Birthday to the one and only, the legendary Jim Morrison!!! 🎉🎁🎊🎂
B Jesse (3 days ago)
Best concert ever? At least for the doors?
Great band 😆 better than the Beatles ever were 😆
William Lucas (4 days ago)
Is this a cover band.
Ajaya Subba (4 days ago)
2018 December 6..anyone??
Allen Lethe (5 days ago)
Those 300 who dislike this is all morons and deserves to be shot at the park
vern wallen (5 days ago)
Jim was doing pretty good untill he pulled his"JOHNSON"out in front of the mixed audience in FL.😡😡😡
jody8526937 (5 days ago)
This is not the greatest doors taped or filmed, concert. The Doors Are Open is a better overall show. The music is darker and the stage is smaller and there is a spirit of 68 that haunts the performance. During the Unknown Soldier at the Hollywood Bowl, the audience laughs at the cheap theatrics of Morrison however at the Doors London show the place was absolutely quiet when Jim fell, dramatically to the ground. Also during the Bowl performance realize how When The Music Over was building up during the bridge the audience laughed numerous times. It was hard to keep in character for such a dark song. Perhaps the darkest in the Doors catalog. Sorry, the Roundhouse show featured in the Doors Are Open is a MUCH better show. And the Roundhouse version of Spanish Caravan was the best live version of the song I have heard thus far...Technically this show is superior as it was shot using multiple 35mm cameras. Somebody spent a LOT of money
James Kendall (6 days ago)
Uh huh. This why i bothered moving to LA. I was already from around here anyway but this takes the cake. Truth be told, this music will never be over. I turn the lights off occasionally but this is always on.
Alves Monteiro (6 days ago)
Giampietro Boldrin (6 days ago)
Good music the doors are the best
Manu Lopez (8 days ago)
Desde Argentina aguante el rey lagarto!!!
Eric B (8 days ago)
I know I'm just about to piss off all sorts of people but I was 7 years old when this concert took place and living in Northern California the doors sucked they had a handful of great songs and as a bassist the idea that they didn't have a base just infuriates me so fuck the doors and have a great day
toxic badasss (9 days ago)
Omfg this is amazing, I seen the edited version like a million times but this version is just incredible,the audio and so many cool camera angles etc etc 👏👏👏👏👏
oscoda4life4 (9 days ago)
i was 14 in 1968, always loved jimmie. He sure was a loose cannon, looks totally stoned.
Eric Schultz (9 days ago)
5 miles away on the VERY same night in the VERY same city Robert Kennedy was assassinated - perhaps while they were playing "The End". Tuesday, June 5, 1968 Los Angeles, California. He died from his wounds early the next day June 6 th, 1968...
noobz121 (9 days ago)
Thanks to the uploader
Joris Stortelder (10 days ago)
SevenSinsChoppers (11 days ago)
Anything4views (11 days ago)
Robby’s guitar solo in moonlight drive is too good!!
Gary Spence (12 days ago)
How ironic that drugs helped create a masterpiece yet drugs helped destroy the master.... Had a chance to see them at another show later that year... His light was turned out much to soon.....
MADE IT RIGHT (12 days ago)
thank you so much for showing The Doors in the raw...The Doors must be in the RAW!!!! any YouTube person who states otherwise is not a The Doors fan or understanding the ESSENCE of THE DOORS.......................thank you
Какая-то мистика в этом голосе, слушаешь, как будто заворожённый.
Juyain Leduc (12 days ago)
Legend ♥
Mark Wood (13 days ago)
Saved to my hard drive, the last Doors video (1967 Live in Toronto) I uploaded got blocked.
patrick tupin (13 days ago)
Génial !!!! Je suis né en 1952 !!! J'avais 16 ans cette année là....Je n'ai connu les DOORS qu'en 1971 ...1970 au plus tôt ...mais HENDRIX et JOPLIN étaient déjà mort...Super richesse musicale ...Eux aussi , après la mort de Jim MORRISSON !!!
Bill Morse (13 days ago)
Magic mush rooms trip acid petite weed is the way for me your
Bill Morse (13 days ago)
Him smiles at little Nolan boy lie soul
Bill Morse (13 days ago)
Bill Morse (13 days ago)
He alright you can see hone kind by he middle oh my god moth in the floor tripping little stuff. Finite brother john
Bill Morse (13 days ago)
Acid first foray the trio lossense up as time went in dio
david farmer (14 days ago)
THANASI PROJECT (14 days ago)
Twangy guitar sound...
THANASI PROJECT (14 days ago)
Other live shows had more energy..but still a good show
Avodia Blackheart (14 days ago)
They were a 'Beat Band Extrodinare,' Poetry & insane musical improvization... blended at times so randomly perfect as to think it was planned. Ah.. but they knew how to feel where they were all going... they knew thier Qs.. & particular changes that meant this or that... they were 'so beat' its like they step'd out of a room with Ginsberg and onto the stage... well rehearsed of course.... Outrageous..... ♡☆☆☆☆☆♡
john martinez (15 days ago)
I saw them at the bowl around 68-69, front row or side row. He Jim was wearing Black leather pants and Janis Joplin played befor him?
Nadie lo tiene en audio
Dane Greenwood (16 days ago)
Who's singing back up with Jim I can't seem to find anyone on stage backing him up
MARTHA ORTEGA (17 days ago)
Honor a quien honor merece., Suuuuuper Morrison hooooooo siiiiii.
Buckfast Stradler (17 days ago)
Horrible guitar sound - out of tune in places.
Lisa Tozzi (17 days ago)
The Doors were PHENOMINAL everywhere! Thank U lexther.
westmeathguy (18 days ago)
I found the Doors kind of boring back then. They were more of an artsy band than rock n roll. I bought this album but it never really knocked me out.
XxJARAMILLOxX (18 days ago)
That scream oh my...
Phil York (18 days ago)
Is the record stuck?
Karl Kori (18 days ago)
Steve Eckstein (18 days ago)
Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, June - 05 -1968, " That night, The Doors and Rock & Roll owned the Bowl! " A concert that would live on for decades as their best performance ever captured on film. For the first time ever, the band´s entire performance has been carefully restored from the original camera negatives to include lost performances of - Hello I Love You - The WASP (Texas Radio and The Big Beat) - and - Spanish Caravan -
jlopez1017d (18 days ago)
John’s drumming isn’t nearly talked about as it should, he killed it this night. You could hear every note clearly.
На все времена.
Klaus Toth (20 days ago)
classic performance. when the music had just begun.
MichaelHansenFUN (21 days ago)
1:44:52 is he still alive? I know another similar version of the story
jack molj (23 days ago)
Manko Kennewick (26 days ago)
Jim was whacked
Mr RozowaPantera (27 days ago)
0% telephone on concert.. 100% magic *-*
Ed Burton (28 days ago)
Wow. Now I know what all the fuss was about...... ps- @ 1:54:18 that little catch in his voice as he sings "Human race"? That's the genious of Jim Morrison at work.
justmadeit2 (28 days ago)
Dynamic Densmore, Mysterious Manzerek, King Krieger and Maverick Morrison are The Doors !
Frederico Gambardella (29 days ago)
enkibumbu (29 days ago)
When does he pull his dick out?
sten neesgaard (29 days ago)
thank you!...
Devin Falgout (1 month ago)
God damn i love them
Bill Bag (1 month ago)
you know Robbie was amazing and John was the oil perfectwith his style but seriously its all about Ray..... i can watch that Light my Fire solo over a million times and ofcourse Jim :P
Nelsonpass Nelsonpass (1 month ago)
Muy hermoso muy lindo
N. 2. (1 month ago)
this is the greatest sight these eyes have ever seen! crazy that this was just over 50 years ago!!
TheStarzzguitar (1 month ago)
Nice separation on the sound, true stereo
Darwhiel Sosa (1 month ago)
el rey lagarto vive!!!
J Zeus (1 month ago)
This is awesome.... But I really dislike all the cuts where much music and vibes were removed... Still love it, but those moments fucked up my vibe..
Daniel Tolmie (1 month ago)
Unknown soldier is such a great performance
Terry Tyler (1 month ago)
Professor Time (1 month ago)
John Cokos (1 month ago)
No one had a style of "Door's sound " . It was them and no one else..
AHMED LOUZAOUI (1 month ago)
La plus belle et meilleure Epoque!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Terry Tyler (1 month ago)
Terry Tyler (1 month ago)
Terry Tyler (1 month ago)
Jan Behaeghel (1 month ago)
A real document.
Nordic Creature (1 month ago)
To all the Fan's. 😁😁😁 Nothing better than put you're wife to suck you're dick . All 🌙 long on WHEN THE MUSIC OVER. I highly recommend that folks.😘😘😘😘. That could be an extra trip on the middle of a trip. On JIM poetry. Just try. God bless America.✌🇺🇸
money for real stacks (1 month ago)
Imagine rocking out to this ! Next day draft card comes in mail now time to fly to Vietnam get your dick blown off or get a idk!!!
money for real stacks (1 month ago)
Over 50 years ago and still alive with fire
Jose Luis Alonso Pan (1 month ago)
Gonzalo Campos (1 month ago)
¿ Que es esto ? Vídeo mutilado en " The end " pensé que habíamos superado la época de la censura " Padre,quiero matarte.Madre te deseo " que vergüenza da ver que sigue habiendo gente puritana e hipócrita en todo el mundo.The Doors grandes y un concierto clásico no se merecen esto.Saludos desde la CDMX......👎 🎸 🍻 🎩 🔫
Krystal O'Hara (1 month ago)
Fuckin A. The doors man. I would give anything to have seen them live
Z M (1 month ago)
Manzarek was a genious. Morisson was special too.
pal557 (1 month ago)
Just wow!

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